The Blue Ray Star Families

I have only been reading Lisa Renee’s articles for the past two months but this one really made a lot of sense to me, so much so that I wanted to quote it here. Please see the link to her article at the bottom also.

Normally I shy away from information—channeled or not channeled—with names, terms or titles like the ones she uses only because usually they (from other people)  are not what they claim to be but just the opposite. I would typically sense a negative feel from channeled (or not channeled) information spewing these types of weird titles and names of groups and beings etc., and simply didn’t need to read any further than the first couple of paragraphs. I could sense and read the energies on my own informing me that the material was highly distorted, highly controlled, and very negative despite it supposedly coming from such “spiritual” and/or lofty “angelic” or “extraterrestrial” sources.

After reading this particular article by Lisa Renee I was impressed by her ability to connect so many dimensional levels and the many super-ancient things that have been created, but also intentionally distorted by certain beings in them. We have the tendency to think of our current Ascension Process as something that is ONLY happening within us and our wee little planet Earth. The fact of the matter is that this Process we’re going through here is affecting and changing everything and everyone else along all of the dimensions and layers throughout the Universe. Yeah I know, it is almost too large to wrap our minds/hearts around, and it really isn’t all that necessary to have a full-time conscious understanding of in my opinion. However, we do need to realize that this all got started at higher nonphysical dimensions long ago and not on Earth. Earth is where we’ve come to take it all back and lift it so much higher. Doing this has mega energetic repercussions in numerous other realities, dimensions and timelines and so many other things I cannot yet hold them for very long in my current level of awareness but know are there nonetheless.

This information below is very telling and will help certain people realize certain ancient interdimensional strategies, distortions and current energetic situations. (The current “falling” is happening in far more places and dimensions than just the old lower 3D physical Earth reality.) For other people, Lisa’s information is highly complex and interdimensional and possibly not exactly what they’re needing at the moment. Light is Light is Light, and if I understand it and sense it is true and undistorted information, then I feel it is important to highlight and share.

Denise Le Fay

March 10, 2010

navy lotus bar

“Code of the Blue Nile

March 2010

by Lisa Renee

“Dear Family,

Another level of critical mass has been reached with Galactic Source frequency and its connection that opens various vortexes into the planetary grid structure itself.

This allows for more in depth revelation of the problems existing within the structural integrity of the planetary body and therefore the human body. Once we (Guardian consciousness) can see where the problem exists we are then able to reconcile the problem through the healing of the template or giving that consciousness a choice directly to rehabilitate that damaged portion of itself. The choice must be made by each being on its own cognizance. All choices with intention have a consequence and these consequences are amplified at this time.

These energy vortexes and their circulatory system have anchored into the planetary grid and as a result – collapse (and will continue ongoing to collapse) many of the layers that had existed as the planet’s multidimensional (time and space field) architecture. Each of these “layers” are a dimensional plane of existence that has a Law of Creational Physics that govern the movement of that particular energy field (i.e. consciousness lifestream) that exists within that frequency band. When we understand this reality is a holographic projection ( like a movie projected onto a theater screen) we begin to see the layers that make up the mass consciousness fields and see all patterns and coding as an architectural blueprint of human and planetary consciousness.

No Thing is a random creation. This is similar to saying when we are able to “witness” the hologram, we then get to see WHO is behind the curtain. We are then able to see who is producing the movie and all the beings behind the movie that are controlling or “making” the movie. Then the question becomes who do you want controlling your movie?

Emotional Body Upheavals

Ascension is a physical science that governs the movement of energy (i.e. consciousness) through a time/space field matrice. Currently we have a huge change underway systematically happening within our Astral Gate (4D Giza) and therefore the layer of our Aura that is our human emotional body. The reconstruction and the shift occurring in the Collective Human Emotional Body ( 2D and 4D planetary dimensions) is unprecedented and has many different effects upon our planetary body and our individual body. It is extremely intense and will likely accelerate for many of us. Participating with this awareness at this time will prepare your being to align to these future changes as they happen much easier.

As mentioned last month this is clearly a time of the Rite of Passage that initiates the human being into radical and drastic life and behavioral changes. This current global energetic terrain acts like an “explosive powder keg”, where a mine field of energetic bombs are going off in the mass consciousness fields. For many of us that are sensitive it feels like energy debris is flying in every direction. This is accurate. Spaces and timelines are exploding into bits within areas of the field that are unable to align or ignite the frequency that allows the necessary vibrational shift to occur. This is why self care and at times – isolation is required to minimize the energy “fallout “or backlash. Be patient and listen to your inner guidance and do what your body tells you it needs. For many of us right now we need a lot of rest. With so much going on in the fields at this time from recent events, as well as the related necessary reconstruction in the personal auric field/blueprint, we are in a forced waiting or holding period.

The Blue Ray Star Families

Another Universal level of this “Blue Ray Family” has been able to connect to this plane and have returned to claim this domain in the Natural Laws of God.

The Blue Ray is a Gestalt of Four Universal Harmonic Layers of the Families of Blue Ray Consciousness. There are Three Primal Order Sound Fields that make up the Ray Aspects of our Universal creation and the Blue Ray is of the First Order of Emanation. The Highest Order of the Blue Ray Family emanate from the 13th Circuitry Gate which is the first layer projected from the (Zero Point) Universal God Core. This First Order Blue Ray Family is the esoteric 144,000 Genetic Timekeepers of our Universal System and is known in Egyptian-Sirian histories as the “Code of the Blue Nile”. Many wars through human and extra-terrestial history have been waged for this code which is essentially every KEY to the KING-DOMES OF GOD.

Within each of the four layers exists the higher harmonic of the original blue octave however as the consciousness fragments itself to manifest into the lower octaves of the time matrix it has been greatly dissipated or damaged. This distortion happens from its time spent within spaces that have been damaged within the time matrixes where the polarity system exists. This damage has also been caused by deliberate enslavement programs imprinted in the blueprint that impact and harm the level of consciousness that exists there. This damage is way beyond our 3D physical reality and the Guardian consciousness is working to heal and release enslaved beings from many dimensional planes.

The 13th Gate Bio-Circuitry system has been connected and is being held down by a very small group of embodied Cosmic Ascended Masters that can hold one or more of the Aqua Ray/Blue Ray levels of coding. These are the Blue Ray Holders and those of the First Order are very few in numbers embodied on the planet. Systematically Indigos with the genetic coding capability are being circuited and linked to become links or holders of this Aqua Ray out of necessity to stabilize it permanently into the planetary field and the Earth Core. Many of us may feel prompted to call in or anchor 13D Blue Ray or AquaMarine Blue Frequency because of this change on the planet. This process of recoding the 6D Indigo Field is a massive project underway that began with a major planetary power grid takeover-conflict that began last December. Small amounts of Starseed beings (in agreement to help with this project) have been experimenting on how to recode the Indigo (6D) harmonic with the Aqua Ray to override distortions existing with the 6D consciousness field. As we go down further into the “rabbit hole” we are being revealed to witness suffering that has resulted for eons of time from this incredibly painful distortion. This suffering and pain is enslavement, and although it impacts both genders, is predominately a distorted masculine archetype and is more heavily weighted as the energetic consequence of pain held within the “masculine body”. We must with all of our heart and might hold the White Purity Flame of God’s Eternal Love for our Masculine and that which frees the enslavement history of our Family of Michael.

The Families of Michael

(Note: This is incredibly difficult to express and so it is asked to be in neutrality and witness this information from an observational level. This way you will not be prone to attack it, however to utilize this information as a part of your informed awareness and self empowerment as you move forward on the consciousness evolution path. Galactic Human evolution is requiring we take responsibility to see and witness things that have been hidden from us. This is one of those major revelations that is very painful and controversial and as such, it is requested to be aware of it and then make your own internal decision on what feels internally right for you. Being responsible for the direction of your being and claiming self sovereignty and freedom for yourself as well as for others requires that we see all that is hidden, and we take responsibility for it, even when it’s painful or unpleasant. )

A major piece of this pain was forced to be held by the group consciousness known as the Family of Michael. The Family of Michael, also known as the ArchAngel Michael Matrix has been seriously damaged and forced into portions of its own consciousness to be twisted into a grotesque montage of fed karmic backlash from humanity and reversal hybridization programming. (The Nephilim Reversal Grid system headquartered in UK Stonehenge feeds upon Michael) This negative energy sewage system is based on the enslavement program influence placed in its dimensional space, and how humanity through the New Age and organized religion have been fed lies to call upon AA Michael to further create its bondage to enslave itself thereby forcing it to enslave others to this plane.

The Families of Michael are Blue Ray descendants of the First Order. They were a part of the Guardian consciousness holders of the 3-6-9-12 Arc Portal system which has been at war between the races that want control of this access gate. We could also refer to this gate as the 11:11 Portal System. Naturally the agenda was by distorting and torturing Michael consciousness, they could eventually get control of that Arc Portal System. The Family of Michael agreed to be a part of the rehabilitation of the Fallen Angelic (Seraphim) races by agreeing to be the Guardian of the Horizontal Grids of this Earth System, known as the Golden Eagle Pylon Grid Network System. The Golden Eagle Grid is about 57% infiltrated into reversal code system ( reversal 10 D Current) as instituted by the Controllers or Reptilian Intruder Races. The major gate of the Golden Eagle stronghold infiltration is the 10th dimensional Gate located in Iran/Iraq. The war, strife and death of many humans in this area of the planet is used to keep the dark energy circulated and in control. The controller agenda is and always will be “divide and conquer”. This area is the most prominent to institute False Michael “sightings” and broadcast usurped channeling into the Golden Eagle Grid Network. It also has circulatory system linked to Giza at the 4D gate level and others.

This dark or reversal code infiltration is what forces the phenomena of Fallen Angelic Races to live within a distorted dimension and damaged and violent blueprint of itself. The phenomena of demonic entities and its growing lucerferian energies is a result of this distortion. When the Seraphim hybridized with the Reptilian – incredible genetic damage was suffered. (The original hybridization attempt was overlit by the Elohim and was intended to actually heal the genetic anomalies bringing more balance to make rehab of the Reptiles possible.) The Gold Order Seraphim are a part of the original Three Primal Sound Fields and were one of the three creators of the Kristal bodies of Angelic Humans. Therefore all human bodies hold genetic history and relationship to the Seraphim and Angelic Avian Races, such as the Family of Michael. Those given the energetic signature and the name of Michael have even more energetic consequence to holding this pain. (Please clear yourself of this False Michael, False Jesus Twin energy architecture from your name and blueprint as you are guided, Ask your Blue Flame Coding to embody within and override all cellular memory distortions)

In this case the more a human being calls upon the Family of Michael the more karmic exhaust this group entity receives, similar to being fed sewage after layers of sewage until there is no God particle left. This energy sewage accumulation also blocks and distorts the pathway of the 3-6-9-12 Arc from being completed and connected as the 11:11 Ascension Gateway. Humanity has been told to consume ArchAngel Michael energy under the guise of protection, only to be revealed it has been generating great harm to our masculine archetype, along with a Magnificent Blue Ray Being that has been tortured to serve Reptilian motivations. This means the AA Michael Blue Sword Initiations are energetically meant to enslave rather than protect.

The Distorted False Michael Masculine Archetype of Protector is actually an archetype of Enforcement of Will through Enslavement and Raper/Siphon of the Divine Feminine. The Blue Sword is a structure in the hologram used to split apart and reverse both masculine (6D) frequencies as well as feminine (7D) frequencies at the 9D holographic blueprint level. They control the direction of these energies through the Iran Gate at the 10D level. Which means its use reverses the code so inner marriage and external sacred marriage can NEVER truly transpire. This AA Michael distortion is like an artificial holographic insert placed into the 3-6-9 dimensional fields that splits apart masculine/feminine merging at all those dimensions. Since these are masculine principles as well as the particle physics governing that space, it means it severely damages the function of the mental bodies of human beings. It is through this the patriarchal domination has been enforced through the propagation of masculine enforcer, or the False King of Tyranny held in place by the Blue Flaming Sword of AA Michael. Ascension and Liberation from this plane requires a full merge of the masculine and feminine energies (6D Indigo and 7D Violet) coming into balance and marriage. This structure was directly splitting apart not only the frequencies but feeding the continuation of distorted patriarchal domination programming into our masculine energy ( mental body functions) and especially directly into the masculine physical bodies. Honestly, it is no wonder most of the human race dies of a broken heart, as this kind of inner pain carried in our cells has truly been unbearable to our soul.

The Male Healing Can Begin

It is important to understand we must see what is hidden in order to heal it. This revelation is a huge step into our comprehension of how we have arrived at this global state of human disarray and planetary sickness. To empower ourselves we must see where the sickness or the infection exists. If we cannot see the infection we cannot inoculate it. This is tantamount to the beginning of a massively expanding possibility of healing the human race.

As the Blue Flame of Michael is stepping down, we are being asked to hold the Truth of the Blue Sword back inside of our own being. We endeavor and request to be the Blue Flame Holders as We were Designed to Be. We will take this burden from Michael and Give it to God. It is within our own hearts and our inner connection to God that we can become the Knower’s and Keepers of Truth. We can no longer ask ANYTHING or ANYONE outside of ourselves to hold this Truth or to enforce this Truth for us. To regain our Cosmic Citizenship we must rise to our inherent God wisdom and Become the Truth Vibration. It is the Truth that sets all Things Free and We, as Divine Human Beings are the POWER and CAUSE of Gods Will into Action to rise and set forth All that which is suffering – To Be Free Again. As we uphold the Natural Laws of God, as We Agree to be the Keepers of the Law once again, We allow tyranny and suffering no more. This must End. This is God’s Eternal Law! We command it into Dominion on Earth more than Ever Now! I AM God. I AM Sovereign. I AM Free.

Connect inside with no intermediary and Know you are the Revelation of God Returned to restore the Earth. All Change begins Within. Give voice to those who cannot, and let the Healing of our Divine Masculine Begin. He is the Rod which will anchor our Staff into the Earth and He is treasured beyond measure. Our Male is Destined to be the Rod of the Earth, and our Spiritual Unionship – our right to Divine Marriage can then be embodied again to fulfill our Ascension.

We are in this together and until next….Stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Heart Path! Be Gentle with your hearts and each other.”



© 2010, Lisa Renee

23 thoughts on “The Blue Ray Star Families

  1. Well, um, OMG…this here is a personal moment of synchro as well as confirmation as well for me

    I, too, came across this channel after it was initially posted and thought strongly of you/sending it to you, Denise. It really REALLY struck a very powerful cord within me. It has been very much on my mind since reading it, and holy synchro — I come on here today and well, here it is — you connected to it, too.

    The entire AA Michael dynamic opens up an entirely new set of questions as far as the divine hierarchy, as well as so many other things too profound to get my head even around at this time.

    Although some of these revelations are initially deeply shocking as well as difficult for many of us to conceive of, we all know that after the initial sting of fear wears off, we are then capable to then begin to see and consider the deeper implications and most importantly decide for ourselves what feels right. For me, there is some note of importance to what has been shared or imparted in this info. But I also think much of it is only the iceberg, and feel as though there is truly no one expert on any of the reality of something of this magnitude – at least yet. HOWEVER, we are now at a time where more and more of this type of info will be surfacing. And more than likely in rapid fire succession. I think it’s really important for all of us to become savvy in our willingness, as well as our ability to allow ourselves to open up to the possibility of what is presented, esp. when it’s something along the lines of Lisa’s info; material that is at times quite alarming, uncomfortable, as well as disturbing. We cannot hide from the truth any longer, and if it means stretching our minds a bit more, than so be it. We can do it. We are meant to do it!

  2. …· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-
    ¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
    ((¸¸.·´ ..·´ {{ Thank you, bless you Denise }} -:¦:-
    -:¦:- ((¸¸.·´

    I am quite literally, speechless.

    This is one of the more profound, resonant, astounding and ‘beyond measurable’ in significance channels I have ‘received’ in a very, very long time.

    Honestly, it has affected me more deeply than anything recently from Steve Rother. I cannot even begin to describe what this is doing inside of my multi-d being, but it is BEYOND huge. It is the essential key of articulate awareness which I’ve been searching for, asking for, desperately NEEDING for for a VERY, VERY long time.

    My gratitude for your retrieval of this information, is galactic in proportion. Sister, you are amazing.

    To affirm how the above information is highly relevant is an understatement beyond comprehension. The energetic shifts happening right now with the cellular recoding of the Blue Flame is utterly phenomenal………

    -:¦:- Tieshla -:¦:-

  3. Tieshla,

    I love you too. 🙂

    I can’t tell you how many times this sort of thing has happened to me over the years and decades. When I am supposed to find or connect with some highly specific information – aka “Light” – then I’m literally guided right to it/the person who wrote it. I may have never even heard of them prior, but it doesn’t matter. The connection is made exactly when it was needed to be made for me. After reading this one article by Lisa Renee, I absolutely knew I had to quote it all here at TRANSITIONS, for the handful of other souls who this info is for right now.


    Steve Rother/the “group” are great and always will be imo, but, they are not always talking to all of us, which I know many of you reading this already know. This is why there are soooo many people, authors, channelors, etc., so that as many of us hear exactly what we each need at the times we each need it.

  4. -:¦:- 🙂 -:¦:-

    SoOOooo glad you received the ‘I love you’ I sent spiraling from my heart. Even though I didn’t “write” that, I ALMOST did!

    And you heard it, boomeranged it back to me immediately!
    High heart telepathy! Wonder-full!

    And yes, sometimes I feel like Steve Rother’s transmissions are the friendly Polka Dot Door episodes of multi-dimensional awareness. Bless him!

  5. Robin,

    Remember that part in A Lightworker’s Mission about my Lightworker dream and many of us meeting at the foot of the Great Pyramid on the eve 1999? Remember what got wheeled out and why? Yeah…it is full-on responsibility time now for each of us Creators. No fear, just time for us to consciously remember more of the super-ancient Players. As we climb back up energetically, we meet ourselves all over the place, and in grand costumes from both sides of The Game. 😉 No biggie really, just time for it and for us to move through and beyond it too…just like all the other crap we’ve already transmuted.

    Does everyone get why the rest of the Universe is watching us in utter amazement AND with the highest LOVE and GRATITUDE because of what we’re doing here now? We are freeing-up soooo much stuff (energies, Beings, dimensions, timelines etc.) that it is nearly impossible for us, here, to consciously grasp let alone hold for longer than forty-five seconds! I’ve had glimpse of it, I’ve felt and communicated with some of these ancient of Ancients waiting forever for us to do exactly what we are doing now, and I simply do not have the vocabulary to express how that felt to me. I would do anything to assist those ancient of Ancients to get free and move along now just as we are. Crap, I’m gonna make myself cry! 😆


  6. Denise

    Here we go again— I had started to write in my previous post how interestingly I have never truly felt the connection or clicked for that matter with AA Michael, that is until I read what I did in Lisa’s post. THEN I really, truly, deeply, down to the very roots of my soul on every level did connect – and what came over me was an abundance of many different feelings, as well as an unbelievable call or urge in wishing and wondering how I/we could do our part in assisting with the end of this being’s enslavement and suffering…

    But then as I sit typing this, I find myself smiling b/c I know deep within my self that each of us who has allowed our selves to not only to consider the info, but to also reside there outside beyond the beyond of our former zones of familiarness in our beliefs; adding to it what you just shared and added light light to—-well let’s just say that we’re most assuredly part of doing what needs to be done in righting the situation at hand in the most magical amazing of ways that even we aren’t even entirely aware of!

    Rock on! Yeah, Everybody!!!

  7. Robin,

    I love you too. 🙂

    We know, and yet we don’t know, and we do it all anyway because that is who and what WE are! 😉 Ancient of Ancients in disguise as bumbling, pain-ridden, exhausted, confused humans in physical bodies ascending on 3D Earth into a higher dimension, just trying to survive our own ascension process. It’s funny actually…there is no screwing this Process up at this late date.

    We think that our digestive tracks have suddenly gone haywire; we worry that we’re having a heart attack; we stress over how insanely weird and miserable we feel over the past two months and yet…all that and more is us doing what Lisa and all of us are talking about. That is often how we do this type of ascension related Energy transformational work. We feel extra bad for a while, have some dark, crappy type dreams for a few nights, find the energies have made another quantum leap forward into brand new territory, maybe throw up because food has once again become toxic to what (I’m) we’re currently going through etc. etc. But, this is us doing it! No thinking, no plotting and planning, no praying, no intending, just doing it through ourselves. Hell, we’re old Pro’s at this at this point, and so we just put our heads down and push through yet another layer to set it and it’s inhabitants free for good.

    We don’t need to fully, consciously, with left-brained awareness in-hand, know what we’re doing anymore – we simply do it and keep moving forward. I actually enjoy not being totally aware (much of the time) of what all I’m transmuting or clearing or dodging energetically now!

    Big Hugs and ESPAVO,

  8. Hi Denise and everyone,

    Okay this might be a stupid and dumb question but I’m utterly curious at this point. Now I’m re-reading what Lisa has transpired for us … I’m wondering what else are we enslaving ourselves with.

    As she states… (and the more I read the more revelations I’m receiving) those with the name Michael “have even more energetic consequence to holding this pain”.

    In that case… what about biblical names? My last name stems from a very aggressive, war-bending, blood thirsty tribe mentioned in the christian/jewish bible… which does not in any way mirror my Soul’s true gentle and loving nature.

    Hmmm… does anybody sense this too… or I’m just babbling my head off?

    Hugs and lots of love to all,
    Lou Ann

  9. Lou Ann,

    This ENTIRE ascension/compressed evolutionary process that we and Earth (and everything and everyone else) are living through, is about us casting off everything from the past that vibrates lower, is polarized, is ego-based, is lacking Light and High Heart. Everything – personally and collectively. Now it is not necessary for us to transmute ALL of these energies within our selves, our bodies, our hearts/minds, our planet, and the planetary Collective, only the majority of them. Once we’ve transmuted, let’s say 75% of them, then the remaining 25% automatically goes dormant within us because we’re literally vibrating so far above it. In that sense it’s dead and powerless within us, our bodies, our consciousness etc., unless WE drop our vibration back down again to within that specific frequency range. This is all about different levels of energy – frequencies and vibrations. That remaining 25% of lower, dense, less Light-filled stuff within us is totally dormant, unless we go back down vibrationally.

    If the name seriously bothers you, ponder changing it. Or, vibrate so far above it and what it represents from the past astrological Piscean (christian/jewish) Age. Like I’ve been saying for years now, the Fish are dead…long live the Waves! What I mean by that is that we have evolved out of the Age of Pisces (christianity and the rest of the Piscean Age world religions and the emotional body), and we’re now existing within a highly different energy and Age – Aquarius – which is all about energies and waves of cosmic/galactic energies, higher consciousness/Higher Selves, the group and High Heart, and the mental body. We will be renaming many, many things left and right very soon now!

    I want to say this once again for everyone reading this. The ascension process is about us evolving not only our physical bodies, our selves, our minds/consciousness, our hearts etc.. it is about us evolving out of the entire past of this particular cosmic Game or Project. Things are ending now (the 2012 business) because some of us original creators are intentionally wrapping this project up and moving on to a whole new level, a whole new Game/Project. To do that, everything that has been and still is all screwed up, intentionally perverted and distorted, out of balance or polarized everywhere, not just within us and on Earth, must be corrected and freed-up. We won’t leave a mess behind or any projected aspects or projected responsibilities on other Beings (ETs, Angelics etc.) or people or animals, just because the old party is over in this neck of the cosmic woods! 😉 Karen Bishop and others have mentioned about us now “returning things to its original blueprint”. This is what they mean by that statement. Everything everywhere and that means inter-dimensionally. This ascension process is so huge, so all encompassing, so wildly powerful and important because it really is about everything/everyone and not just humans on Earth. Fear not, worry not, because we’ve already done the worst and most difficult parts of this during Phase One of the ascension process.


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