The Termination of Money & Money Consciousness


Tieshla and Lou Ann inspired me to talk more about this frustrating money issue. moneybag   Let me first say how much I have hated the lower 3D money thing my entire life. To me it’s crazy, corrupt, a dead-end system, it’s repulsively distorted and controlled, and as a global Collective belief system, it is dying as we speak.  As I’ve said before, how many Angels, Starbeings, ETs, Lightbeings or Ascended Masters have you ever seen carrying a purse, a wallet or credit cards? Exactly.

I know many people believe that the transition out of a money-based world reality/consciousness will take plenty of linear time and work and then some more time. I however don’t believe that for the simple reason that I’ve been very consciously aware of the past few decades and how consciousness has been, and currently is evolving at light speed. Honestly think about how much change—externally in the world and internally within us, our bodies and hearts and consciousness—has happened in only the past ten short years. ONLY ten short, stunningly fast years, and we’re barely recognizable today to what we were back in at the beginning of the 90’s! Do you think today’s ascension/evolutionary process is slowing down or continuing to compress and speed up? Um-hum, that’s right, it is and will continue to speed up drastically now that we’re in Phase Two.

At the start of 2011 we will enter another level of super compressed speeding up of our ascension/evolution by 20-times faster than the end of 2010. Remember back to January 1999, when that 20 times faster speed up began? There is another 20 times increase coming in less than a year from today, and know that it will dwarf the entire January 1999–February 2011 cycle!

Because consciousness/reality evolves very quickly during these types of total planetary ascensions and dimensional shifts, we will soon evolve so far beyond money, the need to earn money, taxes, employment, governments, world leaders, politics, police, military, religions etc., that it is very difficult for many people to grasp today—unless they remember or feel or intuit how we were prior to down-stepping our energies and isolating (seemingly trapping) our consciousness entirely within old polarized 3D physicality. I have remembered, and this is one big reason why I can more easily sense and relate to these huge evolutionary changes we are soon going to be entering. 10, 11, 12. From larger, higher, grander perspectives, we will appear to evolve tremendously overnight. From right within the middle of The Process itself, it feels much longer of course, but it’s mere seconds really. Like the dinosaurs suddenly being flash-frozen while happily grazing way back in their day and world, we evolving humans will make quantum consciousness/DNA/brain/heart/energy changes that suddenly. Soon we will have trouble remembering money and having to work 40-50 hours a week just so we’d have a place to shower and sleep each night! Insane.

Due to our increasing ascensions and highly compressed evolutions right now, our consciousness has, is, and will continue to evolve much faster and further than it has already over the past decade or so. Because of that, our external world and reality will naturally and automatically transform to vibrationally match our higher (ascended) consciousness and frequencies. We will quickly evolve so far beyond money and “valuables” in any form, and this will happen so much faster than what most people believe. The current global weather intensities and Earth changes themselves are rapidly assisting to break the world financially because it is all connected.

What I’m about to say next is not so that you’ll run screaming and naked through the streets partying wildly OK? It’s to give you a sense, a glimpse, a feel into what is coming based on what I’m (and many others) creating/re-creating, perceiving, remembering, knowing and sensing now. There are of course subtle variances to this overall future higher world reality, but this is some of the basics that it will have. The quicker everyone gets behind the realization that money is no longer required to live—and live very comfortably—the sooner this new higher Heart-based reality will manifest. I could use some help creating it by all of us seeing it, feeling it, desiring it in our new higher Earth. This is how we get the energies pointing in the same direction, which causes things to manifest MUCH faster now than ever before.


We do not want or need money for anything because everything is free in our higher new world. Everyone lives where they feel the best living and being energetically, and everyone lives in a clean, safe, high vibrating house/home that they don’t “own” but just live in. They don’t “owe” anyone any money for their house/home—or anything else—because we’ve evolved way beyond the lower, disconnected, fear-based 3D system of control. We also do not “work for a living” anymore because everything is free and everyone creates ONLY what they love doing and creating and it is given freely to everyone else to use, and vice versa.

If you are currently struggling with paying your mortgage or rent each month, struggling to pay monthly credit cards, student loans, auto loans, BS loans etc., or are jobless now or soon will be, realize that all you and I have to do is keep it together while these incoming higher frequency 2010 Light Waves activate all aspects of us, our DNA and High Heart consciousness. It’s so close now fellow ascenders but there is a Process that must play out step-by-step energetically, otherwise The Process would kill us and blast our fabulous newbie light-filled asses across the multiverse! How was that for a cosmic visual? And so, we must go through these Energy Stair Steps, these layers of increasing Light Energies so we come out the other side in one bright and shiny ascended piece. So while we’re in Phase Two of this even higher and faster energy transformations, just keep your eye/Heart on the new higher goal which is our new and wonderfully higher world and reality. The two things are happening simultaneously believe it or not. Talk about remaining in the eye of the storm!

Don’t wish for this higher world reality, don’t hope for it or intend it, but KNOW that it and so much more is coming soon now. Just living from this High Heart stance will help change all of us, the Earth, and The Process even more quickly. Don’t worry or focus on the current tiny details about how exactly these numerous changes in our world and reality will happen. From your High Heart KNOW that they will be, and sooner rather than later. Don’t sweat the small linear stuff or the continued transitions between today, tomorrow, and the next day. We’re evolving into increasingly quantum and multidimensionally aware beings now, which means much of this will rapidly unfold in very different and exciting higher nonlinear ways.


March 7, 2010

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15 thoughts on “The Termination of Money & Money Consciousness

  1. Hi again… ^_^’

    I just checked myself: this is just a spoof… not REAL real news… just a fake… *sigh* 😦

    But still… that’s what I’ve been visualizing in my high Heart since this post … to see REAL headlines stating things like this… so… forgive me for misleading anyone in any other way. I just feel that soon… just soon in a blink of an eye, literally… that we’ll all see real headlines stating thus and more… because we just couldn’t take on anymore unnecessary material baggages and financial stress of any kind. 😉

    I really sense this in the collective energy right now…

    Love and hugs to all during these trying times we’re all in together,
    Lou Ann

  2. Omigod Irv… thanks a million once again… wherever you are. 😀

    As I was reading Daniel’s blog (which btw he’s so cute to look at ^_^’) I checked out one of his links on the right hand side… because the title was so interesting: “U.S. Economy Grinds To Halt As Nation Realizes Money Just A Symbolic, Mutually Shared Illusion”

    OMFG… THIS is what I’ve been looking out for… for headlines like this:,2912/

    Anyone who rather read other possibilities of having a money-free world is more than welcome to check it out. 😉

    Lou Ann

  3. Hi Tieshla,

    Your statement in the dream that you can “call in abundance all of your life and the one form it never quite showed up in had been money”… has a good point: there’s so much mixed messages and feelings behind this thing call money! I hear you and completely understand why you unconsciously think this way…!

    True, there are ordinary people as well as experts who’d shrug their shoulders casually and say that money equals abundance… but what type of abundance does it really bring… when it’s the same tool and energy we use to hone each other down in debt… while the debtee/creditor who we hand over our debt-money to… is being enriched by this very same act?!? It’s their asset isn’t it…?!?

    Currently I’m awaiting income-payment since beginning of March. It’s way pass overdue thanks to my boss’ biggest (and most important) client. The more aware I am about certain things in this 3D realm… the more I keep noticing how insidious this money illusion takes a hold on people.

    Imagine my awe and disbelief when I read recent forwarded emails from my boss… a lady in her own right… begging… literally begging… this client (who represents our local government in fact) for this money… like a street beggar? It didn’t seem to matter whether or not the job was done… she went STRAIGHT into begging to them! No usual genuine courtesy. No humane gestures. No politeness. Just begging. Pleading…

    I found this so off… so odd and so sad… while in the meantime I keep being apathetic and downright tired of this job as “time” (whatever that is) progresses..

    But… you see… the nasty thing about this money game is… the one who has someone begging for work and pay… is also the one in power. Just tonight I got another email stating that… by the way… this particular client requests MORE changes to be made… for the umpteenth time. Is it me or am I observing how insidious certain people in power play the money game. So many twists and turns from the client on purpose. I sense this energy through the email. So inhumane and so twisted.

    Such things like this makes me realize why my subconscious Self is having a hard time associating abundance with money. So many mixed messages… so I do understand where you’re coming from…

    As I tag along in this Transitioning ride… these are the kinds of moments which actually help me to see a world WITHOUT money: at least it’s showing what you don’t want… so that you create what you DO want. I really can see a monetary-free world. I really can… 🙂

    Maybe you haven’t seen the zeitgeist movie which contains possibilities of a life free of money… which they discuss close to the end of the movie… after showing how corrupt and sadistic money really is. It’s an illusion that makes people its puppet after all… while global governments and all those who know how to play the game to become rich… makes it out of thing air.

    So tottles… here you go:

    Thanks for sharing your dream Tieshla… and hugs and love to all!
    Lou Ann

  4. That’s hilarious, Karina! Thanks for sharing……

    I’m well aware that my dream really had nothing to do with gambling for money (ick!) and everything to do with ‘winning’ permanent economic freedom with ease and grace, play and f~u~n! Maybe by doing something I don’t even realize that I do!

    It was a dream-time ‘energy transmission’ craftily designed to encode me with the full-body knowing that this freedom WILL come, and when it does it will feel as freeing, wonderful and abundant as it did in the dream.

    Really, the theme was: THIS IS EASY, JUST HAVE FUN, TRY NEW THINGS and know that IT’LL HAPPEN IN WAYS I LEAST EXPECT, within the center of “come-unity”!

    Just be present to presents as it presents with presence………….

    Love back atcha, and to everyone here,
    …· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-
    ¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
    ((¸¸.·´ ..·´ {{ Tieshla }} -:¦:-
    -:¦:- ((¸¸.·´

  5. tieshla, your dream reminds me of something that happened to me about twelve years ago. the lottery was for $43 million and my guides told me to enter, something which i didn’t usually do. they gave me a list of sets of numbers, as many sets are there were numbers i needed to enter. so i got the tickets.

    well, the winning numbers were all there: one in each set. i won nothing.



  6. Had an interesting dream last night related to the money thing……..thought I’d share!

    I was in some kind of slow-paced community center/ games room and was lightheartedly playing some dream-game which was part slot-machine, part 80’s video game while thinking “God, I NEVER do this, but hey, why not! It’s fun! Don’t judge it!”

    Suddenly I “did” something I knew hadn’t been done before: I achieved some kind of funky “WIN” status with the game and thought, “Cool! What did I win?” as this marquee light display flashed up that I had just won 2.5 MILLION dollars! Ha! 🙂

    I was TOTALLY thrilled and giddy. All my financial stress vanished in one fell swoop, and I immediately realized I was now completely financially free. Liberated!! I thought of all the people I would share my moola with, including the woman working there: a kindly East Indian woman named Mara.

    Tons of this”fake” money poured out the game, which was how I was to claim my win. It looked like fun monopoly money. I was delighted with how easily it all came to me and was just so happy not to EVER have to worry about work/ debt/ rent…etc. any more-EVER AGAIN! I can’t tell you how good it felt. I began telling Mara how I’d been calling in abundance all of my life and the one form it never quite showed up in had been money-until now!

    That’s pretty much it, as far as the dream content. But the sense of TOTAL freedom and joy and bliss, knowing I was completely secure in my luck-generated abundance stayed with me for hours after I woke up. I realize that’s exactly why I had the dream, so I could fully embody such a blissful aura of total freedom within myself.

    I’m so tired of worrying about money. I’ve got better things to do than have my vital, creative energy all hard-wired to the corruption of the buck. Insidious, really. Though it’s hard to imagine how we’ll live outside of the monitary system, obviously my higher dimensional self knows exactly what it would feel like, and knows that when it happens, IT WILL feel like I just won the pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow.

    Interestingly, I did a search on the name Mara, and she’s a Hindu Goddess of Death and Destruction! So fitting of me to download that name for a dream pertaining to the death-throes of my financial woes!

    Thinking of you all, with love and gratitude!

    …· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-
    ¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
    ((¸¸.·´ ..·´ {{ Tieshla }} -:¦:-
    -:¦:- ((¸¸.·´

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