Sun & Earth, Here We Go Again


On Feb. 13, 2010, we had a 4.1 earthquake here in southern California with the epicenter about twenty miles from where I live. It was a small quake with  no damage anywhere. At this point I’m waiting to see  if and how this may play out over the next week or so. Last month this earthquake business escalated with a cluster of earthquakes throughout CA., many near the CA/Mexico border. I was very aware that these January earthquakes were happening just south and north of where I live and that many of them were increasing in magnitude. That coupled with a sense that a bigger quake that would do a lot of damage (the 7.0 Haiti quake),  made  January 2010 rather touchy and nerve-wracking.

With this Feb. 13th  4.1 quake very near where I live, I’m waiting to see if this is setting up for another larger magnitude quake somewhere else that will cause damage. I don’t sense that we here in southern California are the focal point for a larger potent earthquake at this moment however, but time certainly will tell.


The other ascension related energy dynamic that has started up again is the Sun and solar flare activity and whatever else it has been doing. I don’t follow earthquakes or Sun/solar activity, but I can immediately tell when the Sun/solar/cosmic energies start back up again by how my body reacts to any solar changes. During the decade of the 90’s (Phase One of the ongoing ascension process), I spent a lot of years being deeply affected by the solar flares and eruptions and whatever else it is that the Sun has been doing energetically. Because of those Phase One years [see A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution] I can instantly tell when the Sun is transmitting higher Cosmic Energies to further activate us, our DNA, our physical and nonphysical energy bodies, our brains and hearts, the new Earth, the new Earth’s energy grids and many other things I’m unaware of.

Last week, after a very long and happy period of not feeling any solar related ascension symptoms, I suddenly felt like deep fried crap again. I knew immediately that these physical symptoms were Sun/solar related, because they have always made my body feel—make that hurt—in the same ways. Here’s how any Sun/solar activities makes my body feel; see if you can relate.

  1. Intense body aches and pains that have been called the “Ascension Flu”
  2. Chills and possibly low-grade fever
  3. Skin feeling raw and painful like you’ve rubbed sandpaper on it
  4. Red flushed and hot cheeks, also eyes
  5. Allergy-like body aches and pains
  6. Sudden waves of nausea
  7. Bone and joint pains and stiffness
  8. Very emotional, crying and almost depressed
  9. Intolerance for anything/anyone vibrating lower at the time
  10. Suddenly falling asleep during the day. The need to be out of your body during these intense energy periods

These are typical symptoms (with the exception of #10) that I’ve always felt when the SUN is doing what it does to assist us in further energy and consciousness ascension. Throughout all of Phase One of the ascension process, I felt like I was wired and running huge amounts of higher frequency energies through my exhausted body—which I was—and that made me feel constantly jittery, hyper, wired, electric, high-strung and ON 24/7. It didn’t matter how profoundly exhausted I and my body was, I just laid there vibrating, shaking, literally humming with higher frequency energies, and sleeping was usually not an option.

Now in Phase Two of our ongoing ascension process, suddenly falling asleep during the day is becoming a frequent anomaly for me, and I’m likin’ it a lot! I almost feel drugged (the polar opposite to that horrible constant hyper feeling) and very relaxed and I suddenly fall asleep. I’m even dreaming while taking these cat-naps during the day which is unheard of for me. While I’m sleeping/napping during daylight hours now, I feel that distinctive inner body BUZZING or vibrating that is the Rewiring process. I sense that the Sun/solar activations within Phase Two are so potent and intense to our current Phase Two bodies that we sometimes simply exit them (these uncontrollable daytime naps) so the Sun/solar flares activations can accomplish more with our Rewiring process. So, even though the Sun/solar flare ascension symptoms have always been very extreme for me, I’ll gratefully take being able to fall asleep during the day and get out-of-body, over being stuck in my body and not able to fall asleep any day!

I know this post might sound a bit random and disconnected but it really isn’t. It’s about our ongoing (within Phase Two) ascension/compressed evolutionary process and how many of the Phase One symptoms are changing slightly; also about how Earth is going through this Phase Two transition just as we are. We (the new us and the new Earth) will continue to shake n’ bake, quake n’ fry energetically, and have many of the old familiar ascension symptoms but in slightly new ways and not nearly as severe as Light-working within Phase One was.

While this entire process continues, the planetary magnet field will continue to drop dramatically, which allows you and me a nearly magnetic-free space (and years) to energetically design and create—from our High Hearts—the brand new and tremendously higher vibrating 5D world reality soon to come. So enjoy those wonderful cat-naps that suddenly propel you out-of-body and let the Sun/solar activations and multiple body Rewiring process do all they are. Why? Because  you and I have very important Phase Two planetary work to accomplish, which is to envision and hold in our High Hearts the new Earth world reality WE want.

The magnet field is nearly going away for these next few years so that YOU AND I will have a totally blank new magnetic planetary canvas upon which we are to imprint—from our High Hearts—the tremendously higher 5D architecture upon.

WE scant early few are the Designers of the new 5D Earth and this is one important way we are going to be energetically able to finally imprint our very high creative desires on to the new empty, blank planetary magnetic field. The mystical 10, 11, and 12 are OUR years to do this incredibly important New Humans, New Earth planetary Work. We transmuted great amounts of the old and lower during Phase One, and now at the beginning of Phase Two, we are to start laying down brand new and astonishingly higher vibrating Heart Energy Blueprints for the new Earth/Humanity. Plan your 2010 Spring Equinox intentions/creations/manifestations very well this year! Welcome to the real Aquarian Age fellow Lightworkers, Wayshowers, and dimensional Ascenders—now let us create higher than ever before.


February 15, 2010

Copyright © Denise Le Fay and TRANSITIONS 2010-2012. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way and the content remains complete, credit is given to the author, and you include this copyright notice and link.

17 thoughts on “Sun & Earth, Here We Go Again

  1. Count me in! I agree with Barbra in that it is reassuring to know others feel it too–not to rejoice in it but after all, misery loves company–lol.
    I don’t know but you might add to that list a feeling of heaviness on the chest like trying to breath alien air–probably like a fish when it is yanked out of its watery environment. I had not put two and two together until I had read one of your earlier posts about sun flares and aches and pains and now I see the corralation.

    Unfortunately I had to venture out of the cave and mingle with sheeples *sigh*. A good friend whom I had not seen in years came for a 4 day visit (and insane shopping) and the one thing I realize now is– we are not on the same vibration! Not only was there this blast from the solar section but I feel rigamortis has set in trying to maintain a smile so I would not take her head off over stupid shit. I realized she just wasn’t getting it and we no longer had much in common. I am trying to work past this feeling of intolerance and know I should not feel this way as we all have come up from that level at some point and others were tolerant of us when we vibrated lower but how the hell do you do it, Denise, while feeling bombarded and crappy?! Are you all feeling this, too? How do you manage it? The fak smile is beginning to hurt ;0(

  2. Tieshla,

    Oh man, I didn’t know you lived up there in the current “Five Ring Circus”! They will all leave soon, promise. 😉

    I can totally relate to feeling like a flaming, angry, over emotional jerk at the moment. But, I do know that every little thing feels – physically and emotionally – tremendously magnified to us now. After clearing so much lower stuff within ourselves, the smallest little thing feels to us to be HUGE and UGLY and IMPOSSIBLE to endure. I think it’s just our current perspective and reaction to the latest energies and changes we’re going through.

    I too am going to remain in my “cave” until I can emotionally cope better with the smiling unaware sheeple out there. Feel better soon.


  3. -:¦:- Hi -:¦:-

    Once again, so glad I’m not alone in this latest transition. I’ve been having a !@#!*!!&’n hard time emotionally this last week. Been feeling super volatile and all over the mood-map, a real sloppy mess of *me*. Lovely. To top it off, I live in Vancouver, Canada and we’re smack-dab in the middle of hosting the Five Ring Circus.

    These latest adjustments haven’t been so much a physical ordeal as an emotional fall-out for me. I’ve felt the symptoms mentioned above on and off all week in moderate degrees and various hues, but the accompanying moods have been next to impossible!! Similar to the cervical transition of labour which can cause lots of women to completely LOSE THEIR COOL!

    There have been emotional moments where I feel like: how the hell can I be an ascended being meant to birth Phase II with and for humanity and feel this TOXIC and SHITTY….and the rest of the lower world seems to la-dee-dah around like everything is so utterly purrrrrfect?!?!

    My distressed Libra Moon is having a helluva time trying to balance THAT one out on the cosmic scales. So, I think I’ll crawl back into my cave now and let all the real hairy knuckle-draggers feel like THEY are the ones ruling the world.

    Much love and solidarity to y’all!
    Hugs, Denise!
    …· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-
    ¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
    ((¸¸.·´ ..·´ { Tieshla } -:¦:-
    -:¦:- ((¸¸.·´*

  4. Thank you Denise,
    Your post today has really cheered me up (I’m sorry, that sounds awful, I don’t mean it like, ‘Oh good, someone else is feeling like shit, too!’). It’s just that sometimes you can’t work out what’s going on. After a long time feeling strong, serene & that ‘Everything’s OK; yep, I can stay here till 2012 and beyond, no problem, in fact it’s going to be exciting’ – today I thought, ‘I have had ENOUGH. Just take me Home, please! I want to leave the planet!!’ I’ve been struggling all day with this sort of angry despair and had-enoughness: ‘C’mon, get back into 5D consciousness, what’s the matter with you?!’ Yes, you’re right, we must keep plodding on. 🙂


  5. Barbra,

    Yep, it’s back! 🙄 Seriously, the past week has been building and building energetically and Feb. 14th and 15th have been much like the bad ol’ days of Phase One for me. Big body pains and aches and utter frustrations and intolerance with the unthinking, unaware, self-absorbed people that keep intruding into my tiny little physical space…while I feel sooo horrible. They’re having a great time as usual, while I’m feeling like I want to exit physicality! Typical. This too will pass, but I’m just in a pretty crappy mood at the moment with them all.

    So don’t feel bad cause this is just how it rolls for us now; shit in/shit out and just keep moving forward. 😉


  6. Thanks Denise,
    Absolutely – I’ve felt like crap on inner + outer levels both, for the last several days, and I never do normally: I was feeling wonderful up until last week! I figured it must be some new burst of energy coming in, blasting any sediment out of my little pond. But it felt like falling off a ladder! I wondered if it was just me, & was some huge mountain of karmic sludge that I’d somehow overlooked in all the years of clearing. 😀 It’s great that we can share our experiences and validate things; it really helps.


  7. Hi Beth! So great to hear from you. 🙂

    I can relate. Yesterday was pretty bad for me…again…and I was seriously wondering why in the hell I’m still here! I’ve decided to hang in here until we get past the big transition date of 2012, then I’ll decide what I want to do from there. There are absolutely no wrong choices.

    Hugs and Love,

  8. Irv,

    Hi and I’m very glad to see you here. 🙂

    I too never was prone to getting the normal flu. The “ascension flu” however is a different story and something I’ve repeatedly dealt with since Feb. 1999. It isn’t typical flu at all, and you never really get “sick” in the sense that you’ve got some physical bug/infection type of thing. The ascension flu is all about energy and how it feels when that higher vibrating energy comes into contact with any lower vibrating energies still within us, our bodies, our emotional body and so on. The bug/infection in this case is simply lower, slower, more dense stuck energies in us, encountering incoming higher Light energy and then all of the reactions and transformations that happen because of it. And it happens over and over until we have no more lower, slower, dense stuck energies within us. 😉 Quite an Alchemical process for sure.


  9. Thank you, Denise, for getting me onto your list. The current message certainly helps to clarify what I’ve been seeing as a vicious flu attack, this past week or so. (And I am not usually flu prone). Also, your references to needing large amounts of sleep and bed time feel right-on to me.



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