Hair Falling Out & Ascension

This is something I’ve avoided talking about simply because it’s yet another ascension symptom that isn’t very pleasant or attractive. Which ones are right? It is hair loss, hair thinning and of course not everyone will experience it.

I’ve always had plentiful, healthy, strong hair so when mine suddenly started falling out by the bucketfuls in fall of 2008, I was mortified. Everything that was happening energetically and emotionally back in late 2008, had everything to do with my first ever bout of hair falling out. It continued through the 2008 winter solstice, and then into the winter months of 2009. By spring of 2009, thankfully it seemed to slow down considerably. The rest of 2009, I could tell I was still having some hair loss but nothing as severe as the fall and winter months of 2008 into 2009.

What really brought this hair falling out business home in a horrifying way was that the same cycle began again with the start of fall 2009. Again, I was mortified and worried this might become so bad I would have to buy a wig. It was horrible and my vanity was seriously rattled. I had no idea how much of our physical identities and sense of self is related to our hair.

When this same sudden hair loss started up again exactly a year later, my first thought was that this must be astrological transits (for me personally I mean). That could be an aspect of this for me, but, when I reviewed what had happened during the fall and winter months of both 2008 and 2009, I got the larger perspective I needed and it was energy and ascension related, not strictly astrological.

Think back to what was going on energetically in the fall months of 2008. It was an extremely potent period for many of us who had intentionally remained below in lower vibrating, much more dark and dense energies for the sole purpose of trying to get any last-minute stragglers on the ascension train heading out-of-town. I had been living through this for many years prior, but by 2005, it was becoming increasingly physically, energetically, psychically, emotionally and in every other way painful being in any lower vibrating location, including many “spiritual” forums. There were a lot of people out there who felt it was their duty to attack and discredit anyone who said anything about the Ascension Process at so-called spiritual forums. It was a case of those of us who were actually living the Ascension Process being repeatedly attacked by many who were not. It was a typical 3D lower polarized situation and was really miserable considering I and others living the evolutionary Ascension Process first only wanted to freely share information about it with other people. We weren’t preaching or selling we were simply talking and sharing information about the ongoing Ascension Process based on our own personal experiences. But that’s way too much for a lot of unaware people.

If you remember, by the time the fall of 2008 arrived, the energetic pressure of my (and many of you) having to stay down in those lower, slower more dense levels and locations (including online forums etc.) within the old lower world was nearly killing many of us. It was miserable but after a few years it became literally unbearable to stay behind trying to help others via information and link sharing about the Ascension Process and the coming evolutionary dimensional shift out of 3D. The energetic and consciousness gap between these two vibrating groups of people became so huge it could not continue, and so by November and December 2008, we were energetically released from remaining down in that lower vibrating darkness and painful, often attacking insanity any longer. We energetically blasted our way back up to the surface and breathed in fresh air after nearly drowning down there. We were done with that aspect of trying to help other people existing at much lower frequency levels and waiting for them to make a choice. We were finally free to return to a matching vibrational energy level for us, and my gawd did it feel good!

As soon as this happened and I shot back up into a matching energy level in November 2008, that was when my hair started falling out. The next important ascension/energy transition happened with the mega energy changes and shift  shortly after ‘My Lightworker Strike’ published July 28, 2009.  A huge group of us were—once again—profoundly done with waiting and holding open the Exit Door for any of the last-minute stragglers who hadn’t committed to getting on the ascension train at that point. We could not and would not wait any longer because it was causing us tremendous continued pain and suffering to do so. Then the triple 9’s of September 9, 2009 arrived, and just like in late fall of 2008, we were finally released, but this time we fully split-off from the old lower 3D world energetically. The Separation of Worlds was in effect and we spent the rest of the fall months and 2009 winter solstice adapting to those new and higher vibrating energies hitting us, our bodies and anything else within us that was now vibrating slightly lower than our new higher frequency locations.

The fact that my hair fell out during both of these huge and highly important energy related ascension transitions makes sense really. Lauren Gorgo recently wrote in her article, ‘2010: The Year of Truth in Action’, about this.

I was told by a starbeing once that ascension uses up to 70% of our vital life force at times…explains all that couch surfing for a decade…but here, at the end of the journey, it feels more like 94% because we just have absolutely nothing left to give.”

I know this is true because I’ve gone through many years where my physical body didn’t have enough energy, enough vital life-force to even digest FOOD. As a Forerunner, all my life-force was going into the seemingly endless Ascension Process, transmuting of both personal and collective earthly and other dimensional lower frequency density, darkness duality issues and residual negative emotional energies on earth throughout time. There was little to no energy left for such things as energetically digesting food or maintaining a full head of hair!

I know that both of these huge energy transitions we went through in fall of 2008 and fall of 2009 has been very hard on us and our bodies and everything else. It’s not much of a stretch that some of us would have large amounts of our hair falling out, thinning because of it all. But I can see already here in early February 2010, that some of my hair is re-growing finally. Now that we’re in 2010, many of the Phase One Forerunner ascension symptoms are slowly disappearing after a decade-plus of profound intensity and misery. There are new Phase Two ascension symptoms we’re having to deal with now, but so far they’re nothing as intense and shattering as the majority of Phase One ascension symptoms were. I do have hope that once I reach the great Expiration  Date of winter solstice 2012, I won’t do so as a 60-year-old, overweight and half-bald Earth Angel! But who knows? Nope, our DNA is going to do astonishing things during 2010, 2011 and 2012 and well beyond. ❤

Denise Le Fay

February 9, 2010

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26 thoughts on “Hair Falling Out & Ascension

  1. “Whoa!!! I was at an all-day fair yesterday & noticed that I needed to keep my sunglasses on a lot because the sun shining on everything looked completely ‘white’ & NOT the typical yellowish shine. I have been experiencing this on & off for the passed IDK few months??? I had contributed it to me having very low blood pressure & just feeling lightheaded ALL the time…especially when I get up off a chair all the time. You mean you guys see this white-like dizzy-ing light over everything when in the sun????? OMG, it’s soooo blinding! No offense — you mean it’s NOT JUST ME??!! Yipee!! 🙂 It’s so strange because I have many friends that are NOT experiencing any crazy symptoms NOR do most of them KNOW what is going on. Are certain people only being affected??? …probably the only ones being affected are the ones that chose to stay ’5th Dimensional’ !!! I’m so glad I found this site!”

    Kerri L.,

    I’m glad you found TRANSITIONS too. 🙂

    I’ve often talked about how drastically the Sun and sunlight has changed over the past ten years or so. I’ve long remembered being in this same 7D Photon Light in a past life in Egypt 12,600 b.c. and have old articles here which you can find here if you want. Type in the Search bar Photon Band or Photo Light or photonic light to find past articles about this phenomenon. [SeeA Lightworker’s Mission too.]

    People who are vibrating a little or a lot faster and higher can and do see and feel this higher dimensional potent Photon Light; other people simply do not perceive it at all.

    I often see this BRILLIANT but not hot silver-white Photon Band of Light (which our Sun, Earth and solar system is now fully within) look literally like ice on plants, trees, leaves, but it’s just Light reflections. It’s beautiful, brilliant, stellar not solar, and it’s totally transformational Light Energy that causes karmic and polarity resolution or “unity” in every cell of our bodies and beings. Powerful, fabulous Photon Light.

    Welcome to the Cosmic Light Party! 😉


  2. I am curious. If our heart chakras are opening up, what should we be feeling within the physical body? I know everyone is different. For the past 9 hours and still going on, I have felt this sensation of a giant hand squeezing my heart muscle for like 10 seconds then it stops & starts up again 10 minutes later. This has been going on for the past 9 hours. I keep telling myself that perhaps it’s just another annoying Ascension symptom. 😉 I do not feel faint at all or dizzy. I’m breathing just fine & have no pain other than when the sensation kicks in It feels like a big squeezing pressure. I have no cardiac issues & am only on thyroid meds. It’s not palpitations or a continuous constant chest pain. I do NOT feel the need to see a Dr. at this time. It’s just very strange & was hoping to see if anyone here on this blog has experienced this particular symptom of the heart chakra…aahhh the love! 🙂

  3. good morning everyone! i hope someone reads this because i need the support of a community that i can relate to! my hair is falling out too! at my edges 😦 . i love my hair and put so much work into its health. this journey of body changes is such a difficult battle; im just feel too exhausted to fight it. i feel like im sleeping my life away. @kerri i had the same chest squeeze feeling that you did- i told my sister that i feel like…my bra is too tight! smh. I have all the symptoms of hypothyroidism. im going to go the doctor to check it out… I thought for a long time that my pituitary adenoma that i had removed in ’09 through transphenoidal surgery would prevent me from ascension. i felt like agreeing to it made me unclean. my eyesight got so worse that i need to wear my glasses all of the time! i see floaters everywhere, they change colors too. And WHEN will this ringing stop? my ears feel like there is cotton in them, when i speak to someone, some people sound like they are mumbling, some others sound crystal clear. I cry a the drop of a dime. i keep away from everyone i love, i dont mean to. how do you guys focus through all of this? Im supposed to be studying for my nclex! everytime i study i fall asleep. 😦 i can i be a good nurse if im so tired all of the time? im sorry this is all over the place, im just …all over the place. Am i the only one who gets distracted by the ‘snow’ falling on the page?

  4. Newbienurse – Have you had your iron levels checked? Here I am thinking that I have Ascension symptoms going on…yeah right! I was told that if you are experiencing any Ascension symptoms that they should only last for a day or two…not many months & years later. I recently had my Ferritin levels checked & it was in the ‘normal range’. However, it was a 23 which is still low regardless if it was within normal range. In order for the hair loss to stop completely, the Ferritin level has to be higher than a 40. For NEW hair growth to come in, the Ferritin level would have to be higher than 70. So I have been taking iron supplements with Vitamin C to help my body absorb the iron better. I’ve been doing this for 21/2 weeks. It takes a really long time for the Ferritin levels to build back up. But I’m just suggesting for you to get your iron, red blood cells, Hematocrit, Hemoglobin & most importantly your Ferritin levels checked. Let me know how you make out! 🙂

  5. “Newbienurse – Have you had your iron levels checked? Here I am thinking that I have Ascension symptoms going on…yeah right! I was told that if you are experiencing any Ascension symptoms that they should only last for a day or two…not many months & years later.”

    Kerri L.,

    I don’t know who told you this but it most certainly is wrong information. My physical Ascension Process and symptoms started Feb. 1, 1999 and I’m still having some of them today as I write this. That’s twelve years and counting. Everyone I know whose had them has also had them for many years so I’d suggest you take this into consideration as well.


  6. Does it grow back? I’m having the same issues but it doesn’t seem to be changing the thickness overall, just the texture, noticeably.

  7. Whitni L A.,

    I think much of this is very individual and also based on age and hormones like are you perimenopausal or in menopause, pregnant etc.? Stress also can cause hair to suddenly fall out and other things. Based on what I’ve experienced with this over these ascension years, my abrupt hair loss stopped but it’s not fully returned to what it was before. It’s been slowly stabilizing and some regrowth has happened. For me it’s been about not getting stressed out over it, or anything else, because stress just don’t co-exist well with the Ascension Process! Our physical and energetic bodies are literally evolving and changing dramatically with some more NEW DNA being activated over time. All these things are causing all sorts of changes in our bodies, our metabolism, our hormonal levels, the energies running through us and on and on. Because of all this, try to not panic about some sudden hair loss, weight gain or any number of other things and intend that your hair is healthy, strong, abundant etc. and visualize this if it’s important to you.

  8. Oh this was so so relieving for me to read in 2019.
    Ive been on this ascension Journey, or perhaps I should say aware of it since 2015.
    Ive been through cycles of hairloss since then. But now
    Its been crazy since this summer. I feel like you. Horrified
    I dont wanna be bold if I can choose
    I hope it will stop soon.
    Thank you so much for this

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