Hair Falling Out & Ascension

This is something I’ve avoided talking about simply because it’s yet another ascension symptom that isn’t very pleasant or attractive. Which ones are right? It is hair loss, hair thinning and of course not everyone will experience it.

I’ve always had plentiful, healthy, strong hair so when mine suddenly started falling out by the bucketfuls in fall of 2008, I was mortified. Everything that was happening energetically and emotionally back in late 2008, had everything to do with my first ever bout of hair falling out. It continued through the 2008 winter solstice, and then into the winter months of 2009. By spring of 2009, thankfully it seemed to slow down considerably. The rest of 2009, I could tell I was still having some hair loss but nothing as severe as the fall and winter months of 2008 into 2009.

What really brought this hair falling out business home in a horrifying way was that the same cycle began again with the start of fall 2009. Again, I was mortified and worried this might become so bad I would have to buy a wig. It was horrible and my vanity was seriously rattled. I had no idea how much of our physical identities and sense of self is related to our hair.

When this same sudden hair loss started up again exactly a year later, my first thought was that this must be astrological transits (for me personally I mean). That could be an aspect of this for me, but, when I reviewed what had happened during the fall and winter months of both 2008 and 2009, I got the larger perspective I needed and it was energy and ascension related, not strictly astrological.

Think back to what was going on energetically in the fall months of 2008. It was an extremely potent period for many of us who had intentionally remained below in lower vibrating, much more dark and dense energies for the sole purpose of trying to get any last-minute stragglers on the ascension train heading out-of-town. I had been living through this for many years prior, but by 2005, it was becoming increasingly physically, energetically, psychically, emotionally and in every other way painful being in any lower vibrating location, including many “spiritual” forums. There were a lot of people out there who felt it was their duty to attack and discredit anyone who said anything about the Ascension Process at so-called spiritual forums. It was a case of those of us who were actually living the Ascension Process being repeatedly attacked by many who were not. It was a typical 3D lower polarized situation and was really miserable considering I and others living the evolutionary Ascension Process first only wanted to freely share information about it with other people. We weren’t preaching or selling, we were simply talking and sharing information about the ongoing Ascension Process based on our own personal experiences. But that’s way too much for a lot of unaware people.

If you remember, by the time the fall of 2008 arrived, the energetic pressure of my (and many of you) having to stay down in those lower, slower more dense levels and locations (including online forums etc.) within the old lower world was nearly killing many of us. It was miserable but after a few years it became literally unbearable to stay behind trying to help others via information and link sharing about the Ascension Process and the coming evolutionary dimensional shift out of 3D. The energetic and consciousness gap between these two vibrating groups of people became so huge it could not continue, and so by November and December 2008, we were energetically released from remaining down in that lower vibrating darkness and painful, often attacking insanity any longer. We energetically blasted our way back up to the surface and breathed in fresh air after nearly drowning down there. We were done with that aspect of trying to help other people existing at much lower frequency levels and waiting for them to make a choice. We were finally free to return to a matching vibrational energy level for us, and my gawd did it feel good!

As soon as this happened and I shot back up into a matching energy level in November 2008, that was when my hair started falling out. The next important ascension energy transition happened with the mega energy changes and shift shortly after ‘My Lightworker Strike’ published July 28, 2009.  A huge group of us were—once again—profoundly done with waiting and holding open the Exit Door for any of the last-minute stragglers who hadn’t committed to getting on the ascension train at that point. We could not and would not wait any longer because it was causing us tremendous, continued pain and suffering to do so. Then the triple 9’s of September 9, 2009, arrived and just like in late fall of 2008, we were finally released, but this time we fully split-off from the old lower 3D world energetically. The Separation of Worlds was in effect, and we spent the rest of the fall months and 2009 winter solstice adapting to those new and higher vibrating energies hitting us, our bodies and anything else within us that was now vibrating slightly lower than our new higher frequency locations.

The fact that my hair fell out during both of these huge and highly important energy related ascension transitions makes sense really. Lauren Gorgo recently wrote in her article, ‘2010: The Year of Truth in Action’, about this.

I was told by a starbeing once that ascension uses up to 70% of our vital life force at times…explains all that couch surfing for a decade…but here, at the end of the journey, it feels more like 94% because we just have absolutely nothing left to give.”

I know this is true because I’ve gone through many years where my physical body didn’t have enough energy, enough vital life-force to even digest FOOD. As a Forerunner, all my life-force was going into the seemingly endless Ascension Process, transmuting of both personal and collective earthly and other dimensional lower frequency density, darkness, Duality issues and residual negative emotional energies on earth throughout time. There was little to no energy left for such things as energetically digesting food or maintaining a full head of hair!

I know that both of these huge energy transitions we went through in fall of 2008 and fall of 2009 has been very hard on us and our bodies and everything else. It’s not much of a stretch that some of us would have large amounts of our hair falling out, thinning because of it all. But I can see already here in early February 2010, that some of my hair is re-growing finally. Now that we’re in 2010, many of the Phase One Forerunner ascension symptoms are slowly disappearing after a decade-plus of profound intensity and misery. There are new ascension symptoms we’re having to deal with now, but so far, they’re nothing as intense and shattering as the majority of Phase One ascension symptoms were. I do have hope that once I reach the great Expiration Date of December winter solstice 2012, I won’t do so as a 60-year-old, overweight and half-bald Earth Angel! But who knows? Nope, our DNA is going to do astonishing things during 2010, 2011 and 2012 and well beyond. ❤

Denise Le Fay

February 9, 2010

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28 thoughts on “Hair Falling Out & Ascension

  1. OMG!!! You mean I’m NOT the only one with this freaking Hair loss issues???? I’ve been losing hair since Spring of 2009. So it’s been 1 year & 4 months that I STILL have this issue. I use to have the strongest, thickest, beautiful hair ever. Now, I’m so NOT myself. I have MAD breakages throughout my hair, very dry, brittle & the hair just come trickling down my back. It’s so nauseating! Thank you for posting!!! I just googled ‘Ascension & Hair loss’ just for sh*ts & giggles & I came across this site. I have seen well over 15 doctors/specialists & NO ONE knew what the hell was going on. I even quite taking my thyroid meds back in June, 2011 & I feel pretty good. I also became a Vegan Fruitarian. Not only do I have the hair loss issue BUT I also have mad floaters in my eyes & my right eye has remained stuck in being blood shot (dark vessels) that WON’T go away or improve. How much longer do you think my hair loss will continue. Plus, when you noticed your loss stopped, was it an overnight event? Whatever info you could send out, would be appreciated!!! Plus I already battled a 3 year cancer battle so I’m sick of having to lose anymore hair. I think my roots look slightly lighter BUT hard to tell since I have sooo much thinning. It’s to the point that I have to wear a hat if I’m going to be out in the sun or else I will get burned on top of my head. Go figure! OH, plus, I have noticed sooo much excessive cellulite & can see my blood vessels throughout both of my legs….shear see-thru. Do you have those symptoms too? I swear it makes you go ‘crazy’. I only WISH there was a ‘Ascension signs & symptoms’ book for Dummies’ out there!!! lol
    Kerri L.

  2. SiA,

    The hair loss thing is a hard one alright. I think with all of the tremendous changes that’s been transpiring inside of our bodies and brains via the rewiring process, I’m surprised more of us aren’t having head, face, scalp, skull, and brain abnormalities! With our two brain hemispheres being rewired or reconnected, AND our brain glands (pineal and pituitary) and their corresponding chakras (Brow or Third Eye and Crown) naturally evolving and unifying as well, I think many of these weird symptoms are to be expected to some degree. I also expect we’ll adapt to these body/brain changes and many of these hair loss symptoms (and others) will balance out…whatever that means at this point! 😉

    Of course, go to your doctor if you feel things are serious enough to need that. I don’t know what to tell you about the two bumps on your forehead, other than it MAY be related to your brain rewiring and also changes happening within your Third Eye chakra (the pineal and pituitary glands) changes. Often when (at least in the past, prior to the start of the Ascension process) our Brow chakra or Third Eye would activate and/or be very active, it would feel like there was a pressure pushing out of my skull and forehead right there. It felt like I was growing a Unicorn horn out of my Third Eye area! Nothing physically manifested, but that’s how that energy felt to me physically back then. Today it’s just a big pressure inside my entire head and skull with other head/brain/higher chakra symptoms.

    Know that you don’t have to transmute any one else’s unresolved, energetic stuff. Yours is more than enough. Each of ours is more than enough for each of us! If you keep experiencing this, know that their stuff is NOT your stuff and just allow it to flow right through you without any attachments or sense of obligation etc. You do not have to “do” anything. The Ascension Process produces all the “doing” we each need! 😉


  3. hi there i was giggling in a relieved kind of way when reading this post. Throughout this year i’ve had extreme hair loss.I’m a capricorn, and could really relate to something you wrote about staying in lower vibration to help other people around me try to connect to higher vibrations, especially bitter, fearfull and physically ill people. It’s been a hard hit to my selfesteem going through this even to the point of paranoia. I’m really trying to heal myself now but suffer from a very debilitating pressure within my head especially in the forehead. I actually have two bulging bumps on my forehead, It looks like i’m about to grow horns.
    People are not very understanding of what i’m going through and i wish i could ease my head and neck pain more easily and faster to function better. I also seem to be absorbing some of the health problems of people around me. I guess there’s not much I can do other that try brating through it and try to listen to my intuition, but any advice would be greatly appreciated,i’ll be following this blog.

  4. susan,

    You sound like me! All sorts of aches and pains all over, hair looking and feeling like corpse hair much of the time, and general I don’t wanna do this anymore!!! type of feeling! It’s been over ten years now for me and it shows. Some ascension symptoms are going away, but new Phase Two ones have arrived, which makes sense. It takes a lot to get Lead into Gold – and fifth dimensional Gold at that! 😉

    Not to pour salt on your wounds, but I read the other day that the Sun is active again which makes the sensitive folks feel even more miserable physically. Don’t feel bad for bitching n’ complaining about what you’re going through; it helps actually to get some of the pressure externalized like this. The whole ascension business is cyclical and at this late date, we’re going through those cycles extremely fast (compared to early Phase One). Hang in there my friend, it will ease up soon and get better for a while…and then start again.


  5. hi – just to add to the hair thing – my hair -so far – hasnt fallen out or broken off but it just looks dull and lifeless – sort of dry too. my skin seems to be going through the same thing – its very dry even though i use good quality moisturiser etc etc – in fact the whole of me looks and feels dull and lifeless – boo hoo – sounds like i’m into the poor me syndrome – i dont think i am particularly its just a statement of fact.
    be SO nice if we actually do start looking younger and re-vitalised –
    i actually feel like the whole of me is being pulled downwards – physically – strange sort of feeling – added to the ususal symptoms that we all seem to be experiencing i now have weird foot pains where my ankle area feels like its going to give out when i stand on it –
    my neck is agonising and my teeth and jaw and gums are all adding to the general yukky way i feel.
    yesterday i suddenly thought if i read anymore reasons why this is going on and why i feel like this i just might scream. Its not that i dont want to know its just that its been going on so long and i think yesterday i felt like i had had enough of it all – temporary blip i guess – i suppose i feel it would be encouraging if one positive thing happenned to make me feel like its all been worth it –
    definitely poor me syndrome!!!
    i’ll be ok tomorrow.

  6. Denise and Barbra:

    I remember waking during one of those short sleep states being very angry because I thought I had been asleep for hours and hours (the kind where you feel like you have been doing heavy lifting all night long) and discovered I had been asleep for less than two hours. I was so disgusted and angry when I glanced at the clock that my first thought was–Sleeping is sure a lot of work!–lol
    Hugs, to both of you

  7. Barbara,

    I’ve got another post I’m currently working on that is about Dreaming & Ascension or something like that. I’ll post it this month.

    It is great to hear that this hair loss, dead, lifeless looking and feeling hair situation will indeed correct itself. I figured it would – eventually – but it has been a real female shock to see one’s normally healthy strong hair falling out by the handfuls. And like you mentioned, mine too has broken in certain areas. Because of this I started using satin pillow cases because the breakage is only on the sides where I sleep. It’s like my hair has no vital life force or strength and elasticity in it since fall of 2008. (And yes, I pushed so hard during all of 2009 to write/edit/format/publish A Lightworker’s Mission because I knew Phase One was ending with the end of 2009. I’m trying now to rest and clean up after my Phase One storm.

    I had to giggle over your remark about, “We’re probably lucky our legs didn’t fall off!” 😆 I’ve been grateful for the simple things too! 😉 And the sleep thing, well, I don’t think it will ever be what we were used to when we were 3D beings in the old lower world. I don’t think we need to eat or sleep much anymore now.

    Thanks for your wonderful comment.

  8. Thanks for sharing. I feel that my hair is noticeably thinner this winter compared to last winter. I have been feeling a lack of luster to my facial skin, like I’ve lost some inner glow in the past few months. I blogged about it the other day being because my hair color is lighter than I have had it in several years. I feel like it doesn’t match who I see myself as, but I really cannot travel 2,000 plus miles to have the person I want to color it, color it.

    I also think the date of your “lightworker strike” is interesting because I felt a very powerful surge of energy at that time, as though I were bumped up to some transcendent or parallel existence and almost all of my life from previously was left behind. I even remember telling an old friend, “Well, you’re going to be missing me a whole lot more.” I will go back and check out that post.

  9. Hello Denise,
    This happened to me in late 2008! Not being a man, hair loss wasn’t something I ever gave a thought to, and my hair’s usually thick, strong & healthy. It just started falling out. It was really embarrassing; I had only to lean over something, to scatter hairs. Every surface had long hairs on it! My hair got thinner & thinner, and it was frightening. I thought, ‘If I keep losing hair at this rate, I’ll be bald, soon!’
    My daughter examined my hair, and said, ‘Your hair’s not falling out; it’s breaking off. Stress.’ She was right; the stresses of the ascension process had taken it out of my energy, and when things finally improved (Sept – Nov 08), it was as if my hair just gave up, exhausted! 😀 I mean, the disturbed sleep patterns alone, in phase one-! Do you realise how long this went on for? Waking at 3, then 4, then 5am; waking every 2 hours; lying awake (interspersed with difficult outer struggles, AND shattering astral stuff); you think you’ll never again know what it is to sleep uninterrupted for 8 hours. We’re probably lucky our *legs* didn’t fall off! 🙂 Just when I was seriously wondering where you can buy wigs, the whole problem disappeared; the hair’s now normal again. I think yours will bounce back, too. Don’t forget, you’ve just completed a book; that must have used up your energy, too. And yes, I heard too from the space beings that this year they’re going to ‘renovate’ our physical bodies. This is going to be *really* interesting! I’m curious what people will think, when they notice that some of us are growing younger, not older. Should be fascinating! 😉


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