More Pineal/Crystals/Crown Chakra Connections


I am really enjoying finally having time to check out some other websites and play a bit after working and pushing so hard writing my books over the past two-plus years. And because I’m not pushing so hard to finish my new book by the time 2009 ended and we reached Phase Two with the start of 2010, I have been effortlessly connecting with (more) information from other people about what I (and many of us) are currently living through. So, yet again, this post is a continuation of the past three post. If you haven’t read them—Feb. 3rd, 4th, and Feb. 5, 2010—I would suggest you do so you can get a better overview of this current energy/ascension/evolutionary blast we’re experiencing now.

I wasn’t looking or searching for this particular information, and yet, it is exactly where I headed just like I knew what I was doing. That’s often how I connect with other like-information and energies; I simply follow my very vibrationally sensitive nose!  😉  We are supposed to be connecting these new ascension dots within ourselves and what we are going through now, but we’re also supposed to connect and share that Light (information) with others so they too can get a larger view and understanding about what we’re living through now in Phase Two of the continuing ascension process. Another aspect of this that’s much like those wonderful higher dimensional ET coinky dinks, is to show each of us how this Light/information/knowledge is being accessed by everyone who is currently capable of accessing that particular level of energy now. It is a learning within a learning for all of us, so please try to catch all of the different layers and levels of learning in these messages and posts and your experiencing them in multiple ways.

I’m going to quote this information I found today entitled, “Vibrational Upgrade” Feb. 4, 2010 by Shala Mata.


February 6, 2010

“February opens like January on the heels of a powerful full moon, the brightest moon for the entire year of 2010.  The planetary alignments of January along with the New Moon/Solar Eclipse brought in a higher level of photon light that has spun deeply into every area of our vibrational well-being.

To say January was intense is an under statement.  It brought with it a laser beam of awareness into every area of outworn beliefs and energy in our conscious and more importantly unconscious selves.  Feeling disconnected and emotional was common.  Headaches, vertigo, sleeplessness, anxiety, and uncertainty caused us to question our very foundation.

Lower vibrations from the collective are being re-calibrated as we continue our ascension process.  Feeling stuck in low gear is never a pleasant undertaking, and different for each individual.  Once again, our relationship to everything we hold onto was in our face, and not in a gentle way.

2012 and our Ascension is fast becoming foremost in our consciousness for all lightworkers and starseeds.  A sense of urgency is the underpinning energy that moves us deeper into all areas that require a “vibrational upgrade.”  We are being asked by the higher dimensional part of ourselves to hold a clear vision of what we want, how we want to feel, and where we want to be in ALL areas of our lives.

February is the bridge between the two powerful months of January and March.  During the month of January, I felt the stillness of wanting to be quiet and go deep, with that came expansion and contraction that is always part of being still.  Our universe is always expanding, as are we.  During quiet time at the New Moon, I asked the Arcturians to show me what was happening with me and of course others.  They explained that the expanded particles of higher dimensional photon light were activating the crystalline nature of our Pineal Gland.  This activation is part of our ongoing vibrational upgrade or re-wiring that will continue at warp speed until we have reached the levels necessary for our Ascension.  I saw the Pineal Gland opening with a bolt of lightening from within and expanding in an orb of energy and light.

Steve Rother and The Group recently channeled information on the Pineal Gland activation as follows:

“The group speaks of the pineal gland as one part of our body that has both finite and infinite properties.  The job the pineal gland originally played was no longer needed when the DNA of the human template was altered.  Now, as of this writing, a critical mass in DNA re-connections have happened within the collective of humanity.  As a result of the physical Re-wire it is now possible to activate the Pineal gland to its original condition and use”

The group was very clear that these crystals will eventually activate in all humans without the need for any activation process.  They were also very clear that there will be many who will offer activations and most of them will work. ”

Tom Kenyon and The Hathors recently spoke of the Pineal Gland activation occurring and offered a free sound attunement at his site.

Clearly, we are all getting the same message that this is a vital and very important part of our evolutionary process, and will continue to support our journey.  As it occurs, we can experience physical disparity in the vibrational bridge between our light body and our physical, emotional, mental and spirit bodies.  The feeling of moving through mud as one client recently described is accurate as we play catch-up physically.  Feeling dizzy, neck pain, headaches, disconnected, fatigue, anxious are all part of the same upgrade.

I was shown the orb pulsing with geometries weaving in and around the crown chakra and creating a new bandwidth of frequency for assimilation.  Connecting the orb to the holographic space within our heart offers immediate comfort and a feeling of being present in this Now.

During the month of January, we made space for this energy, like removing a heavy overcoat.  February’s energy along with the continued planetary and Galactic alignments will begin to feel lighter as the crystalline nature of our DNA more fully loads into our physical awareness.

The ancients referred to the Pineal Gland as the gateway to the soul, and when connected through the heart will prepare us for the DNA activation that will begin on a deeper level during the 333 (March 3, 2010) corridor of light.  March also brings the Spring Equinox and promises to be a great and powerful month of upgrades and change on a very deep level.

While all of this seems to be out of our hands, in truth we are being taught vibrational mastery.  We are the only ones that can affect our vibrational balance.  Esther Hicks and Abraham write:

“The content of your vibration equals how you feel right now.  And whether you’re thinking about the past, the present, or the future, how you feel right now as you think about the past, present or future – is your life right NOW”

As difficult as these changes feel, we are still solely responsible for how we feel.  Every living being on this planet is undergoing great change as the light continues to increase.  It is natural when we feel change to seek support and comfort from those we hold close, however it is important to understand that they too are undergoing change in relationship to themselves.  It is a very personal and individual change, which often looks different from what we feel we need or is familiar.

During the month of February, we celebrate Valentines Day as a day of honouring those we love, however the most important honour must be within ourselves.  That sacred love you hold for your beloved is you, when that is felt then we are able to offer unconditional love or at least a measure of that to all we have in our lives.

The energy of February will ebb and flow throughout our field, as we step into our vibrational coat of light.  We can expect to feel highs and lows within the context of our personal journey.  We will begin to feel a little more comfortable as our emotions settle and we will able to make easier decisions around change.  Be prepared for outcomes that don’t look anything like what you have thought they would, yet they appear and offer a larger vision or perspective.

Love is the frequency that is our means for inter-dimensional travel.  Love that is unconditional increases the frequency and vibration of everything it meets.  It expands our perception of energy, time and the power that is held within each of us.  Uniting this power through the collective will establish a higher frequency within the grids, leylines, crystals, and energy portals of our beloved Mother Earth.

February will de-frag our hard drive so too speak, which will push us to release the illusion of our ego, limitations, worn our beliefs and expectations of ourselves and others.  Everything is frequency and vibration.  We hear, speak, touch, eat, and move with vibration.  The spin rate of the vibration determines the density of the object.  We are spinning faster and releasing the dense parts of ourselves to become more crystalline liquid light.

Our Lightbody responds to love with the expression of Joy.  This is our birthright.  Every cell in our body craves to express Joy and the only obstacle to that are our repetitive thoughts of fear.

It is a time of great awakening and a time to be kind, gentle, and allowing with ourselves and more importantly, those we love.  Letting go of any expectation and be in a joyful now, connects to our Lightbody and the magical beings we are becoming.

If you are feeling alone, lifeless and unsettled rest assured you are not alone, but know that we have the support of the coming moons in February and our higher dimensional aspects to detach from the dense layers and shine brightly.

The choice is firmly and solely ours causing great excitement at the deepest core of our being.  Take time during February to recharge and centre this new energy as we prepare for further vibrational upgrades – there is much more to come.

Keep shining your Gorgeous Light !

With Loving Blessings in Service”


4 thoughts on “More Pineal/Crystals/Crown Chakra Connections

  1. )))))Hello Denise(((((
    ))))) Hello ALL (((((

    As a kid I asked a dream friend were I was, to which they replied, plane 7…. that was it. I dreampt there would come a time where it would be important to physcally cleans and not just the stories and chakras.
    Years ago I found numerous internet sites and didn`t do any follow up, my nose to the grind.. Since my recent dream of my future is unknown but governed by 77 and the dream image of the (void man with a rainbow aura), I thaught I`d share this.
    Sound and Photon Light (7D). Thanks Denise
    Josheph Stone
    David Hudson

    …….;element `X` exibits multidimensional characteristics as it resonates at an extremely high frequency behaving more as a ray of light than a gravitational mass. It is a similar transition molecule to atomic 77, iridium, (also meaning rainbow, funny~my name)
    Although of a virtual zero weight, it`s a pure white powder that radiates all colours of the light spectrum giving it an otherworldly bluish silver sheen…
    The bodies 70 trillion cells communicate with each other via tremendous electromagnetic superconductor fields. Primary mineral element crystals are transmuted into diverse chemicals at the celular level in cooperation with specific gravity and magnetic fields which keep the dna harmonious…
    I have only posted these above two bodies of work, apologies for ommitting others life work..
    These sites will eloquently present their findings on subtle energies and our evolution and multidimensionality.
    This White powder gold/ormus is being taken orally, although there are ofcourse precautions to be greatly aware of.
    Love Kesh

  2. I am still feeling completely stuck and unable to see the future whatsoever. I am hoping this is just due to it being winter. I too feel drawn to working with sound. I am finding it impossible to get myself to go skiing and that is what I did all last winter. I am not understanding. I am however finding motivation to spend hours dancing in the basement.

  3. Susan,

    You couldn’t be more right about this being the time (2010-2011) “we all sort out what needs to be sorted before we get started on whatever it is…”. 🙂 That is exactly what this year (and probably next year too) is going to be about for many of us and all at our own individual levels and layers.

    Sound has recently become a much more conscious thing for many more people over the past couple of months. Sound and the Photon Light are seventh dimensional (7D), and as we ascend/evolve even more over this year and next, we’re going to be consciously accessing these other higher dimensions above 5D even. Nice huh?! Consciousness evolves = our reality reflects that automatically.


  4. hi – been reading lots of comments recently about how everyone is feeling – what is happenning – so useful to be given by denise other links to check out –
    i have been going through the headaches, dizzyness, feeling like i’m not actually here-ness (which is a bit scarey when you’re driving) – lots of this sort of stuff which most of us seem to be experiencing right now – but as well as that i noticed much more activity in other areas – the electrical-type sounds i constantly have in my ears has now got much stronger – sounds like a cross between thousands of cicados mixed with other odd electronic sounds – also the rapid eye-movements i have when close my eyes to listen to eg the pineal gland attunement or when i meditate have got more – etc etc

    have just read the above post and it has coincided with me during the last week realising that even though i thought i had sorted all my feelings of not loving myself enough and all that sort of not-valuing yourself enough stuff i still have “issues” which have got to be sorted right now

    have also finally realised what it is that gives/will give me most joy – working with sound – taken me all this time to come to these conclusions and this week it has all sort of clicked into my consciousness – or somewhere – i guess that was the easy part – more work to come –

    just wanted to say that although things SEEM to be almost getting harder – at least for me – things seem to be resolving themselves too – or showing me what needs still be be done
    this has got to be good – is everyone else feeling this sort of way?? like this is the final point at which we all sort out what needs to be sorted before we get started on whatever it is we are getting started on???? realy bad grammar going on there – be great to know if anyone else is feeling this way?

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