PHASE TWO is About Us Re-Learning to Consciously CREATE

 Phase One of the Ascension Process was about moving through the difficult cleaning, clearing and resolving of massive amounts of our own polarity and projections and literally transmuting the majority of our lower vibrating energy stuff—karma, wounds, fears, projections, separations, buried and long-hidden emotions, hates, and so on. 

Phase Two of the Ascension Process is about those of us who’ve done Phase One within ourselves—body, mind, brain, emotions, past lives, our homes, our energy bodies and so on—now learning how to consciously create a new vibrationally matching world, on a new vibrationally matching Earth. Because we’ve done The Inner Work that was Phase One, now we’ve got to create a new like-vibrational world to house us. That is what Phase Two is all about, at least right now it is. We’ll deal with what comes after this phase when it arrives, but for now, we’ve desperately got to REALLY begin deliberately consciously creating our new world reality. We are the creators of our new world, not someone else, not Guides, not Starbeings or ETs, or Angles… but you and me, the Ones who’ve transmuted, integrated and ascended from within dense physicality.

Like I’ve been saying over the past three years, you know what you don’t want in the New Earth World. That part is easy but creating the new and higher seems to be hanging many people up now, so let’s see if we can work through this one, discuss some basic Phase Two Creating  methods, and start consciously creating and co-creating the new and vastly higher Earth reality we desire  now. It’s easier than you’d imagine (now), it just takes some different mind muscles than we’re used to using while in body.

I’ve tried in earlier posts here—and in years past on different forums—to convey that creating the new world is not going to be accomplished in the same laborious, physical way (by the sweat of the brow) that we’re used to when we were polarized humans living in polarized 3D physicality. Because we’ve ascended/evolved into different but still evolving energy/consciousness beings in a different world and dimension than we incarnated into in these lives, we need to now be very consciously aware of what we think and what we expect to happen and to manifest in our new higher world.

For the past couple of years I kept hearing an internal message in the back of my head that repeated over and over, “Do not create the old lower crap in the new higher world!” And because I had that sentence running through my being for a couple years, I’m very aware of the fact that we can so easily, and with very little awareness, RECREATE the same old lower shit and limited negativity, stupidity, greed, imbalances, fears, polarity, military, warrior consciousness etc. that we worked so incomprehensibly hard to resolve and then transmute within ourselves during Phase One of the individual and planetary ascension process! And let me tell you right now, I’ll be damned if I’ll allow that old lower polarized insanity to be RE-manifested and exist  in the new higher world now. Seriously… that old line about learning how to be “conscious creators” isn’t just clever new age words anymore, many of us have finally arrived at the point now (Phase Two) where we are currently learning and getting familiar with how it all works—within the higher vibrating New Earth world reality—which is VERY different from trying to create and manifest prior to our ascensions within the old lower vibrating 3D world!

Let me give you a really honest example of what I’m currently feeling and so frustrated with at the moment. The horrible earthquake in Haiti and how many people (in the USA) have been and are dealing with it. They are throwing so much money at it that it’s mind-boggling. Jan. 22, 2010, every channel on regular TV was showing the Help Haiti telethon. Never before has that happened to that degree on TV. I get what’s happening and that many people—for the first time in their lives—are thinking and feeling outside of themselves, and that is great. They believe that THE best way they can help those suffering in Haiti is to donate whatever amount of money they can. I know that in the OLD LOWER 3D world and consciousness money is god, so donating money is a really big deal to those people. I get that, I very much get that. However, lets now jump into our NEW HIGHER world and consciousness that people like you and me are supposed to be creating within right now.

In MY new higher (ascended) world and High Heart Consciousness, all structures would be built exactly the same way for every person around the planet. In MY new higher (ascended) world and High Heart Consciousness, money does not exist, and neither does governments, police, military, taxes, wars, airplanes, polarized people or polarized consciousness and a lot of other things. These things do NOT exist in MY new higher ascended world because the people existing within it already have lived through the ascension process and are integrated beings whose consciousness now resides in their High Hearts. In OUR new higher (ascended) world, we will not have sickening gaps between the super-wealthy and the super-poor; between those who have so much, and those who have nothing; between the seemingly powerful and those they control, use, manipulate and throw away with the greatest of ease. None of that type of old lower world polarized shit will ever exist within MY new higher (ascended) world nor in its ascended inhabitants. None ever. So you see, money and people living in poorly built homes/houses/shacks/building etc. won’t exist within MY new higher world. As we all too painfully know—it does exist within the OLD LOWER world and consciousness you and I worked so hard to ascend/evolve beyond recently.

My point is that in MY/OUR new higher (ascended) world, this negative polarized insanity does not exist nor does it exist between people. In an ascended world and higher consciousness group of beings, ALL are equal. ALL. So there would be no poorly constructed, cheap materials, and selfish ego-based motives coming from anyone anywhere on the planet, which translated means that ALL would naturally and always have safe, strong, wonderful homes that they live in and own nothing for because we’ve evolved beyond the need for money or power over others. We don’t have the physical, emotional, or ego-based need to throw tons of money at  lower selfish, ego-based, power-hungry, polarized insanity like what’s happening in the old lower world and consciousness. Ascended beings have no ego’s that need stroking or to feel good for helping the less fortunate. In MY/OUR new higher (ascended) world we simply create ALL houses, homes, buildings, stores etc. with equal care, love, respect and alignment with our natural environment and ALL other living beings in our world. Period. I hope I’ve made my point sufficiently. So now, how do you and I actually do this new higher creating in OUR new higher world anyway?

I’ve been experimenting with this new level of conscious intentional creating now that we’re within 2010 and Phase Two. Amazingly, it’s pretty easy and what I focus on manifests rather quickly, compared to when I still existed within the old lower world and consciousness prior to Sept. 9, 2009 Separation of Worlds. It’s a whole new energy ballgame fellow ascenders, and we’ve GOT to get the hang of how to consciously create now in OUR new higher world. Like I said earlier, it just takes some different mind/heart muscles than what we’re used to. It also takes us expecting much higher than what we grew up in.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far about this. Don’t worry about the tiny details and become all hung-up on how, when, where, how big, how small, how many, how hot/cold, etc. Do NOT get bogged down in these types of OLD LOWER 3D intellectual mind-jobs. We’ve ascended/evolved beyond that type of consciousness now and we’re only continuing to evolve, so we’ve got to allow ourselves to learn to CREATE in 5D (for lack of a better term) type of ways and consciousness that’s well beyond this type of old lower intellectualizing.

If you know in your High Heart that something is high and good for ALL in OUR new world, then KNOW that you are creating it by simply desiring, seeing it in your mind’s eye, feeling it in your High Heart, and intending it to manifest and manifest quickly. You do not hope or wish that it manifests; you KNOW without any doubt in your new High Heart and consciousness that it will, and rather quickly at that. That’s it.  See how different we are now?

We must stop thinking, intellectualizing, and expecting to have our old lower 3D life and living situations, our problems, our money, our homes or whatever it may be for each of us right now—be solved via OLD LOWER solutions, jobs, money, people, governments, leaders, banks, donations etc.!  Like so many of you, I too am living on a razor’s edge as far as my money/income goes, and it could and probably will all continue to “fall” away and go extinct soon. In fact, in MY new higher (ascended) world, I exist very comfortably, safely, securely, within a world where NO MONEY exists at all. Everyone shares freely, everyone gives freely, everyone creates and builds freely, everyone receives freely, everyone is safe and comfortable in their own safe and comfortable homes and so on, and to hell with all of those OLD LOWER methods of the falling lower world and consciousness. We don’t need money or to work at jobs we hate just to get that money to pay for food, a safe  home to live in, to be warm and comfortable in. We ALL simply have what we need and desire equally, because we are equals vibrationally and consciously in OUR (ascended) new world.

I remember reading Barbara Marciniak’s channelled Pleiadian group saying a decade or so ago about how twenty million people could die/exit Earth in one afternoon. One afternoon…20 million people. I’m surprised larger numbers than the 200,000 in Haiti hasn’t happened already actually. We’ve all known about “Earth Changes”, about the “Falling” and dying of the old lower world and its systems, its limited and fear-based, warring-based consciousness, and many, many of its inhabitants dying. We’ve known all about this (within physical life I mean) since the early 1990s. If you can perceive from a higher soul level, then you know about  more of the multiple reasons why certain people choose to die in some horrific Earth Change, or some monstrous lower old world insanity. They (I mean all of them and not just the people in Haiti) do it for numerous reasons for themselves, but also for the other souls alive on the planet, and they do it to induce a sudden and intense positive shift in the Collective consciousness of the masses. It is all carefully pre-planned at nonphysical, soul levels long before we all reincarnated here now. Large numbers of people dying, negative and corrupt  systems dying, Collective belief systems, religious belief systems dying and passing away now is merely part of the compressed ascension/evolutionary and dimensional shifting process. We don’t need money to fix anything or to create a higher world; we need to individually know that we can do it from our ascended and integrated High Hearts and expanded, multidimensional consciousness now within Phase Two. I know I can because I’ve been doing it since the beginning of January 2010. I, and you, now need to get much more serious and aware of our doing this and of what we want to create and have manifested in our new higher world reality.


January 26, 2010

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26 thoughts on “PHASE TWO is About Us Re-Learning to Consciously CREATE

  1. YUM !!!
    Am I ever so pleased and greatfull that you stayed awake and attentive!!!! Brill.
    Big Thank you for the love and forum you`re providing here, right now so that these memories and awakenings, (seeded triggers), can align with the intelectual mind body~ to actualization. The inside becomes outwardly manifested.
    From 2003 to 2008 I felt completely empty and void, not the richness of the void that springs eternal, the nothingness that holds no life or love. You mentioned of Chows` work, the period of the Dark ones…… Perhaps this? Big personal embrace, that took. I Really chose not to create from the 3rd dimensional landscape, or add to its` stories. I feel that part of the awakening proccess is the desire to be (Creative) again. We refuse to create again any (previous) cycle expressed in consciousness….All architypal arcs have been intergrated~ (all stories of seperation sorted ~mischief managed). I feel the rise again of innocence and enthusiasm, the universal, (not just me), faith in LIFE and love…..Embrace of source. The filling again of the cup, centered and in the present, mastering our energies, focusing like the ufo flight mission pilots we are and creating BEAUTY. Nothing wasted, No one forgotten or dismissed, no energy displacement, borrowed or abused, because we are our own clear streams of conscious life… We don`t need money when we are in total harmony with the dance of energy…. Responsible.
    My heart stabs, and sights of SOS and Ark… were Haity, Denise. Better now as well as clearer on my energectic responsibility… similar to Ho` opono` pono, in that what isn`t governed and loved fully of self as the we~one, can manifest to what ever degree, externally as other. Better to stay centered and create from what`s life affirming. I feel swometimes that this perseption is also just a dimensional rung in showing me the inner/outer flow of energy. Again, not the whole picture or true nature of things.
    Yeah to Tieshlas` check in statements~ Love it!
    Big Hello and Hug


  2. Hello Denise,
    Thank you all for humouring my rapid writing))))))(((((((
    with the flower of life and similar geometric patternings, I have seen the DNA thread like cords, of its make up, number different entwined strands depending on its composition. these strands then seperate to create singe strands which then again unfurl to its amass of (codes~numbers),where lines appear to cross there is in effect space also filled with countless codes, this then, I see evolves to pure white light…
    I have seen in our physical make up that just below our heart or near our solar plexus, all the elements, (water, air, fire….) enter one at a time turning its void blackness into the full spectrum of the evolution of life again evolving to pure light and creating the bridge of our, I presume alight kundalini.
    My dream last year was of a room full of people of differing single coloured halos, blues or yellows……
    I noticed a shadow accross the floor, the only visible shadow, it came from a being that was completely black because he was the void. Above his head was a rainbow aura. I reached out towards him and my hand past through into his middle, when I brought my hand back through, from each finger flowed a different colour. This streaming colour was alive and conscious, far more so than how we have viewed colour to be.
    I have played around with manifesting, having orders filled, it works and works quickly, but seems to me to be distorted and not holsome, although it comes in quite magically and aluringly~ it seems very 3d gimmy gimmy I want more and based in the dynamics of all the other manifesting we magnificent playsters have created, this is where I am interested not in manifesting as such, the (hold a desire and create by feeling good), which seems very (new age)and limiting but in appreciating our harmonics, our light and vibrancy and how to create from this center……
    Big Thank you all

  3. Greetings to everyone –

    We are all here in this, surrounded by the primary mindset that money is God/Love/Healing and so on- it is all just part of the human conditioning or so called program that has kept our global populace under control and miserable for many hundreds of years of our existence. I can’t say however that I feel as you do Denise as far as the frustration factor with our brethren’s reaction in providing money to help with the Haiti relief, mainly because I think more about the cause in that it all goes back to this conditioning & not so much about the source in where it’s coming from as far as community/people itself; it’s all most of us know or understand. Until we can collectively all have our eyes truly opened to more of the true dynamics at work here in our world and come to the realization of who and what is controlling so much of the flow of things here in our thoughts, our quality of life, the way we percieve things, our beliefs, the way we are or are not allowed to live and prosper, to think outside the box, to create…and the list goes on and on; then we will continue to see things unfold as they have been; Haiti is just one example of countless many instances that backs up this scenario— both in the way it was initially handled or “triaged”, and by those citizen’s who felt that only after the proverbial poo poo hit the giant fan of our reality did enough people only then sit up and take notice. Too little too late.

    So I guess what I am saying comes more from the perspective that although many of us are indeed rising above much of the old 3D ways, we are still going to have to watch similar sequences of events repetitively unfold in predictable, and often frustrating ways.

    And to that I will add only that as things continue to fall and seperate, those of us like yourself who have turned away from the old outworn limited ways which have been programmed into each and every one of us in the form of many lifetimes of deep poverty in mind, body, & spirit conciousness — that we will indeed unite in these new ways of thinking and coexisting. And thru that truly comes the ability to create the types of miracles that aren’t made through the old established means and ways — which fundamentally means MONEY MONEY MONEY! We’ve all made it this far and come to enough of an ability in our realizations to finally know what is actually possible. Hopefully over time more will come through the veil and join us in our vision. Or to quote John Lennon, ” I hope one dayyyyyy you’ll join us, and the world will live as one”

    Amen 🙂

  4. I am so glad I found these blog fellow star seeds. I feel really stuck right now. I am living in Mt. Shasta. This summer was great with instant turn-around manifestation, but now I feel like I am either stuck in my F.L.O.W. (finding love outside and within) or flow is having me wait for an opportunity of less resistance or just plain wait. This is frustrating to me as I am struggling with impatience. I also feel like I am fighting the collective consciousness in Mt. Shasta city. I feel that either I have fallen into some lower vibration, but I feel more like there are a lot of people that now that these gateways are open, who thought they were enlightened are having to face some harsh realities. Or it’s both as we are all pieces of the same source. I just feel like I am waiting for the next thing to happen. I have lost this sense of urgency, but I also feel I can’t do much but just be here, day-to-day, moment-to-moment. I am working on translating my own story in my blog. I’ve just moved it over to word press. It is always validating to know that I am not alone and I am so grateful to each one of you for sharing.

  5. nadeanna,

    Hi and I’m glad you stopped by and wrote a Comment here. 🙂

    I totally relate to what you’ve said and I’m feeling the frustrations also. We’re so close now…

    The one big thing now is that with a very high high (positive), the crash or drop down energy following it is VERY quick or short now, which just means we’re moving through the phases of change, integrate and adapt, and then another move forward again much faster than ever before. This energy forward or upward, immediately followed by a sense of dropping back down again shortly afterward via the ongoing ascension/evolution, has always reminded me of the symbol or glyph for the sign Aquarius; up/down, up/down, up/down 😉 . We really are making tremendous advancements despite it feeling like it’s not happening fast enough for some of us.

    Stay in touch. 🙂

  6. hi – have been reading all the comments written recently – then i picked up a book by barbara marciniak that i hadn’t looked at for a whie – bringers of the dawn
    there are a couple of bits in chapter 11 which i thought might be useful for people to read and they fit in with what has happenned in haiti and how a lot of people are feeling right now i think
    she says “sometimes the greatest enlightenment lies in the greatest catastrophes and the greatest difficulties – it fits in with a something she’s written about creating –
    how we are all afraid of creating and manifesting – its hard to condense all of this into a few words but i am so glad i found this book again – i am reading it and re-reading it with new eyes – its as though something has finally clicked inside me – and even though i have read it all before now is the time it is starting to make sense
    Basically what she is saying is when you believe things are possible reality changes – you can transform the world no matter what state it is in –
    you can change yourself –
    if you are feeling stuck and looking for a bit of inspiration have a go at reading (or re-reading) this book – it may be that is just resonated with ME at this time –
    Like it says in the book -it’s an awesome task to carry light – once you allow light into your body you begin the process of change – which is not always joyous uplifting or fun-filled –
    Hmmmmmm – having typed all of this i am in two minds whether to send it or not – and have sat in front of the computer for 10 minutes thinking about it – not sure why – just a few words out of a book – ok – hope it helps

  7. Susan,

    Thanks for quoting some of Barbara Marciniak’s channeled Pleiadian information. I’ve really enjoyed all (4) of her channeled books, plus her quarterly newsletters, The Pleiadian TIMES. It is very good and accurate channeled information imo.

    Yes, all of her books need to be re-read a year apart or so, because when you re-read them, you perceive so much more from the Pleiadians words than the first read-through. The material is layered like that which is common with Starbeings/ETs information usually.

    And I couldn’t agree more…people are afraid of creating and manifesting…especially now because it would – without any doubt – force them to accept the fact that they are indeed responsible for their consciousness and therefore the very reality they exist within. It’s a huge step for many people – even now after all they’ve gone through via the ascension/evolutionary process.

    Thanks for reminding us all about this one right now. 🙂

  8. ~:::WOW::::~

    Time is such an interesting N~O~W! This past week I’ve observed, while remaining (mostly) committed to my hourly heart-stream-of-consciousness “manna-festivity” which I posted earlier, how I’ve been passionately protective of my own personal geo-sphere. I’m calling it a geo-sphere (the ascended human aura) because I feel there is presently a holographic geometry being activated in my field which resembles some kind of inter-dimensional vehicle; it is fueled for travel with Love, Intention and Vision (if this makes sense?)

    I’m absolutely insisting that NO lower-level densities hang out with me for ANY length of time. I’ve been dodging ‘low-balls’ with increasing skill, which makes navigating the world at large feel like a kooky blend of lucid-dream improv. and virtual reality vid. Kinda fun and surreal at the same time. Yipeeee!

    What makes the experience exquisite is the yummy love pulsating from my high heart. It seems to be creating a palpable field around me that dense shit just bounces off of more easily now. I notice I’m not taking any dramas personally on ANY LEVEL, I’m just noticing it all with simple curiosity while observing and holding a vibration of compassion, love and trust for *what is*.

    Today in the store a woman unconsciously attempted to hook me into her emotional ‘woah-is-me’ narrative in the middle of a shopping aisle. But there was nothing, NO CHARGE in me at all for her to hook into, and so I remained a still pool, a passive, neutral observer who just mirrored it all back to her as HERS. Instant karma-free boomerang! It really threw her off! And for me, it was an interesting experience of being in this *new energy space*. No emotional rescuing, no over-extending or spontaneous, co-dependent interplay.

    I’ve been similarily interacting with my partner who’s been unwell all week. He has his *story* about his symptoms. It’s not MY story, not MY symptoms so I’ve been offering him the space he needs to go through his personal process, while extending my love when it is truly unconditional to do so, with no “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” strings attached. Refreshing! Empowering!

    I’m also playing with defining LESS within the usual perceptual frames and interpretations and emotional filters/ maps which would have previously and “personally” shaped how I would ‘react’ to my experiences. Now I’m exploring accessing a core-Truth within in an entirely new way. These altered perceptions may be subtle, but it’s an invitation for me to begin connecting and relating to this new phase in a new way, restructing the very nature of relating.

    Last night I dreamed I was interacting with these plasmic shapes which were streaming down vertically from the cosmos in the most rich hue of midnight blue. It felt wonderful, like I was connecting to a mighty arterial flow of energy and learning to speak a new language. Surely I am! We are!

    Hope this all makes some sense.

    BTW: it’s been so great to read everyone’s posts-thank you everyone for sharing. Kesh, your transmissions are -:¦:- stellar -:¦:- ! Hugs back atcha, and hugs out to everyone here.

    ((( ( ( ((Much love ALL)) ) ) )) )

    …· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-
    ¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
    ((¸¸.·´ ..·´ {:::Tieshla:::} -:¦:-
    -:¦:- ((¸¸.·´*

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