PHASE TWO is About Us Re-Learning to Consciously CREATE

 Phase One of the Ascension Process was about moving through the difficult cleaning, clearing and resolving of massive amounts of our own polarity and projections and literally transmuting the majority of our lower vibrating energy stuff—karma, wounds, fears, projections, separations, buried and long-hidden emotions, hates, and so on. 

Phase Two of the Ascension Process is about those of us who’ve done Phase One within ourselves—body, mind, brain, emotions, past lives, our homes, our energy bodies and so on—now learning how to consciously create a new vibrationally matching world, on a new vibrationally matching Earth. Because we’ve done The Inner Work that was Phase One, now we’ve got to create a new like-vibrational world to house us. That is what Phase Two is all about, at least right now it is. We’ll deal with what comes after this phase when it arrives, but for now, we’ve desperately got to REALLY begin deliberately consciously creating our new world reality. We are the creators of our new world, not someone else, not Guides, not Starbeings or ETs, or Angles… but you and me, the Ones who’ve transmuted, integrated and ascended from within dense physicality.

Like I’ve been saying over the past three years, you know what you don’t want in the New Earth World. That part is easy but creating the new and higher seems to be hanging many people up now, so let’s see if we can work through this one, discuss some basic Phase Two Creating  methods, and start consciously creating and co-creating the new and vastly higher Earth reality we desire  now. It’s easier than you’d imagine (now), it just takes some different mind muscles than we’re used to using while in body.

I’ve tried in earlier posts here—and in years past on different forums—to convey that creating the new world is not going to be accomplished in the same laborious, physical way (by the sweat of the brow) that we’re used to when we were polarized humans living in polarized 3D physicality. Because we’ve ascended/evolved into different but still evolving energy/consciousness beings in a different world and dimension than we incarnated into in these lives, we need to now be very consciously aware of what we think and what we expect to happen and to manifest in our new higher world.

For the past couple of years I kept hearing an internal message in the back of my head that repeated over and over, “Do not create the old lower crap in the new higher world!” And because I had that sentence running through my being for a couple years, I’m very aware of the fact that we can so easily, and with very little awareness, RECREATE the same old lower shit and limited negativity, stupidity, greed, imbalances, fears, polarity, military, warrior consciousness etc. that we worked so incomprehensibly hard to resolve and then transmute within ourselves during Phase One of the individual and planetary ascension process! And let me tell you right now, I’ll be damned if I’ll allow that old lower polarized insanity to be RE-manifested and exist  in the new higher world now. Seriously… that old line about learning how to be “conscious creators” isn’t just clever new age words anymore, many of us have finally arrived at the point now (Phase Two) where we are currently learning and getting familiar with how it all works—within the higher vibrating New Earth world reality—which is VERY different from trying to create and manifest prior to our ascensions within the old lower vibrating 3D world!

Let me give you a really honest example of what I’m currently feeling and so frustrated with at the moment. The horrible earthquake in Haiti and how many people (in the USA) have been and are dealing with it. They are throwing so much money at it that it’s mind-boggling. Jan. 22, 2010, every channel on regular TV was showing the Help Haiti telethon. Never before has that happened to that degree on TV. I get what’s happening and that many people—for the first time in their lives—are thinking and feeling outside of themselves, and that is great. They believe that THE best way they can help those suffering in Haiti is to donate whatever amount of money they can. I know that in the OLD LOWER 3D world and consciousness money is god, so donating money is a really big deal to those people. I get that, I very much get that. However, lets now jump into our NEW HIGHER world and consciousness that people like you and me are supposed to be creating within right now.

In MY new higher (ascended) world and High Heart Consciousness, all structures would be built exactly the same way for every person around the planet. In MY new higher (ascended) world and High Heart Consciousness, money does not exist, and neither does governments, police, military, taxes, wars, airplanes, polarized people or polarized consciousness and a lot of other things. These things do NOT exist in MY new higher ascended world because the people existing within it already have lived through the ascension process and are integrated beings whose consciousness now resides in their High Hearts. In OUR new higher (ascended) world, we will not have sickening gaps between the super-wealthy and the super-poor; between those who have so much, and those who have nothing; between the seemingly powerful and those they control, use, manipulate and throw away with the greatest of ease. None of that type of old lower world polarized shit will ever exist within MY new higher (ascended) world nor in its ascended inhabitants. None ever. So you see, money and people living in poorly built homes/houses/shacks/building etc. won’t exist within MY new higher world. As we all too painfully know—it does exist within the OLD LOWER world and consciousness you and I worked so hard to ascend/evolve beyond recently.

My point is that in MY/OUR new higher (ascended) world, this negative polarized insanity does not exist nor does it exist between people. In an ascended world and higher consciousness group of beings, ALL are equal. ALL. So there would be no poorly constructed, cheap materials, and selfish ego-based motives coming from anyone anywhere on the planet, which translated means that ALL would naturally and always have safe, strong, wonderful homes that they live in and own nothing for because we’ve evolved beyond the need for money or power over others. We don’t have the physical, emotional, or ego-based need to throw tons of money at  lower selfish, ego-based, power-hungry, polarized insanity like what’s happening in the old lower world and consciousness. Ascended beings have no ego’s that need stroking or to feel good for helping the less fortunate. In MY/OUR new higher (ascended) world we simply create ALL houses, homes, buildings, stores etc. with equal care, love, respect and alignment with our natural environment and ALL other living beings in our world. Period. I hope I’ve made my point sufficiently. So now, how do you and I actually do this new higher creating in OUR new higher world anyway?

I’ve been experimenting with this new level of conscious intentional creating now that we’re within 2010 and Phase Two. Amazingly, it’s pretty easy and what I focus on manifests rather quickly, compared to when I still existed within the old lower world and consciousness prior to Sept. 9, 2009 Separation of Worlds. It’s a whole new energy ballgame fellow ascenders, and we’ve GOT to get the hang of how to consciously create now in OUR new higher world. Like I said earlier, it just takes some different mind/heart muscles than what we’re used to. It also takes us expecting much higher than what we grew up in.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far about this. Don’t worry about the tiny details and become all hung-up on how, when, where, how big, how small, how many, how hot/cold, etc. Do NOT get bogged down in these types of OLD LOWER 3D intellectual mind-jobs. We’ve ascended/evolved beyond that type of consciousness now and we’re only continuing to evolve, so we’ve got to allow ourselves to learn to CREATE in 5D (for lack of a better term) type of ways and consciousness that’s well beyond this type of old lower intellectualizing.

If you know in your High Heart that something is high and good for ALL in OUR new world, then KNOW that you are creating it by simply desiring, seeing it in your mind’s eye, feeling it in your High Heart, and intending it to manifest and manifest quickly. You do not hope or wish that it manifests; you KNOW without any doubt in your new High Heart and consciousness that it will, and rather quickly at that. That’s it.  See how different we are now?

We must stop thinking, intellectualizing, and expecting to have our old lower 3D life and living situations, our problems, our money, our homes or whatever it may be for each of us right now—be solved via OLD LOWER solutions, jobs, money, people, governments, leaders, banks, donations etc.!  Like so many of you, I too am living on a razor’s edge as far as my money/income goes, and it could and probably will all continue to “fall” away and go extinct soon. In fact, in MY new higher (ascended) world, I exist very comfortably, safely, securely, within a world where NO MONEY exists at all. Everyone shares freely, everyone gives freely, everyone creates and builds freely, everyone receives freely, everyone is safe and comfortable in their own safe and comfortable homes and so on, and to hell with all of those OLD LOWER methods of the falling lower world and consciousness. We don’t need money or to work at jobs we hate just to get that money to pay for food, a safe  home to live in, to be warm and comfortable in. We ALL simply have what we need and desire equally, because we are equals vibrationally and consciously in OUR (ascended) new world.

I remember reading Barbara Marciniak’s channelled Pleiadian group saying a decade or so ago about how twenty million people could die/exit Earth in one afternoon. One afternoon…20 million people. I’m surprised larger numbers than the 200,000 in Haiti hasn’t happened already actually. We’ve all known about “Earth Changes”, about the “Falling” and dying of the old lower world and its systems, its limited and fear-based, warring-based consciousness, and many, many of its inhabitants dying. We’ve known all about this (within physical life I mean) since the early 1990s. If you can perceive from a higher soul level, then you know about  more of the multiple reasons why certain people choose to die in some horrific Earth Change, or some monstrous lower old world insanity. They (I mean all of them and not just the people in Haiti) do it for numerous reasons for themselves, but also for the other souls alive on the planet, and they do it to induce a sudden and intense positive shift in the Collective consciousness of the masses. It is all carefully pre-planned at nonphysical, soul levels long before we all reincarnated here now. Large numbers of people dying, negative and corrupt  systems dying, Collective belief systems, religious belief systems dying and passing away now is merely part of the compressed ascension/evolutionary and dimensional shifting process. We don’t need money to fix anything or to create a higher world; we need to individually know that we can do it from our ascended and integrated High Hearts and expanded, multidimensional consciousness now within Phase Two. I know I can because I’ve been doing it since the beginning of January 2010. I, and you, now need to get much more serious and aware of our doing this and of what we want to create and have manifested in our new higher world reality.


January 26, 2010

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26 thoughts on “PHASE TWO is About Us Re-Learning to Consciously CREATE

  1. I’m still in my clearing phase, or actually it’s an entire new clearing phase. In the first phase I was so stuck that I worked with several healing techniques and self-help books just to get out of the rut. Warrior mode in its highest gear. This phase is also intense, but more conscious. I’m learning to be totally honest with myself, I name fear by fear by fear and get deeper and deeper into it until I literally feel old hurts transmuting into light. This process makes me kind of weary but it needs to be done. Which also shows that the warrior in me hasn’t gone through this process yet.

    Understanding what I want and don’t want and understanding what blocks me and motivates me, makes me more aware about what needs attention and change. So clearing and creating go hand in hand. But creating will be much easier if you see, feel and state clearly what you want. I’m not there yet, but I learn a lot from understanding the importance clear visions and clear intentions and that it’s my job to remove everything that is still blocking the desired outcome.

    From a rational point of view I finally understand the magic of creation, but working with it and making it work takes practice. So I spend a lot of time daydreaming and playing out different scenarios in my mind just to see what works for me and where I still feel blocked. I learn a lot from that too, especially because I found out that I can create or remove as many limitations as I want.

    I don’t know if anyone here is familiar with the online game Second Life, but in Second Life you can make yourself as beautiful, exotic and eccentric as you like, you can built your own dream house or dream world, or you can copy all the limitations of 3D. You can teleport (!) yourself to NYC, a tropical island or a medieval fair. Second Life is still limited, because it’s partly (not all) based on owning land and making money and you also have to have a fast computer to be able to log in, but it gives you an idea how to create your own higher dimensional reality.

    I’ve also been thinking about donations lately. Some lightworkers and healers have a Paypal button on their website so you can support their work if you like (but it’s still a choice) Some people have ten Paypal buttons under every channeling and then I don’t bother reading anymore. If donations become a pressure tool, I’m out. But on the other hand I really would like to support people some time if they do work I resonate with.

    I don’t really have a problem with raising money for a good cause. If a bunch of happy hippies need some cash to fund the replanting of the rainforest and if they do this for the sake of the rainforest and not of the money, I might support them. But I don’t believe in donations made out of guilt or fear or neediness, the NEED to help or the NEED to save the world. Then I start wondering what the real motivation is to help others. Love or fear? Compassion or guilt? If you raise money because of fear or guilt you block the flow of the support that is really needed. And it’s also good to ask yourself: do I want to help and how? What kind of help is needed and what do I have want to offer? Do I help because I see myself as a savior or a fellow victim, or do I want to donate because I would like to help a fellow human being?

    The helper’s syndrome is a typical lightworker symptom, so that’s definitely something that needs to healed. Just like the dualistic story about good guys and bad guys, victims and saviors. Because what decides if you’re the good guy and the healer? Your motivations. Ding! 😉

    Lightworkers and their soapboxes is another story, but I like to keep mine for a while lololol 😀

    Take care everyone!

  2. Stu,

    I so agree. I’m so sick of so many different organizations constantly trying to get me to PAY to “save” or “rescue” or “feed” some other people/children/situation etc. in some other country in the world.

    I’m working on creating a new world where no one will ever be hungry, live in fear, or feel dis-empowered or owned by another. I’m working on creating a new world where all of these types of energies and consciousness cannot exist. It is so wonderful to have others coming together now to create this new world too in our High Hearts and Higher (ascended) Consciousness.

    Big ESPAVO and much Gratitude Dear One,

  3. Kesh,

    OMG…do you know what you’ve described? 😮 You’ve described Lemuria! You’ve also described certain other-dimensional stellar worlds and realities. 😀 Thank you so for sharing and so wonderfully describing that and reminding us what our new world can look like and be. Oh happy joy. 🙂

    My memories of Lemuria in it’s beginning and middle time, was exactly like what you’ve described. Once we Lemurians became dense enough to need homes, we created them in this totally NON INVASIVE, aligned with Nature type of way where you could not see any homes, any structures, any buildings while outside walking around in the lush and pristine environment. The way we found our homes and other buildings was exactly like you described; we could read the energies, or said differently, we could psychically sense, see, feel, read every home and structure energetically, and that was how we located our own homes and other beings homes or dwellings. From just walking around in the pristine mega-lushness of Lemuria, one never saw another externalize, invasive home or structure at all. They were all so aligned and totally integrated with Nature, with the ground, the sky, the stars, the waterways, oceans, the mountains, the trees, the rocks and caves etc., that nothing BUT Nature was seen.

    It makes me cry with such love and respect and joy to know that we can create this type of world again soon, and even better because of the Great Learning And Creating Journey we all have been on since some of us originally created Lemuria. (I talk briefly about this in A Lightworker’s Mission.)

    Thank you so very much for sharing with TRANSITIONS your personal memories of how it can, and should be, once again. You are going to be one of the creators of our new higher world reality because you are no doubt, one of the original creators of Lemuria too.

    Much Love and Gratitude,

  4. “If you build it, they will come…” 😉

    Tieshla and Everyone,

    Yep, no airplanes, no assholes, no lot’s of lower things! Remember Steve Rother/the group talked last summer I think it was, about some new technologies coming soon (I clairvoyantly saw a small bit of this machine and posted about it), that was a teleportor type thing? What we’ve all GOT to keep in our minds is that we are no where near done with our DNA changes, or our brain hemisphere’s re-connecting so we’re whole brained beings aka the body and brain “rewiring”, or our bodies and hearts and all the rest of it still going through more major compressed evolutionary changes. We won’t recognize ourselves soon. We think we’ve made huge changes already and we have, but, there is much more to come for all of us. These greater evolutionary and DNA/consciousness changes will cause us to just KNOW how to do things, live, build, create this new higher world in ways that we can’t totally comprehend quiet yet. Soon however, very soon. 🙂

    One of these that I know is beginning now that Phase Two has started, is that the people who’ve done the majority of Inner Alchemical Work of Phase One, won’t require nearly as much physical food to survive or be healthy as we did prior to this evolutionary and energy change. We will be able to ingest or draw sustenance from sunlight, from High Heart Love, from joy, from our own Creativity and bliss. (And of course health care and all other body issues are going to soon be wildly different than what we were/had while we were polarized beings existing within 3D.)

    Back to what you were suggesting Tieshla. Yes, I think it is time and very important right now for those of us who can, to seriously begin consciously creating our new world from our inner selves. Not only do we need a new higher like-vibrating world to exist within now, but our creating one will also create an entirely new more evolved planetary “Collective” blueprint for everyone else. In other words, by us energetically setting the bar so to speak for the New Earth world reality, by us NOT including anything vibrating lower from the old lower 3D world – those things none of us ever wants to see again (war, murder, greed, money, class systems, control over others, polarized consciousness etc. etc.), simply will evaporate from “reality” and not be able to exist or re-manifest in our new higher frequency world. If you do NOT want it in our new higher frequency world, do NOT hold it in your mind or heart and it will disappear. It’s that easy now.

    Reading everyone’s Comments is so wonderful and exactly what I was hoping for from all of you. ESPAVO everyone. “If we build it, they will come”, not to mention we will have a truly wonderful new world to exist within soon that is a perfect vibrational match to us now! So, let’s just do it individually (Leo) and together now as a Group (Aquarius). Every day think and feel what YOU WANT our new higher 5D frequency-like world reality to be like. Ignore what’s falling in the old lower 3D world and CREATE right over it all now. 😉

    Much Gratitude Fellow Ascended Beings,

  5. Hi Denise,

    Another great and very important topic my friend.

    For a long time now I have been frustrated and upset at the amount of adverts for some sort of charity asking for money, ‘save this child from starvation’ etc. It’s so obvious to me this is not the answer.

    The basic right to exist with food, clean water and a comfortable living space should come at no cost for everyone.
    It’s depressing to see that money is still the main goal for many people.

    I feel there is going to have to be a full financial crash that really does make many people think long and hard at the system of money.
    Here in the UK, it has been announed we are just out of recession, so back to normal then, yeah right……
    It has also been announced the division between the rich and poor is very large indeed, this in itself screams ‘wake up people, is this fair’?

    Also, like the Pleiadian’s have said, a major exit event for many millions of souls maybe needed as well to shake the very foundations of people’s beliefs of what is truly important in their lives.

    I reckon I am in phase 2, so I will have to ‘feel and visualise’ not think my way through this.
    They say ‘the best things in life are free’, well how true, just have to create our beautiful new world with that concept at the front….:-)

    Love and hugs,


  6. …· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-
    ¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
    ((¸¸.·´ ..·´ { us } -:¦:-
    -:¦:- ((¸¸.·´*

    Immediately what I get from this *delish* post is how imperative it is within our ~new germination phase~ to create a living ‘morphic field’ of shared intent. The more folks who can come together to collectively anchor creative, hopeful imaginings, the better. Mucho group focus is needed, and perhaps at peak times such as at the new/ full moon and the solstices/ equinoxes…etc.

    We could begin, for example, to explore a shared *link-up* together throughout the day, hour by hour, where we visualize specific themes.

    -:¦:- Hypothetical mind-map: -:¦:-

    Money-free reality

    Earth declared as a Full Love and Full Trust Zone

    Fossil-fuel Free Planet (yes to electric cars, more alternative transportation forms……but no airplanes Denise? What about trips to Europe?!? How about solar powered planes that are FREE of charge?)

    Equally distributed shared-resources of our food, wealth, shelter, water~FREE-ENERGY SOURCES FOR ALL~Wind-power, solar power, plasma power, multi-orgasm power…… 🙂

    Non-coercive, deep-democratic forms of shared leadership based on core-respect and honour of all peoples and all lands. Grassroots empowerment of sustainable local initiatives based on compassion, love and solidarity with all life

    Total planetary severance from all sources of malevolence and it’s creations and manifestations (time to get the HELL off this planet you Negative Form Creeps…you know who you are!!)

    Proclamation of Planetary Peace, end of all wars, and all forms of violence, persecution and human rights violations

    Celebration of a Vibrant Culture full of Juicy and Diverse Creativity

    Clean air for all, clean water for all, clean soil for all…purification of All Elements, in All Directions across All Time

    Compassionate Communication as a Universal Language……everyone to speak their own truth with love, respect and honour for All. Your heart as the One Heart

    End of all Fear……a world where there is NOTHING TO FEAR, ever, ever again. Everyone and everything is safe, everyone is naturally protected with LOVE

    Sing a sacred note from your high-heart, have a moment of meditation or profound laughter, acknowledge our Creator Universe, All That Is


    Dissolve the Gregorian calender construct, morphing of the industrial time-clock, embodiment of True Time……TIME IS ART, TIME AS ART

    I just kinda sputtered that all out right here, now on these fertile soils of Transitions. Thank you so very muchly Denise-Love! 🙂

    I (we) now have some luminous seeds to plant throughout my (our) day for the next while. Hey! Why not try this one together for the next week or so. -:¦:- Yipeeeee! -:¦:-

    Anytime within the appointed hour, create a feeling-infused image connected to the over-arching theme suggested (which can be modified, if you have something burning and alive in you that you’d like to contribute).

    We can continue to co-create new mind-morph-maps-of-multi-d-musing, otherwise known as MmMMmmmmmmm……

    …· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-
    ¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
    ((¸¸.·´ ..·´ [ Tieshla ] -:¦:-
    -:¦:- ((¸¸.·´*

  7. Yeah Denise,
    Fantastic, this awareness is loud and clear, right to the shores of sunny Bondi as well.

    As a child I drempt I lived in a place where there was only the vista of fauna and flora, all dwellings were a vibratinal shift in energy so that even though they couldn`t be seen externally, one could navigate to their homes by known landscape formations. Each home environment recognized the vibraton of its family and would let them past its (walls), insects and unwanted other visitors wouldn`t be able to pass through the homes environmentally controlled energy field unless invited so that the external field would recognize them. This field would also keep the internal environment temprid. There was privacy also, harmonised again with the vibrational frequency….
    Much of what I have seen and heard, of our multidimensionality, as you so beautifully put Denise, doesn`t configure with 3 dimensionality and doesn`t implement easily if at all. Without being heartless, indeed caring greatly for humanity, I too See that total equality and what we are to, of purity and integrity, create here now, is of a very fresh awareness and not one where pouring money to what appears to be a devestating loss or desire for a status quo ante, will work.
    This is where I feel that I am truely waking from a very long slumber, (didn`t need to be too activly conscious for the clearing work~ stage 1.), and trust in the moment that seeded aspects of self are intergrating still as we speak and know just how to play fair and well.

    Count me in

  8. Lya,

    Thanks and I’m so glad it resonated with you at the moment. 🙂 It is so important that we all realize that we’re all in this ascension/dimensional shifting business together, but, each of us are at different levels or stages within the process. Some, as you’ve said, are within Phase One and others have recently moved into the brand new Phase Two level.

    Don’t forget that many of the Phase One ascension symptoms do finally diminish and eventually end – but – we still are experiencing massive energy, consciousness, brain, body, DNA and numerous other changes, which means we’ll all still be feeling unusual symptoms and such no matter which Phase we’re in now. Hang in there my friend, it does get easier.


  9. Congratulations Denise for the very articulate form you expressed all this information. I have been feeling all this for the last days and specially today in a very strong way. So I was very surprised and happy to read this post, it helped me to understand my feelings. I totally agree with you. I sense that I am still in phase I, clearing and cleaning, doing the hard work. Hope it ends soon, I am exhausted!
    Hugs, Lya

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