After working like a deranged, sometimes lost, oftentimes confused crazy woman with ascension related periods of stop-you-dead-in-your-tracks brain fog since March 5, 2009, my latest book A LIGHTWORKER’S MISSION: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution is on the market as of January 2010.  I spent ten hours yesterday frantically reducing the resolution of  the 25 illustrations in it just to get the file small enough to be able to offer it as an Ebook. But I and the great publisher at got it done and you can now check it all out at the book’s page link below.

You can read about 45 free random pages in A LIGHTWORKER’S MISSION, plus view a few of the illustrations by clicking on the Free Excerpt From The Book link once you’re at the book page below. And with great happiness and relief I am proud to announce that it is available as both a paperback AND Ebook at Happy reading and illustration viewing everyone and thank you all.

Denise Le Fay

January 15, 2010

22 thoughts on “My New Book ~ A LIGHTWORKER’S MISSION

  1. Hey Denise,

    Your book has arrived, so great and amazing to finally hold it my hands! 😉 The cover is superb, beautiful energy radiating from it 🙂

    Anyone from the UK as I am, I ordered it last Thursday (14th Jan), it arrived this morning (18th).

    Love and hugs,


  2. Robin,

    Thank you so much my dear friend. I know you’ll relate. 🙂

    Hugs & Gratitude,

  3. Bravo Denise!

    I’m awaiting my copy to arrive at my doorstep with bated breath!


  4. susan,

    I know Stu bought a paperback copy of it and he’s in England too. You can order it directly from the publisher ( link right on my book’s page – just click on the BUY paperback button. I think the S+H costs will be expensive however but it’s up to you.

    Yes the book is available through all book stores around the world. You might wait a week or so to give these book stores time to get it up and listed on their websites. My guess is that then you could just order it from Amazon Books (UK) online just fine. But it does take those huge companies some time to get new author’s books and also the book’s cover photo up on their websites.


  5. would like to buy the paperback – how do i go about it – from england – just being lazy – i’m sure it will say somewhere what to do to get it – can i order it from bookshop over here??

  6. Stu,

    You have been with me through the writing of it my friend. 🙂

    Hugs & Gratitude,

  7. Hi Denise,

    I am so very happy and proud of you my dear friend for completing your 2nd book, I feel in someway I have been with you every step of your latest book writing journey.
    I am now eagerly waiting for my physical copy which I have ordered 🙂

    Love and gentle hugs,


  8. Karina,

    Oh sweetie!…printing out that monster will cost you more in printer ink than the paperback! 😯 But thank you soooo much, and know that you are the first person to buy it in Ebook form. And thanks also for saying what you did about the larger font. I hate tiny font myself and intentionally made this font larger than normal. That alone created more pages, plus the illustrations too, plus I had a lot to cover. 😉

    I really hope you enjoy A LIGHTWORKER’S MISSION: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution and all of it’s stages and levels and illustrations.

    Hugs and much Gratitude,

  9. thank you for the book! i wish i had ordered the paperback — was too anxious to read it to keep me going NOW — 531 pages is an awful lot to print out. but I am glad for the larger font!
    well i’ve got the first 99 printed out…here i go to crawl back into bed and read…
    much love and gratitude,

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