Changing Earth Sensitivities

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been an “Earth Sensitive” for most of my adult life. During the past ten years of my ascension process, this ability was severely enhanced because I was—as we all are—connected to the Earth and it going through its ascension process too. As all Earth Sensitive’s do, I suffered physically every time there were pressures building below the Earth’s surface and/or when magma moved and flowed down there. The physical and emotional relief would come only when the earthquake finally arrived and relieved some of that pent-up energy and pressures, but it would all start again with the next building earthquake/volcano/tsunami etc.

The wonderful news is that over the past two weeks there have been all sorts of activity around the Pacific Ring of Fire; numerous earthquakes near the California/Mexico border which is south (near) of where I live; a volcano erupting in Columbia I think it was, and earthquakes in Indonesia that caused a 6–10-foot tsunamis today. Here comes the wonderful punch line—I haven’t felt or sensed anything! No body pains, no nervous build-up, no severe tensions and anxiety, no hearing magma flowing which always sounded to me like thunder booming at ground level, no nothing! I’m stunned and profoundly relieved to finally have reached this point where my Earth Sensitive abilities seems to have ended or be ending or at least, changing.

My sense about this that my time with this ability is ending rapidly due to the Sept. 9, 2009 separation of worlds. I no longer need to feel and assist the Earth go through these energy changes that caused my physical body so much incredible extra pain—on top of all the ascension pains. I’m sharing this information only because I have received emails from other people who are Earth Sensitives too and have been suffering greatly because of it. I can happily tell you now, that that phase of the transformational ascension work does indeed end once you have moved through it yourself. So please do not feel or believe that it will last indefinitely because it does not. I was amazed hearing about all of this recent Earth activity so close physically to me in SoCal, and yet, I haven’t psychically/empathically/physically felt or sensed one of these numerous big events!  

So if you’ve been an Earth Sensitive too, know that you will  eventually reach the point in your compressed evolution/ascension where you will no longer suffer because the Earth is changing too. We do reach a point where that level of Energy Work is no longer required by us and you will retire from being an Earth Sensitive.

Denise Le Fay

January 4, 2010

8 thoughts on “Changing Earth Sensitivities

  1. Tieshla,

    Beautifully said, thank you. I agree that entering Phase Two is so far feelin’ pretty danged wonderful in comparison to ANY point within Phase One!!!

    Especially now that I’m not driving myself so hard with book writing, I’m really realizing how much has changed, improved, recently. I think it very important that we all individually and collectively make clear mental/emotional note that we’re no longer in Phase One transmuting hell and numerous other things/issues. 😉 Just like we’ve been reading those incredibly helpful lists of “ascension symptoms” over the past ten years now, I feel it is equally important to be mindful of the symptoms we are NO LONGER feeling. A sort of conscious acknowledgment of our ascending out of those particular ascension symptoms etc. I’m going to write about this one more than once in 2010 as a way for both myself, but others too, of the ending of many of these intense physical/mental/emotional/psychic ascension symptoms. We need to be aware of these changes now too I feel.

    I love your artist ideas about new ways to utilize your creativity to Create within Phase Two. You and your creative gifts, ideas, wisdom’s etc. are needed now so play big, play well, play very, very New. You should have a blog or place to share if you don’t already. Oh, and I just get the best feeling from your code glyphs -:|:- which still isn’t exactly what you did. I just like the way that code thingy looks and feels. 🙂

    Hugs and ESPAVO,

  2. Hi susan,

    It’s so funny because for the past 3 months I’ve intended to take a photo of myself for the back-cover of my new book. I kept waiting for a day when I would look better or at least less beat-up and old as I do now! The weeks and months rolled by as I was editing and then formatting the book, and I never did get a damned photo taken, plus I never had a day where I did look better! That plus I didn’t have room on the book’s back-cover for a photo after I wrote the text for it. So, I think I’ll soon get around to taking a current photo of myself and put it here on TRANSITIONS somewhere instead and just get over it all. 🙄 I turned 58 just before Christmas ’09 and I’ve got to get used to that fact. I too would like to not show all of my old Lightworker battle fatigue and scars etc. and I do sense they’ll evaporate more quickly now that we’re in Phase Two.

    I do suspect that, especially when 2011 begins, we will begin changing even more than we have over the past ten years. I think with the next 20X speed up of energies that begins with 2011, I think we’ll make another huge evolutionary leap with our DNA and consciousness changes, and because of that we will have the ability to “heal” or more accurately, create how we wish to look despite our old lower physical years and so on.


  3. cant wait – tell me – will there come a time when i stop looking all old and haggard and sort of pulled down – and start looking energised and stuff – be wonderful to look better as well as feel better

  4. OooOOooh, thank you for this lovely affirmation, Dear Denise! I’ve been an Earth Sensitive Transmuter-Snake Priestess for as long as I can remember. :)> I have suffered great debilitation’s in the past which would unwittingly compromise my ‘function and form’ in the ‘real world’. I’d bee outta commish, ya know?!? Yes, another one of the lonely enigmas of having to tread solo on the former ascension path. Now my newly attuned Being feels very rooted these days……open & permeable to some exquisitely undulating frequency-flows as well as these delicious kundalini-fire flares in my front and back simultaneously. I’m also having increased psychic alignment to kindred souls. Last night over the phone, my friend and I activated a deep remembrance: as ‘Weavers of Time’ we remembered being Mayan Medicine-Priests who would mutually descend into sensory deprivation chambers underneath the Temples->>>~~temples aligned to constellation-portals within the Star Nations. -:¦:- As we know, Time is a sacred, creational frequency of radiality, not directional linearity. My friend and I feel we have activated radial points of luminous Light together, much like a sacred geometric form, which connects us to sacred places in the Land, and to others we have yet to weave with…..As artists, we have some highly creative ideas about how we intend to explore this activation. Much fun! And all this because there is now adequate inner space to download such cosmic transmissions, as opposed to being thrashed around in the sometimes violent throes of dense earth transmutation. THANK THE GODDESS!!!!!
    Bless you all.
    Much love!
    …· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-
    ¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
    ((¸¸.·´ ..·´ { ESPAVO! } -:¦:-
    -:¦:- ((¸¸.·´*

  5. Kesh,

    Yes our time of cleaning, clearing, transmuting, integrating all of the lower vibrating and polarized energies of the old world and our own consciousness/energies etc., are done. So very much has changed since Sept. 2009, and many of us are quickly learning how much so! Get used to not having to do all of these things that it sounds like you have been doing energetically. We no longer need to transmute internally/externally – now we need to create the New we want.

    I hope your Heart pain ends soon however. I know some pains and pressures and thumps and bumps there are typical for the expansion that is happening in our hearts/High Hearts because that it will now be our Center, and not our left-brained intellects. But it sounds like you may need to be sure you’re grounding all the energies through ALL of your body and out the feet and into Earth. And just in case, I’d like you to forgive yourself for anything and everything across time on Earth, in any and all past/simultaneous lives just to be sure. 😉 It can’t hurt right? We all should do this!

    Be well and take care of yourself now that the massive cleaning/clearing of Phase One is finished. I too am now having to shift my focus from out there, back to self and my health after so many long and hard years of doing ascension energy Lightwork.


  6. Stu,

    Thanks sweetie, it was a very pleasant surprise. It is definitely the end of an era and one I’m really glad to see go. 🙂

    Hugs n’ Loves,

  7. Hi Denise,
    a few weeks back I dreampt I went through a portal to the old world, perhaps to see if there was anything left to do…. but no, all`s good….. I drempt as a child that there were many, including my family, who would choose not to move into the new wourld. This seems to have been decided early on. On occassion when I meditate I find myself a conduit for earth bound beings wanting to jump accross. This took getting used to…

    Of recent, I have been feeling only slightly nauseous, similar to sea sickness with the settling in proccess…. and popping or zapping from the chakra points occasionally and out the feet and toes. My heart though is very very painful???
    Funny though, for the past two years I have been operating a small franchise from my parents Franchisor company, as a domestic cleaner. For the past year the message has been strong of nothing more to clean or shift and being as a conduit is waining and not working. New warp and weft, ( grids ) are showing, only very small from which our creativity anchors and grows….with gracefull focus. What I find beautifull is what we have been seeing for such a long time of these grids, earths changes and the balancing of masculine/feminine of our energies and brains is starting to take effect as useable energy…. for me at least, up untill now it has been an on/off sort of thing occasionally working and then polarized againg.
    Big Hug

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