Old 3D Portals – New 5D Portals

The old lower polarized 3D world had a planetary grid system that was a perfect vibrational match for the energies it carried and for the humans and other lifeforms that live/lived on it. But, with the ascension and dimensional shifting process, the New Earth required a new and vastly more complex and higher vibrating planetary grid system that is a perfect vibrational match for the vastly higher energies its carrying for the newly ascended/ascending/evolving humans who are themselves carrying vastly more Light energies/Heart Consciousness etc. There can’t be the one without the other.

Going one more step with this whole business, I know that the old lower polarized 3D “falling” world’s portals were a perfect, natural frequency match for that old and less geometrically complex planetary grid system. Those two things—planetary grid system and its portals—matched and went together.

The big and very exciting thing with the new higher (New Earth) planetary grid system is that, I strongly sense, they are a frequency match to many very positive ETs. In other words, I’m sensing that the New Earth’s higher frequency portals (that go along with and energetically and vibrationally match the new more geometrically complex planetary grid system) are a perfect match for some comings and goings for these higher frequency, nonphysical, inter-dimensional ETs or Starbeings to now be able to visit us. And, I suspect that with some time and further growth on our parts (after 2012), that we too will automatically and naturally know how to use these new more evolved New Earth portals.

Changing subjects slightly, I have been sensing that either a new landmass will physically manifest in the Pacific Ocean above the Hawaiian Islands, or ONLY etherically. If this happens, which as of this moment it feels like a very strong probable reality for the New Earth/New Humans, it will NOT be old Mother Lemuria rising, but something far more evolved. Being in the Pacific Ocean it must be connected in some way(s) to the original Motherland—Lemuria—and I’m talking about in the beginning when it and its creators were not even dense enough to be physical yet. I’m talking about Lemuria and its creators when they were nonphysical. What I’m sensing and seeing in my mind’s eye today looks to me like a good-sized landmass that is etheric. If it becomes more dense, enough so for us New Humans to live on, then yippee too. Either way we will be able to visit it and I have no doubt we’ll know what’s going on and why with it soon.

I might as well throw all of this into one post and also mention about what a handful of other people have been talking about and/or channeling recently in regard to an upcoming “healing” for us. By us I mean those who now exist in the recently separated (as of Sept. 9, 2009—9-9-9 or 9-9-11) New Earth frequency. I personally would prefer another word than “healing”, only because many will tend to relate it to old lower world type of healings and methods of healing. What’s coming with this New World “healing” some other people have mentioned recently is not much different that what I was talking about in the first couple paragraphs and for the same reasons.

Because of the separation of worlds or dimensional shift, and because those of us who have been doing intensive personal and Collective Lightworking for the past decade or so, we’re pretty beat-up and looking and feeling worse for the wear n’ tear at this point. I know I am. For the past six months I’ve been frustratedly bitching and complaining about what’s the point of my having suffered through so many years of ascension work, personal polarity resolution work, planetary and Collective Lightworking to finally have reached the Other Side, the New Earth and be totally exhausted and in physical pain still? What’s up with this particular shit I questioned the Great Unseen? As usual I get answers and what I understood about this situation is that we are indeed nearing the point where we will finally cast-off the old beat-up, battle scared, exhausted, Lightworker Warrior Transformer damages in us. We don’t need them any longer so out they’ll go as new energies replace them.

Just like the old planetary grid system and Earth portals, we too have been living the Rewiring Process long enough now and with the separation of worlds and our no longer needing to transmute lower Dark energies internally/externally, we too get an upgrade so that WE will vibrationally match our New Earth world/reality/Heart consciousness that we’re finally existing within. Get ready for another big DNA evolutionary leap or “healing” into our new higher states of being that will be a perfect match for where we are now existing. (I’m not saying this is a one time only type of DNA leap or evolution for us. As with this whole ascension process we’ll move through even larger phases and levels now that we are completely separated from the old world and many of us no longer need to do such depleting internal/external polarity resolution Lightwork.)

I suspect the Winter Solstice of 2009 will have something to do with this activation in many of us. I also sense that this new process will continue throughout 2010, so don’t expect this to be a one day sort of thing. We’re there finally but there’s got to be some more tweaking, adjusting, and further DNA upgrades and Rewiring completions so we’re a full-on vibrational match with our New Earth, its new more complex grid system, its new inter-dimensional ET connections and who knows what else is right around the corner.


December 13, 2009

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4 thoughts on “Old 3D Portals – New 5D Portals

  1. Hi Antaya and I’m glad you found TRANSITIONS too. Welcome and enjoy. Thanks too for the connections. 🙂


  2. Hi Tom and welcome to TRANSITIONS. 🙂

    Yes, to finally know that there is an end to all of our individual ascension related aches, pains, sicknesses and all the rest of it, makes it that much easier to move through and towards. Hang in there, and know that it is a Process that unfolds naturally and all we have to do is pay attention and go with the flow.


  3. This is such an exciting time, and I’m so glad to hear the physical symptoms are going to finally start to diminish. Lately I’ve been doing a little better at matching my high selfs vibration, which in turn eases the physical symptoms, but it’s tough to keep it up all the time.

    Great article, I look forward to reading more!

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