Merkaba Lightbody Spinning

I’ve been having that inner head spinning sensation that is our Lightbody/Merkaba vibrating, spinning faster as we cast-off more and more density/karma/polarity etc. I’ve felt it many times over the past few years—those two counter rotating energy fields spinning. But the other day I was more aware of things that happened before it, and then while it was happening, and then some of the side effects after I felt it. I’m certainly not saying that this is exactly how this Lightbody/Merkaba spin business works, I’m just sharing what I’ve become more consciously aware of with this particular ascension symptom and ongoing process. Your mileage may vary.

I’d written a few days ago about ascension headaches and how brutal some of them can be mainly because I went through a series of them during late Sept. and much of this month. After them I had another series of feeling and actually seeing things moving, rotating, and spinning slow enough that I could physically see me/my surroundings  seemingly moving. They weren’t of course, it was just my current perspective. I first felt (and saw) things rotating clockwise higher in my head. This isn’t painful and thankfully it doesn’t cause nausea, just a sensation of moving when you aren’t physically. A couple of minutes later I felt and saw things rotating a bit lower in my head and visually in a counterclockwise direction. Again, not painful nor did/does this cause nausea—praise the all-powerful Barf Gods! Once I felt and saw the second counter rotating energy field, I instantly smelled a scent that smells like something burning which I think is why so many of us have been smelling smoke and/or burning incense smells during certain shifting phases.

Within about a half-hour of this happening, the mega exhaustion arrived and just laid me out. I’m trying to finished the editing on my book but these recent energies and separations  have repeatedly caused me to have to stop and simply go rest. Necessary, but frustrating at this point. Anyway, shortly after my Merkaba Head Spin I became so deeply exhausted that I stopped working on book editing and had to go lay down, and amazingly for me, I fell asleep!!! which is something that has always been hard for me to do during the day. But when I’m getting blasted with higher frequency energies, solar flares or anything happening with the Sun, or when my body/bodies are evolving again because of them, I become so exhausted that I fall asleep during the day for short periods. It’s like I simply have to get out of my body to rest from all it is going through.

I fell asleep three or four times over the afternoon and felt those good old ascension flu aches and pains, low-grade fever, chills, and deep physical exhaustion.  Even my lungs hurt when I took a deep breath like when you’ve been sick or had a fever.  The only thing that was different about all of this was that I could easily see these symptoms unfolding over the past couple of weeks. I’ve had these symptoms for years now, but it was great consciously catching so many of them unfolding over the days and weeks recently. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that I also have been having weird and mildly unpleasant dreams recently too, so they obviously are another aspect of this complex ascension/Lightbody process. It helps when we can catch a whole series of these ascension symptoms unfolding like this and be mindful of them.  It’s easier then to really know that this is ongoing,  interconnected, and very normal considering the amazing changes we and our bodies are still going through at this point. Happy Merkaba spinning everyone.

Denise Le Fay

October 19, 2009

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8 thoughts on “Merkaba Lightbody Spinning

  1. “Hi, i’ve read that you have to spin the top tetrahedron (male) of the merkabah clockwise from the top, and the bottom tetrahedron (female) anti-clockwise from the top. How effective is this? Please let me know if I’ve been doing it the not-so correct way! Thanks”


    I don’t think we need to intentionally visualize spinning or rotating these energy fields because they do so naturally. What I’d suggest you try is know they spin naturally and relax into all that so you may eventually FEEL the vibrations inside your body, instead of focusing and working from your head/mind/intellect with this.

    Try more heart-based focus and less head/mind-based focus with this (and other things too) and then pay attention to what you experience, feel and become more aware of. 😉


  2. Hi, i’ve read that you have to spin the top tetrahedron (male) of the merkabah clockwise from the top, and the bottom tetrahedron (female) anti-clockwise from the top. How effective is this? Please let me know if I’ve been doing it the not-so correct way! Thanks

  3. It’s even greater making a contact with others walking the same path! 🙂
    How’s your journey unfolding, balsamicmoon?

  4. I’ve had the same feelings and frustrations, vox. It’s great to have reassurance that we are indeed on path!

  5. Thank you, Denise! You’re a remarkable person!

    I already knew what you said intuitively, but it’s different when you hear it from so experienced person like you! It’s good to know it however, because sometimes I feel like I’m not doing enough, or not doing it right.

  6. Hi Ted,

    I’d be happy to send some of mine over your way. 😉

    Seriously, you’re right about you being “wired” already. Many of the younger people are, because the Elder folks have already cleared the lower vibrating negative junk and paved the roadway for the rest coming up behind us. Think of this process like a train. You know that big metal plow-like device on the front of older trains to push and clear things off the train-track? We Elder Lightworkers are like that device. We’ve literally cleared an energy path so that the rest of the train (the different cars within the whole train) can easily move forward. That was a huge aspect of our jobs; clearing the path for you others. You younger folks that incarnated “wired” and ready-to-go, your jobs will be to create a vastly higher, better, world with Heart instead of left brained egoic insanity. That will be easy for you younger people because you are energetically designed for that job. Cool stuff huh? But, this is another reason why many of you younger people aren’t experiencing the same type and intense level of these ongoing ascension symptoms as many of the rest of us are. We’re literally having to do our own “rewiring” within our selves, our bodies, our brains, nervous systems etc. This is why we’re exhausted and pissed off much of the time. (I’m joking…partially!)


  7. Hey, Denise!

    These sweet little afternoon naps have become part of my everyday life recently. And since we’re in a new land/life, I indeed feel like a baby. So refreshing! 🙂

    But I have never experienced (at least I think so) any vertigo stuff. As a matter of fact the physical ascension symptoms are not that frequent for me, so whenever I have one, I really enjoy it. I guess it has something to do with my physical age & I may have come already wired with some of the “good” stuff.. who knows, we’re all so different 😉


  8. Hi Denise,

    Yeah, I’ve been getting this movement while not moving, very surreal feeling!
    Also the headaches, had one at the weekend. I am someone who very rarely gets them, but this one was horrible, felt sick with it as well.
    I know all about the sleeping, my wife says that’s all I do at the weekend! But I know I need to sleep, all these energy sapping events take there toll.

    Love and hugs,


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