Fall 2009 Pleiadian TIMES Quotes

Here are some random quotes from Barbara Marciniak’s channeled The Pleiadian TIMES fall equinox Sept. 22, 2009 issue. Check out her site for more information about The Pleiadian TIMES quarterly newsletters and her books. www.pleiadians.com

As you read this, remember where you are now energetically after all the changes you’ve been through via the ongoing ascension process. Remember that 6 billion-plus humans are not all standing on the exact same stair step, and because of that fact, everyone will not experience the exact same (lower) things.


“…From an astrological perspective, Saturn is the teacher planet, presenting great tests and lessons along the road of life, and also offering rewards when the challenges are well met and the lessons are mastered. Saturn’s teachings usually involve doing hard work, mustering the discipline to push through and successfully deal with the tasks at hand. This fall, as Saturn passes through the last degrees of Virgo, many more difficulties are likely to surface in the arena of personal and public health. Health insurance does not guarantee health and vitality. You are ultimately responsible for enhancing your immune system and keeping your body, mind, and spirit in good shape. The foods you eat, your beliefs and attitudes, values and lifestyle, largely determine your state of well-being. You do have the ability and duty to be in charge of your body and your life. In the months ahead, the public may well panic over spreading viruses and clamor for someone to fix their health problems…”

“…With new potential challenges in financial security and health concerns, are you prepared to maintain good health? Can you adjust to the changing financial structure? Can you live with less and let go of what no longer works? Will you bring forth your creativity and shine? Humankind is at a turning point, and there is no going back to the way things were. As world society becomes more wobbly,  can you learn to walk on the ice floes of a moving river, rather than observing life from the safety of the river bank?…”

“…In your corner of the cosmos, as a living library Earth is chock-full of resources and genetic life forms, accommodating things of value that you can and cannot see; as such it is of great interest to many beings in the cosmos. In this regard, soon you must deal with a new set of complexities that involves incorporating the presence of ETs into your environment. This reality will vastly expand all of your considerations, and planetary priorities will change. The time is ripe for a massive paradigm shift into the reality that you cohabit Earth and the cosmos with other forms of intelligence. In some circles of power, the most pressing issue is the predicament over how to deal with and reveal the presence of others to the public, and not look deceitful in the process. Some want to manage and control your awareness of the issue, while others want to expose the larger picture of reality by disclosing the presence of a greater galactic family…”

“…Around the time of Halloween, when Saturn enters the sign of Libra, the playing field will change significantly. The theme of relationships with others and healthy boundaries will be the focal point for tests, challenges and lessons during the next few years. As people work out the difficulties of living together under one roof, collectively you must work out the challenges of living together with others in the cosmos. While Saturn is in Libra, karmic relationships will be a prominent issue; unfortunately, the potential also exists for confrontations and wars, including space wars…”

“…A paradigm shift into a cosmic outlook will change perspectives on everything. The people of Earth will have to factor into their lives who the visitors are and what they are doing in your environment.  Many realities are merging together to transform human consciousness into seeing a larger field of reality, and like traffic converging onto interstate junctions, there are slowdowns, land changes and occasional collision. Mostly, traffic keeps moving and you get to your destination. So what is your destination? What type of future are you envisioning and aiming for? There are many wonderful ways to experience existence. On unconscious levels, humankind has long been preparing for the merging of energies to blossom attention and awareness into a greater worldview that includes the solar system as part of the environment…”

“…Around the turn of the 20th century, just over 100 years ago, a Serbian inventor by the name of Nicola Tesla openly declared that he received ideas and information from extra-terrestrials. Some people with galactic consciousness are highly receptive to telepathy and can receive mind-to-mind transmissions of ideas and inventions…”

“…Behind the Sun’s corona, that blazing shield of fire, the Sun is a giant ball of life, and it requires a highly evolved state of consciousness to get to the Sun. The stars in the heavens are all suns that relay information that sustains consciousness. Understanding the cosmos is an art that encompasses far more than astronomy and astrology. Music, numbers, shapes and mathematical configurations all come into play. Light energies are integrated into you body through the pineal gland, and being that the ET issue is layered with so many deceptions, in order to sort through all the cosmic confusion and figure out the truth, humankind will have to rely on the pineal gland for opening up an “inner-net” of information…”

“…Even though technology serves to connect you with one another, the increase in psychic activity in the living library far exceeds what is recognized. The inner-net and the Internet are both expressions of creativity, yet there is great difference between the two. The Internet ultimately shortens attention spans, leaving people confused and drained of energy…”

“…Inner-net users are more prone to galactic consciousness, steadily increasing their range of precognition, telepathy and psychic awareness. From a larger perspective, a few can always show the way for many, and humanity may well blossom into their abilities out of the necessity of reclaiming independence and sovereignty as a people and as a planet. A new kind of sovereignty is called for where psychic energy is used to make boundaries with others. Inner-netters can sense the larger implications of grounding in new ideas and thought forms that will help cushion the blow of change. The events that occurred on 9/11 definitely shifted people’s perceptions into all sorts of new considerations; however, with the potential of coming cosmic events, the mind shift will be exponential in comparison…”

“…The steady introduction of faster and faster technologies has roots that reach to interfering ETs. Electronics can be used to sedate people and distract their attention from other important matters. When the presence of ETs becomes a major issue, new questions concerning boundaries will assuredly arise.”

6 thoughts on “Fall 2009 Pleiadian TIMES Quotes

  1. Lou Ann,

    Happy Birthday sweetie. 🙂 Turning 30 is a big deal astrologically and it means you’ve entered a new phase of your life (it started at age 29 actually and will be in effect through 31). It’s a good energy and it will transport you into a new more anchored and mature but usually emotional phase of your 30s.

    Thanks for the links.


  2. Hi Denise,

    It seems too apparent actually… that even the mainstream media can’t turn an ignorant cheek to the ET encounters that are occurring on public display more and more. Just recently there was one in China. Now here’s another one in Russia!


    Now during this period… I’m going to turn 30 this month. Don’t know what this means but I’m tuning inwards to focus on the hidden psychic talent I just know I have.

    Love and hugs,
    Lou Ann

  3. Hi Denise,
    I have been telephathically communicating with Pleiadian since Sept 15th ‘09. They are here to help me through final transition. However, it can be very overwhelming and confusing at times… they are helping me with issues that needs my attention and also, my Higher Self is channeling me through my vocal. Combinations of both happening all at the same time can be challenging. I had to personally tell Pleiadian to leave me alone few times… do you suppose they do? Nadda! lol They leave for short while and retrun again! lol I am grateful for their help!
    Much love,

  4. Denise,

    See my comment was relevant, albeit years out of date! 😉

    I know what you mean, we have earned the right to be ‘soul confident’.

    Love and hugs,


  5. Stu,

    With us now energetically vibrating much closer to where many of these 5D ET being always have – our reentering “Universal Society” – we now have to be adults and take responsibility for ourselves. We can’t behave like children expecting our parents (any ETs) to know more and take care of us, tell us what to do, and so on. We have to be the adults now as far as our interacting with other nonphysical ETs and beings. We need to be able to discern the ETs energetically and also know we’d better be able to set boundaries for ourselves and some of the ETs. We’ve earned the right to energetically be where we are now (or soon will be) and will need to not allow anything and everything just because the being/beings may seem to us to be fabulous, or more wise, or more knowledgeable etc. We have to be able to honestly energetically discern these different ET beings now and not act like dis-empowered children in their presence. It’s part of our returning to Universal Society – aka ascending/evolving. 😉


  6. Hi Denise,

    This is such exciting news, the next few years will be a blast, yippee! 😉

    Love the ‘wink’ to the group regarding the pineal gland.

    The bit about boundaries and ETs got me thinking about my early contact years. I hope this is relevant!

    When I first started getting sightings of UFOs/craft, I always assumed and accepted that the occupants would be monitoring me, most likely all the time. I had no problem with this.

    The next few years I want full acceptance to be who I really am, then I know I can help bring about a beautiful, peaceful and loving world……

    Love and hugs,


    Forgot to say, thanks so much my friend for informing us of the latest from the Ps.

    Love and hugs,



    Forgot to say, thanks so much my friend for informing us of the latest from the Ps.

    Love and hugs,


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