Crop Circles Part 2

Because I’ve never had physical experience with crop circles anywhere, I’d like to share some of Stu’s personal experiences and inter-dimensional encounters plus other ET/UFO anomalies that often go along with crop circles. Stu lives in the UK and has crop circles manifesting all around where he lives. Can you imagine?  🙂  Thank you Stu (and Olan) for writing about your personal crop circle experiences and sharing them here at TRANSITIONS.  The unfolding and evolving complexities of these crop circles/crop formations are amazing and how they’re physical manifestations of humanities and Earth’s ongoing ascension process and dimensional shifting process.


“My experiencing the amazing crop formations first hand in Wiltshire UK started back in 2003, so I’m still a new ‘croppie’ in my eyes! I always felt that the formations had an origin outside of the accepted ‘hoax’ view for the majority of the population. I will now talk about some of the exciting and strange events while down in Wiltshire with my friend, Olan.
(The 2 pictures of the ‘vortex’ formation are from 2006, the 2 ‘dolphin’ ones are from 2004 — mine is the dated 31/7/04. The cloud circle picture is from the 2004 event.)
Firstly July 2004—
We decided to climb Golden Ball Hill as we wanted a better view of the ‘Dolphin’ formation in the field below. When we got to the top I started to film the formation with my camcorder, at the time I didn’t notice anything unusual. Olan at this point was lying down checking the sky out for UFOs. He then said ‘look there is a circle in the clouds’! I hit the ground fast, lying on my back with my camcorder. I saw the outline of a circle in the white clouds, so I pressed record on the camcorder and filmed this anomaly for 30 seconds.
When I returned home I immediately wanted to review my footage to see if I had any of the orb/white ball phenomenon flying near to crop formations. These have been sighted many times before and still are to this day. I was very excited to see that I had been fortunate enough to capture 4 white orbs ‘taking off’ from the formation at a high rate of speed. Then when I reviewed the ‘sky circle’ footage I was amazed to see a single orb fly towards the ‘cloud circle’ at a very high speed! (I had to watch this in slow motion.) I maybe wrong, but I haven’t heard of anyone else getting this type of connection with the cloud circle and formations.
So, could the circle in the clouds be a cloaked craft? Do the orbs switch to surveillance after a formation is complete? These are all exciting theories to ponder on! “
Circle 1
July 2005—
Olan & I parked up in the car park overlooking East Field (Wiltshire), we were planning on climbing Milk Hill as this has a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside and formations in the immediate area. We were about to start the walk when a lady in a dark business suit just down the road caught our attention. She was wearing high heels which is not the appropriate shoe for the area. The noise of the heels on the road was not right, it sounded like she didn’t know how to walk in them properly due to the heels scraping on the road.
Now the really telling bit! When she walked past us, she gave us a very ‘knowing’ look with a slight grin, it felt like she knew everything about us! For the rest of the day we couldn’t get her out of our heads, even now after 4 years I can still see that look. We then watched her walk up Milk Hill at a speed (remember she had high heels on) that seemed unnatural.
Then a game of ‘cat and mouse’ appeared to play out, us moving our position and car to see where she was on the hill, then us walking up the hill trying to meet her on the way down! This didn’t happen, we never did see her again.
So who or what was she?? Olan & I both now feel this was a humanoid encounter. This is how some ET encounters can play out, subtle things that to the unaware and insensitive observer, will seem like nothing.
Next July 2006—
We were visiting the ‘vortex’ formation in Aldbourne but didn’t know exactly where it was, so we were driving down the lanes trying to find it. As I was driving, Olan was looking around when he said ‘look there it is’. I immediately looked where he was pointing and saw for a second the formation very clear (unnaturally so!) through the hedge in the field not far from where we were.
After we had been in the formation, we went back to the area where we had seen the formation as we wanted to get some pictures. We drove up and down the road with no sight of the formation?! We worked out that with the position of where the formation was in relation to where we first saw it, the angle was impossible! It now appears the circle makers were giving us a big hint on the origins of the formation, funny how this has been likened to a ‘vortex’!
These were great times Olan & I had in Wiltshire, I will always feel fortunate to have experienced such events in preparation for the exciting times now and ahead.”
Circle 2
Circle smaller
Cloud circle

4 thoughts on “Crop Circles Part 2

  1. Stu,

    I’m so glad I was able to fix your photos so they were visible in your post! And thank you sweetie for sharing your crop circles, both on the ground and in the air, UFOs, WIB encounter and all the rest of your amazing interdimensional ET encounters. People need to know that lots and lots and LOTS of regular people have extraordinary interdimensional experiences and encounters with other Beings all the time. The more we share our experiences like this Stu, the more it quickly it all will become the new higher Collective “reality”.

    Hugs and ESPAVO,

  2. Hi Denise, 🙂

    Thanks for posting our encounters here, the pictures are now there. It is my honour to have this light/info shown at such a special place my friend 🙂

    Nice one Robin, love the WIB name 🙂 It was indeed one spooky day, but in a good way!…….. 😉



  3. Thanks Robin…I’ll try to fix them. OK, I tried a different method with the photos. Can everyone see them now?

  4. All I can say is “Wow! WoW! WOW!”

    Stu — I am laughing my a** off — you had an encounter with a WIB! That is a first, for sure… What, you may ask is a WIB it’s a MIB, but you got the female version, aparently..but that is indeed what you encountered!! Pretty bleeping spooky when it happens, isn’t it?!

    So glad to have read this — but FYI — the pictures are not showing up on here, Denise 😦

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