Crop Circles Part 1

Here are some random quotes about crop circles from  Barbara Hand Clow’s wonderful book Alchemy Of Nine Dimensions—Decoding the Vertical Axis, Crop Circles, and the Mayan Calendar (2004). It is another amazing and profoundly accurate book from her.

I want to mention that I’ve repeatedly seen these “tubes in the sky” that B. H. Clow talks about. I had my sister draw a book illustration of what I’ve seen years ago out in empty fields all around where I live in the middle of the day. It, and so much more,  is in my new and soon to be available book. I also want to connect another of the many invisible dots here about what happened during 1998-1999 with “galactic resonance” and that that was my inner physical trigger I’ve talked about, calling it my D  1  47 message and physical body ascension process activation.


“….Crop circles are deeply connected with the downloads of information I’ve been receiving from the Pleidians since the early 1980s, as well as with my research into the latest superstring theory. In the Pleiadian model and in string theory, the tenth dimension (10D) is some kind of vertical activator of the first nine dimensions, and this structure also elucidates much about crop circles. Keep in mind that the P’s say we are ready to activate nine dimensions within our bodies, not ten, eleven, or more. For me, 10D is the vertical axis rising from the center of Earth into the black hole in the Galactic Center; that tenth dimension generates the nine dimensions that we can perceive….”

“….I’d like to share my personal connections with the Circlemakers, spelled with a capital C because I think of them as the Light….”

“…I know that many of us have been receiving these exquisite crop circle transmissions in our consciousness. When new symbols are transmitted from 8D Light, all the people on Earth are transmuted by them as Gaia herself rejuvenates. Indigenous people work with calendars to predict times of revelation, so they can watch for the 8D symbols that can reawaken their cellular memory and remake the human bridge to the subtle worlds….”

“….The Circlemakers are orchestrating the progressive initiatic awakening of our species, since we are the Keepers of Gaia. This wakening is timed by the mysterious Mayan calendar, which was recorded in stone in Mayan temples in Mexico and Guatemala thousands of years ago. A key turning point in the calendar occurred on August 16-17, 1987 – galactic synchronization – which was the shift point into the last twenty-five years of the calendar….”

“….Because of this incredible experience (Aug. 16-17, 1987) I have been watching ever since for changes on Earth that are being caused by our resonance with the Galactic Center; crop circles are the most important and consistent signs of this progression. The first simple crop circles began appearing in the late 1980s, although there have been occasional reports of simple ones since 1680. Soon after Harmonic Convergence, they became more complex, and they have become extremely complicated since 1998. According to astrophysics, in 1998 the plane of our solar system moved into alignment with the plane of our Galaxy. This caused an extreme frequency shift, which is being documented by the Circlemakers. Freddy Silva notes: “During the 1998 and 1999 seasons there was a mood swing, as if a new type of energy had lodged itself within the Earth. This energy was reflected in the crop circles: They seemed more agitated, some more disruptive to the body than usual. In other words, the veil between the the seen and the unseen felt thinner than ever. The mood among people, particularly the competition among crop circle ‘experts,’ was abrasive, confrontational, and more polarized than ever. A new wave of crop circles appeared whose designs fit neither the recognized hand of humans nor the will of the Watchers. What changed?” ….” End of Freddy Silva quote.

“….This is an exceedingly complex topic, since it involves both symbolic and astrophysical phenomena. However, the story of our awakening to the Galactic Mind is best understood by studying crop circles because the symbols integrate many worlds. The Maya say God – Hunab K’u – is Movement and Measure which the Circlemakers are demonstrating. We achieved galactic synchronization in 1987, galactic resonance in 1998, and we will be offered galactic citizenship in 2012 – provided that by this time we have attained multidimensional consciousness as a species. Since 1998, we have become resonant with very high frequencies, and by 2000, the Circlemakers started to deliver circles based on the laws of trigonometry and spherical geometry….”

“….When it is time for the Circlemakers to communicate with Earth, a great tube of light comes down from high in the sky, which is visible for only a few seconds. These tubes have been seen and photographed a few times, and Silva has a good photo of one in his book. The tubes usually appear between 2:00 A. M.  and 4:00 A. M. when everybody is asleep, which is also when Earths’ magnetic field is the lowest. The walls of these tubes could be vibrating spirals of light that form the Golden Mean, the math ratio that determines spiral action.”

6 thoughts on “Crop Circles Part 1

  1. Hi Denise,

    This is so exciting 🙂 You know what though my friend, I wasn’t surprised to hear what you said about the higher than 5-D ‘Ps’ creating the formations, it felt like an intuitive knowing, I just smiled like Master Hotei!…….;-)

    I will share this amazing light with my friend, she has always wanted to know who is behind the formations.

    Love & Hugs,


  2. Stu,
    Thanks for sharing that Colin Andrews link. :mrgreen: Yeah, it’s going to get much more interesting than this even.

    There was more info in Barbara Hand Clow’s book that I quoted in this post, about who she believed the “Circlemakers” (her term for them) were. She said, and this is so very important for everyone to really grasp, that the Circle-makers could possibly be Pleiadians, BUT Pleiadians at a much higher dimension than 5D. Within 5D we’re more familiar with the P’s being the beautiful tall thin blonds. But, and I’ve experienced this myself, as we move up through higher dimensions, you and I and also many of these ETs also exist at higher dimensions but in very different forms. In other words, here in transitioning 3D to 5D Earth, we look the way we currently do, but we exist in other dimensions vibrationally above 5D and we have very different bodies or vehicles that match those dimensions and dimensional frequencies. (I’m finishing my new book which also talks about this as fast as I can right now!)

    In other words, the 5th dimensional Pleiadians look to us (and each other) like beautiful tall, thin blond beings. But seeing a Pleiadian being (or a Sirian or an Orion or any number of others) within higher dimensions means they’re going to be different beings that look very different! I’ve seen and communicated with a handful of ET beings from much higher dimensions and they had bodies that were only geometrical shapes! With our soon coming return to Universal Society, also comes our vastly expanding consciousness so we can even cope with our own multidimensionality, and of course, the ETs multidimensionality! 😉

    So, tell your friend at work that the “Circle-makers” make the crop circles and that they are most likely Pleiadian ETs, and probably some others as well, but P’s existing as beings of Light at a much higher dimension than the 5D blond Pleiadians we’re more familiar with.


  3. Thanks Robin. Yep, I just wanted to just keep quoting from Clow’s book because it/they are filled with such insighful interdimensional information.


  4. Great article, Denise!

    Very thought provoking and informative, too.


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