The Invisible August 2009 Message

Oh Evolve

I’d posted last week about an article I’d read by a UK husband and wife who’d seen some ET machine type thing creating a crop circle while they were hiding in it in the middle of the night. This man said that on Aug. 13, 2009 a very important crop circle formation would appear. It didn’t and I suspect many people were disappointed—yet again.

The day this new crop formation was supposed to appear last week my Higher Self kept talking to me about how, and I’ll quote, “We’re the ETs that we should be paying attention to.” What this told me was that, once again, out of sheer habit many of us shifted our gaze from within ourselves back to the external world for some higher message, some higher sign from some higher ET beings. My Higher Self kept reminding me of MY new energetic position and higher consciousness and Heart that day as a way, yet again, to hammer into me the fact that I’m the one with the goods. I’ve got the connection to all the higher level messages, signs, insights, knowledge and so on that I’d ever want or need and it is MY own Higher Self. We each do and our awareness of this fact will only increase each week and month now.

Because we’ve all been seemingly dis-connected from our Higher Selves, our high Heart and quantum awareness for so long, I suspect it will take us a few examples like this to drive the point home. Remember that saying we’ve all heard at this point? “We’re the Ones we’ve been waiting for.” Now we’ve just got to get comfortable and familiar with that truth and stop sliding back into old lower habits of  looking outside of ourselves for answers from other higher beings. We’re Higher Beings too so let’s try to not keep forgetting this fact or let others continue trying to convince us we’re dis-empowered victims.

Denise Le Fay

August 18, 2009

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6 thoughts on “The Invisible August 2009 Message

  1. Algen,

    When I have more time, I’ll write a post about this (Crop Circles) instead of a comment reply. That way we’ll be sure everyone see’s it.

    Like you, I’ve always sensed the crop circles were created by some ETs. But I think there’s more to it also. I hope Stu will comment about this topic because he lives in the UK and has gone into many of them, plus he’s had ongoing ET contacts as well (because he’s a Wanderer/Starseed imo.)

    Anyway, I’ll post about the crop circles soon.


  2. hi denise
    These crop circles have always intrigued me eversince i saw them and read about them on internet. Now I am confused about the origin of these crop circles having read the last couple of posts on Transitions. Are these CCs manmade? It’s my observation that almost all CCs are visible only in US, Uk and never found in asian countries like india, China, korea, Philippines or elsewhere like in Russia, Africa as far as i know. i use to beieve that really CCs are the works of ETs, Aliens or UFOs. Could you please share about the origin of formation CCs and how they keep on appearing only in US and UK at a particular point of time in different geomatrical shape, some To my utmost surprise appear like exactly aligned planets of solar system, some like pyramids, a couple of others like a beautifully built national stadium.
    I am really keen to know about them from you, denise.

  3. Robin,

    Right you are as always.

    I had to seriously restrict myself from going off on a christian rant about how humanity bought the line about not being able to directly access any higher state or knowing blah, blah, blah. And all that dis-empowerment in just the past 2,100 years! The other DNA stuff you mentioned is mega ancient.

    But this is yet another aspect of the whole ascension process and why I know we won’t recognize ourselves in just a few more years. As our DNA and brains rapidly evolve, so will reality, and today we can’t see what all that will bring. But we sense it right around the corner and it is exciting. 🙂

    Hugs and ESPAVO,

  4. Well said, Denise!

    And when you really think about it, you can’t help but question how much of this has been a programmed response in the collective since long, long ago. We are talking thousands of years of looking outside of ourselves for solutions, answers and for someone to lead. I can’t help but think it’s actually been encoded in much of humanity’s DNA. But we’re starting to catch on!! So indeed this is new territory for all of us – and just one part of the mass jigsaw puzzle comprising the Nano that the P’s speak of so often.

    In light

  5. Hi Denise,

    Old habits and all that! 😉

    I have to keep on reminding myself that ‘we’re the ones we’ve been waiting for’, but I am learning!….. 😉

    Love and gentle hugs,


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