Rage & The Ascension Process


One wouldn’t normally think of RAGE and ASCENSION in the same sentence. However, the two go together and often very intensely for many of us living through the ongoing ascending, evolving, shifting process.

I’d never felt rage in my life prior to the start of my Ascension Process so it was a shocking and almost embarrassing feeling to have suddenly. There I was all the sudden, raging and hating certain people, certain systems and belief systems with such intensity that I wondered who I’d become overnight. It was a totally foreign feeling for me, and I wasn’t much impressed with it.

But I learned over time that RAGE was just one more aspect of the ongoing Ascension Process that many of us really need to go through. The big question is why of course. So many people believe that if something and/or someone is “spiritual”, then it/they are going to manifest in that ancient stereotypical Christian colored package because that is all they’re familiar with after the past 2,100 Age of Pisces years. Many people expect ascension and its many symptoms and feelings to be kind and gentle and turn the other Piscean Age cheek type of business. Let me tell you, they’re in for a huge surprise!

RAGE and INTOLERANCE go hand-and-hand with the Ascension Process and it’s normal so don’t panic or feel terrible. Many of us need to realize that if we don’t finally become enraged over the negativity, the corruption, the greed, the insanity, the lower negative everything and everyone — even lower aspects within ourselves — nothing changes, improves or evolves.

To help us reach that state where we simply cannot and will not stomach or endure or continue being co-dependent with and enabling of all lower negative things, people, situations, beliefs and systems etc., the Ascension Process gives us intense RAGE and INTOLERANCE of all those systems, objects, beliefs and people still vibrating much lower. This is good, this is positive, this us evolving beyond those old lower patriarchal systems, greed and ignorance. The rage Ascension Process produces is a symptom of our evolving beyond those lower frequencies and consciousness. Don’t beat yourself up over this as it’s a normal aspect of your ongoing stair-steps of the Ascension Process. Feel what you’re feeling, but more importantly, know why you’re feeling it and then be ready to release it all back into neutrality.

Remember the story about Jesus “going postal” in the market/temple all over the money changers? Exactly.

Denise Le Fay

August 11, 2009

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19 thoughts on “Rage & The Ascension Process

  1. Thank you Denise.

    I stay away from the media. So today I found out the situation in the gulf of mexico is not an oil spill. I saw the underwater pictures. I heard how the size of the leak has been lied about. I heard how the individuals involved have no clue how stop it or how to repair the damage. I heard people dollarizing the damage. I heard how the drill company has been reckless before and has been warned before. They don’t give a ____. I felt how I would feel if someone had done to me what they’ve done to this beloved earth. I somehow thought of the condition of projectile vomiting.

    Rage roared up and burst out of me the way that gusher is bursting out.

    Tomorrow I’ll focus on high heart energy, my heart. Even those words feel good – “my heart”.

    Today though, was rage.

  2. i can relate to this. about 2 years ago i lost the best paying job i ever had by mouthing off to a supervisor who seemed to have it in for me from the first day i step foot in the place. i gave 150% to this job everyday, this same supervisor even commended me on my superior work, but for some reason this man would pick on me, plus he had 2 brown-nosers who also picked at me every chance they had. after REPEATEDLY bringing this matter up to his supervisor and to the agency that sent me to this assignment (i was an independent contractor at this hospital) i lost it one day after one of his routine single-me-out episodes…i figured that also being 4 months pregnant at the time did not really help me out emotionally. i still have not rebounded from this, i’m still looking for that “carrot” that is still a necessity in this ‘life’ even if all this is an illusion. that is the only thing i regret.

  3. Lou Ann,

    Good for you for taking your power back. Doing so is a big part of the whole ascension process. Between this and another comment you left last week or so…that I freaked out over about the postal control over what you read…you are certainly in a big phase of breaking free and expecting much more for yourself, which is so very important. Stay strong and do not feel bad for no longer being willing to endure lower energies, lower consciousness, lower rules etc. etc.

    Hugs and ESPAVO,

  4. souldiaries,

    Hello and welcome to TRANSITIONS, I’m glad you’ve found the place now. 🙂 It does help so much to discover other information that confirms what we have been experiencing individually already. And you are very right – the people in our lives change dramatically only because WE are changing dramatically…and so far our “friends”, family, lovers, etc. are not or not at the same rate that we (you) are currently. I too have experienced this and it is a common “ascension” or compressed evolutionary symptom.


  5. Interesting. In my process at the moment so much is changing in my world, the people i once was close to are moving out of my space and new ones are coming in. this blog kind of helps me understand some of the very unusual for me emotion i have had recently. thanks

  6. Lou Ann,

    Probably! While I was in the worst of the worst of my ascension process I used to say that “I repulsed myself.” At that point all of my lower traits and energies/emotions etc. literally repulsed this aspect of ME.

    Don’t beat yourself up…just know it’s part of this process and Let Go of all that needs to now. 😉


  7. Hi Denise,

    So you mean my upset and frustration with my own limiting negativity that’s been hovering over me since I got here on Earth is all part of the process? How odd…

    Lou Ann

  8. Karoline,

    I hear ya! I don’t apologize for my rage anymore either. Feel the RAGE and know what it represents to one who is ascending. 😉


  9. Hi Denis,
    I love my RAGE… it feels good after I let it all out! LOL I have been going throu explosive rage on and off past week, all the old hidden crap is all coming up with rage! 😀
    Thanks for this post!

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