Putting The Pieces Together

We’ve got the third Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon coming on Wed. Aug. 5, 2009 at 13° Aquarius 43′ at 5:55 P.M. Pacific time. Just thought I’d mention those triple 5’s because it feels dimensionally important. It feels like this Aquarian Lunar Eclipse will really anchor the last stage of what’s been going on since before the summer Solstice (2009). This has been another one of those extra important and huge transitions again and all I can say is… finally!

Things have changed, no, I mean really changed. After I went on My Lightworker Strike (here) and informed the higher folk (who are just many of us at  higher nonphysical levels) that I was all done waiting, and enduring, and not having a Home on Earth for so damned long, and that we had to make changes and come up with a New Plan NOW…things are reflecting this all over the place.

Like I said in another post – #1) we’ve done the “System Busting”, #2) and then we did the Lightworking and transmuted all the lower Dark, stuck energies both within ourselves and left over by other people in locations around the planet and across time, #3) now we’ve reached the phase where we Create anew. We’re very much now (as of this 2009 Summer’s Solstice and all 3 of the Eclipses) at a new phase within this ongoing ascension/shifting/evolving process. We’ve reached the point now were we’re having to re-learn, remember how it feels and works at higher, non-polarized levels or dimensions. We’re reached the point now were we’re having to really realize that it’s us who are the creators of the new Earth reality. Us, not some other people, but us. I understand how linear and old lower 3D that sentence may sound but I meant it very differently.

I’ve been experiencing what Lee Carroll and Kryon call “quantum” consciousness or being over the past few years. [See A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution] Because I’ve been living with it, learning how it feels, how it works and doesn’t work, getting familiar with it again, but as Denise whose gone through Phase One of the ongoing ascension process, I think I understand what’s just happened to us this summer (July 2009). We’ve entered what might be called, just to make this easier to communicate, Phase Two. It’s just a term to help us locate ourselves within this ongoing process of ascension/shifting/evolving however. So what might some of Phase Two entail? I don’t fully know, but I do sense it has to do with us waking up much more to what we now are.  I sense we’ve now got to learn how to CREATE but in a very different way than the past lower 3D ways. Not by the sweat of the brow, but by the Light and Love within our High Hearts. Sounds so fluffy and you people know I’m not remotely “fluffy”. Fluffy is still from the lower ego self and polarity or polarized consciousness.

You know how we’ve all been experiencing different layers of synchronicity or as I so love, coinky dinks over the past few years?  😀  Guess what “synchronicities” really are to us who’ve lived through our ascension energy transformations I mean? They’re us functioning in 5D and not 3D. They’re us increasingly being and perceiving from a quantum state which is very much what the higher dimensions are all about. When you’re in what Kryon calls “quantum” consciousness, you’re closer to your own Higher Self and accessing much of its massive, nonlinear, quantum knowledge. I’ve called it Spherical Consciousness and they’re all the same thing. When you’re in quantum consciousness you are very much in 5D and intimately feeling how it works at this new higher dimension. And when you’re in quantum-ness as a being, you’re in your High Heart where everything just flows with the natural currents of the higher dimensions and Source or the All That Is.  Being in a quantum state of being and consciousness is “heaven on Earth”, and “bliss” and all those other terms we’ve all heard so many times by so many people.

My god how the energies of the Age of Aquarius/Uranus and Leo/Sun are manifesting in and through some of us already (within 5D) is stunning and so beautiful! Can you sense how we can now create a new world from our quantum being-ness and quantum consciousness? From our higher, non-polarized, totally nonlinear Triality consciousness and being-ness? This is the beginning of some of what exists within this new Phase Two for us and what we’ll be creating now and in the near future. Shine your hard-earned Light and get familiar with how things feel with nonlinear, quantum states and Spherical Consciousness. This is the New Age of Light and what we are and what we Consciously Create in it will make the Universe smile. We’re the new and improved Lemurians and Atlantians and super ancient Stellar Egyptians and so very much more. Lets create like we never have before. Let’s create a new higher world that matches who we are now and our higher Light and Heart.


August 3, 2009

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10 thoughts on “Putting The Pieces Together

  1. bunnyfawn,

    I’m sorry but I’m sooo busy right now with trying to finish my new book and then edit it everything else, I just can’t do astrology interpretations. With an opposition to your natal Pluto…I’d guess you too are going through (Pluto) transformations and more symbolic deaths in certain areas of your life/personality etc. It’s good so don’t fear it all. 🙂


  2. algenrover,

    I was very impressed too with what Sunfell had written a few years ago about adult Indigos and then the changes and the need for, as she called it, “the transition to Octarine”. I was so impressed with her Indigo Files page that I added it in my links section for others who feel they are Indigos/Octarines and need some accurate information about it all.

    It seems that Sunfell has moved on with the Indigo stuff and has been focused on other things over the past few years now. At least I’ve not found anything recent by her about Indigos. Did you do some search’s on “Sunfell”? I just think she’s moved on and is involved with other things now. Sorry I don’t know more about her of where she is now.


  3. Dear Denise
    Thanks a lot for your kind message. I am grateful to you for displaying very useful link at your website. Though I have been a dialy vistor at TRANSITION but only last sunday that is on aUG 2ND, i CAME ACROSS sunfell website and felt so much at home and relieved as This came to an indigo like me as a treasure of information about INDIGOS. But am surprised the sunfell lady Lorie Johnson is not updating site after 2003. I searched for her all over the internet but could not find her latest updates and articles except repeated reference of her 1999-2003 articles taken from sunfell website. Would you please convey what’s she up to now and where Can I get more information on her writing post 2003 period.
    Luv and best regards

  4. Hi Dennis!
    I have a question… I have Aquarius 29 degree and 55 munutes in Moon chart and I have Leo in 1) Uranus position is 1 deg. 37 min. of Leo
    2) Jupiter position is 22 deg. 47 min. of Leo
    3) Pluto position is 27 deg. 41 min. of Leo
    I am Libra… Sun position is 5 deg. 05 min. of Libra.
    How does these charts work with this Aquarius in Moon eclipse and Sun in Leo? LOL 😀

  5. Hi Denise,

    Wow! October this year? That’s my birth month. I’m gonna check out more on “the Mayan Night Six cycle”… never realized how detailed and graphic the Mayan Calendar is.

    In fact … I stumbled upon a wonderful Indigo site that mentioned that there’s going to be a lot of more physical climate and platonic changes. There’s even a project going on in Australia preparing for that… and encourages us all to create a new kind of community… with no monetary systems… no governmental rules… creating ec0/tree houses of your liking… all going according to the sacred Mayan Calendar. I vibrate with this and your blog. They coincide each other very nicely…

    I LOVE fall. 🙂

    Lou Ann

  6. theocacao,

    Thanks for sharing about your Kryon journey. How cool…how special.

    Yeah when I noticed that tomorrow’s Lunar Eclipse was happening at 5:55 (Pacific time), I knew the triple numbers would play-out across the country in a 5D sort of way.

    I too have been feeling that Oct. ’09 will Rock on all levels. Then on Nov. 8th, we enter the Mayan Night Six cycle for a year which you know will trigger even more changes. Not to mention some planets changing signs this fall. Heck…we’re only months away from 2010! 😉


  7. algenrover,

    Hi and welcome to TRANSITIONS. It’s always so nice for me to hear that what I’m saying is something others are relating to.

    I’ll eventually write posts about some of the questions you’ve asked. The one thing I can tell you right at the moment is those stair steps I’m always mentioning. We’ve all got to remember that even though we’re all living this ongoing (ascension/shifting/compressed evolving) process at the same time, we’re each doing so at our own speed. We’ve literally standing upon different stair steps or levels within this ongoing process; many of us are close enough on those stair steps that we can see and easily hear each other. We can totally relate with each other. Some other people are on the stairs too, but way far behind us down on lower steps where we used to be.

    My point is that even though this, let’s call it Phase One, has finally ended, we’re each going to experience these changes slightly differently and that’s normal.

    Also thank you for sharing that link about a channeled message. I’ll be interested to hear what it has to say about this topic. Because I don’t channel another Being like that, only my Higher Self at times, what I write about here comes from only me. Because of this, it’s always very interesting for me personally to discover someone else talking or channeling the same information that I’ve talked about at TRANSITIONS. It’s good for me to learn this and understand how everyone whose vibrating at a specific level, all have access to the same knowledge or Light. 🙂 (Don’t feel you’ve got to respond to what all I’ve said here please. I just wanted to express this for everyone. I should probably write a post about it huh?! 😉 )

    Hugs and good to have you here,

  8. Hi Denise:
    The Kryon Seminar last Sunday spoke to the above and, yes, it was awesome! I hightly recommend going to future ones. And talk about synchronicities–I saw a friend I had not seen in years and met another person who lived just a few houses down from where I had been born and raised in a little town just outside of Loveland (which is how we got started by mentioning the previous year’s Kryon Conference in Loveland)–so, very coinky dinky.
    Fives in numerology are change–times 3 —intense change–I have been seeing them for about the last month everywhere so had to laugh when I saw this series of 5’s! Also a sigh of relief–finally, it’s here–lol
    I had previously expressed to friends that I felt July would be hump month and that’s kind of how it felt to me (with a slight bleed over to August). I keep getting that October is going to be a mini-hump month–tatamount to a roller coaster ride where you get the big hill and then then ensuing little ones to bring you “down”. Thanks, Denise–

  9. Hi Denise,

    Well I hope my light can shine to make a difference, like you said it has been hard earned.

    Love & Hugs,


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