My Lightworker Strike

♦ This article is in response to Karen Bishop’s WINGS report, The Re-Calibration With a Very New Plan’,  July 28, 2009.

Karen Bishop starts her latest report off with the line — “A very new plan is in the process of being put into place, and it is a much needed plan indeed.”  I couldn’t agree more.

Things haven’t been “perfect” for a long while now and I was really tired and frustrated repeatedly hearing that it was or soon would be. It hasn’t been “perfect” from my perspective for a long time and I’ve kept my mouth shut about this for many years because I didn’t feel it should be said publicly. I always tell my truth, I just don’t always tell all of it for reasons like this.

I’ve sensed for all of 2009 that the old lower world (vibrationally below me) and the new higher not-yet-manifest world (vibrationally just above me) had both reached some strange energetic stalemate, some massive pause or blockage in them. There’s been some very positive changes within the lower “falling” world recently which was naturally met with much negative resistance, name calling, ego low-blow and all the typical negative comments and reactions that lower consciousness and lower energies have when confronted with higher energies, higher consciousness and positive change. They attack because they don’t want to change, grow, evolve or give up their control, wealth, power etc. They don’t want to die, they don’t want to change, and they don’t want anyone else to change or grow either because who would they have power over then? This is old well-known shit and not the point of this post.

On the other hand there’s been, for a long time now, a huge hold-up and endless waiting for, as many people still down in the lower world, lower old energies and lower patriarchal polarized consciousness, to get the hell on-board finally. We’ve been waiting and waiting and going back down energetically repeatedly year after year, usually getting repeatedly attacked verbally, physically and psychically,  as was The Plan among the real ‘system busting’ Lightworkers and Starseeds etc.

Since 2006, I’ve been well-aware of the fact that despite how much effort, energy, assistance, writing, LINK sharing and pointing out the energetic ascension Exit Door and all the Light shining through it I’ve personally been doing in multiple places, there are simply a lot of people who are not interested at all in any type of higher way, higher consciousness, higher energies, a new astrological Age or any of it. These people are very happy with their egos and left-brained patriarchal intellects and have no desire or intention to evolve or change or grow no matter to what degree the Universe, the astrological transits (the Planets, Eclipses, Solar flares and all other cosmic help), plus all the Lightworkers, Wayshowers, Starseeds etc. open energy doors for them to simply walk through. They’re not interested — not at all. They thoroughly enjoy what they have and I totally understand that and even why. Problem is however that it’s time to change, evolve, ascend and shift to a new higher level of being and consciousness and world now.

Because I’ve been conscious of being a Forerunner Lightworker since childhood, and I’m 57 as of this writing, my view and attitude about all this is probably a bit different and less warm n’ fuzzy and fluffy than some others. I’ve half jokingly referred to myself in years past as a Cosmic Janitor or a Blue Collar Lightworker meaning that I don’t mess around with any of this. This is hard, dangerous energy work and there’s nothing fluffy or gentle or easy about one fucking bit of any of it — at least not over the past 15 years or so. It’s hard, painful and dangerous Work that’s been done through many of us and our physical bodies and beings, as is the case with real Lightworking.

However, I’ve always believed that the entire population incarnate on earth now will NOT all go holding hands and skipping into the new higher Light together! Many people have believed this however so the rest of us Lightworkers have willingly waited and waited and waited and gone back repeatedly to allow more numbers of people to get on-board since 2006. I’ve personally taken a few beatings because of my doing this, and when we had to go back down a few energy stair steps during 2007–2008, that was absolutely it for me personally. When that last hold-up and go back down again to try to help, point out, or just leave bread crumbs of higher Light for other people down there ended in December 2008, I was so freaking exhausted and frazzled and ALL DONE with getting kicked in the nuts by the disbeliever’s down there. As far as I was concerned, they’ve had more than enough time to get with the higher evolutionary program and higher energies literally flooding the planet for this very purpose. I will no longer wait or go back down for them. It’s shit or get off the pot time humanity, and because of the “Free Will” business with this place, it’s totally up to you to do or not do, to get on-board or not get on-board. No right or wrong with any of this, simply Free Will and individual choice. BUT, we Lightworkers won’t forever be going back down energy stair steps just to point out a better, higher way of perceiving, living and being to the rest of unaware humanity. You’ve made your personal decision to not get on-board with this current evolutionary Ascension Process and that’s perfectly fine.

A couple of weeks ago I was so done, so finished with all of this, so done with the waiting, the going back down again and again to assist or spread information which is higher Lightso done with certain people, channelers, ascension teachers/writers etc. and their fluffy attitude about the ascension, shifting and Age change that I went on Strike! I shut down and energetically went on Strike and informed the higher levels and beings therein that if I’m supposed to be ‘...wearing my One Hat…’  then by freakin’ gawd you better get some assistance and help in here for us Elder exhausted Forerunner Starseed Lightworkers because I won’t wear all these hats anymore! It’s not my Job any longer to wear multiple cosmic hats for lower vibrating people who are infatuated with their egos, their intellects and their utter dis-empowerment and I am going on Strike until a newer NEW Plan is created and activated that frees us beat-up, exhausted, repeatedly attacked, invisible, disrespected and misunderstood Lightworkers. That’s it. I am done. It’s up to you Guys to re-work this thing now for those of us incarnate Lightworkers, Starseeds, Pathpavers etc. living in freaking no-mans-land for years and years and years waiting and working and waiting and working and waiting…

Karen said in her latest – “The chasm will be much greater than was planned.”  Also – “Everything had to stop in order to be re-set once again.”

That was my Lightworker Strike that everyone involved heard and discussed at higher levels. That was the end of this endless and exhausting waiting and going back down energetically for others. Like I said, I’ve always believed that the numbers who could ascend, who could make the jump to evolutionary light speed, who could and wanted to make the ascension “Harvest” this time around would be much less in number than many had believed. This isn’t anything new. It’s always been like this in past great cycles and again, there’s nothing wrong with this and no one on either side has “failed” in any way. It’s simply time to get the show on the road now is all. No more waiting, no more suffering fools, no more attacks from the unaware, no more living without a world under my ass! I want and deserve my NEW higher world now so let’s get this thing finally happening because no one else wants to get on-board for a higher ascending way at this point. And as is always the case, everyone will end up exactly where they each need to be. This one is impossible to screw up actually. Thanks for listening to my rant about this and my Lightworker Strike is now over.

Denise Le Fay

July 28, 2009

Copyright © Denise Le Fay & TRANSITIONS, 2009. All rights reserved. You may share this article so long as you don’t alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author and this URL and Copyright Notice is included.

24 thoughts on “My Lightworker Strike

  1. All I can say is wow, I am so glad I found you because I am really vibing with you at the moment. Synchronicity is such a great thing! You have articulated so well everything I have been feeling for quite some time. Yes, it’s me luckycharm, I disappeared this year, completely. I have been getting kicked and bruised and like you my wounds are so deep, and I’m so exhausted and I just can’t take it anymore. I thought I had entered the new in September 2008 but it was a nasty cover to get me to take a new job but with the same old players who were even darker than ever before. I had two very manipulative people who I had to work closely with, and I guess I was there to lift their vibration and it nearly killed me. By the end of last year I had to fight like I’ve never fought before to keep my job, dignity and reputation. And alll of this was going on while I was going through the separation from my husband.

    I had to deal with projection of the worst kind. I was screamed at, controlled, accused of being inefficient, unable to do the job. After countless complatints to the useless HR manager, I ended up having to leave the job and give up in April. You would have thought that was the end but I started another job in May. Again another dark place with a history of staff members quitting and walking out of the job. I myself had to walk out of it at the beginning of July when we had the eclipse I just couldn’t take it anymore. And it was finally then that I screamed out and said I can’t do this anymore, and I’m not going to. I have had enough! This is the strike you speak of and boy did I feel it. Funny thing is I just thought it was me. I have been reading Karen Bishop’s reports this year and just thought I must be doing something very wrong because the new has not arrived for me at all. The opposite has been true, I’ve lost everything, my marriage, career, dignity and hope. But I’m so glad to know that it is the plan that has gone wrong and not just me.

    To be honest I have never been able to understand how everyone is going to make this leap. We are all not created equal and some people are just stuck in their ways, and will always be. Surely, this was always known by the powers that be.

    As far as I’m concerned, they need to get on with it now. There are alot of us out there who are hanging on by a thread and will be out on the street or die of starvation or exhaustion soon if we don’t get some financial relief and new beginnings in our lives. I want to get my book published, and start working for myself. And I am fed up of waiting for the door to open. It is definitely time to move on!

    You don’t know how happy I am to have found your blog. I love what you have been doing here. You are definitely a priceless gem. You have helped me more than you realise.xx

  2. Robin,

    Rock On sista’ friend! That was a great Comment and thanks for sharing it.

    I loved hearing you describe waking up and sensing, hearing, feeling that “reality” out there had changed somehow. It had! I’ve called this same exact thing the “vacuum packed” feel. It took awhile before I realized what this actually was. We feel, sense, hear it when WE’VE energetically moved up a few more stair steps and are literally existing within a new higher vibrating frequency. To us it feels/sounds very pristine but not in a lower 3D sort of way. It’s much higher than that, more like 5D or stellar and there’s absolutely NO lower anything or anyone in that environment with you. It is “heaven on Earth”….until you go outside or get in your car or drive to just about anywhere, exactly like you did Robin, and ran right back into lower vibrating people in lower vibrating frequencies. The contrast is excruciating and literally crushing.

    This hit you so strongly because you had a very real and honest comparison and contrast with Higher and Lower energies and people and when this happens to us, it’s always a shock and an eye/Heart opener as you so wonderfully described. I’ve experienced this so many times over the past few years that it’s gotten to where I hate leaving my house because I know what I’ll be stepping down into again and it’s horrible. This is why I did my “Lightworker Strike” because it’s time for people like us to have a goddamn place to live without torture or misery or repulsion at the hands of lower frequency/lower consciousness every time we step out our front doors! Enough already…

    I’m going to follow up to My Lightworker Strike with some really brilliant material by someone else. I’ll post it soon for everyone as the follow up to Our Strike. 😉

    ESPAVO and thanks,

  3. Oh yes indeed — I’m so right there in many ways with you, too, Denise. The hell with these clowns!

    I found the big days leading up and the days preceding last week’s eclipse to be very surreal. Mucho feelings of very subtle barely there below the surface feelings of angst, anxiety, dread and Oh God, now what?? Awakening in the early 4:30am – 5am hours and noticing a very unnerving stillness out there outside my window – that creepy feeling that I can only liken to complete calm before the storm or a tsunami – everything supernaturally quiet and unbelievably still. Lying there and wondering what the hell happened to all the bleeping sunshine and lollipops that all of these so called in the know types (Karen Bishop being only one of a zillion) were professing would be there right around the next corner. Sigh – duped again, the eternally optimists. God Bless us all..

    Next day went to a small cultural fair/gathering that was happening in one of the quaint little towns not far from where we live. A nice drive into more of the countryside here in coastal New England. Got out of the car to walk a short distance to the grounds where these festivities were being held. In the time it took me to exit the car and make my way to the gate, I was bombarded, or harassed visually, energetically and in the auditory sense by the onslaught of endless flighty people cutting in front of me, large speeding trucks blaring their horns, people in their cars at the stop light blasting their new Michael Jackson Thriller CDs and basically every thing right then and there was like some very sobering, sickening testimony or epiphany when at that instant — I felt identically to what you describe,Denise. I thought “Fuck you, you and you and all of this shit. There is no way in hell that any of what I am about, what I am doing, or think I am doing even can possibly even begin to make any difference here in the likes of this – this all of this obliviousness, blindness, self centeredness, numbness, and complete dumbness.” To say it was one of those quick moments in time where your heart just entirely sinks would be an understatement. This type of situation is nothing new, granted, but for whatever reason, it really hit me hard right then and there.

    Is it truly realistic for us to continue to believe that the ever present mindset of *oh well, let someone else worry about it* and then pop an antidepressant-tranquilizer-get stoned-get drunk-get divorced-get in debt-steal from Peter to pay Paul, and look to someone else in authority to lead them around by their pitiful noses is capable of changing in the name of whatever you want to call this stuff – ascension, betterment of humanity, fill in the blank, since none of us actually even knows what the hell is actually going on anymore with practically anything? God forbid anyone should grow up, step up to the plate, face the facts or take any responsibility…and perhaps that is partially why we are so fed up and ready to strike, as you so wonderfully put it!

    Walking along to the fairgrounds there, a part of me understood that it is what it is, and there is truly a point where perhaps it is time for us to just let go and give it up. To just live our lives as simply as possible and even perhaps to make the intention to the divine powers that be, or to our higher selves or whatever that we are done doing this stupid dance and enough already. That now time here once and for all to stop with the program and create a new one where we no longer have to feel the need to carry the weight on our shoulders – whatever that means to each of us. And no more of having to transmute, to hold up, to anchor in, to keep on truckin’ any longer. That perhaps, just maybe, we are the fools in the end, unaware in our so called plight that no one – God, the Universe, etc even actually ever asked us in any way to take up the sword and become as we have or felt the need to try and save ourselves and the rest of the world even to begin with. That in the end it is all our own misperceptions, what we were fed value wise growing up or our fears that have been at the wheel the entire time, and it all comes down to perception? Do I believe this? No, not entirely. But I am also coming to the point in knowing more and more deeply within myself that we are only grasping half of the bigger picture here – and that ultimately, there is a far vaster and more complex side to all of this than the sunshine and lollipops and gold stars, than any of us – especially me, wants to believe. Will I give it up? Nope. Because whether I want to or not, it’s in my nature to still keep tearing down the walls regardless of the stupid clowns and their irreverence to one another and the outcome of things down the road.

    Initially I thought of this eclipse as the big blow, the big let down, the day the clowns won. But maybe there is something more that is coming to light here, at least for me in my own personal feelings that I am putting on here (thanks as always Denise for providing this venue – hopefully all of us can remember that a donation here and there helps with and honors that and keeps Transitions going!!) That out of this tremendous let down, burn out and feelings of futility, that we are being given the opportunity to reassess and stop buying into the fluffy pretense of things in regards to all of this. Maybe it’s giving us the chance to get a little more real ourselves, and stop believing in so much of the hype and reassess what we will and will not do any longer. And stop getting our hopes up around every eclipse, corner, or special date, waiting and endless feeling let down b/c the outcome isn’t living up to our hopes and wishes and what some people who are channeling entities, angels, ETs, __________etc. keep promising. Maybe it’s time we get a little more grounded and real, too.

  4. Hugs back at ya sweetie and thanks.

    Not sure what you mean about “the link” in regards to Karen. I always read her WINGS posts directly from her website Emerging Earth Angels. If you’re talking about something else…just ignore! 🙂

  5. You tell ’em Denise! Enough of the bs and being a doormat for others… just to save their ass! I can sense where you’re coming from… but you’re experiencing this lifetime much more than I … I can just only imagine what you’re daily life is as a highly highly sensitive being.

    I’m curious as to the link you’ve read about Karen. Is this it?×98110

    Hold on Denise! 😀
    Hugs & Unconditional Love
    Lou Ann

  6. Hey Denise my dear friend, I’m with you 200%.
    I know I haven’t been through all this for as long as you, but my time ‘outside the box’ since 2001 has been a tough challenge which has taken me to the edge many a time.
    We deserve a fooking break!
    I was so very happy to read Karen’s latest WINGS post 🙂
    Now I am waiting for our knew ‘home’…….

    Love and big hugs,


  7. Hi and welcome voxbulgaro.

    Yeah…I was all waaaay done with this business. Thanks for your support and humor too. 😀


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