Current Energy Intensities

The energies are buzzing rather intensely once again and I’ve been having some old ascension symptoms return over the past ten days to two weeks because of it. The one great thing is I’ve been sleeping better than I have in years and I sure hope that remains. If I can sleep each night for at least four hours without waking up fifteen times, then I can cope better with the higher energies coming in through the solar flares and further activating us and our DNA.

My Mom had another bout of intense inner spinning or vertigo that she’s gone through a couple of times before. It’s intense and she sees the room spinning and spinning and it eventually makes her dizzy enough that she vomits. We’ve tried all sorts of tricks and things and nothing works. Thankfully this latest phase was only extreme for about 24 hours and then it began easing up. The last time was a week!

The first time this happened to her I wasn’t sure what exactly was causing it. She’s going to turn 80 her next birthday, so you tend to slide back into old 3D thinking about certain things occasionally. We had her checked by her doctor (the first time this spinning happened months ago) and of course the doctor found nothing wrong with her.

The second time this intense spinning started the other day she’d been fine one minute, fell asleep and took a 20 minute nap in her chair, and when she woke up the room was spinning wildly. Instant nausea followed and then the vomiting. What this told me was that her suddenly having the world  spin wildly was probably her inner bodies/lightbodies spinning like crazy. Our Mer-Ka-Ba (lightbody) spins in opposite directions and I suspect she’s extra sensitive to it just as I’m extra sensitive to higher energies coming out of the Sun in solar flares/CMEs.

Once I’d figured this out I suggested she visualize really grounding her lower body into the Earth while her inner energy bodies spin like tops! Within a couple of hours she was doing better and the spinning had slowed down considerably…from her perspective that is.

While this was happening to her, I was once again seeing bright white light and light flashes peripherally close to my physical body. I’ve seen this repeatedly over the past many ascension years and I’ve learned that this white light I’m seeing is ME. It’s not something or someone else…it’s the higher light I’m now carrying or that I now am. My inner spin and inner vibrations have increased dramatically, as have my Mom’s, and as have yours.

A couple of nights ago I woke up in the middle of the night and felt that internal body vibration that feels (or used to feel) like a mild electric current running through your body. But the last few times I’ve felt this, which I’ve had for about the past eight years now, it too has changed. It now feels much less intense than it did before, and, the vibrational speed is now so fast it’s more like a hum than a slower vibration or internal shaking. This tells me that our spin, our amount of higher light we internally carry now or simply are, continues to increase and spin faster and brighter month after month, and year after year. How amazingly wonderful is that?

So if you too have been feeling the old familiar “ascension flu” symptoms, seeing bright white light around yourself, hearing strange sounds that aren’t physical, spinning, vibrating internally, the bottoms of your feet burning hot, having body aches and pains, smelling burning incense smoke  to the point it causes your eyes to tear and your throat to burn and be sore, having mega ascension/energy/spin headaches and pressure in your skull that nothing helps…know that you’re again in the middle of another phase of getting brighter and vibrationally spinning even faster still. Take a couple Tylenol if needed, maybe try an ice pack or two for the burning feet and the pounding head,  go rest for a bit, and be proud. You’re becoming an even brighter and lighter Light Being.


July 16, 2009

July 17, 2009 UPDATE:

Robin just reminded me about another fairly common Ascension symptom, one I’ve had off and on over the past 10 years or so now. I’ve always called it the stabbing “Ice Pick” pain. To me it feels like suddenly, and I mean suddenly, someone stabs a long ice pick directly into some body part! The pain is so intense, so extreme, that I can’t help but moan out-loud and squirm while it’s happening. Good news is this ice pick stabbing pain only lasts for a few seconds…because we simply couldn’t stand it any longer than that! Now it will return again and again and often in the same physical location—thigh bone, knee, toe, forearm, ankle bone. I usually have this ice pick pain in my bones and not joints or muscles, but I’m a Capricorn so who knows. 😉  You may also have it in a tiny spot in bones and joints too.

My sense about this particular ice pick stabbing pain/pains is that literally, energies and DNA inside the bones, muscles, cells are being blasted with higher energies and transmuted. It hurts like hell at the time it’s happening, but like I said, it’s only a few seconds and then it stops. Just try to release into it when it’s happening and know that something very positive just happened and that it is not a negative thing. Thanks Robin for reminding me about this doozy of an ascension symptom.

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7 thoughts on “Current Energy Intensities

  1. loulu79,

    Yep it sounds like you’ve been having, and still are, many of the ongoing ascension symptoms. They are the, as you called it, “Awakening process”.

    So many people have been living through this process and yet I don’t think they truly understand all that is happening to them, their body, their mind and how literal it all is. Humanity is literally morphing/evolving into a new higher vibrating species, but we’re living this process in little steps over many years, because it would destroy us otherwise.

    You might find Sunfell’s Indigo Files very interesting and helpful too now. There’s a link to that page in my LINKS so check them out as they’re very good.


  2. Hi Denise,

    O man…! Funny enough to say this but … I WISH I had all those experiences! I wonder why that burning sensation in my head stopped somehow. But then again… some of those symptoms you’ve mentioned … like that hot and cold sensations on the feet and energy circuits running through the body… I’ve had that 10 years ago during high school for 6 years… and it comes on and off again. I thought it was just me having the growing pain years.

    However… I’ve read from one of the Indigo Blogs that what I’m now experiencing is actually the Awakening process: not feeling extraverted … practicing Heart Conscious … waking up every two hours at night… having visions and writing them down… yeah I guess that’s all part of it.

    Wondering what July’s 22nd going to be like…

  3. theocacao,

    You have no idea how very much like my Mom you just sounded! 😀 She will totally resonate with your tree hugging suggestion. Oh how I want us to live out in Nature where there are trees nearby to hug n’ love every day!

    Thank you for your kind words and I’m so glad you enjoy TRANSITIONS. We’re all in this Big One together and we need to talk and share with each other, now more than ever before, to keep up with the amazing changes.

    Hugs and ESPAVO,

  4. Robin,

    Thanks so much for this info. She’s doing much better today but I don’t doubt that she’ll have another bout of this inner spinning again. We will certainly try these flower essences. She’s got Virgo (Chiron ruled) Asc. so it feels like it would help her a lot. I’d never thought of flower essences for this!

    Much Gratitude,

  5. Hey Denise 🙂

    I have noticed things definitely stepping up since the eclipse. Sorry to hear about what your mother is having to weather. That sort of discomfort is so over the top.

    Am wondering if she would be open to trying some flower essences. If interested:

    I started using these recently and although I have not had enough time to honestly make a reasonable claim about them, my hunch is that these are profoundly useful on a multitude of levels, especially for those that are really feeling these powerful effects and shifts physically and otherwise…

    There are two that stood out instantly regarding your Mother’s situation:

    * Quintessential Balance (In the *Constellations* category)

    * Balance & Stability (Under *Andean Orchid Flower* category)

    Check it out, if you/your mother resonate with it.

    I share this, too for anyone else interested in discovering some much needed assistance during these amazing times and to level out some of the intense energies with which you speak and we certainly know of!

    Namaste and hang loose!

  6. Denise:
    I found in the past, that when I was suffering intense vertigo, I would “hug” my favorite cedar tree out in my back yard and it would help me get centered and grounded again. I know this suggestion has helped others but does not work for everybody. I had one episode where I almost had to crawl to get to the tree I was spinning so bad and when I got there, I could not stand and had to sit on a log beside it until I found my center again by placing my forehead against the tree. In Guatemala, the Maya will hug the Gumbo Limbo tree to find their center and for spiritual healing. Thanks for you blogs–they keep me from feeling like maybe I am “imagining” things or I am just “out there” :0)

  7. Denise,

    Oh yes, the white light just to the side of me has been increasing over the past few weeks 🙂
    Also had the motion sickness thing, don’t like that!

    My wife had a great event last week, she heard a very loud strange sound and she appeared to see something (I watched her looking round the room), she asked me what it was, I didn’t know as I hadn’t picked up on it!

    Love and gentle hugs,


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