Pets & The Ascension Process

I’m an animal lover, always have been. For the majority of my life I’ve been more fond of animals than most humans. I expect that to change via the ongoing Ascension Process however, but animals have always been profoundly special and dear to my heart. I know many of you feel exactly like this too and for the same reasons.

Around 2001-ish we got a second kitten. We already had an adult cat that was my best friend at that time. As soon as I found the new kitten and brought him home I could tell he was very different from the older cat. Because I’ve had kittens/cats all my life, I’m pretty familiar with how they act, why, and their energies and ways etc. But this new kitten (in 2001) was so obviously different from all other cats/kittens I’d had that I was quit surprised.

After some inner level questioning I discovered the new kitten was, for lack of a better term, an “Indigo” kitten/cat. Yep, a higher vibrating feline than all the previous felines I’d had throughout my life. I was ecstatic because this meant we all had made many HUGE transitions to a much higher vibrational level. This new kitten was so much smarter, faster, more sensitive, more compassionate, more aware of everything and everyone than any previous feline I’d known and loved. It was really great and exciting having encountered my first “Indigo” kitty.

Years later I had a dream and saw another tiny baby kitten and knew this meant  he was soon to come into my life physically. A few weeks after my dream I was driving past the local pet store and sensed it was time to stop and check out if they had any kittens for sale. Within a couple of minutes I located the Kittens For Sale cage and sure enough there he was, my wee baby dream tuxedo kitten. I bought him on the spot and he’s been my best friend for the past four years now. He too is one of the higher vibrating new pets (feline) and is so very sensitive to all the ongoing ascension energies and constant changes, food, sounds, and such. I feel bad for him when he has difficult periods, just as I do, just as you do. When the ascension energies are extra difficult, he has trouble eating and keeping cat food down. He eats more cat grass than any cat I’ve ever known. If it was up to him he’d be a herbivore kitty!  And he isn’t impressed with lower vibrating humans any more than I am either and he hides when they’re even around my house outside.

But when we’ve adapted to the latest higher level of higher energies and all feels pristine and perfect again, he’s the best entertainment around. He runs through the house so fast it’s scary! His nick-name is Dash Incredible. He plays tag with me and he also tries to talk to us. Yes my cat is actually trying to say human words which I suspect many of them will be doing more and more thanks to the ongoing Ascension Process. His best words to date are, I want!’ He says it as clear as can be and every time we just stare at him, burst into laughter and give him any damn thing he wants.  We never taught him to say that or anything else. Notice how both the dogs and cats have been doing this talking over the past few years now.

Just as it is with us humans, our higher vibrating pets, our “Indigo” dogs and cats and whatever else experience the ongoing ascension symptoms, energy level changes, energy shifts and intense adjustment periods. They too are carrying more Light than ever before and they too are living through the ascension process just as we are in our ways so be respectful of their struggles, symptoms, constant adapting and adjustments.

Also know that when one of our beloved pets doesn’t want to remain in their current body and do any further ascension related business (for whatever their reasons), they’ll simply check out of that physical body. To them it’s no big deal or trauma like it is to us emotionally. Know too that in many cases they want to check out for a while but return in another body that more comfortably matches the current higher energies. They upgrade or trade-in for a new model in other words. So don’t cry your heart and eyes out when one of your much-beloved pets decides to exit that physical body — die. In many cases they return later in new and improved physical bodies that better match the higher frequency energies to continue living  more of the ongoing ascension processes right by our sides. Aren’t they just the most amazing, generous and loving souls?

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June 29, 2009

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30 thoughts on “Pets & The Ascension Process

  1. ‘I never bought into all this Ascension stuff. I was (am?) a Christian and such stuff was beyond the pale. That was until it started happening to me.’


    Thank you for your honesty, not only here with me and what I write about, but to yourself. It’s more important than you probably realize yet.

    Do your best to NOT drop frequency–which is Light–and go into guilt or fear or regret etc. It won’t help you at all if you do.

    Because our pets are so energetically, psychically connected to us, they often go through what we are (and/or what we try to ignore or project etc.) at the same time we are. I’ve experienced this many times with different cats and dogs (I’m certain it happens in varying degrees with other animals too like horses, pigs etc.) over the decades and it really makes one consciously and honestly aware of themselves! Pets are often mirrors to us in ways that another human could never do…because we love our pet(s) because of their unconditional love for us.

    Until you gain better understanding about the Ascension Process and its many symptoms/side effects and other related topics, it’s probably best for you to keep this knowledge to yourself. All of us have gone through this too, even those of us that come from more esoteric families! Point is, just live what you are as best you can from minute to minute and as you grow in knowledge and empowerment etc., you’ll know from a higher perspective what to do/not do with most situations. Be strong, be wise, be honest with yourself and keep evolving. ❤

  2. Oh Debora/Jean, I’ve wondered about you as I hadn’t seen you (comment) for a long time. Big Heart Hugs to you my friend for all you and yours have and still are going through. ❤ ❤ ❤ You are loved and LOVED.

  3. Hi Denise, and others who have read and responded to this post over the years. How strange when something you wrote/discovered years ago comes back when you need it.

    Last November, Nine passed away. He took on so much of Joe’s un-well-ness that his great and beautiful heart just stopped. He was much loved by us both and had become partially paralyzed and yet he was so full of love we just kept caring for him.

    When he passed we were heart sick. And it made Joe sicker because now, the blessed dog that was helping keep his illnesses away, was gone and they all came rushing in. On March 9th, Joe’s great and beautiful heart stopped the same way Nine’s did.

    Sophie and I are just two old girls, lost without our guys. I am so happy this article and comments came into my in-box today.

    Thank you for still being here on the end of the string.

    Deb (Jean)

  4. Hello,
    I never bought into all this Ascension stuff. I was (am?) a Christian and such stuff was beyond the pale. That was until it started happening to me. And, most frightening of all, it’s happening to one of my pets too. I have four Border Terriers, but one of them is going through the same things I have gone through. She is getting sick, vomiting regularly and suffering diarrhoea. We took her to the vets in January and they couldn’t find anything wrong with her. We though it had gone away but it has returned. The strange thing is, on her good days she is full of energy and is like she was in her younger days (she is quite an old dog). I am very frightened and worried for her because it is a very hard process and sometimes you don’t want to live anymore. But there is nothing I can do. There is no way my family will accept the reality of the situation, which is indeed ascension. So instead they will put her through unnecessary medical procedures. Have I done this to her? Should I move away from home? It’s a terrible predicament to be in, and I had a bad experience with my parents when I tried to tell them what has been happening to me a few years ago. Because of this, I now have a deeply ingrained Cassandra Complex. Yet I am shocked. I am seeing the plot fir a science fiction film being played out in real life and I don’t know where it’s going to lead.

    Best wishes,

  5. I have been having dreams for the past few months about cats and have been “craving” rescuing a cat. I am a dog rescuer. My husband is allergic to cats so I had to put my desire to have a cat on hold for the past 20 yrs. Last night I had a dream about rescued cats and I wanted to adopt one. It had to be the right one. Then I saw a dark grey kitten with indigo tipped hair and indigo eyes! I KNEW that was the kitten I wanted! I have been researching spirit animals and I see how the indigo ties in to the cats that keep showing up in my dreams. I seem to have much more in common with cats than I do with dogs, although I know dogs pretty well, but it’s been a learned thing rather than instinctive.
    Just thought I’d share since I put in “indigo cat” in the search engine and found this neat article. Ironically or serendipitously it was just after watching the film “Indigo”! LOL!

  6. Cheryl, so sorry for your loss. And once again such wise advice from Denise.

    I was devastated by the loss of my dog who had taken on so much of my own pain on her own to help me grieve and of my cat’s illness. I knew from previous experience that it would not be a good to rush out and get another dog. Or a cat. I opened it up to the Universe. It took a few years, and the cat came into my life first. A few months afterward, the dog. I knew on sight, that each of them had been sent from Heaven to me. The cat softened my heart again, and the dog opened my life to new adventure (search and rescue) that I could never have dreamed possible in my life.

    The new kitten was/is the reincarnation of my other cat. The dog, I believe, is a reincarnation of different dog, although he looks exactly like the dog I lost to cancer.

    Btw, we have something else in common, too, Cheryl. I held my dog in my hands the day she was born, too.

  7. “So after a few days of profound grief, guilt, etc. I realised that if I had been able to see her, she would not have let go, for me…”


    First of all, big Heart Hugs to you. ♥ As you know it’s just going to hurt for a while so go through the process and KNOW that Rip always knew and still does know how much you loved her and how well you took care of her health problems.

    I’m going to share a story about an old beloved cat, Bo, we had long ago. He was my mother’s cat and lived with her until his death at age 14. My Mom has arthritis and spine, hip, joint problems and has most of her life. As Bo aged, he began showing signs of similar physical health problems and pains as did my Mom. His back hips got so bad that he couldn’t jump up on anything and he’d meow for her to pick him up.

    The two of them had a ritual each morning of walking Mom’s property and checking on the trees, plants, fences etc., but as Bo’s arthritis and hips got worse, he stopped walking around the property each morning with her. Long story short, after watching Bo deal with increasing physical pain and immobility issues over those last few years, my Mom sat down and talked with Bo. She told him that she didn’t want him to suffer physically any longer and that it was okay with her if he left (died). She told Bo that if he wanted to leave (die, exit his old painful physical body), that it was okay and that he could go out to the road in front of the house. Twelve hours after my Mom giving Bo permission to exit his pain-filled body, Bo went out into the road in front of the house and was hit by a car. Bo never went into the road.

    The energetic relationships humans and pets have is so complex and strong it’s unbelievable! Pets do often times take on human illnesses to help us, to teach us and of course the human usually feels all sorts of guilt when this happens but that’s NOT why the pets do it. They love us in ways that’s hard for humans to understand, but as humanity evolves into triality, High Heart consciousness, they will understand much more about everything.

    ” I have read this should be done within 2-3 weeks of a pet’s passing…”

    That’s not correct from my level of awareness. And, do you think most humans are in a balance emotional state after 2-3 weeks of a beloved pet dying? Not hardly, so the human should spend a lot more time grieving and honestly trying to learn from that relationship — the living and the dying of that pet and the relationship with it.

    The main thing I want you to realize now is that if you are not very, very, aware and make changes in yourself, you run the risk of having another much-loved pet come along who again takes on YOUR physical problems. I strongly recommend that you wait as long as you can before you get another dog. You need some emotional time and distance between the past and these issues so that you don’t repeat an old pattern with a new dog. I don’t want either of you to suffer physically or emotionally.

    Also it will, in the near future (longer than 2-3 weeks!), be time for another pet energy to partner with you/you with it — not this old pet soul that you loved so. Be open to growth and change so that something even more amazing can enter your life and heart. Your next dog should be one that doesn’t take on your health problems or one that you have to care take because of ANY health problems etc. This lesson of being open to big changes is a biggie on everyone’s list right now, pets or no pets!

    Be well and be wise and please wait as long as you can before looking for a replacement dog. It will be so worth it if you do. 🙂
    ♥ Hugs,

  8. Namaste Denise!

    I just lost my chocolate lab Rip who was 14 in Sept/12. She was my girl from the moment she was born… I held her in my hand as soon as her mother cleaned her off and she was with me ever since. I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2003 and guess who else got diabetes? I was able to get her off insulin for a few years but it had to put her back on it for the last half of her life. A week ago her eyes and muzzle swelled up thickly so I raced her to the vet clinic where they administered anti-histamine and dexamethasone injections. Upon my concern I was advised the dexamethasone was transient and advised she would experience increased urination, thirst, and appetite. I cautioned she had kidney failure from the diabetes but was ignored. The allergic reaction was due to some mysterious culprit and after a few days of the anti-histamines, the swelling went away. With a dog with diabetes, the insulin resistance and elevated blood sugar possibilities from the steroid resulted in excessive urination and thirst. Rip was reacting to the drug so I called the vet clinic and got blown off by the receptionist and new vet who had administered it to her. They did not advise to bring her in or check her glucose levels. On April 1st, she had 2 seizures and was back in the clinic. It was so scary to watch my beloved Rip go thru the convulsions, the 2nd one, she was howling, barking and gnashing her teeth. I was able to lift her into the truck by myself (she was a big dog of 80 lbs) and get her back to the clinic where they took her from me and as I watched her being led away, I felt very anxious. I heard her tail thumping the door on the other side before she was put in a kennel and that was the last time I saw her. I was supposed to have an appointment a few hours later as an opening came up and another vet called me after he examined her and I gave permission for blood and urine tests. Her glucose was off the charts so they put her on fluids overnight and did a blood glucose curve the next day, called to say it was normal and wanted to keep her on fluids overnight so I agreed. The senior vet/owner called that night to book a “glucose consult” for 10:00 the next morning when I picked her up. I was insulted as they had eluded to the possibility that I was not administering her insulin correctly and wanted to go over that with me. But I agreed to it. I had brought that animal to her nearly 15 years of age. 2 years ago she got cataracts from high blood sugar levels due to inferior insulin that was sold to me from another vet clinic. So I was on top of this with her health regimen. She got the best food I could find and I never left her alone for very long. I never even took holidays for all those years as I couldn’t leave my animals in someone else’s care. She had been on a strict dietary and insulin routine for years. This was very hard for me to digest.
    I woke at 5:00 thinking she was in trouble and should call the clinic. I fell back asleep, ignoring my intuitive self.
    One hour before I was to go pick her up, her vet called with the bad news that she had passed away sometime during the night. They found her at 7:00 laying on her side with her eyes closed. I was blind sided and in shock. I felt bad for the vet who had to tell me as I do feel he was very sensitive to our bond and felt compassion for my broken heart. He apologised numerous times and I think it was quite a shock to him as he was not expecting it either.
    So after a few days of profound grief, guilt, etc. I realised that if I had been able to see her, she would not have let go, for me. She has spent the last nearly 15 years going through alot of really bad times with me and it was time for her to go home and be rewarded for her loyalty, brave heart and unfaltering love. I cannot believe how empty my life feels right now. My home is so quiet and the void is very painful. I lost her sister a year ago who was also over 15 years old and was pretty saddened by her loss but this is different. I loved them both so much. I am in my 50’s now and I would like to find another chocolate lab puppy who she would re-incarnate into with a new health body. I have read this should be done within 2-3 weeks of a pet’s passing… do you have any comments about this? Also, does Rip know that I did not abandon her? The staff at the clinic who loved her told me she was quite happy in her last couple of days there. I feel so bad that she might think I just left her there. I still don’t know for sure why she died… I decided not to pursue an autopsy because I didn’t want her carved up or to carry the blame game energy further. Has she ascended? Will I see her again?
    Thank you!

  9. hi denise, could this taking on of illnesses by animals be very common amongst most pets these days cause of the ascension…or is it for rthose of us who are more evolved souls…and I feel my dog and cat very much prove to me my healing skills over the years to bring more self confidence in my own healing skills thru the power of love …my cat awoke me to a very powerful distant healing skill I had…how I loved that cat that was so destined to be with me …love n blessings Debbie.

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