Pets & The Ascension Process

I’m an animal lover, always have been. For the majority of my life I’ve been more fond of animals than most humans. I expect that to change via the ongoing Ascension Process however, but animals have always been profoundly special and dear to my heart. I know many of you feel exactly like this too and for the same reasons.

Around 2001-ish we got a second kitten. We already had an adult cat that was my best friend at that time. As soon as I found the new kitten and brought him home I could tell he was very different from the older cat. Because I’ve had kittens/cats all my life, I’m pretty familiar with how they act, why, and their energies and ways etc. But this new kitten (in 2001) was so obviously different from all other cats/kittens I’d had that I was quit surprised.

After some inner level questioning I discovered the new kitten was, for lack of a better term, an “Indigo” kitten/cat. Yep, a higher vibrating feline than all the previous felines I’d had throughout my life. I was ecstatic because this meant we all had made many HUGE transitions to a much higher vibrational level. This new kitten was so much smarter, faster, more sensitive, more compassionate, more aware of everything and everyone than any previous feline I’d known and loved. It was really great and exciting having encountered my first “Indigo” kitty.

Years later I had a dream and saw another tiny baby kitten and knew this meant  he was soon to come into my life physically. A few weeks after my dream I was driving past the local pet store and sensed it was time to stop and check out if they had any kittens for sale. Within a couple of minutes I located the Kittens For Sale cage and sure enough there he was, my wee baby dream tuxedo kitten. I bought him on the spot and he’s been my best friend for the past four years now. He too is one of the higher vibrating new pets (feline) and is so very sensitive to all the ongoing ascension energies and constant changes, food, sounds, and such. I feel bad for him when he has difficult periods, just as I do, just as you do. When the ascension energies are extra difficult, he has trouble eating and keeping cat food down. He eats more cat grass than any cat I’ve ever known. If it was up to him he’d be a herbivore kitty!  And he isn’t impressed with lower vibrating humans any more than I am either and he hides when they’re even around my house outside.

But when we’ve adapted to the latest higher level of higher energies and all feels pristine and perfect again, he’s the best entertainment around. He runs through the house so fast it’s scary! His nick-name is Dash Incredible. He plays tag with me and he also tries to talk to us. Yes my cat is actually trying to say human words which I suspect many of them will be doing more and more thanks to the ongoing Ascension Process. His best words to date are, I want!’ He says it as clear as can be and every time we just stare at him, burst into laughter and give him any damn thing he wants.  We never taught him to say that or anything else. Notice how both the dogs and cats have been doing this talking over the past few years now.

Just as it is with us humans, our higher vibrating pets, our “Indigo” dogs and cats and whatever else experience the ongoing ascension symptoms, energy level changes, energy shifts and intense adjustment periods. They too are carrying more Light than ever before and they too are living through the ascension process just as we are in our ways so be respectful of their struggles, symptoms, constant adapting and adjustments.

Also know that when one of our beloved pets doesn’t want to remain in their current body and do any further ascension related business (for whatever their reasons), they’ll simply check out of that physical body. To them it’s no big deal or trauma like it is to us emotionally. Know too that in many cases they want to check out for a while but return in another body that more comfortably matches the current higher energies. They upgrade or trade-in for a new model in other words. So don’t cry your heart and eyes out when one of your much-beloved pets decides to exit that physical body — die. In many cases they return later in new and improved physical bodies that better match the higher frequency energies to continue living  more of the ongoing ascension processes right by our sides. Aren’t they just the most amazing, generous and loving souls?

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June 29, 2009

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30 thoughts on “Pets & The Ascension Process

  1. My dog did this for me after my mother passed away. She took on as much grief and anger as she could and also took on cancer for my cat so that he would have more time with me. There are no adequate words to describe a love like that.

  2. Dearest Denise,

    Thank you so much for your quick reply and loving words. I asked my neighbor to drive me to the store to get the hairball stuff and then drop me off at the gym. He was kind enough to do so. Being in the water really helped me to calm down. I’ve been doing pt exercises in the pool 2x/week when I’m not too tired from the energies.

    Before I left this morning, I cried some more and realized what was going on. I was releasing something that happened years ago to another one of our cats growing up… and in that case I really was helpless to help. Another “adult” decided not to let the parents know that our cat needed help until “later”. Because of this, our cat had to be put to sleep because it was badly injured. I was feeling very helpless this morning, wanting to help her, and so it brought this up to be released. Probably all the injustices to animals in general even. Not an easy thing to feel, yet it was a relief to recognize what was going on.

    I put some of the paste on her paw when I got home, but she just shook it as if to say, “Geez, wha’d you do that for? Get this stuff off me.” I did watch her eat a couple strands of cat grass (I got her a fresh one last week but she hasn’t touched it much, usually she loves it) after that. Haven’t seen her drink still or eat. I did put another bowl of water for her in our bedroom (my bed is hers during the day!); thank you for that reminder… it occurred to me sometime yesterday that maybe it would help to have more water bowls around. And I did the 12D Shield for myself after having a bit to eat… for the first time actually. My head is buzzing a little since having done it (more tingley than buzzing). And I did a little less intense shielding for her when she came in my lap afterwards.

    I agree that it’s a tummy upset, that’s been my feeling from the start. It’s a challenge to see her sit there, wandering around, licking her chops here and there and yet she won’t drink or eat. Poor little booboo. I’ll keep you posted.

    With Love and Light,
    Chrysalis… ready to fly..

  3. Chrysalis,

    I get the feeling she’s just not feeling very well at the moment and needs to do what cats (animals) do which is go quiet and sleep a lot. I also sense she might have some minor digestive pains, maybe due to hairballs???. It will pass but yes, have plenty of fresh water for her and maybe another water bowl near where she sleeps right now.

    My cat goes through, as I know most of our pets do as they’re so energetically (“psychically”) tuned into us, periods of feeling sick, in pain, exhausted and so on. They go through these Ascension symptoms in their own ways too just as we humans do, plus they’re so energetically connected to us that they’ll often pick up many of the same pains and discomforts we are. I’ve gone through this dozens of times with my cat and watched him get “sick” when I do. Talk about learning to be responsible for ourselves and our environment! Gads…

    Anyway, please try to NOT let yourself become worried, fearful about your beloved cat even though it’s near impossible. 😉 She’ll only feel your fears too. Instead, envision putting up energetic (“psychic”) protection around her, much like we do for ourselves and our houses, property etc. (Like Lisa Renee’s 12 D Shield technique.) Do this daily and nightly for as long as you feel she needs your help in this way. I keep my whole house and property energetically protected all the time so everyone and everything inside the house/property is within this field of protection.

    No fear, just empowering counter measures. 😉 She will be fine in a few days. Does she like eating pet grass? My cat loves it and it helps during the times when his coat is shedding and he has more problems with hairballs due to that. You might also try that hairball product from the pet store; comes in a tube like toothpaste and most cats enjoy eating it.


  4. Dearest Denise,

    I had to search for an article about animals, so I could be on topic. I’m hesitating to post at all, and now that I’m thinking about it, the hesitation could be a “dark” thing.

    I’m worried about my cat, and (I believe) I won’t have enough money for a vet until Monday. She hasn’t eaten since maybe Wed. morning. She’s gotten sick a couple times since then, but no blood or anything. At first, I was believing that she’s just responding to the energies (she’s sensitive to me and things around her), that it’s Ascension related. Now, this morning, there’s worry about her being dehydrated, and still not eating. A small part of me wonders if this is another “attack/proof” because nothing about lent has frightened me AT ALL, and I’ve had all the triggers thrown at me too. My mind is worried about waiting all weekend.

    I’m going to try going to the gym this morning to try to get a bit of distance about this. I just want to know what (if anything) I can do for her. If she needs help/support, I can’t tell. I talk with her, I ask her questions, and I can’t intuit her answers (she is talking to me). She seems to move around ok, but she’s sleeping a lot. Maybe this is all a “dark” tactic, and she’ll be better by Monday. I guess I just needed to share, to release this (or try). Been having tears this morning. I’m not scared to “lose” her because I know she’d return in another form, I feel helpless not knowing what to do. I’m trying to listen to my inner voice, and I’m a bit of a mess this morning.

    With Love and Light,
    Chrysalis… ready to fly…

  5. Hi Denise,
    Well, now that I can see again after bawling about your friends beloved, brave yellow Lab (I had one too when I was younger!) I can now type back!

    I talk to my doggies all the time and so thank you for the suggestion to explain things to Nine — I hadn’t thought of that — how silly of me! We’ll have a talk tonight. He is so serious and he listens so carefully when I talk to him I know he will understand. I’ll also explain it to Sophie — we communicate telepathically sometimes — and she’ll help me. Nine is so intent on caring for Joe it will be hard for him. I have told him “through me not to me” Reiki-style but I don’t think he understands…somehow we’ll get the message to him!

    Warm Blessings to you tonight and every night,

  6. Jean,

    Heart Hugs of gratitude back at you sweetie and thanks very much.

    Our pets do things for their humans that most people are totally unaware of. It really is quite amazing. I too have seen both dogs and cats take on some disease and/or physical pains of their humans to lessen their humans suffering.

    Many years ago, long before the ascension business started, I had a close girlfriend who had a yellow Lab that she loved more than any human. For a short period we moved in together to share living expenses. It was during this time that I psychically saw something one evening. We both were reading and her dog was on the couch beside her. My cat was hiding somewhere from her dog! 😉 I noticed something strange clairvoyantly above her dog’s back, so I took a careful look. To me at that time this energy thing looked like a tiny monster creature. I knew it was negative and because it was attached to her dog etherically, I knew her dog was sick and going to become terribly sick and die.

    I sat there staring at that god damned etheric creature thing hovering a few inches above her dog’s back and pondered what to say or not say to her about this. Because we knew each other so well, I knew I had to tell her everything I’d just seen and that I felt her dog would not survive and she needed to prepare herself. I told her and we both did a lot of crying.

    Here’s where this story really gets interesting.

    When she was a young teenager (she was the eldest of three children), her mother got cancer and died. Because of this she was concerned that she too might get cancer as some point in her life. Guess what her dog got? You guessed it…cancer! After her dog was diagnosed with cancer I told her I knew what her beloved dog had done for her; the dog had taken on the cancer so this young woman wouldn’t. Again, a lot of crying all around but huge insights and even larger love and gratitude for her dog.

    I too sense that Nine is doing something similar for you and your husband. Hopefully your husband’s physical problems will diminish greatly and quickly. I’d like you to tell Nine that he does NOT have to take on your husbands pains/illness/disabilities etc., and that you give Nine permission to NOT do so, but to be totally healthy and pain-free himself. It’s amazing what happens when we just talk to them in very honest, open and serious ways like this.

    Be well all of you two and four footed souls,

  7. Wow, Denise! I just keep finding golden nuggets on your blog! My Sophie is the smartest dog I have ever owned (and I’ve had some really sharp dogs)! She talks as well and has a huge vocabulary of words she knows. She is super sensitive to our emotions and guides us through the hard times. I firmly believe she is “more ascended” than we are! Our pains really affect her.

    5 years ago she had puppies she had nine puppies who lived and a tenth who was stillborn. We started calling the smallest of the pups Number Nine. The name stuck, but shortened to “Nine”. Nine is probably the most special dog I’ve ever owned — even more so than Soph if that is possible. His voice is even different from dogs. Like his mama-dog he is super sensitive to our emotions.

    Over the last year he has developed seizures. Last week he had the worst one ever. It is so difficult to watch your beloved animal go through one of these but happily there is some really good info on da’net about dogs and seizures. Among other things, Nine now has his own container of Hagen Daz ice cream in the ‘fridge because it holds his meds and delivers it more slowly (because of the high fat content) than anything else and has no preservatives to badly affect him. Anyway, I now believe that his seizures are because he is ascending as is my husband to whom Nine is devoted. My husband developed huge problems last June and has become completely disabled because of the physical problems that developed last year. Honestly, I believe Nine is taking some of it on himself so that my husband can stay with us. He’s come close to dying 3 times now and that is how many seizure episodes Nine has had!

    I really appreciate your work — you have come to mean more to me than you can possibly know!

    Much love and light to you and yours,

  8. Hi Denise,

    My work friend Eileen has a cat that has been going through ascension related symptoms. The cat is sometimes sick, and a few times she said it sounds like she is saying human words! Her cat is 12, so fairly old and wise.

    Love and gentle hugs,


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