The Rewiring Process & Internal Vibrations


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At this point many people have been living with the Inner Body Vibrations, inner shaking and electrical-like current buzzing inside their bodies for many years. This started for me in 2001 or 2002 and it took me a while to discern what exactly it was. I’ve talked about it before but wanted to mention it again because I’m still feeling it day and night, awake and asleep over a decade later and I know more of you are too.

For some people it’s a newer experience and one that’s rather confusing and could be—if you didn’t know what the causes of it are—rather frightening as well. It was never physically painful for me and I’ve never heard anyone else claim it was or is for them either. It is however, weird feeling and mildly distracting. When it suddenly stops momentarily, it’s rather shocking to then realize how intense and constant it has been inside you.

This inner body vibration is what’s called the Rewiring and that is an accurate term for this Process. Because of the ongoing Ascension or highly compressed evolutionary Process humanity is in now, our entire Central Nervous Systems (and everything else) simply must evolve to accommodate the tremendously higher and faster frequency Light energies. The Sun, the Milky Way galaxy and the cosmos continue to blast Earth, and of course humanity, with much higher frequency Light Energies. Our lower world 3D body/bodies (physical body, astral, emotional, mental, etheric etc.) weren’t designed for these higher frequencies so we evolve/ascend vibrationally, physically, and in all other ways as well. If we didn’t do this we would fry, or, we’d check out of our physical bodies (die physically). Those who want to remain in their current physical body and go through the ongoing evolutionary, Alchemical, Ascension Process changes will have these numerous “rewiring” ascension upgrades and more. Them’s the rules; fly much higher vibrationally or fry and eventually exit the old lower frequency body vehicle. No shame either way, just individual soul choice.

So this Rewiring Process takes time, years even, and like I said it isn’t physically painful so don’t worry about it. It does feel a little strange at first, like some inner body electrical energy is literally vibrating inside you. I’ve felt it move slowly throughout my whole body over the years, like different areas of my body were being worked on and upgraded to have my nervous system and other physical and energetic bodies and parts NOT fry or overload. I’ve used the analogy of trying to run 220 electricity through 110 wiring in a house and it just doesn’t work and you run the risk of setting the whole house on fire! This Rewiring is beyond kundalini rising in the old lower 3D body; this is about the physical body being upgraded, evolved energetically to accommodate, house and constantly run vastly higher frequency Light energies through you and it. This is going from a 3D central nervous system and body to a 5D central nervous system and body and it feels a bit strange when the Rewiring Process is happening. Fear not however as it’s a very positive sign.

Know too that if you’re experiencing the Rewiring in your body, then you’re also in the ongoing process of having your two brain hemispheres building new connections (being Rewired too) to have a whole brain, unified and integrated with NO divider, NO Veil or polarized separation within it as we did in the old lower 3D polarized world and dimension. Talk about an upgrade! Just imagine, if you can, what you and I will be able to do, perceive, create, envision, know, connect with, see and feel all because we’ve integrated our brain hemispheres and our nervous systems (and so much more) and can carry vastly higher frequency Light energies? We literally will not be the same species. We’ll be higher frequency beings that carry more Light than they ever could or have prior. How very exciting and encouraging!

So don’t freak-out or panic when you feel some internal vibration that feels like a mild electric current buzzing, changing locations and shaking inside your physical body in different areas and growing intensity and vibratory rate. It’s the evolutionary Rewiring Process which is a very positive sign that you are embodying increasing amounts of higher and higher frequency Light energies within yourself, your consciousness and your physical body. Float through it and remember to give yourself credit for literally transmuting into a new, higher frequency being housing much more Light than before. This is a lot of hard work on multiple levels and dimensions so be kind to yourself and rest, sleep and nap as much and as often as you need. Happy ongoing body and brain Rewiring everyone.


June 26, 2009

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87 thoughts on “The Rewiring Process & Internal Vibrations

  1. Hi,
    I have been experiencing this phenomenon since March 2014. In the last few months, it has become painful for me, my muscles seem to be tensing up against it, particularly in my shoulders & neck. I do yoga, meditation, don’t drink, do drugs or smoke. The vibrations are most intense when I am immobile, & they seem to be most of the time now. It is so telling when it stops on occasion, it’s as if someone has flipped off a switch. Any more information/insight you can give me would be appreciated. Namaste, Susan

  2. Susan & All,

    I’ve been sensing that it’s time, once again, to write another article about this particular Ascension related side effect with some updated information. I’ll try to get it done asap and publish it here at TRANSITIONS.

    Everything you mentioned Susan about how your physical body reacts to or is affected by these higher Light Energies is the same that mine has for many years. My spine especially (think antenna with this because that’s what it actually is) feels the increasing energetic pressures sometimes and also in my spine at my neck and down to between the shoulder blades–aka the HighHeart Center. The Light Energies pour down into us this way and these changes often are felt by us as tremendous pressures on our spines, muscles, joints, chakras and pretty much everything else for that matter! 😆 And you’re right about when the Inner Body vibrations stop for a second or two, it almost knocks you over because you didn’t realize just how intense it had been until it stops for a second! All this is “normal” for The Process. 🙂

    I’ll work on that NEW updated article as soon as possible.

  3. Namaste Denise,

    Good Morning & Love from India.

    I pray you have a blessedly awesome day.

    I have been experiencing subtle body vibrations since the past 9 years. By the blessings of God & my Guru, I was initiated into ThetaHealing meditation in July 2015. Since then, these vibrations have become more pronounced. I experience them through out the day & night and am grateful to the Universe for this gift.

    I just wished to share an experience with you & request your guidance on it. Since the past one month, my body involuntary shakes very vigorously when I sit down in meditation. During meditation, my body shakes intensely but very rhythmically from the hips to the head & in the reverse order. I am a little anxious about this new development even though, I feel that it is only the next step in my Ascension. When I am not meditating, I can feel my body vibrate very profoundly but the shaking does not occur.

    I would love to hear what you feel about this.

    Respect & Gratitude,

  4. Gunjika,

    It sounds to me like there’s something blocking or reducing the natural flow of Light Energies trying to move through you, through your physical and energy bodies. It also sounds like Kundalini rising up and down repeatedly, creating the rhythmic undulations in your body. There’s nothing “wrong” with any of this so long as you’re continuing to release whatever the Kundalini energies brings up and out. This is a cleansing Process that brings up old karma, old beliefs, old emotional wounds from this life and past lives as well so there’s a lot of old dense stuff being brought up to the surface and burned away by Kundalini Fire. Let it, release it, don’t limit any of this with old beliefs and so on. This change that’s taking place in you will naturally change you, your consciousness, your heart etc. Let it, that’s why it’s happening. 🙂

    Also learn to trust yourself more because you are an aspect of God/Source/Divinity. ❤

  5. JAMES from Nigeria

    Thanks for this revelation of rewiring process/transition. Am actually experiencing it now, vibration of the internal organs, with other illness signs for 5 month now. Many said is anxiety disorder and others create more fear in me.

    Am happy for this release I have had today and I pray to recover soon


  6. Dearest Denise!

    I am Writing to you all the way from Sweden so please forgive my english.

    I came across your article by coincidence and it just feels wonderful to finally get answers to what I have been going through. What a sweet soul you are, sharing your wisdom and patiently and kindly answering all the questions that have been posted here. I have been reading the questions/answers aswell and find very much valuable information in them. Thank you! ❤

    I too have these electrical vibrations, mainly in my chest area, it has been going on for about three years now, slowly escalating. I wake up at night – sometimes many times a night, and feel like there is electrical light buzzing and pouring or rather radiating out of me. It feels like it starts somewhere deeep inside of me that is almost deeper than my physical body would allow for, and then it radiates all around my chest. It has been off and on, and differing in intensity. Some nights its so intense and other nights it is more mildly. Also I often wake up with a mild headache and feeling exhausted and tired almost as if I have been working really hard all night. It is a different kind of tired, not physical and not mental either. I dont know..

    It is only these past days that I finally came aross your blog by coincidence, and came to understand what it is all about and it is the most happy and most confusing news at the same time.

    I have felt that there is something really, really off and wrong with this world ever since my early teens, but I just could not seem to figure out what and I never seemed to find any other people that see things the way I do. Now it seems as if more pieces to the puzzle are starting to fit and my whole worldview is starting to make sense. I cannot wait to lay the whole puzzle and to understand what is going on with the World and to finally see the whole Ascension come to pass ❤

    Thank you so much for being who you are, Denise! What a loving and sweet soul you are! I love you and I thank you for helping us all lay that puzzle and continue to understand the great Ascension-process we are all in! ❤

  7. Eva,

    We are invisibly led to certain information at the exact moment that we’ll benefit and grow the most from it. I’m so glad you’ve been led to TRANSITIONS because it has a Library of Ascension Process information, symptoms and other related topics so there’s plenty of archived information here to help you put these lifelong pieces together now. I hope you’ll keep reading even though most of my article here are older, but this is exactly why I’ve archived them for people like you. 🙂

    Love you back, Denise

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