The Rewiring Process & Internal Vibrations


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At this point many people have been living with the Inner Body Vibrations, inner shaking and electrical-like current buzzing inside their bodies for many years. This started for me in 2001 or 2002 and it took me a while to discern what exactly it was. I’ve talked about it before but wanted to mention it again because I’m still feeling it day and night, awake and asleep over a decade later and I know more of you are too.

For some people it’s a newer experience and one that’s rather confusing and could be—if you didn’t know what the causes of it are—rather frightening as well. It was never physically painful for me and I’ve never heard anyone else claim it was or is for them either. It is however, weird feeling and mildly distracting. When it suddenly stops momentarily, it’s rather shocking to then realize how intense and constant it has been inside you.

This inner body vibration is what’s called the Rewiring and that is an accurate term for this Process. Because of the ongoing Ascension or highly compressed evolutionary Process humanity is in now, our entire Central Nervous Systems (and everything else) simply must evolve to accommodate the tremendously higher and faster frequency Light energies. The Sun, the Milky Way galaxy and the cosmos continue to blast Earth, and of course humanity, with much higher frequency Light Energies. Our lower world 3D body/bodies (physical body, astral, emotional, mental, etheric etc.) weren’t designed for these higher frequencies so we evolve/ascend vibrationally, physically, and in all other ways as well. If we didn’t do this we would fry, or, we’d check out of our physical bodies (die physically). Those who want to remain in their current physical body and go through the ongoing evolutionary, Alchemical, Ascension Process changes will have these numerous “rewiring” ascension upgrades and more. Them’s the rules; fly much higher vibrationally or fry and eventually exit the old lower frequency body vehicle. No shame either way, just individual soul choice.

So this Rewiring Process takes time, years even, and like I said it isn’t physically painful so don’t worry about it. It does feel a little strange at first, like some inner body electrical energy is literally vibrating inside you. I’ve felt it move slowly throughout my whole body over the years, like different areas of my body were being worked on and upgraded to have my nervous system and other physical and energetic bodies and parts NOT fry or overload. I’ve used the analogy of trying to run 220 electricity through 110 wiring in a house and it just doesn’t work and you run the risk of setting the whole house on fire! This Rewiring is beyond kundalini rising in the old lower 3D body; this is about the physical body being upgraded, evolved energetically to accommodate, house and constantly run vastly higher frequency Light energies through you and it. This is going from a 3D central nervous system and body to a 5D central nervous system and body and it feels a bit strange when the Rewiring Process is happening. Fear not however as it’s a very positive sign.

Know too that if you’re experiencing the Rewiring in your body, then you’re also in the ongoing process of having your two brain hemispheres building new connections (being Rewired too) to have a whole brain, unified and integrated with NO divider, NO Veil or polarized separation within it as we did in the old lower 3D polarized world and dimension. Talk about an upgrade! Just imagine, if you can, what you and I will be able to do, perceive, create, envision, know, connect with, see and feel all because we’ve integrated our brain hemispheres and our nervous systems (and so much more) and can carry vastly higher frequency Light energies? We literally will not be the same species. We’ll be higher frequency beings that carry more Light than they ever could or have prior. How very exciting and encouraging!

So don’t freak-out or panic when you feel some internal vibration that feels like a mild electric current buzzing, changing locations and shaking inside your physical body in different areas and growing intensity and vibratory rate. It’s the evolutionary Rewiring Process which is a very positive sign that you are embodying increasing amounts of higher and higher frequency Light energies within yourself, your consciousness and your physical body. Float through it and remember to give yourself credit for literally transmuting into a new, higher frequency being housing much more Light than before. This is a lot of hard work on multiple levels and dimensions so be kind to yourself and rest, sleep and nap as much and as often as you need. Happy ongoing body and brain Rewiring everyone.


June 26, 2009

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87 thoughts on “The Rewiring Process & Internal Vibrations

  1. Denise,

    Thank you so much for posting this. I have been experiencing this for years and sometimes it will just be the vibration and other times a veil will be lifted and spirits are literally in my room with me. I have talked to some. I had this one stand right over me and talk to me. I looked up at him and smiled and then I “woke” up. Or sometimes I will only hear them in my head. Sometimes they will be talking really fast and I get the impression they are excited that I “made it across”. Other times I will hear music and children singing in a different language. I’ve only had pleasant and beautiful experiences with this. I’m glad I read your blog. The “rewiring” process makes complete sense. I am wondering if anyone else has heard voices or seen spirits while doing this?
    Again thank you. 🙂


  2. Hi Denise, I live in Puerto Rico and been experiencing the vibrations for little over 3 years now. It started only on my feet and eventually ran threw my hole body. For almost a year it had stopped, and about a month ago, right after doing ayahuasca for the first time, it happened again once, it was really light. But last night it came in a real strong way, that I have never experienced before. I had to get up and started walking around to shake it off. Standing I could feel how this event had drained almost all my energy. That worries me. To Lexi, yes some times it comes with the view of entities, most of the time this aren’t nice ones.


  3. speartorres – Pedro,

    This higher frequency energy Rewiring Process is not “draining your energy”. I understand how one might think that but that’s not what’s happening energetically. We feel exhausted because we’re literally having the amount of higher frequency Light Energies entering us, our bodies, our nervous systems, our brains, our hearts etc. increased dramatically. THAT is what, from our perspective, feels like we’re tired, exhausted, weakened sometimes and so on; we’re simply not used to embodying and operating on such an increase of Light Energies in these physical bodies, but we’re adapting.

    Also, this inner body vibration and/or shaking from such a huge increase of energies in us is happening constantly. I don’t feel it constantly anymore as I’ve adapted to it but I know from other methods of perception that this inner body vibration or shaking happens constantly and it is becoming our NEW “normal”.


  4. Hi Denise,

    I am lucky to find your column as I have been longing for the question to be asked, I did Vipassana course way back in 2005 June and the day I sat in course and they told me to watch breath, I started feeling vibrations in the whole body and it was blissful, it continued whenever I watch my breath, I asked the instructors also they told me not to give any attention to that, this happened thereafter since then in all retreats, I did it excessively, due to which it I was very focus and lost sleep for 6 months as I could feel vibrations throughout body so unable to sleep due to excessive energy, then I left watching my breath as it was hard for me to imagine life without sleep, I have lost my focus and memory since 5 years, gets angry at stupid things, high mood swings, increased sensuality and anger, confused now, lost faith altogether, I realized that I can start and stop this feeling of vibrations at my will, whenever I am tired or having anxiety I do watch the breath and vibrations in whole bodies continues and I get peace of mind, feel light and energetic, I becomes quiet and go in meditative state, I saw few small red dot like boils in my body also, off late I started the process of watching and raising the vibrations at my will, Still not sure what is this all about as I feel my whole personality has changed a lot and I still did not accept the change, should I continue to raise the vibrations, would it change the situation or it would lead to excessive amount of energy which again would lead to loss of sleep, Please guide me as I do want to go in meditative state and be peaceful, at this point of time I am still confused..

    Thanks & Regards

  5. Sir,
    I am feeling internal vibration like electric current in top little finger and thumb of right hand twice or thrice a day…what does it mean

  6. Hi Denise – I too, am happy I found this information on your site. I thought my nervous system had gone crazy! Alberto Villodo (Shaman) talked about humans being downloaded with new information coming from the universe at a workshop I attended in 2011. I literally feel a vibration in the center of body. It travels up and down. But, mainly focuses on one area before moving the the next. But it always begins in the center of me (it feels like it’s dead center on my nervous and endocrine systems). I haven’t been able to sleep. And, when I do sleep, the vibration wakes me up. This morning it was very strong – I thought the whole bed was vibrating, but it wasn’t. It was just me! With these new frequencies does my body require less sleep? I’ve been trying to force myself to sleep with herbal sleep aids. Should I just stay up and meditate? And, lastly… do you have any books or upcoming events that cover this information? Thanks so much for your guidance and support.

  7. Andrea,

    I too am glad you’ve connected with TRANSITIONS. I have a second (newer) blog that you may be interested in too called HighHeartLife.

    I’ve been feeling the inner body vibrations and even so intense sometimes that they come close to shaking, since around 2001 or 2002 I think it was. It’s still going today, in fact we’ve just gone through another large Light Energy increase over the past week or so which has caused my inner body vibrations to increase once again. (It’s our Lightbodies literally increasing their vibrational frequency rate and spinning faster and faster and higher and higher.) And yes, as much as I’ve always loved sleeping, we’re needing much less of it (and food and other old lower frequency things like them) now due to our ongoing embodiment of more and more higher Light Energies. This Ascension Process is an ongoing Stair-step process so that it doesn’t kill us, doesn’t destroy our physical bodies, psyches, or overload our central nervous systems. We all want it tomorrow but this Process takes some time in physicality and even at that we’re moving through this faster and faster than many thought we could. 🙂

    I have two books available which you can check out in the Sidebar area. I think you’d find A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution interesting now. And The Temple of Master Hotei: A Unique Past Life Memory is equally, in my opinion of course 😉 a very special book bursting with Master Hotei energies. I’m currently working on a third book but it’ll be a while before I get it finished only because so many other things require my attention now.

    Welcome to TRANSITIONS and to HighHeartLife and happy reading. ❤

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