The Rewiring Process & Internal Vibrations


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At this point many people have been living with the Inner Body Vibrations, inner shaking and electrical-like current buzzing inside their bodies for many years. This started for me in 2001 or 2002 and it took me a while to discern what exactly it was. I’ve talked about it before but wanted to mention it again because I’m still feeling it day and night, awake and asleep over a decade later and I know more of you are too.

For some people it’s a newer experience and one that’s rather confusing and could be—if you didn’t know what the causes of it are—rather frightening as well. It was never physically painful for me and I’ve never heard anyone else claim it was or is for them either. It is however, weird feeling and mildly distracting. When it suddenly stops momentarily, it’s rather shocking to then realize how intense and constant it has been inside you.

This inner body vibration is what’s called the Rewiring and that is an accurate term for this Process. Because of the ongoing Ascension or highly compressed evolutionary Process humanity is in now, our entire Central Nervous Systems (and everything else) simply must evolve to accommodate the tremendously higher and faster frequency Light energies. The Sun, the Milky Way galaxy and the cosmos continue to blast Earth, and of course humanity, with much higher frequency Light Energies. Our lower world 3D body/bodies (physical body, astral, emotional, mental, etheric etc.) weren’t designed for these higher frequencies so we evolve/ascend vibrationally, physically, and in all other ways as well. If we didn’t do this we would fry, or, we’d check out of our physical bodies (die physically). Those who want to remain in their current physical body and go through the ongoing evolutionary, Alchemical, Ascension Process changes will have these numerous “rewiring” ascension upgrades and more. Them’s the rules; fly much higher vibrationally or fry and eventually exit the old lower frequency body vehicle. No shame either way, just individual soul choice.

So this Rewiring Process takes time, years even, and like I said it isn’t physically painful so don’t worry about it. It does feel a little strange at first, like some inner body electrical energy is literally vibrating inside you. I’ve felt it move slowly throughout my whole body over the years, like different areas of my body were being worked on and upgraded to have my nervous system and other physical and energetic bodies and parts NOT fry or overload. I’ve used the analogy of trying to run 220 electricity through 110 wiring in a house and it just doesn’t work and you run the risk of setting the whole house on fire! This Rewiring is beyond kundalini rising in the old lower 3D body; this is about the physical body being upgraded, evolved energetically to accommodate, house and constantly run vastly higher frequency Light energies through you and it. This is going from a 3D central nervous system and body to a 5D central nervous system and body and it feels a bit strange when the Rewiring Process is happening. Fear not however as it’s a very positive sign.

Know too that if you’re experiencing the Rewiring in your body, then you’re also in the ongoing process of having your two brain hemispheres building new connections (being Rewired too) to have a whole brain, unified and integrated with NO divider, NO Veil or polarized separation within it as we did in the old lower 3D polarized world and dimension. Talk about an upgrade! Just imagine, if you can, what you and I will be able to do, perceive, create, envision, know, connect with, see and feel all because we’ve integrated our brain hemispheres and our nervous systems (and so much more) and can carry vastly higher frequency Light energies? We literally will not be the same species. We’ll be higher frequency beings that carry more Light than they ever could or have prior. How very exciting and encouraging!

So don’t freak-out or panic when you feel some internal vibration that feels like a mild electric current buzzing, changing locations and shaking inside your physical body in different areas and growing intensity and vibratory rate. It’s the evolutionary Rewiring Process which is a very positive sign that you are embodying increasing amounts of higher and higher frequency Light energies within yourself, your consciousness and your physical body. Float through it and remember to give yourself credit for literally transmuting into a new, higher frequency being housing much more Light than before. This is a lot of hard work on multiple levels and dimensions so be kind to yourself and rest, sleep and nap as much and as often as you need. Happy ongoing body and brain Rewiring everyone.


June 26, 2009

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87 thoughts on “The Rewiring Process & Internal Vibrations

  1. septembo,

    Nope…it’s YOU! 😉

    It is your physical body, etheric bodies, and your two brain halves being Rewired beyond polarity so you can house/carry/be much more Light and Unity or “Oneness” with consciousness that matches. The Rewiring of our bodies and brains is exactly the same process that the Earth has and still is going through with it’s Rewiring and planetary Grid system upgrade. We’ve got to have a place to live that’s a vibrational match to us and us to it. Micro/Macro and all that.


  2. Thought it was gone but it’s back. Feels and sounds exactly like my phone is ringing on vibrate inside my jeans pocket. So I reach to answer it til I realize the phone is in my handbag in another room! And when I get to the phone I find there’s no indication of a call. Or in the car it feels like some heavy bass of a music piece vibrating through. This at times when there’s nothing at all similar coming from the car speakers — not from the radio or the cd player.

  3. septembo,

    It is moving around inside your physical and other energy bodies rewiring them and the chakras so the DNA is also rewired or reconnected. I felt this for many years as it moved slowly around inside my body, my lower, solar plexus area, upper chest, throat and neck and lastly my head. Now I feel it less intensely, but buzzing or vibrating faster throughout my entire body and head.

    Don’t worry about where to move…just follow your inner sense and intuitions about it. I can’t move anywhere right now so I’m still receptive to a location for me IF and when it’s time for me to move. My thought about possibly moving to the northwest came as an intuitive sense and not intellectual thoughts about moving. We’ve all got to learn how to pay attention to that type of very fast inner thoughts, emotions, perceptions and not dismiss them as our imaginations like our imaginations are something “bad”!

    About the earthquakes…from here on out I think anything goes anywhere. The Ring of Fire will be a hot zone no doubt, but there are going to be earthquakes where normally there aren’t any. Same with the weather now; we’re going to have different weather in locations that normally don’t have snow, high heat, tornado’s, etc. We’ve reached the point now (2010, 2011) where we should be prepared for anomalies across the board. No fear, just expect reality to be in a state of compressed transition for the rest of 2010 and 2011.

    After a decade in Phase One of feeling like I was running super high voltage through my body, mind, and being constantly, now in Phase Two (2010) I’m experiencing periods where I feel mildly drugged and sleepy. It’s super wonderful! 😀 When the energy is really strong it literally knocks me out and I fall asleep in the afternoon for a few hours. Very little physical pain during these periods, just lots of cat-naps during the late afternoon. This too is an aspect – like the hyper, mind-racing, can’t relax even though you’re profoundly exhausted – phase and we need to not fight it and take naps and sleep as much as we need during those times.


  4. Had to read and re-read this one. I’ve been feeling the vibrations for years but in the previous 2, 3, weeks been feeling them in a whole new way.

    The biggest difference is that I can feel the current vibration MOVING throughout my body (below the waist). It actually feels like something is traveling around. What’s that about? It is helpling to look at your posts Denise, and also Lauren Gorgo’s June 24 one.

    So if this new vibration is a part of lower chakra activation, good. If it’s some other thing I just can’t seem to worry about it. I need to take a nap! That’s what’s been uppermost in mind these weeks. A nap! (Like that’s gonna happen.)

    Denise you posted that you had a thought to go northwest instead of southwest? Do you know where that idea came from? Have you made any decisions?

    Because I’m trying to track down where my my strong pull to come back to southern california is coming from. I really do like the natural environment there very much and miss it too,

    But! I do not like the earthquake energy! So what’s with the strong pull?

    There is this man down there…whew. Okay yeah that’s part of it.

    But lord I don’t want that 24 hour a day tiptoe energy – “What was that?! Is this the Big One?!” For me nothing is effective against all that frenzy, not even Mr. Wonderful.

    Maybe there’s a halfway point. Chowchilla! Or San Luis Obispo! Maybe even Santa Barbara – there’s some non-billionaires living there. I seen em sleeping on the immaculate streets.

  5. as always thanks denise. when this first happened to me i thought i was having like a mini convulsion , it was kinda scary this uncontrolled vibrational kind of recalibration feeling. it doesnt happen consistently with me but only when i go into deep meditation… thanks so much for your blog and guidance x

  6. Roy D in NYC,

    Hi and welcome to TRANSITIONS. 🙂 I’m glad you’ve connected with the “rewiring” information now.

    Many, many people have been feeling these inner body electrical-like vibrations or even mild shaking which is due to our bodies and nervous systems being upgraded or going through this highly compressed evolution/ascension process. I’ve felt it for many years now, but much less so today than five, six years ago.

    Another thing your comment reminded me of is when we’re asleep and returning to our physical bodies from our astral or etheric dimension and body. Have you ever woken yourself up at that transition point of re-entry into your physical body with a huge jerk or twitch? It’s very common and has to do with us literally switching from one dimension (the dream or sleep state within the astral dimension or higher) back into 3D physicality and our dense physical bodies. We’re just conscious enough during this transition that we sometimes have this sort of crash landing 😉 back into the physical dimension and it causes us to jerk wildly upon re-entry.

    My point is that this all probably has to do with us being aware (to certain degrees) of our changing vibrationally, energetically, and/or dimensionally both while awake and asleep. This is us become more multidimensionally aware or conscious I feel.


  7. Hello!

    Thank you so much for this post. I have been dealing with involuntary “body jerking” for the past 4 years now. It all started when I began to go deeper in my meditation. I chalked this “jerking” and other sensations as a symptom of my spine aligning itself. I never knew there was more to it.

    I can feel the energy rising from the chakras and whenever I feel “block” my body will jerk as if to adjust itself.

    Thank you again for the post and I’m I”m looking forward to reading more.


  8. Hi Ngoc Le and welcome to TRANSITIONS. 🙂

    I’m so glad you’re feeling better about the rewiring process. I know it feels very strange, but it is so important to help us all make these internal changes so we can carry within our bodies so much more Light energy.


  9. Thank you so much!!! I thought i was in a state of Fear and I’ve been in a state of Panic ever since it started. The vibrations are deep but not painful. I always thought it was because of trauma but what you say makes alot of sense. I thought it was odd that my heart was normal but the emanations were strangely intensive.

    Thank you kindly!


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