The Rewiring Process & Internal Vibrations


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At this point many people have been living with the Inner Body Vibrations, inner shaking and electrical-like current buzzing inside their bodies for many years. This started for me in 2001 or 2002 and it took me a while to discern what exactly it was. I’ve talked about it before but wanted to mention it again because I’m still feeling it day and night, awake and asleep over a decade later and I know more of you are too.

For some people it’s a newer experience and one that’s rather confusing and could be—if you didn’t know what the causes of it are—rather frightening as well. It was never physically painful for me and I’ve never heard anyone else claim it was or is for them either. It is however, weird feeling and mildly distracting. When it suddenly stops momentarily, it’s rather shocking to then realize how intense and constant it has been inside you.

This inner body vibration is what’s called the Rewiring and that is an accurate term for this Process. Because of the ongoing Ascension or highly compressed evolutionary Process humanity is in now, our entire Central Nervous Systems (and everything else) simply must evolve to accommodate the tremendously higher and faster frequency Light energies. The Sun, the Milky Way galaxy and the cosmos continue to blast Earth, and of course humanity, with much higher frequency Light Energies. Our lower world 3D body/bodies (physical body, astral, emotional, mental, etheric etc.) weren’t designed for these higher frequencies so we evolve/ascend vibrationally, physically, and in all other ways as well. If we didn’t do this we would fry, or, we’d check out of our physical bodies (die physically). Those who want to remain in their current physical body and go through the ongoing evolutionary, Alchemical, Ascension Process changes will have these numerous “rewiring” ascension upgrades and more. Them’s the rules; fly much higher vibrationally or fry and eventually exit the old lower frequency body vehicle. No shame either way, just individual soul choice.

So this Rewiring Process takes time, years even, and like I said it isn’t physically painful so don’t worry about it. It does feel a little strange at first, like some inner body electrical energy is literally vibrating inside you. I’ve felt it move slowly throughout my whole body over the years, like different areas of my body were being worked on and upgraded to have my nervous system and other physical and energetic bodies and parts NOT fry or overload. I’ve used the analogy of trying to run 220 electricity through 110 wiring in a house and it just doesn’t work and you run the risk of setting the whole house on fire! This Rewiring is beyond kundalini rising in the old lower 3D body; this is about the physical body being upgraded, evolved energetically to accommodate, house and constantly run vastly higher frequency Light energies through you and it. This is going from a 3D central nervous system and body to a 5D central nervous system and body and it feels a bit strange when the Rewiring Process is happening. Fear not however as it’s a very positive sign.

Know too that if you’re experiencing the Rewiring in your body, then you’re also in the ongoing process of having your two brain hemispheres building new connections (being Rewired too) to have a whole brain, unified and integrated with NO divider, NO Veil or polarized separation within it as we did in the old lower 3D polarized world and dimension. Talk about an upgrade! Just imagine, if you can, what you and I will be able to do, perceive, create, envision, know, connect with, see and feel all because we’ve integrated our brain hemispheres and our nervous systems (and so much more) and can carry vastly higher frequency Light energies? We literally will not be the same species. We’ll be higher frequency beings that carry more Light than they ever could or have prior. How very exciting and encouraging!

So don’t freak-out or panic when you feel some internal vibration that feels like a mild electric current buzzing, changing locations and shaking inside your physical body in different areas and growing intensity and vibratory rate. It’s the evolutionary Rewiring Process which is a very positive sign that you are embodying increasing amounts of higher and higher frequency Light energies within yourself, your consciousness and your physical body. Float through it and remember to give yourself credit for literally transmuting into a new, higher frequency being housing much more Light than before. This is a lot of hard work on multiple levels and dimensions so be kind to yourself and rest, sleep and nap as much and as often as you need. Happy ongoing body and brain Rewiring everyone.


June 26, 2009

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87 thoughts on “The Rewiring Process & Internal Vibrations

  1. Hi Marshall and welcome to TRANSITIONS. 🙂

    What you need to remember with the ascension process is that numerous symptoms – physical/mental/emotional/psychic/energetic – typically happen just like what you’ve described. Multiple physical and other symptoms will happen for weeks, months, years with different cycles of purging and then adapting or adjusting to the most recent changes you’ve gone through. It is a Process and it takes time, at each of the many levels, stages and cycles within it.

    The “rewiring” is just another of these many ascension symptoms that affect body/brain/energies and it too takes time to move through.

    One of the ways I was always able to tell which phase I was currently in was when I would suddenly get diarrhea. Normally I’ve never had that problem and yet, every time I had gone through some intense ascension phase and integrated or resolved some more polarities, that phase would be followed by a day or two of diarrhea. As soon as I had purged at that physical level, the diarrhea stops. If I have a lower emotion or thought, within an hour I will have diarrhea. Once you’ve reached a certain level energetically, there are very fast repercussions to going back down energetically!

    I didn’t mention 3rd eye activity because I’ve been clairvoyant/psychic since childhood; my 3rd eye has always been active. But yes, as the rewiring continues in your body AND two brain hemispheres (causing increasing unity within our brain), of course all of the brain glands (pineal, pituitary etc.) will be changed, expanded as well. This alone often triggers the weirdest and most intense sense of smell of things physical and nonphysical. It’s just one big party I tell ya! 😉

    As far as digestive sensitivity, I have a new book coming out in about 3 weeks which covers all this and much, much more. During the worst of my personal ascension symptoms I couldn’t eat much of anything or even drink water without vomiting. As you and your bodies transmute any and all lower vibrating energies, that also means that we usually go through periods (some people it’s shorter, other people it’s years) where lower vibrating foods, drinks, and pretty much everything else – causes us all sorts of problems. The whole food thing has been one giant pain for me for the past ten years that I have been going through Phase One of the ascension process. Only recently has this started to ease up.

    I’ve written a few posts about heart palpitations and ascension as they too are very common ascension symptoms. All in all Marshall, you sound like you’re in an intense phase currently where your body and energies are evolving and purging and evolving some more, which is typical of the ascension process. But in the end it’s your call, so keep searching if you feel you need to.


  2. i’m experiencing internal vibrations now. it has affected my digestion. I can barely eat anything now, lest i feel fatigued, lots of slight transient pains throughout my digestive tract, lots of gurgles, diahrrea alternating with constipation. in addition, my heart beat is often apparent, and often irregular. i’ve seen a chinese medicine doc who has treated me for liver qi stagnation, among other things. this has helped with many of the symptoms, but digestive sensitivity remains, and of course, lots of vibration. this started back in february with a dull ache in my forehead that began to evolve into a presence that often vibrated and at times felt expansive. In the last month, the vibrations have moved down into my interior, as I’ve described. vibrations are not painful, but they seem very disruptive. my experience coincides with your description, but you don’t mention the 3rd-eye activity or the digestive sensitivity. my vision has been slightly fuzzy too. Guess I will have to keep searching.

  3. hi – have had the re-wiring buzz for a few years now – i notice that if i’m doing specific clearing in a part of my body i get a slightly different zzzy feeling there – it is descconcerting when you first notice it but once you get what it is about you sort of just live with it

  4. Hello James and I’m glad you’ve found TRANSITIONS. 🙂

    I enjoyed reading your story very much and it all makes perfect sense at one level. But, we’re going to more than one level now OK? In the end however, this is your call, and I’m just sharing my understanding about your experience.

    I believe that the ancient physical location you were at was indeed a trigger for you with this inner buzzing or vibrating which is called the “rewiring” process. It’s a huge subject but you might also do a search on “Merkaba” because that too is what this rewiring process is all about. But, having said that, I’m also going to say that I don’t believe it was strictly and only because of your having been at that ancient site. In other words, I feel you had simply reached the point where you were ready for this rewiring process to begin.

    My point with all this is that I’d like you to give YOU the primary credit for this energetic, transformational, ascension related, “rewiring process” and not to any ancient sacred site. To explain all this would take me pages so I’ll just say that at this point, many people are housing (within themselves, their bodies, their consciousness) much higher frequency energies/Light than what the ancient sites could transmit. This “rewiring” process is a massive evolutionary/ascension/dimensional shifting upgrade and it is beyond the many ancient sacred sites and the past energies that they did transmit. Everything is going through this, not only Earth, and not only humanity. (Earth’s grid system has been upgraded too to match and transmit the higher frequency Light and cosmic energies etc. I talk a lot about this and why in my new upcoming book if interested in the interdimensional story about all of this.)

    At any rate, a huge congratulations for beginning this rewiring process. It will cause other wonderful changes, expansions, upgrades etc. within you, your body, and your consciousness and that will trigger or activate numerous other very exciting new things and encounters. Well done you! Just be aware that much more is coming for you to experience personally in multiple ways and on multiple levels…well outside of the range of sacred sites. 😉

    Thanks for sharing your important experience here with us all.


  5. hello denise 🙂 i remember distinctly when the “buzzing” started to occur, only a few weeks ago. i have been searching out sites for various reasons as to the cause. the reason many give is that it is anxiety or stress related, but i’ve had anxiety/stress/depression for years now and did not have this internal humming, or vibrating, until a few weeks ago on a specific day. anyway, a little background. i usually like to regularly visit local spots of historical interest, including burial mounds and sites, old battle sites, etc. i study the earth grid [or ley line related research] and have postulated that at certain times of year, it is possible certain locations are “activated” in much the same way stonehenge is during solstice, the reason why it is aligned to the solstice sun. using math used to calculate solstice sun location and stonehenge latitude, i approximated the time in which a local hill would possibly become “active”, a burial mound known to and used by the local indigenous folk for centuries. it is also the only hill in the whole district comprised of quartz-rich rhyolite. anyway on the calculated day, i ventured to the hill, climbed to sit under a tree near the top, and was barely there 10 minutes before i decided to leave. as it has turned out, from that moment i constantly feel a “humming” or vibrating sensation inside right throughout my body. i’m still not absolutely sure if this has anything to do with my excursion on that day, but if so, then it looks like i’ve figured out when to go to such sacred spots during the year and “surge up” which is great 🙂 any thoughts? right place, right time?


  6. Ishmiel,

    Hello and welcome to TRANSITIONS. I’m glad you’ve joined us all here. 🙂

    I certainly know what you’re saying about struggling with NOT falling into fear over some of the many extremely weird (ascension) symptoms and changes our physical bodies have and are still going through! I too have dealt with my fears and confusions over some of the ascension/DNA/energy changes. I try to discern what’s happening or what I’m experiencing and pay close attention to the details etc. to see if I can learn more about them…and it usually works.

    I’ve been living with this “rewiring” process for years now and yet, only two days ago, it changed slightly which I found very interesting. That alone told me that I’ve reached yet another level or phase within the rewiring process which makes sense. We all should expect slight changes and adjustments with it and how it feels inside our bodies as we house increasing amounts of Light energy within our bodies and consciousness.


  7. Hi Denise, My name is Ishmiel. i want to thank you for giving me another perspective on what’s going on in my body… i have been experiencing this internal vibration for the past 6-8 months. I feel it most acutely just as i fall asleep and just before waking. I have had some fear that it might be degenerative neurological disorder, but on some level I have known that my body is going through some type of rewiring… this process has been a great teacher for me but at times it, its been hard not to go into fear. Blessing to you for your support Ishmiel

  8. Joe,

    Hi and welcome to TRANSITIONS. 🙂

    I’m not sure what you mean by “absorption”. Are you referring to a psychic type of thing?

    This rewiring process feels much like a mild, not strong or painful, electrical current running deep inside your body sometimes. It’s not constant, but runs only sometimes and usually when we’re asleep but not always. It also runs on/off or in increments or phases of buzzing on, followed by a few seconds of feeling like it stopped, then a few seconds of vibrating or buzzing on again.

    I hope this helps somewhat – if not, feel free to try again.


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