Heart Palpitations & the Ascension Process

800x800 heart whirlpool

I’ve heard so many people mention how they’ve had heart palpitations, sudden racing heartbeats, jumping, pounding, skipping and such. They say they’ve gone to their doctors to have it checked and in every case I’ve been told about, nothing wrong physically was ever found. All the tests, all the doctors, and they couldn’t find anything physically wrong with these many people. I’ve thought many times over the past 10 or 11 years about how doctors would be inundated with patients who were suddenly having the weirdest symptoms and aches and pains—all due to their ongoing Ascension Process. Of course the doctors wouldn’t have a clue as to why increasing numbers of people were experiencing such unusual symptoms.

I had random heart palpitations when I was in my 20’s (the 1970’s) and 30’s (the 1980’s). They would hit so suddenly and intensely that it felt like I’d been hit in the chest by something invisible. Many times when this would happen I’d be in bed or sitting reading. In other words, I was totally relaxed and at rest, yet my heart would suddenly start beating very hard and irregularly.

Boomboomboomboom….boom……boom boom……………boom…………………boomboomboomboomboom…..boom……..

During my 40’s (1990’s) I didn’t experience this much until my Ascension Process started at age 47 in February 1999. This sudden and strong heart pounding seemed to be related to the “hot flashes” I was suddenly having and for a while I thought that’s what was going on. Over the months I began to realize that it was something else and wasn’t entirely “menopause” related as I’d first thought all these weird symptoms were.

Just last week I had a cluster of these sudden heart pounding palpitations while in a complete state of physical rest and I now know this just means I’ve got more energy moving through me, my body and very directly through my High Heart chakra (Thymus gland).

The ongoing astrological Age change along with the Ascension Process is opening people’s HighHearts and related chakra like crazy. (The opposite sign to Aquarius is Leo, the Lion, which rules the Heart.) Besides this astrological Age energy change, we’re shifting, evolving, ascending dimensions as well. We’re moving from the old lower polarized physical or third dimension (3D), to non-polarized, integrated, unified, vastly higher vibrating fifth dimension (5D), where HighHeart and HighHeart Consciousness is the primary tool of perception. In other words, there’s a lot going on with humanities heart/Heart/HighHeart because of all this. It’s normal for what we’re going through which is highly compressed evolution.

The ongoing Ascension Process demands that we each transmute any and all lower stuck emotional energies we’ve been hauling around inside of us for decades or lifetimes. Obviously, some of our past lower stuck emotional and energetic junk, wounds, fears, issues etc. are in our Heart chakra area. So before we can energetically reach HighHeart consciousness, we’ve got to deal and heal and clear whatever is still stuck, rotting energetically within that Heart area. When that happens we feel it as thumps, bumps, movements, flutters, spasms and sudden rapid heart pounding. I’ve repeatedly felt what feels to me something like a sudden muscle knot or spasm and/or fluttering movement sensation in the center of my chest above my physical heart—in the HighHeart. It felt like something in there would suddenly roll, flutter, pound or spasm. It didn’t hurt much but was certainly a weird physical feeling. There is nothing “wrong” with my physical heart, but these are things I’ve gone through many times over the years from clearing and transmuting my stuck emotional energies and simultaneously having the HighHeart being activated via the Ascension Process.

If your heart is doing flip-flops, fluttering, skipping beats and/or pounding hard like you’d been running while at rest, go to the doctor to have it checked if you are honestly concerned. When he finds nothing physically wrong, remember all that you and your  physical heart, your energy Heart and your 5D HighHeart are currently going through energetically due to the evolutionary Ascension Process. Fear not because it is a normal Ascension symptom.


June 17, 2009

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29 thoughts on “Heart Palpitations & the Ascension Process

  1. Hello,
    I am so glad to come across your post.
    Just recently I had and have the symptoms mentioned, which feels like heart palpitations and such. I also went to the doctor and everything was in order.
    A few years now I am on a spiritual path but did not experienced nothing like this.
    Honestly, it is a bit scary when the pounding starts… I am afraid of letting myself go, I am afraid that eventually I will pass out.
    As I read your post it did make sense, as in my meditations I did receive guidance to open up my heart chakra and thimus gland. Also I am a Leo sign.

    The poundings and palpitations are happening when I am sitting still, calm and as I start to move, jump around or bringing my heart rate up – it leaves me.

    Could you please help with some information. Is there something I need to know or do?

    Sorry for my English, I am writing from Romania 🙂
    Many thanks and Blessings

  2. Norbert,

    “The poundings and palpitations are happening when I am sitting still, calm and as I start to move, jump around or bringing my heart rate up – it leaves me.”

    This is absolutely normal within the Ascension Process. Every time I’ve felt the extremely strong and intense heart pounding throughout my whole chest area, I’ve been completely at rest and had been for a while not moving at all, calm and relaxed. It’s like when we’re more quiet physically and even mentally and emotionally our HighHeart (Thymus) area activates and opens even more. Physically this feels like intense heart pounding for many minutes, slight movements in that higher area of the chest above the physical heart, thumps, rolling, twitching type of movement sensations. Think of this like something NEW coming “online” so to speak. It’s normal so do your best to not go into fear over it. Relax and let the evolution happen. 🙂 ❤

    “Could you please help with some information. Is there something I need to know or do?”

    I would suggest that you continue reading about this natural evolutionary Ascension Process (AP) and its many side effects or symptoms. Knowing these things makes it so much easier to go through them when they happen to each of us. There’s plenty of archived information here at TRANSITIONS about all things Ascension related so I hope you’ll read through my older articles here.

    And don’t apologize for being able to speak and write a second launguage. English is the only one I speak and write and I do a lousy job of it sometimes! 😆

  3. Hi Denise,
    Thank you so much for your insight. The simple fact that I wrote on your blog made me feel much more at ease, and the fact that you answered gave me security 🙂
    Of course, I will continue learning and reading. The evolution never stops.
    Many thanks for your help!!!

  4. Thank you Denise. I just noticed this link when reading another one of your recent posts. I have held strongly to accepting the heart movement within but the ego mind likes to tell me that, “You really should get it checked.” I’m not sure when the heart flutters started coming and going but most likely in the 90’s as well when I broke from traditional christianity to follow my heart leadings. One healer told me at the time that my stomach was invading on the heart area and needed pushed down. It was an interesting maneuver but when they returned I took them in stride. For almost two years now I occasionally get an “energy” surge feeling in the High Heart area and then a feeling that I will faint. I’ve had to grab on to something a few times. Usually though if I pause it passes quickly. This too comes when I’m standing quietly… not when I’m pushing yard work or walking. It’s always comforting to find an article that brings peace to my choice to not see a doctor. I also appreciated reading other comments on their experiences. It’s exciting to know that the High Heart is stretching and growing and most of all releasing any pain/heart ache from the days when I didn’t know how to deal with it. Interestingly the last time this happened to me I was making supper and talking to a man in a brand new budding relationship with me. (This new ‘faint’ feeling also began when on a date 18 months ago… relationships are probably my deepest area of needing release. 🙂

  5. I’m glad you were led to this article when you needed it nanceshares.

    Everyone never forget that while we’re in a constant state of Embodying more and more and more higher and higher and higher Light into our physical bodies — which means we’re literally vibrating faster and higher in frequency ourselves, hence why we feel the internal Inner Vibrations — that certain body parts like the HighHeart are simply going to feel different to us. They’re going to function differently, feel differently, process differently, receive and transmit differently and on and on and this is perfectly normal considering what’s happening to us and our physical and energy bodies via this ongoing increase and therefore Embodiment of greater, higher Light. This is us evolving and very rapidly now in 2017 and beyond. ❤

  6. Hi Denise, reading this has really helped me understand what is going on in my body with all these new and concerning sensations. I describe mine as “heart fluttering” too.
    Very glad to know this is a normal part of the spiritual process and I can worry less about it.
    Thank you so much

  7. Hi Denise,

    Thanks for a wonderful article and also great to see the other comments that have been left as it’s reassuring to know that everything is fine and that we are all evolving to a higher state in this lifetime.

    I’ve noticed the racing heart effect for the last week or so and was wondering the cause of it hoping that it wasn’t anything sinister as have been plagued with a negative entity attachment as well as a lady from my past sending some very bad intentions my way. My experience what additionally with the odd nasty colleague at my last two jobs has been ‘brutal’ to put it mildly.

    What’s interesting for me is I have had my dreams invaded every night for a fairly long period of time and was affected again last night (early on) however later on in my sleep was aware of the palpitations and so reading your article has been a god send as it also tells me that the higher light had to come through to me no matter how hard the negative energy/attachment wanted to stop the whole process.

    I’ll look forward to reading more about the Ascension Process on your site as am sure it’ll tie in with some of the experiences that I’ve had to date.

    Thanks again for making this information available to us.

    Best wishes,


  8. TD,

    I’m glad you’ve found your way to the Ascension Process and other related information here at TRANSITIONS. Based on what you said in your Comment, I’d suggest that you read through the archived articles in the LIBRARY section in the sidebar that deal with Ascension Process/Symptoms/Kundalini and also the articles and Comments too in Psychic Attack, Negative Aliens & Entities. These two topics at first sound totally unrelated to most people, but with this evolutionary Ascension Process they’re intimately connected unfortunately, so it’s important for people to know much more about both of these topics and why they usually happen together.

    This is also why you’re being attacked while asleep and “dreaming”; it’s so much easier for negative beings to interact with us when we’re out of our physical bodies while asleep. Also, and not to frighten you but give you a heads-up about this complex topic, many humans that are very low frequency, low consciousness and basically “negative” themselves are easily used by nonhuman, nonphysical negative beings/entities/demonics etc. These humans I call Portal People because they’re living portals in the physical dimension and world that Team Dark (all negative nonphysical beings) USE to come through to get at, harm, derail, attack, or kill in some cases the higher frequency people living the Ascension Process both knowingly and unknowingly. The Dark attacks, lashes out at the Light in other words because they don’t want the Light here at all.

    No fear, just more knowledge about more things, dimensions, levels and layers of energy and realities and so much more. 🙂 ❤

  9. Happy I came across this article. Thank you for your insight.
    I have a few human rolls at this stage, mom, accountant, wife and reiki practitioner. …. not that I define myself through them but just describing me.

    I have always had a warm tingly feeling over my heart while doing reiki. Feeling the activation of energy through my heart. But for the past two weeks I have been feeling heart palpitations also when I am completely relaxed. I use to dance as for excise but for the past 4 months I have been doing yoga about 5 times a week. This has helped with my focus while doing energy work besides the strength in all areas of my body being built up. So I thought maybe it was the yoga causing this heart palpitations.

    So I am very happy to have come across this article. Thank you.

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