To All The Petty Tyrants, Egos, Bullies & Monsters I’ve Known


Like the painful irritating grain of sand that causes a beautiful pearl to eventually develop…

Like those sad people who attack, blame, shame, bully, project their own fears, wounds, hates, crushed imaginations and spirits and ugly shit on to you…

Like the white-hot fires and repeated hammering that form and shape the metal into a carefully crafted and perfectly balanced sword…

Like the alchemical fires that repeatedly burn away all lower dross Lead within, forcing it to fully transmute all into higher alchemical Gold…

Like repeated terrible storms that tear down everything that needs to be destroyed so that higher and better things can replace them…

I thank each and every one of you who’ve assisted me in becoming the pearl, the perfectly balanced sword, the Alchemical Gold, the New, the higher Being that I was supposed to become in this life and within this time-line. I thank each of you for repeatedly hammering away tirelessly, relentlessly, on my ego self until it broke, again and again and again. Without you playing your roles to utter perfection at exactly the times each of you have, I wouldn’t have been able to so quickly be ripped apart by your sharp teeth and dark,  unaware tongues  so I’d complete my many layered transformations,  my repeated resolving of polarities within me and my environment, and  my birth out from the flames as a newly transformed and higher vibrating being.

You horribly wounded, damaged,  fearful monsters and bullies, you selfish, unresolved, polarized, projecting egoic little shits of the lower world, without you and your perfectly timed and repeated cruel words and actions I couldn’t have so quickly done all that I have. And so,  I want to honestly thank each and every one of the petty tyrants, monster egos, intellectuals, bullies, and dark monsters physical and otherwise for doing your jobs so perfectly for me and for all the rest of us. I sincerely thank each of you.

Denise Le Fay — aka  “Lapis”

May 28, 2009

3 thoughts on “To All The Petty Tyrants, Egos, Bullies & Monsters I’ve Known

  1. saintaldebaran,

    Naw…just wanted to vent and also give thanks to those who deserve it. 😉

  2. Denise

    Sounds like you got stuck in line at the DMV today.

    Big Hugs

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