Clairaudience & White Noise


My first memories of being clairaudient were at age 3 when two positive beautiful ET beings telepathically talked with me about my current physical parents. If that statement sounded weird to some of you then the next one should make you ponder. At age 3 I instantly recognized the two of them as they came floating in through the living-room wall and hung there in the air, telepathically talking with me. They were just a couple of dear old friends from Home to me at age 3. (It was 1954 when I was 3 years old just for some perspective. The two of them looked somewhat like those two young male ET beings in the 1985 movie Cocoon—except my blond ET was clean-shaven, and they were far more ethereal, attractive, and light-filled of course.)


(Movie Cocoon 1985)

I first remember hearing unknown voices inside my head when I was riding my bike to 3rd grade at age 8 or 9. It would get really strong while I was riding my bike to school alone, focused, and breathing hard. Evidently that combination were the right ingredients for me at that time to open into my clairaudient ability. Problem was, as it usually is for all children, I and my parents back then (1958-ish) didn’t know that was what I was experiencing. One day it just became too much for me, so halfway to school, I turned my bike around and headed back  home. The fear that my mom would most likely get angry with me for not going to school was outweighed by those damned voices talking endlessly inside my head! I’d risk getting in trouble with mom, but I couldn’t take those strangers voices any longer.

Another time that stands out in my memory about my being clairauident was at about age 10. We’d all been eating dinner when I couldn’t take the one male and one female voices talking non-stop in my head. I asked to go lay down and rest on the couch in another room. As I was laying there I could easily hear my mom, dad, and younger sister still at the dinner table talking. At the same time however, I could also clairaudiently hear the two strangers still talking inside my head. I couldn’t understand every word they were saying because it was mostly muffled, but I could make out every few words.

As I lay there listening to the physical talking my family was doing, I compared it to the other voices I was hearing in my head. Suddenly I began to understand what I was hearing; I began to understand in that moment that I was hearing, on top of the physical, some other people talking elsewhere and that it didn’t mean they were doing  it right at that moment. It was an important childhood “Aha” moment for me. I didn’t fully understand, but I was beginning to and that made those damned voices in my head more tolerable as a child and teen.

Years later as a young adult I encountered another layer to this weird clairauident business. Every time I’d turn on the vacuum, the garbage disposal, the lawnmower etc., I’d suddenly clairaudiently hear other voices talking. The loud physical noise of the vacuum, disposal and/or lawnmower seemed to instantly trigger clairauident hearing. Above the physical noise were other non-physical voices and strange otherworldly sounds. It was pretty funny watching me vacuum back then because I’d be really jumpy and would repeatedly look all around because it sounded as if the house was full of strangers all talking at the same time! Eventually I adapted to this ability and it became just another of many weird things I’ve gotten used to over the years and decades.

Then a few years ago due to my Ascension Process / simultaneous menopause, I suddenly couldn’t sleep well and started wearing ear plugs to block out the physical sounds and barking dogs that repeatedly woke me up. Problem was that as soon as I put the ear plugs in and shut out the physical noises, I’d then heard all these other non-physical noises, voices and other weird sounds! So it was either listen to physical noises or, wear ear plugs and listen to non-physical noises. Some choice huh?  🙄

A few years after this I was (recently) watching a great paranormal TV show on A&E called Paranormal State and saw Ryan Buell using some new device. It was primarily headphones playing only white noise. His eyes were also covered so he couldn’t physically see anything. I’ve often said over the decades that, as a psychic Seer, if I want to psychically SEE more, I close my physical eyes to block out physical vision. It made perfect sense to me that that device (headphones blocking out physical sounds but playing white noise and physical vision blocked) would much more easily and quickly allow the listener to Hear and See as most psychics, seers, clairvoyants and clairaudients do. Or, simply turn the vacuum or lawnmower on!

It makes me smile when I discover other people who have discovered some new paranormal device—like white noise played through head phones—to help induce clairaudient hearing. Hey, whatever works. I’m just very glad other people (and non-psychic people) are experiencing clairaudience and clairvoyant visions via these new paranormal tools. However, if you can’t afford that new paranormal tool I strongly recommend inexpensive ear plugs.


April 2, 2009

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25 thoughts on “Clairaudience & White Noise

  1. I have been experiencing these things (what I call interdimensional-clairaudience) for many years. What I personally believe is that our current three dimensional “reality” is starting to thin out and other higher dimensional densities are starting to become more easily accessible through the quieting of our minds- not only through meditation, but through white noise, fans, etc. Such voices, music, etc. are not anything to fear. There are many layers of dimensional densities and other planes of existence that we cannot sense with our regular 5 senses. We have been programmed through society, religion and mainstream science to believe there is only one reality and 3-D world. This programming is starting to fade away. Those in control are losing their grip on us and many of us are waking up. So, welcome to the real renewing of our minds- the raising of the collective conscience and higher vibrational worlds!

  2. Oh my goodness I understand! Any quite noise, the sound of the refrigerator buzzing you name it and I hear voices. For most of my life I’ve been terrified of it but I finally gave in and now I see it as the gift that it is. Of course a little privacy at night would be nice every once in a while ha ha.

  3. Thanks, I feel better it is a lot more to share if you like my number let me know Denise le fay. I will get your book. I see many colors on trees ,sky,people faces and feel.The sun visit me a lot with bright light and colors

  4. Gerry,

    I’d suggest you read through all my articles under Higher Awareness heading for more info about the side effects you’re experiencing.

    In a word Gerry, you’re evolving due to the Ascension Process and because of this your consciousness and your abilities to perceive — see, hear, feel, sense etc. — are evolving. You are becoming more and more “psychically” sensitive which means you’re Seeing clairvoyantly, Hearing clairaudiently and so on. In A Lightworker’s Mission (2010) I wrote about how years ago I suddenly began to clairvoyantly Seeing new, higher frequency colors that I’d never perceived before.

    I’ve also written a few articles here about hearing high-pitched inner ear ringing sounds for days, weeks or months even. In the early 2000s I too went to a doctor to have my ears checked and everything was fine. I’ve discovered over these Ascension years that whenever any higher frequency Light Energies come in from and/or through our Sun from the Milky Way Galactic Center (GC) or beyond that, we will often perceive those higher frequency Light Energies as a high-pitched inner ear ringing in one or the other or both ears. Like I said this can go on for days, weeks or months. I’ve been hearing it since January 1, 2015 constantly and have off and on for many years.

    Clairvoyantly Seeing these and other similar higher frequency and/or other dimensional Light Energies, Beings and lifeforms etc. often are perceived by us in this dimension with the awareness we have at this time as balls of bright different colored lights or flashes of light etc. I’ve watched these things too for many years now and some of them are highly conscious Beings while others are simple energies on the move that some are Seeing and feeling.

    At this point your ‘service to help is’ to yourself and your own individual spiritual energetic evolution. We must do this ourselves first and by living through these evolutionary changes ourselves, THAT is how we’re really able to “help others”; we PathPave, we Wayshow, we live it first ourselves which helps everyone else coming up behind us. 😉

    Please keep reading my articles here because they’ll help you better understand what you’re living through now and why. 🙂

    Denise Le Fay

  5. I see colors everywhere my face purple and yellow on top of head mix with purple and many orbs in sky.There is very high ringing in ears loud,went to doctor no help,please tell me what this is,or what my service is to help.

  6. I’m so glad I came across this ongoing conversation… I been having some type of experiences since I was a child but lately in my adult life its getting stronger (I’m 29).. It started a couple months ago I was in my room alone one Saturday morning, my children kept coming in my room but the whole time I was sleep but aware/open spiritually.. I felt something poke my cheek on my left side so I turned a few minutes later to see who it was but I was alone in my room and my bedroom door was locked.. After that a number of other things where happening to me.. Fast forward to present day, I had been sick with the flu and bronchitis… I began to feel better yesterday but I had been having a hard time sleeping the last couple days.. Yesterday I began to finally get sleepy around 4am, before I began to get sleepy I was hearing a crowd of voices talking and the more I began to drift off the voices where getting louder, not one TV was on so I couldn’t tell where all the talking was coming from.. Anyway as I dosed off I heard three very clear voices and very loud too. Two men and a women.. One of the men said to me that I’m no good for him and that he cannot get no help, after that the woman’s voice was very loud and rushing in after him but I couldn’t make out what she was saying because I wouldn’t allow myself to hear what she and the other man had to say because I didn’t want to be scared out of going to sleep finally. I just tuned them out. It started out as a white noise but it builded up to three very clear voices coming threw and this was all while I was dosing off.. But when I was awake and far from sleep I was hearing the crowd of voices, it honestly sound like someone was watching TV but all the TVs where off.. I thought I was going crazy.. Tell me how can I cope with this and how to not be afraid.. This has been going on since I was a teen

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