Clairaudience & White Noise


My first memories of being clairaudient were at age 3 when two positive beautiful ET beings telepathically talked with me about my current physical parents. If that statement sounded weird to some of you then the next one should make you ponder. At age 3 I instantly recognized the two of them as they came floating in through the living-room wall and hung there in the air, telepathically talking with me. They were just a couple of dear old friends from Home to me at age 3. (It was 1954 when I was 3 years old just for some perspective. The two of them looked somewhat like those two young male ET beings in the 1985 movie Cocoon—except my blond ET was clean-shaven, and they were far more ethereal, attractive, and light-filled of course.)


(Movie Cocoon 1985)

I first remember hearing unknown voices inside my head when I was riding my bike to 3rd grade at age 8 or 9. It would get really strong while I was riding my bike to school alone, focused, and breathing hard. Evidently that combination were the right ingredients for me at that time to open into my clairaudient ability. Problem was, as it usually is for all children, I and my parents back then (1958-ish) didn’t know that was what I was experiencing. One day it just became too much for me, so halfway to school, I turned my bike around and headed back  home. The fear that my mom would most likely get angry with me for not going to school was outweighed by those damned voices talking endlessly inside my head! I’d risk getting in trouble with mom, but I couldn’t take those strangers voices any longer.

Another time that stands out in my memory about my being clairauident was at about age 10. We’d all been eating dinner when I couldn’t take the one male and one female voices talking non-stop in my head. I asked to go lay down and rest on the couch in another room. As I was laying there I could easily hear my mom, dad, and younger sister still at the dinner table talking. At the same time however, I could also clairaudiently hear the two strangers still talking inside my head. I couldn’t understand every word they were saying because it was mostly muffled, but I could make out every few words.

As I lay there listening to the physical talking my family was doing, I compared it to the other voices I was hearing in my head. Suddenly I began to understand what I was hearing; I began to understand in that moment that I was hearing, on top of the physical, some other people talking elsewhere and that it didn’t mean they were doing  it right at that moment. It was an important childhood “Aha” moment for me. I didn’t fully understand, but I was beginning to and that made those damned voices in my head more tolerable as a child and teen.

Years later as a young adult I encountered another layer to this weird clairauident business. Every time I’d turn on the vacuum, the garbage disposal, the lawnmower etc., I’d suddenly clairaudiently hear other voices talking. The loud physical noise of the vacuum, disposal and/or lawnmower seemed to instantly trigger clairauident hearing. Above the physical noise were other non-physical voices and strange otherworldly sounds. It was pretty funny watching me vacuum back then because I’d be really jumpy and would repeatedly look all around because it sounded as if the house was full of strangers all talking at the same time! Eventually I adapted to this ability and it became just another of many weird things I’ve gotten used to over the years and decades.

Then a few years ago due to my Ascension Process / simultaneous menopause, I suddenly couldn’t sleep well and started wearing ear plugs to block out the physical sounds and barking dogs that repeatedly woke me up. Problem was that as soon as I put the ear plugs in and shut out the physical noises, I’d then heard all these other non-physical noises, voices and other weird sounds! So it was either listen to physical noises or, wear ear plugs and listen to non-physical noises. Some choice huh?  🙄

A few years after this I was (recently) watching a great paranormal TV show on A&E called Paranormal State and saw Ryan Buell using some new device. It was primarily headphones playing only white noise. His eyes were also covered so he couldn’t physically see anything. I’ve often said over the decades that, as a psychic Seer, if I want to psychically SEE more, I close my physical eyes to block out physical vision. It made perfect sense to me that that device (headphones blocking out physical sounds but playing white noise and physical vision blocked) would much more easily and quickly allow the listener to Hear and See as most psychics, seers, clairvoyants and clairaudients do. Or, simply turn the vacuum or lawnmower on!

It makes me smile when I discover other people who have discovered some new paranormal device—like white noise played through head phones—to help induce clairaudient hearing. Hey, whatever works. I’m just very glad other people (and non-psychic people) are experiencing clairaudience and clairvoyant visions via these new paranormal tools. However, if you can’t afford that new paranormal tool I strongly recommend inexpensive ear plugs.


April 2, 2009

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25 thoughts on “Clairaudience & White Noise

  1. Sindy,

    What you’re experiencing is called clairaudience–clear hearing. Clairvoyance is–clear seeing and so on. We all have lower physical perceptions, but due to the Ascension Process, humanity is naturally evolving to the next level of focus and development etc. This means that humanity is evolving and gaining Higher Awareness and Higher Perceptions such as clairaudience, clairvoyance and all the rest of them and much more. I was born with all of these abilities functioning so I clairaudiently heard people talking when I was a young child (amongst other things!) so I’m very familiar with these abilities.

    The other side of this whole business–and especially now with the Ascension Process unfolding–is that of drug use or use of anything that unnaturally opens one up to frequencies, and therefore beings and influences etc. as well. Opening oneself energetically, psychically via drugs/alcohol/whatever is a direct invitation for the lower frequency negative beings/entities/dead humans and so on to influence one or even take possession of them. I’m not joking nor am I exaggerating and all of this is HIGHLY more dangerous now (and for the past 30 years or so) because the “Veil” between 3D physical and 4D astral and 2D elemental etc. has been nonexistent which has meant it’s been a freakin’ free-for-all bleed-through where beings in the astral have been easily able to enter the physical much more so than usual and influence and possess certain humans. Those being have taken advantage of that time, which expired with the 12-21-12 energies but there are those that linger and persist.

    Point is that it’s been an extra dangerous time over these past 30-40 years or so to use drugs/alcohol because the veils have been non-operational which has made it super easy for Team Dark beings to walk right on in and take over! Now I’m not saying this happened to you and it sounds like you got some higher help via a couple of heavy-weight Lightbeings/Angelics showing up within your visual range to let you know it was time to stop messing about! 😉 That’s very typical of Team Light; they’ll show themselves and radiate higher positive Light Love energies just to help us tak an honest reality check against all the things coming from Team Dark! Team Light often just shines that Light to help get people understand that more is happening than they realize.

    I’ve gotten lost in this Comment! 😆 Yes, you are clairaudient and clairvoyant and I’m certain more and more of these and other Higher Awareness and higher abilities will continue so pay attention and no fear. Ask for Higher Help when you honestly need it and ask for greater clarity and understanding about anything you want… then pay attention to the subtle and not so subtle answers and insights that come.

    Denise Le Fay

  2. I’m glad I found this blog. I have had a very rough year and a half after coming out of a relationship who was narcissistic sociopath. I admit I drowned my sorrows in things I would have never done in the past mainly recreational drugs to try and relieve the pain. Then a few months later when that person exited my life for good and admittedly still abusing drugs ( cocaine) to varying degrees, I began seeing certain numbers in sequence where ever I went such as on a license plate or on a building or the clock. It began speeding up seeing these numbers up to 15 times a day such as the 111 or 222 etc.

    I began reading about angels after praying to Archangel Michael for protection from my ex boyfriend. I also found myself being connected to the angels and doing a lot of meditation praying that I would get through all this. One night after doing drugs, I began to pray for help, thinking I was in a hallucination I saw this angel appear on the wall with his sword and in his gladiator type outfit. He stayed for 15 minutes. It was at that moment I stopped doing drugs. It was a calm peaceful feeling afterwards.

    However, the point I wanted to make from my experience in doing drugs was I began turning on the bathroom fan and would hear these voices talking so loud, or a door bell ringing and no one was there or a truck backing up going beep beep! Then I could put the voices into a setting in my head. They would come from all over the place. It was nothing bad and nothing that made me afraid. It would just be annoying. One example was a spanish woman crying to her husband because they were having problems. I could imagine the way the woman looked. Another one that same night was a man playing a song on his guitar from the 70’s and it’s as though I knew the words. At the end of that night I went into the bathroom and a man with a deep voice scared me as I closed the door. I told him to get lost and turned that fan off so quick! I couldn’t make out the exact conversations but I could hear the tone and the type of emotion. Another woman was lecturing her teenage son. It’s like I could picture exactly what these people looked like as well.

    When I stopped doing drugs the chattering stopped, no more noises or voices even with the white noise such as the fan or vacuum. I chalked it up to hallucinations while on drugs. The triple sets of numbers still appeared. I’m glad to say I’m sober now after that angel making his appearance. I know it was something significant. Months before when i was still with my ex boyfriend, I had Jesus appear to me in a dream and I knew he was to tell me it was going to be okay. I consider this my conscious awakening where I needed to turn to God. The numbers still appear and I can ask the angels for a number and moments later they give it to me. They all have different meanings.

    Earlier this evening, I had just finished cooking and had turned the fan on over the stove. I went to go eat on the sofa while watching tv. This fan was on for about an hour. Because I am completely sober now and have been for the last 6 months, it was shocking to hear. It’s like I heard a band playing behind me and a man singing. This went on for the full hour. I tried to block it out while watching my tv shows but it was too loud to ignore. I ran and turned off the fan. I’m not scared by whoever it is but can someone please tell me why? I really did think it was because of drugs. I’m certain it’s not a mental health issue. I did do some extensive reading on that to try and decipher if it was me or because I was using drugs at the time. I’m afraid to tell anyone because I don’t want to be judged and I keep my experiences I had with drugs to myself.

    I don’t hear them now in silence but why am I just hearing it when the white noise is on? I also have to add that my mother is a psychic medium and I’ve been around this sort of thing all my life. I am very telepathic and intuitive and feeling a strong connection with the angels but could I be clairaudient as well? I do believe in this sort of thing but another part of me wants someone to tell me I’m not crazy!

    Thanks for reading my story!

    Sindy ( now sitting in silence!)

  3. Hello Denise!
    Oh thank you very much for writing this article.
    I too have experienced loud noises like the furnace or cars driving by the vacuum increase the talking. It has taken me some time to get use to this. I have always been very musically inclined and have been sensitive to loud sounds like if a computer is on in the other room I can hear it humming, or people chewing always seems really loud or dogs barking. This list is endless lol. Anyways this at first drove me a bit bonkers because I would only pick up little bits and pieces of words here and there. So I would try and strain to hear what was coming through. Not always can I make It out even now. I’m working on it though, I found though if its a super important message it rings nice and loud so I can’t miss it. Anyways thank you for helping to confirm a few things for me 🙂
    Much love💓

  4. “…and began to accept that I might have abilities and am not just crazy,…”


    Hi and I just loved your line above! 😆 Yep, you’re not “crazy”, you’re experiencing higher perceptions of higher energies, frequencies and more. Welcome to the Evolutionary Party. 😉

    A couple nights ago I had earplugs in because if I have my bedroom windows open I hear the noise outside and don’t sleep well at all. So, earplugs in to shut out the physical noise so I can sleep. The flip side of this situation for me — and many other people too — is that as soon as I block out the physical noise like this I clairaudiently hear NON-physical sounds, muffled human voices talking, higher frequency energies, and all sorts of other NONphysical sounds, voices, activities and so on. It just is what it is and we’re having to adapt and learn how to sleep, focus, ignore, override, listen in on, pay attention to etc. etc. all that we’re perceiving in these evolving ways.


  5. Thank you so much for sharing this! People always comment on the fact that I need to have the tv on to go to sleep because it drowns out the other chatter in my head and that I should use a fan or “white noise” instead. They don’t understand, that is the kind of noise that exasperates the situation! I finally started burning sage on a regular basis, put salt around my doorways and began to accept that I might have abilities and am not just crazy, and now I can sleep at night even after the tv shuts off.

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