Clairaudience & White Noise


My first memories of being clairaudient were at age 3 when two positive beautiful ET beings telepathically talked with me about my current physical parents. If that statement sounded weird to some of you then the next one should make you ponder. At age 3 I instantly recognized the two of them as they came floating in through the living-room wall and hung there in the air, telepathically talking with me. They were just a couple of dear old friends from Home to me at age 3. (It was 1954 when I was 3 years old just for some perspective. The two of them looked somewhat like those two young male ET beings in the 1985 movie Cocoon—except my blond ET was clean-shaven, and they were far more ethereal, attractive, and light-filled of course.)


(Movie Cocoon 1985)

I first remember hearing unknown voices inside my head when I was riding my bike to 3rd grade at age 8 or 9. It would get really strong while I was riding my bike to school alone, focused, and breathing hard. Evidently that combination were the right ingredients for me at that time to open into my clairaudient ability. Problem was, as it usually is for all children, I and my parents back then (1958-ish) didn’t know that was what I was experiencing. One day it just became too much for me, so halfway to school, I turned my bike around and headed back  home. The fear that my mom would most likely get angry with me for not going to school was outweighed by those damned voices talking endlessly inside my head! I’d risk getting in trouble with mom, but I couldn’t take those strangers voices any longer.

Another time that stands out in my memory about my being clairauident was at about age 10. We’d all been eating dinner when I couldn’t take the one male and one female voices talking non-stop in my head. I asked to go lay down and rest on the couch in another room. As I was laying there I could easily hear my mom, dad, and younger sister still at the dinner table talking. At the same time however, I could also clairaudiently hear the two strangers still talking inside my head. I couldn’t understand every word they were saying because it was mostly muffled, but I could make out every few words.

As I lay there listening to the physical talking my family was doing, I compared it to the other voices I was hearing in my head. Suddenly I began to understand what I was hearing; I began to understand in that moment that I was hearing, on top of the physical, some other people talking elsewhere and that it didn’t mean they were doing  it right at that moment. It was an important childhood “Aha” moment for me. I didn’t fully understand, but I was beginning to and that made those damned voices in my head more tolerable as a child and teen.

Years later as a young adult I encountered another layer to this weird clairauident business. Every time I’d turn on the vacuum, the garbage disposal, the lawnmower etc., I’d suddenly clairaudiently hear other voices talking. The loud physical noise of the vacuum, disposal and/or lawnmower seemed to instantly trigger clairauident hearing. Above the physical noise were other non-physical voices and strange otherworldly sounds. It was pretty funny watching me vacuum back then because I’d be really jumpy and would repeatedly look all around because it sounded as if the house was full of strangers all talking at the same time! Eventually I adapted to this ability and it became just another of many weird things I’ve gotten used to over the years and decades.

Then a few years ago due to my Ascension Process / simultaneous menopause, I suddenly couldn’t sleep well and started wearing ear plugs to block out the physical sounds and barking dogs that repeatedly woke me up. Problem was that as soon as I put the ear plugs in and shut out the physical noises, I’d then heard all these other non-physical noises, voices and other weird sounds! So it was either listen to physical noises or, wear ear plugs and listen to non-physical noises. Some choice huh?  🙄

A few years after this I was (recently) watching a great paranormal TV show on A&E called Paranormal State and saw Ryan Buell using some new device. It was primarily headphones playing only white noise. His eyes were also covered so he couldn’t physically see anything. I’ve often said over the decades that, as a psychic Seer, if I want to psychically SEE more, I close my physical eyes to block out physical vision. It made perfect sense to me that that device (headphones blocking out physical sounds but playing white noise and physical vision blocked) would much more easily and quickly allow the listener to Hear and See as most psychics, seers, clairvoyants and clairaudients do. Or, simply turn the vacuum or lawnmower on!

It makes me smile when I discover other people who have discovered some new paranormal device—like white noise played through head phones—to help induce clairaudient hearing. Hey, whatever works. I’m just very glad other people (and non-psychic people) are experiencing clairaudience and clairvoyant visions via these new paranormal tools. However, if you can’t afford that new paranormal tool I strongly recommend inexpensive ear plugs.


April 2, 2009

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25 thoughts on “Clairaudience & White Noise

  1. I’ve had the same experience before. Actually, every single day AND NIGHT! The television would be on and I would listen to them; I would lay on my pillow and I can hear them talking. I’ve asked a few times to help me understand what they are saying. Still, no improvement. I hear bells, strings, chimes, muffled voices, mumblings.

    Also, I can feel them when they are present. I was terrified at first. But from other psychics advice, I’ve acknowledge these guides because its their mission to guide me. Told them to go away, thinking that they were spirits or ghosts in the house–yeah, what trip! They are on their assignment. I don’t bother. I allow them to be. They sound so sweet…

    All of this happen at the end of ’09.

  2. Hello Luke and I’m glad you discovered TRANSITIONS. Welcome. 🙂

    Gads, these two events could be a number of things really. Let’s dive in and try a couple possibilities on. In the end, it is totally YOUR call however. Follow your gut OK?

    I’ve got to ask the obvious first and then I’ll offer what I sense it may be. So, first, has anyone you know/love died recently or last year (those nine months)? Did anyone come in and by that I mean reincarnate in the past year? A new baby in the family or elsewhere that you are connected to in some way? Those are both possibilities to consider.

    But, and this is what I sense this may be – in years and decades past, I’ve had ETs (nonphysical, higher dimensional Starbeings I mean) manifest in all sorts of strange and curious ways. Balls of light were one of those ways. It was interesting that your large ball of light touched your eyes. The fact that during all that phenomenon all you could think or say was that “…you wanted to go home…” I find is the most telling of the whole experience. If you are a “Wanderer” then this all makes perfect sense. (Wanderers are beings from other levels and dimensions that intentionally come to Earth during big transition times, like now, to assist with it all.)

    Many times our ET friends/guides/helpers/teachers/kinfolk etc. will pop in much like what you’ve described to help trigger us into waking up a bit more to our much larger and interdimensional identities and/or to help us with etheric adjustments or upgrades. They’ll come in like this, or they’ll connect with us while we’re asleep and out-of-body dreaming and pass on messages/information/triggers and so on, all to help us expand our consciousness, our sense of self, and “reality”. Just something to consider. But, I would say that it sounds like you’ve gotten triggered/activated recently to a new and higher level energetically, so pay attention and enjoy the ride.


  3. Hello Denise,
    I found this blog searching for some answers because of an experience I had last night. I awoke around 2am with the sound of very loud white noise in my left ear. It sounded like the white noise you would hear from a tv turned up very loud. We don’t have a tv in our bedroom. Do you know what that could be? I’ve had the morse code sounds too in the past, again waking up to it in my ear.

    I had a ball of light the size of a basket ball wake me in the early hours 9 months ago that I was at first excited to see. It approached me and wrapped a tenticle of white light across my eyes. I had the sensation of vibrating and then felt overwhelmed, my heart was beating so hard! I remember saying I want to go home over and over again, and thats all I remember.
    I’d love to know what you think.

    Regards Luke.

  4. Welcome JoAnn and I’m glad you connected with TRANSITIONS. 🙂

    I’ve talked in the past about my own hearing these different sounds, tones, clicks, and other weird things over the years of my physical ascension process. (These can be found in the Ascension Category if interested.) What I’ve learned is that as we go through the ascension process, we hear, see, and feel many other-dimensional energies, changes, adjustments, pressures and transformations. I used to often have my inner ears plug up as if I were in an airplane, or up in a mountain community at 9,000 feet. In other words, as I kept changing energetically/vibrationally through the ascension process, my hearing would reflect these vibrational and energetic changes. It would often sound to me like my ears were plugged up because I had changed elevations dramatically. I had. 😉 So hearing all sorts of strange sounds and even voices usually indicates that you are changing vibrationally within yourself and your physical body – typical ascension situations.

    Don’t bother too much trying to decipher or decode these weird tones and sounds. The only thing I’ve discovered that is actual talk are what sounds like very fast, high pitched, electronic-like Morse Code clicking within your head or inner ear. That is higher dimensional Pleiadian transmissions or talk and takes some real effort (at least it did for me) to vibrate fast enough to understand. The rest of these weird sounds so many are hearing, not to mention all the strange lights, balls of light, pin-points of brilliant lights etc., are all ascension related and have to do with OUR vibrating faster and higher.

    Be ready for change…and then more change…and even more after that! It’s what we’re all living through now and is very normal. I hope this helped somewhat.


  5. Denise,

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! Your reply has definitely helped me to understand whats happening with my vibrational change. I look forward to these continual changes and I will check out the Ascension category.

    Sending some Hugs your Way,

  6. Hi Denise,

    I found your article very interesting since I myself find that I’m experiencing some Clairaudience or at least White Noise. And I’m not sure what to do about this. I constantly hear non-physical energy or white noise around both my ears through out my day and it becomes especially strong in the evening when I’m laying down. I also receive many high pitched tones in both ears. I don’t understand what this means, what to do about it, or how I can understand and clarify these sounds or tones better. If there’s any insight you can give me or direction I would certainly appreciate. I’m interested in healing and have recently been working with Reiki and Healing White Light. So I’m not sure if that could have some thing to do with my increased frequency of white noise.


  7. Hi Penny, and of course, please post a link. I’m all about sharing the Light (information). 🙂

    Most people are now familiar with the paranormal ghost hunter crews and their using recorders to capture EVPs or what clairaudient people usually hear normally. I wanted, as a person whose been clairaudient/clairvoyant all my life, to share about how it oftentimes works in the opposite way for us! Weird I know…but that’s often how it works. So when I hear any type of white noise, which for me is turning on a vacuum, the garbage disposal, a lawn mower, leaf blower etc., or even using ear plugs to cut out physical sounds, I almost always clairaudiently hear other sounds, noises, and voices.


  8. Denise, great article! I’d never heard about anyone hearing voices by turning on a vacuum. Very interesting. I’d like to post a link to your Clairaudience article from my dream blog:

    What you have to say should be of interest to my visitors. Yay or nay, I’d appreciate it if you could let me know. Thank you and keep up the great work!

  9. Kaori,

    Hello and thank you for your kind words. I’m so glad you enjoy what I have to share. I intend to spend some time going through your blog too very soon.

    My book The Temple of Master Hotei is based entirely on one of my past lives with the Laughing Buddha, Master Hotei. It sounds like you might enjoy it and be able to relate to it being a ‘past life memory’ with current life connections. 🙂

    I hope you’ll visit TRANSITIONS often and thanks for saying hi.

    Denise (“Lapis”)

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