Smelling Nonphysical Smoke and/or Burning Incense


I’ve noticed a lot of people recently searching for information about smelling burning’ or smelling smoke’ or constantly smelling incense burning’  when none is physically present. I wrote a bit about this phenomena in my article Strange Nonphysical Smelling Phenomenon December 26, 2008, but because this particular Ascension related symptom is being experienced by increasing numbers of people, I thought I’d talk a bit more about it.


In November 2008, I was finally energetically released from the unpleasant job of waiting and holding the energetic door open for any last-minute people who desired to get on board the evolutionary Ascension elevator. Much of 2006, all of 2007 and 2008, was this endless and painful in every way waiting and holding open that energetic “door” for people ready to leave the old lower (during 2008) and move up energetically. For me, late November 2008 was when I no longer was required to stay in that lower frequency energy waiting and holding open the energy door for others. As I was released from that lower energy level of waiting and holding open the “exit door”, I immediately started smelling burning incense and/or what I thought might be someone’s chimney smoke because it was winter. I’ve smelled it almost constantly ever since November 2008, when that huge and important completion and break-off point happened and I “ascended” up a few more energy Stair-steps.

I mentioned in my other article about this topic, how I would often smell burning pipe tobacco and/or burning incense back in the 1980’s and 1990’s when positive higher dimensional ET beings would make contact with me. It was one way for Them to let me know They were in the area energetically and getting ready to make contact psychically, telepathically and/or ethereally with me and whoever else was present with me at the time, which was often my mother.

Since my biological Ascension Process began in February 1999, I’ve not had this sort of contact with these old familiar ET family and friends. We’ve all moved on, ascended, evolved into new and higher states and so have They. Due to our ongoing ascensions, many of us in physical human form have energetically moved into a new higher state where we’re smelling smoke, burning incense or possibly even flowers mixed in with those smoky smells. I believe we’re smelling this now—without any of those past ETs being present—for the simple reason that WE are now what They were years and decades ago to us back in the old lower PRE-Ascension world.

I believe our currently smelling burning incense and/or smoky smells is another way we’re realizing that we are indeed the new “Earth Angels”. For many of us it’s yet another  way to show us where we are now in comparison to where we were in recent months (the big transition of late 2008), years and even decades. There’s a host of other ascension clues telling us that we’re very different people today that are literally vibrating at much higher levels and faster frequency rates than we were before. One example of this is when other people vibrating lower and slower simply do not seeing us all the time when we’re out in the physical world. Or, being seen by some of them and having those people come right up to us and act like we’re old best friends despite the fact you’ve never seen them before.

We’re both attracting and repelling other people vibrating at rates lower, slower and more dense levels than where we currently are. Remember how you felt and reacted when your Guides and/or higher positive ET kin where near you?

Also many of these strange Ascension symptoms have to do with our brain halves being Rewired into one non-polarized, integrated, unified whole brain. There is SO much happening in our brains and brain glands (the Pineal and Pituitary glands) rapidly evolving, plus the two brain hemispheres literally being Rewired, that it’s perfectly normal to suddenly be smelling, seeing, perceiving, hearing, feeling and sensing many new and seemingly unusual anomalies. It’s okay, it is just another of those numerous unique Ascension Process side effects.


March 30, 2009

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36 thoughts on “Smelling Nonphysical Smoke and/or Burning Incense

  1. Susy,

    I’ve had this too and it’s changed recently within me which tells me that more DNA and chemical/hormonal etc. changes have taken place. I too have wondered if anyone else can actually, physically smell what I’m smelling coming from my body but I doubt it. Just like smelling the nonphysical burning incense and/or smoke, others don’t smell it because 1) it’s nonphysical and 2) it’s due to changes taking place within our DNA, brains, central nervous systems, chakras and just about everything else. This is no different than when people who are not clairvoyant suddenly start Seeing nonphysical, other dimensional things, beings, points or balls of Light, portals and so on. Our brains and the glands in our brains are evolving which causes us to perceive more than we did before.

    Since April of 2015 my physical body is going through another level of change comparable to when the biological/physical level Ascension Process started for me in 1999. Sudden and intense in other words and I wasn’t expecting it but there ya go! So I’ve been trying to cope with these 2015 DNA and other energy related changes effecting my physical body like crazy this year. I know many others are going through this now too, in their own unique ways.

    The best advice I can give you now about this is to not worry about it. You know you’re “clean” so think of this as inner body changes taking place within your DNA and brain and Pineal and Pituitary glands and the High Heart Thymus gland too. Lots of inner and outer changes taking place this year and beyond for many. 🙂


  2. Hi, you might be able to give me some insight into something which is happening to me currently.
    My life has in recent years been quite simple – working through my health problems, various abdominal aches and pains combined with my spiritual practice of cherishing others and various prayers, as a student of the Buddhist teacher Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.
    Just in the last couple of weeks though, I have been having a strange new experience which I am not really happy about as it is interfering with my life.
    I started to connect ‘spiritually’ with a woman who I do not know in life and shared some fairly pure loving feelings. Nothing too unusual or troubling there. But then it intensified until I was completely and quite absurdly ‘in love’ and my ‘energy’ was doing things quite different from usual, disturbing my practice and I experienced some intensely unpleasant things.
    With great effort I have, extricated myself from being in love as I wanted to break this disturbing connection, but there is still something odd taking place between us which I cannot stop and which interferes with my ‘energy’ and causes me some disturbance. As a side effect I also constantly smell burning incense like strong nag champa and I never burn incense.
    You would then explain this as part of a process of spiritual ascension which is an energetic shift in consciousness and this lady acts as a catalyst for me?
    Mainly I’m interested in cherishing others but I am open minded to these other things!

  3. Stephen,

    Based on what you’ve said, it sounds to me like the woman isn’t the real issue nor the catalyst for what you’ve experienced, but the opening of your Heart is. 😉 Your High Heart being activated to evolve and expand etc. goes along with numerous other Ascension related symptoms or side effects, such as the smelling of nonphysical smoke or burning incense. Smelling nonphysical smoke is due to compressed evolutionary changes taking place in our brains (the two hemispheres being Rewired to be more integrated, less separated) and also in the brain glands — Pineal, Pituitary and Hypothalamus. Those changes alone are causing people to clairvoyantly see and hear and feel and perceive all sorts of new things, beings, energies etc. that they were unaware of prior.

    Back to your High Heart trigger or activation.

    You said you’re mainly interested in cherishing others… and you’ll do that and much more the greater your High Heart becomes. You’ll feel and know things in NEW, higher awareness sorts of ways so this is just the start of this Process. Know that millions of people are going through these complex changes and that they’re affecting each of us in our own unique ways. With an open mind and an activated High Heart the world is going to be a great place to be creative in! 🙂


  4. This morning while in my kitchen I began smelling as if sage were burning. I knew I hadn’t smudged in over a year. By mid day the smell began to become stronger. By dinner time the smell became even stronger. I asked a family member if they could smell it and they said no. A little while later I was out in my backyard, again the smell was all around me as if it followed me outside. As a Reiki Master I know that those on the other side can reach out to us. I am also wondering if the recent Super Moon a couple of nights ago has anything to do with this strong smell that seems to permeate wherever I am today,

  5. Carol,

    What I’ve discovered over time living with this Ascension symptom myself is that there’s so many ongoing evolutionary changes taking place in our brains and brain glands — Pineal, Pituitary, Hypothalamus — and that continues changing our brains by reconnecting (the Brain Rewiring Process) the two hemispheres (old Duality world with matching Duality consciousness), plus the ongoing changes to our brain “trinity” glands.

    Quite often during the arrival of another huge Energy Wave (higher Light), my sense of smell goes through yet another change. Sometimes certain scents become super amplified to me (only me) to the point of it becoming difficult to deal with sometimes! Every time I smell these nonphysical scents, I’m positive they’re physical but they never are so it’s usually back to our changing brains and those three main brain glands and the Pineal (Crown Chakra) and Pituitary (Brow or 3rd Eye Chakra). There’s SO MUCH higher frequency Light Energies (the 2014-2015 Blood Moon Eclipses, ‘Wave X’ etc. etc.) and it all comes into the body through the Crown Chakra and down into our physical head/skull/brain/brain glands and down further to our High Heart (Thymus gland). All that causes changes to all of our senses, old and NEW. 🙂

  6. My family and I noticed a few days ago that the bedroom of my parents smelled-smells incense… I was the unfaithful one trying to find a logical excuse to this strange event! My mother as an orthodox interpreted the event with the “nonphysical” way claiming its a “message” from heaven and all these thoughts. I dont know what to believe is there any logical explanation to the fact? Is it a good sign for my family and I ?
    Thanks, Dennis

  7. Dennis,

    In the beginning when someone smells positive nonphysical scents like flowers, roses, burning incense etc., it’s often a higher frequency, higher dimensional Being(s) making their presence known to the human(s) in the physical dimension. However, as a human(s) in the physical dimension evolves/ascends, they themselves begin to smell, to perceive more nonphysical scents and smells due to their simply evolving or “ascending”. This same business applies to clairvoyantly Seeing nonphysical things, beings, lights, energies etc. and all of this and so much more, is due to the person evolving which causes all sorts of NEW perceptions, feelings, awareness, experiences, visions and so on. It’s all the same thing and more and more people are now experiencing this and other common Ascension related “phenomena” and “anomalies”. It’s actually just evolving consciousness. 😉 Welcome to the Grand Evolutionary Party. 🙂

  8. Hi Denise,
    I came across this article while trying to find out whether or not anyone has experienced the phenomena of smelling like incense or smoke themselves? I have had quite a few instances of this, where I will walk into a store and people around me say it smells like smoke or incense now when it didn’t before. Just recently, my roommate came into my room, sat down on my bed and said it smells like incense in the room, but I haven’t burned incense in there once. I had candles burning the night before, however. When I lived at home, my mom also would tell me often I smelled like smoke or my jacket smelled like smoke upon returning home, when I wasn’t smoking or around anyone who was smoking or in an environment filled with smoke. Any thoughts on this? I would be really interested to hear.

  9. Andrea & All,

    Where there’s smoke, there’s Fire, and in our cases it’s Kundalini Fire! 😆 I jest, but really only a little. 😉

    Oftentimes when we are going through such profound Ascension related physical, energetic and DNA evolutionary changes — as we have been, are and will continue to for the rest of our lives — we smell (and/or see or hear or feel etc.) nonphysical reactions to those Alchemical changes. I used to joke that the Hot Flashes I was having that were Kundalini based and not just Menopause based (with the Ascension Process it’s hard to tell the difference) was me burning, smoldering deep inside from all the ongoing Kundalini Fire transmutations. That “joke” is closer to the truth than we’d first guess!

    Another aspect of this is that our brains are and have been and will continue to rapidly evolve thanks to the Brain Rewiring Process. The two brain hemispheres are literally being Rewired into one unified, integrated, non Dualized brain thanks to the Ascension Process. Because of this, along with the whole Body Rewiring Process, our entire endocrine system throughout both our body and brains (in our brain it’s the Pineal gland/Crown chakra, the Pituitary gland/Brow or Third Eye chakra, and the Hypothalamus gland) are evolving dramatically along with NEW DNA activations. All this and more is causing many to smell, to see, to hear, to feel, to know with Higher Awareness things that were out of reach to us before this evolutionary process.

    I’ve had many physical level encounters and meetings with positive higher dimensional Lightbeings and ETs over the decades and typically I would almost always smell some beautiful scent when they were within my space energetically. Those smells most commonly have been flowery scents, roses, burning incense, sweet pipe tobacco and other scents I couldn’t clearly discern because they smelled like combinations of many of these things. In other words, higher frequency, higher consciousness Beings and Humans give off a unique Energy Signature and this is increasingly easy to perceive now that humans are rapidly evolving themselves. Much of what we’re smelling (and also seeing clairvoyantly) are our own inner Ascension related changes. 🙂

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