Smelling Nonphysical Smoke and/or Burning Incense


I’ve noticed a lot of people recently searching for information about smelling burning’ or smelling smoke’ or constantly smelling incense burning’  when none is physically present. I wrote a bit about this phenomena in my article Strange Nonphysical Smelling Phenomenon December 26, 2008, but because this particular Ascension related symptom is being experienced by increasing numbers of people, I thought I’d talk a bit more about it.


In November 2008, I was finally energetically released from the unpleasant job of waiting and holding the energetic door open for any last-minute people who desired to get on board the evolutionary Ascension elevator. Much of 2006, all of 2007 and 2008, was this endless and painful in every way waiting and holding open that energetic “door” for people ready to leave the old lower (during 2008) and move up energetically. For me, late November 2008 was when I no longer was required to stay in that lower frequency energy waiting and holding open the energy door for others. As I was released from that lower energy level of waiting and holding open the “exit door”, I immediately started smelling burning incense and/or what I thought might be someone’s chimney smoke because it was winter. I’ve smelled it almost constantly ever since November 2008, when that huge and important completion and break-off point happened and I “ascended” up a few more energy Stair-steps.

I mentioned in my other article about this topic, how I would often smell burning pipe tobacco and/or burning incense back in the 1980’s and 1990’s when positive higher dimensional ET beings would make contact with me. It was one way for Them to let me know They were in the area energetically and getting ready to make contact psychically, telepathically and/or ethereally with me and whoever else was present with me at the time, which was often my mother.

Since my biological Ascension Process began in February 1999, I’ve not had this sort of contact with these old familiar ET family and friends. We’ve all moved on, ascended, evolved into new and higher states and so have They. Due to our ongoing ascensions, many of us in physical human form have energetically moved into a new higher state where we’re smelling smoke, burning incense or possibly even flowers mixed in with those smoky smells. I believe we’re smelling this now—without any of those past ETs being present—for the simple reason that WE are now what They were years and decades ago to us back in the old lower PRE-Ascension world.

I believe our currently smelling burning incense and/or smoky smells is another way we’re realizing that we are indeed the new “Earth Angels”. For many of us it’s yet another  way to show us where we are now in comparison to where we were in recent months (the big transition of late 2008), years and even decades. There’s a host of other ascension clues telling us that we’re very different people today that are literally vibrating at much higher levels and faster frequency rates than we were before. One example of this is when other people vibrating lower and slower simply do not seeing us all the time when we’re out in the physical world. Or, being seen by some of them and having those people come right up to us and act like we’re old best friends despite the fact you’ve never seen them before.

We’re both attracting and repelling other people vibrating at rates lower, slower and more dense levels than where we currently are. Remember how you felt and reacted when your Guides and/or higher positive ET kin where near you?

Also many of these strange Ascension symptoms have to do with our brain halves being Rewired into one non-polarized, integrated, unified whole brain. There is SO much happening in our brains and brain glands (the Pineal and Pituitary glands) rapidly evolving, plus the two brain hemispheres literally being Rewired, that it’s perfectly normal to suddenly be smelling, seeing, perceiving, hearing, feeling and sensing many new and seemingly unusual anomalies. It’s okay, it is just another of those numerous unique Ascension Process side effects.


March 30, 2009

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36 thoughts on “Smelling Nonphysical Smoke and/or Burning Incense

  1. Thank you Denise,

    It was undefinable. At first when I entered the house it smelled like in a mortuary. At least that was the first thought. After that I got another incense that smelled like something was on fire and started burning inside the house. But I did not find anything, so I opened all windows and soon the smell was gone. I certainly never smelled that before!

    What could it be?

  2. Tanja,

    No fear, just take the info and discard what does not apply to you. 🙂

    Firstly, the smelling of burning incense and/or smokey smells like chimney smoke etc. has to do with the major evolutionary changes (the Rewiring) happening in our brain, brain halves, and the endocrine glands in our brains — Pineal, Pituitary and Hypothalamus. But, I must add that also due to our Ascension related changes, people often also come under attack from negative nonphysical, nonhuman beings/entities from the 4D Astral plane. These attacks will sometimes manifest physical scents that we easily smell. They can smell like shit, like death, decay, and like a combination of any or all of these horrible smells. Living humans can even produce negative smells in our homes by them just thinking hateful, negative thoughts and/or emotions towards us… and vice versa of course.

    But, when one is being attacked by more developed nonphysical, nonhuman beings such as demons, then these smells are extremely potent and specific. During those years that I was under demonic attack I repeatedly smelled–usually around 3AM to 3:30 or 3:45AM–the strong smell of what smelled to me to be burning tires or rubber with other toxic chemicals mixed in. It was horrible and the same exact scent every single time this demon would attack me at night at that time. There was also a sound that went along with all this but I’ll save that for another article or book.

    This is why I wanted you to tell me exactly what you smelled first. It sounds like you’re fine and safe and just possibly had some random little something wafting through your house. This is more common than people would ever guess! Random little negative critters or bit on the move due to all the Light coming in over these many Ascension years. Envision your house and your entire property constantly protected by a dome or pyramid or tube or whatever symbol you prefer, of Divine Source Light. See it, feel it, and know that it is there all the time protecting you, your family, your pets and property.


  3. Thank you so much Denise!

    That helped me a lot to understand the smells! I remember one time before my Kundalini manifestations that when I stood beside my husband that he mentioned to me that it suddenly smelled like something around him. I don’t recall what he smelled, he smelled his arms but couldn’t figure out where the smell came from.
    I would be very interested in the sound that you described in this post, because sometimes during the night when my Kundalini energy becomes stronger and works on the body felt as electric currents and vibrations on and off in the left big toe and around me left face side, I can hear something that comes along with this. It starts as pressure building around the left face side, then it feels like an energy tube and cool breezes are entering my left ear, in the same moment I hear sometimes crunching and cracking noises inside my ear or head… Not sure what fits better. And every night now I experience something that I would describe as this pattern: Pressure building on left ear, pressure entering left ear, with feeling of air currents around the head. Then pressure builds inside of head, the next moment and it always startles me when this happens, I suddenly hear a very loud PING sound right beside my bed. It sounds like the bulb of the lamp short circuited or something crashed against the bulb or something. Even though the lamp is off… It happens every night and sometimes that PING sound is so loud that it makes me jump a little bit. It don’t know what it is, but it started recently and now every night.

    I will definitely try what you suggested with the Pyramid formed of divine light and I also pray to god every night to protect me during the night.


  4. I’ve had the incense/smoke smell off and on for years and thanks to you, Denise, I was able to realise that I wasn’t going crazy or getting a brain tumor! On the topic of demon stinks though, just a few days ago my roommate came home sick after weeks in camp and brought the most terrible smell of burning flesh with him. It stunk up the area near his bedroom for two days, then dissipated after I did a clearing. Time for a new roommate!

  5. Hi Denise, I too am smelling incense burning, sometimes its thick and chokes me up… I was starting to worry something sinister was happening within my body,,,, Decided to Google just to see what would come up and got your page,,,, I am a spiritual person and can except what you are saying although I don’t understand fully. No one else around me can smell this,

  6. Rosemary,

    It’s one of the many Ascension Process symptoms or side effects and has to do with how dramatically our brains and brain glands — Pineal, Pituitary, Hypothalamus and the corresponding Chakras, Brow and Crown etc. — have been and still are “ascending” or evolving. The two brain halves (the old Duality in physicality) are being Rewired into a unified whole so that we can perceive, see, feel, be higher frequency, Unified Beings that exist beyond Duality.

    Due to these many changes in our bodies and brains and of course the corresponding Chakras, many of us have been smelling NON-physical scents for many years, the most common is smelling NON-physical smoke and/or burning incense or a combination of the two. I too used to smell it so strongly that it would choke me and make my eyes tear. That’s pretty potent for something that’s not even there physically! I still will often check the house to see if something is burning when I smell strong smoke smells and there’s never anything physically causing what I’m smelling. Over the years these scents are slowly changing somewhat too and just become weird smells that I can’t describe. The great news is that the length that I smell these NON-physical scents is greatly shrinking compared to 5, 6, 8 years ago. This Ascension symptom can be a real pain after a while but knowing that it’s caused by our evolving body and brain halves being Rewired to be able to embody vastly higher and faster Light Energies/frequencies makes the transitional suffering worth it all. 😉

    I hope you’ll keep reading through my old articles/posts here at TRANSITIONS and also at HighHeartLife
    because there’s a lot of helpful information about the Ascension Process, its many symptoms and other related topics.

    Denise Le Fay

  7. About 2 weeks ago, I was in my apartment looking through a bad when I suddenly got an overwhelming dry feeling in my throat. I then started coughing and literally saw smoke come out of my mouth as the room suddenly started to smell of flowery incense. Do you have any idea of what that could mean? I’ve also been one to suddenly smell things, but as soon as I become aware of the scent it disappears. Usually the scents are connected to memories though – someone’s perfume, the smell of sunscreen, a certain food etc.

  8. Megan,

    Sounds like it may have been an old energy block unblocking then followed by the smell of flower incense indicating the open flow of energy in you in some specific area — probably the Throat chakra as most females have been closed there — no “voice” in the world etc.

    You know how sometimes people clairvoyantly See nonphysical things, beings, dead humans and such in their peripheral vision and as soon as they turn their heads to look at it directly it disappears? This same sort of thing can happen with smelling nonphysical scents, especially if they’re being created by a higher dimensional being like a positive ET, an Ascended Master, an Angelic being etc. The second the person smells a scent and they start thinking (there’s you’re clue! 😉 ) the smell disappears. The trick is to expand ones abilities to see without looking directly; to feel without focusing the old left brain intellect; to hear without focused listening and/or thinking. In other words, one needs to become very receptive and open to See, Feel, Hear, Sense in higher, more refined ways and that is accomplished by using the High Heart, not the mind/brain/left brain intellect.


  9. For the last few weeks I have been smelling a weird smell which seems to come from me. It can sometimes be a rotting veg smell but sometimes turns into a smoky incense smell. I put perfume on and can smell it for about an hour and then this other smell overtakes it. If I have been in a room for a while and then leave, when I walk back in I can smell it strong. I shower twice a day and it does go for an hour or so but always returns. My Husband and friends say they cannot smell anything. I am getting a bit paranoid about it and worry I may be sick. I have always been spiritual and have smelt when spirit is near, such as violets, cigarette smoke but never anything like this which seems to be eminating from me or is following me about.

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