It took me a very long time to connect enough of the dots to realize I and my mother both are Earth Sensitives. I only heard this term in 2003, but as soon as I read a story about a woman who was an “Earth Sensitive” and what physical symptoms she had, I knew that was what I’ve had for many years.

I think one of the reasons it took me so long to figure this out was because I’m in some form of physical pain most of the time anyway. Because of this, plus the ongoing ascension process, it makes it that much more difficult to discern what exactly is causing the physical pain I’m usually feeling.  But once I heard about Earth Sensitives and some of the physical pains and symptoms it causes many people, it was easier to pay closer attention to my pains and when they drastically increased. Once I’d consciously realized my pain level had increased again and plateaued, I then would try to watch the evening world news on TV to see if any Earth changes were happening and where. Most of the time, within a few days or weeks, I would discover something on the news about an earthquake or volcanic activity somewhere on the planet. And location has nothing to do with anything if you’re an Earth sensitive or psychic; you feel the Earth changes no matter where they are on the planet and distance changes nothing—just like telepathy and other forms of ESP.

Because I’m a Capricorn—an Earth sign—I believe that’s another reason why I’m extra sensitive to what’s going on below the Earth’s surface. I can easily hear magma flowing and pressures rumbling and booming deep below the surface. This too was another mystery I had to unravel because I didn’t know what I was hearing, only that it was well below the Earth’s surface. At a forum last year someone posted an article about magma flow and how scientists listen to it via their machines. The article described the sounds like dynamite blasts going off repeatedly. I was so glad to learn that because it is exactly what I hear without the aid of any high-tech machines. Booming, blasting sounds like dynamite going off or thunder deep below the earth’s surface. One more mystery solved.

I’m extra sensitive to magma flowing, tectonic pressures building up deep below the Earth’s surface, volcanic activity and the energies they generate, and of course earthquakes. I’m also extra sensitive to atmospheric changes in our weather, those pressure Highs and Lows. Damn things changing often wipe-me-out for weeks at a time. But, what I’ve been feeling in my body for the past 5 days now, is extreme pain in my bones, muscles, joints, headache, severe pain in the bones of my feet and hips to the point that it’s hard to walk and I look like I’m 98 years old! It takes a lot to get me down, but these past 5 days have been extremely severe. Last night I saw some brief report on the TV news about a volcanic eruption somewhere in Japan. I don’t even remember the name of the area, only that a volcano had very recently erupted.

Here’s how I read my body’s pain to determine if the Earth change event—whatever it is at the time— is over or not. Is my physical pain gone or drastically reduced like it is 99% of the time seconds after an earthquake, or, am I still in severe physical pain? I’m still in pain today which tells me that either that volcano in Japan hasn’t even gotten started doing what it may, and/or, there is something else that is building elsewhere on the planet now too. I psychically sense that this Japan volcano is going to get dramatic and rumble n’ blow for a while to help relieve much of the deep pressures within the pacific Ring of Fire. I’m also psychically sensing something possibly building somewhere near the west coast of South America, possibly around northern/central Chile, and it’s connected to what’s currently happening with the volcano in Japan.  Mexico feels a bit shaky now too, like they might soon be having a moderate earthquake. No fear however as everything is as it should be right now. You know all those horrific physical ascension symptoms we’ve been living with? So is Earth, and it will be okay too.

So if you too have drastically increased physical pains and/or pressures, emotional tensions and nervousness before an earthquake rocks and rolls somewhere on the planet and then feel wildly euphoric right after the quake—then you’re an Earth Sensitive as well. If you find yourself becoming increasingly nervous, high-strung, jumpy, twitchy, frustrated and irritable, then you too are an Earth sensitive picking up energy tensions and pressures deep within the Earth (1D and 2D). Or if you suddenly have a weird dream/dreams about some type of natural disaster somewhere on Earth and it’s like you’re there experiencing it despite the fact you’ve never physically been to that part of the world, then you too are psychically sensing some upcoming  Earth change. So many people around the world will dream of  the really large upcoming disasters days, weeks, or months prior to the event actually manifesting physically. Pay attention if you too have these other types of perceptions and take notes, watch the TV world news to help you learn about what you’re feeling and perceiving within your physical body and awareness. This is one of many ways how we can learn to read energies and personally interpret them.

Denise Le Fay

March 11, 2009

15 thoughts on “Being An EARTH SENSITIVE

  1. Melissa,

    All day yesterday (12-28-16) I felt very small earthquakes so I finally checked out USGS website to see what the Pacific Rim is doing because it’s felt like something NEW is literally coming in through that entire area now.

    Earth Sensitives feel these building pressures in 2D earth so when they finally shake and quake their ways to the 3D surface, it feels like a huge personal inner stress and tension is gone and you feel calm, euphoric as you put it, once again, until it all starts up again that is! With such high Light Energies coming in as they have been this month, the earth and all life on Her is going through tremendous evolutionary growth and change now. This will continue into 2017 of course so stay euphoric as much as you/we all can. 🙂

  2. This was very helpful. I’ve always felt connected to the earth, so I’m delighted to discover that I’m an empath!

    Nevada just recently had a chain of earthquakes and before the big 5.6 hit, I got a heavy pressure in my chest area and it was difficult to breath (felt like someone was sitting on me). I’ve never felt anything like this before. It made me super anxious, and soon after my whole bed was shaking. After that, I felt euphoria. But I kept getting small pressures, nothing like the first, and sure enough, more quakes hit Nevada in practically the same area. I still feel myself swaying and slight pressure is coming back, so I’m guessing there’s going to be another earthquake sometime soon that California might feel.

    Thank you for sharing!
    Much love.

  3. Hello again Denise,
    Wow. Another of my questions answered here! I’d just respponded to your most recent post today. April 30 2013 and I decided to check out some of the other topics listed tonight (I’m still fairly new here) and definately needed to read this info about being Earth Sensitive!!!! Of course I’m always in some kind of pain and/or having wierd symptoms due to Ascension too. However, lately I’ve had this new symptom (which I actually mentioned in my comment post tonight and asked what it could be about).
    I’ve also been recently feeling a swaying, motion feeling (somewhat like motion sickness, sea sickness). And I also must keep moving, walking to make it go away, just as was mentioned above! When I’m still and/or especially with my head down reading it is quite annoying and can make me slightly nauseous. Like the feeling you get after riding hours in a car or reading while riding in a car. I never heard the term Earth Sensitive (until I read your book (which I just coincedently finishing last pages tonight). Howvever i’m always saying to everyone how I can feel storms, and/or erractic weather patterns moving in and even just feel like I’m sensing Earth changes, pressures etc. And I’ll feel relief after the storm or whatever earth event passes.
    Everyone around me is basically still in 3D mode/mentality so when I mention this I usually get the usual “eye roll” or a patronizing look “Yeah, ok”. I am relieved once again to know that my senses are accurate! Ascension symptoms also definately worsen whenever the weather is erractic (which is most of the time lately, here in NYC). I’m wondering if this swaying feeling is a new added response I’m feeling to the Earths rotation and/or shifting as I Ascend. All I can say is this whole process gets wierder and weirder by the day. I never know what I’m going to wake up to physically experience! But it sure is comforting knowing that I’m not alone in the process, having all this support…And especially all this knowledge that you Denise are so willing and commited to sharing with all of us!
    With Love & Gratitude!

  4. oooo, I know what you mean.
    I feel like I am in a vortex.
    Sometimes I cannot stand up, like sea sickness.
    I also tend to keep moving as it is worse when i lie still.
    Sometimes I get into it and try and just spin along :), sometimes I get a bit scared.
    Have to live in trust and faith…..

  5. “I have to be constantly moving to be comfortable in my body The reason I feel comfortable moving is because when I sit or am still I feel my body is in a continuous spin. I’ve always told myself it’s not possible to be sensitive to the earths rotation because even though it spins incredibly fast the earth only rotates twice in a 24 hr period. does anyone else feel the earths rotation? I don’t have ear problems and am in good health so I know it’s not caused because of any physical problems. I’d like to hear your input please. Hope you all don’t think I’m crazy.”


    I think what you’re feeling is more than the Earth rotating. You might do a search for Lightbody spin, and/or Merkaba spin which will help explain what you’re feeling and perceiving. Our (humans I mean, AND Earth also) frequency is and has been increasing for many years now and due to this we (humans and Earth) are feeling an increased spin rate or frequency within our bodies and lives. Even the passing of time is reflecting this increased spin or increasing of our frequencies.

    More and more people are feeling this increasing energetic spin rate as inner body vibrations, buzzing, spinning, vertigo, and many other weird Ascension symptoms such as hot flashes etc. Hot flashes indicate that we’re literally burning off lower frequency or more density within our bodies. Lots going on…especially now in 2012! No fear however, just bend with the evolutionary changes as best as we each can from minute to minute, day to day. 🙂


  6. I have to be constantly moving to be comfortable in my body The reason I feel comfortable moving is because when I sit or am still I feel my body is in a continuous spin. I’ve always told myself it’s not possible to be sensitive to the earths rotation because even though it spins incredibly fast the earth only rotates twice in a 24 hr period. does anyone else feel the earths rotation? I don’t have ear problems and am in good health so I know it’s not caused because of any physical problems. I’d like to hear your input please. Hope you all don’t think I’m crazy.

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