Transitioning Ascension Symptoms

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It’s interesting how the starting Ascension symptoms I’ve had since 1999 have changed ever…so…slowly over the years. Many of those original profoundly horrible physical and emotional symptoms I haven’t had for the past  3–4 years. It was like surviving the Black Plague and such a wonderful thing to not have the worst of the worst of those weird and nasty symptoms anymore. Don’t get my wrong, I still have Ascension symptoms today, just much less severe than the first 6–7 years. Here’s a short list of the worst of the worst Ascension symptoms.

  • bottoms of feet painfully hot, sometimes hands too
  • ultra sensitivity to foods, drinks, chemicals/preservatives in foods, chemicals in stores, furniture, everything
  • amplified allergies
  • mega hot-flashes, night-sweats, cold flashes, cold areas on body at certain chakras–usually the High Heart
  • hot and red flushed face and eyes from severe chemical sensitivity
  • heartburn, acid reflux, esophagus spasms and sensitivities due to evolving corresponding Chakras
  • ultra sensitivity to all sounds, even my own voice when speaking
  • inability to mentally focus and/or remain focused
  • inability to remember the names of common everyday objects
  • insomnia and/or broken, non-recuperative sleep
  • repeatedly waking up at certain times such as 3:00 AM, 5:55 AM etc.
  • highly amplified processing of negative lower frequency energies in the dream state
  • nausea and vomiting, brief periods of “morning sickness” (all ages & both sexes)
  • sudden bladder spasms and nearly urinating yourself in public
  • severe brain fog, getting lost, not remembering what or where or why you’re out in some store
  • reading a paragraph 16 times and still not grasping or remembering what you’ve read
  • rage and intolerance with all lower vibrating people, belief systems, consciousness, products, places, systems etc.
  • periods of emotional amplification, crying, mourning, weeping, joy, love, peace etc.

Many of those Ascension symptoms I had I believe were how my Pisces ASC. body reacted/reacts to lower vibrating energies. The rage was a totally new one to me as I’d never felt rage before. I suddenly would not, could not “suffer fools” any longer and was actually a bit surprised at my intense hateful feelings towards what I lovingly call the assholes n’ idiots of the world. All my life prior to my Ascension Process the lower vibrating (assholes n’ idiots) people just scared me so I steered clear of them. However, the Ascension Process changes us dramatically — changes things like tolerance, turning the other cheek, keeping your mouth shut, being a “sheeple” and blindly, unthinkingly going along with the negative lower patriarchal national and global shit systems. Ascension changes all that in you and causes you to no longer accept anything that is harmful anywhere to anything or anyone. In other words, it forces people to be/express/live/perceive/feel/create at a vastly higher frequency than prior. No more shit, no more lower negative anything, because it’s just so wrong and that horrible time is ending now.

I still have many Ascension symptoms today and I will continue to have some of them… until I don’t! I still have occasional hot-flashes/night-sweats but they’re not as severe or as often. I still have phases where food and I don’t get along at all. I still have short phases where it’s hard to mentally focus but now I just go with the flow and stop forcing the issue. The bladder spasms are gone thank gawd because you look pretty obvious turning red-faced and shaking in a corner in a shopping store! I’m positive in the early years of my Ascension Process that many people who saw me in stores honestly thought I was on drugs and/or mentally disabled because I looked as horrible as I felt, plus, the chemicals in stores made me profoundly sick the second I walked through the doors.

Here’s a short list of the new or current Ascension symptoms I’m having only because it’s rather interesting to see some of the differences. Again, you may relate to these, or if not, they’re probably in your near future.

  • intolerance still when some lower vibrating person/people intrude into your only tiny space. How fucking dare they intrude into your minute square footage when they’ve got the whole lower world to run around in still!
  • occasional hot flashes, night sweats (which are just hot flashes when you’re sleeping or rather were asleep)
  • insomnia and/or broken sleep, sleeping for 2 or 3 hours and repeatedly waking up
  • lack of dreaming or inner clearing work done via lucid dreaming for long periods
  • lack of desire to be out or around anyone or anything vibrating lower
  • my home is the only energetic sanctuary at this point
  • disenchantment with most everything out there in the old world, boring, tiresome, stupid, useless, outdated
  • encountering tiny pockets of higher vibrating energies out in the lower old world! Amazing, but very tiny and fleeting at this point
  • inability of negative lower energies to reach you. You’ve seen them flailing around trying to get you, but they can’t reach
  • mega headaches that nothing helps, after days they often become vomiting migraines that then finally end
  • hearing high-pitched ringing in inner ears for weeks or months caused by solar energies/transmissions
  • sever pressure and pain in the spine and neck area primarily
  • esophagus spasms and sensitivities caused by activating High Heart Chakra (Thymus gland and area)
  • heartburn caused by changing Heart Chakra
  • acid reflux caused by changing Solar Plexus
  • phases of diarrhea during more energy adjusting and purging
  • skin eruptions/pimples/break-outs during the transmuting and purging phases
  • phases of total emotional disconnect and lack of caring about much of anything
  • phases of high creativity and feeling like things are closer to what Home felt like than ever before
  • phases of your hair looking like it died and is thinning but days later it’s okay again
  • ability to instantly release or let go of aspects within you that you know must go now. Fast and easy process now compared to years prior
  • long phases of constantly smelling burning incense smoke and/or wood smoke or other nonphysical scents
  • even fewer friends but a vastly better match with the few you do have at the moment
  • knowing on one hand and at other times not knowing or sliding back out of your current energy groove momentarily. Learning how to maintain and not slip-slide unless you want to energetically

There’s more but my mind is slowing down and turning to mush. Hey, there’s another really common Ascension symptom!


March 2, 2009

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17 thoughts on “Transitioning Ascension Symptoms

  1. hi denise,
    i’ve been researching ascension symptoms on the internet since october and have been finding myself experiencing them persistently since then (at least i think so)…but websites aren’t really enough, so i wanted your input (or another human’s at least).
    i have been experiencing the following (* indicates i haven’t found any sources that list the symptom):
    -flash headaches
    -flash facial headaches
    -back stiffness
    -shoulder pain
    -neck stiffness/pain
    -*spots of light skin pigmentation
    -random shocks on different pinpoints on my body
    -*intense bodily discomfort that can’t be described by anything other than “merging”.
    -*distinct shocks of pressure toward my third eye/pineal gland, usually coming from two different directions which compliment each other
    -waking up at irregular hours (of course…)
    -out-of-body dreams regularly for the past 5 years (offf course!)
    -weight gain (also of course!)

    and more, but i’m sure that’s enough to get your input; it would be greatly appreciated.

    thank you,

    nevermind, your article fully answered all of my questions. thank you.

  2. Vicki,

    Hi and I’m glad you discovered TRANSITIONS, welcome. 🙂

    It certainly sounds like you’ve been having many of the classic ascension symptoms all right. I suggest you hunt through many of the post titles in my Category “Ascension Process” for much more information and symptoms etc. My physical ascension process started in Feb. 1999, so I too have been going through this since day-one…and still am, but with some changes, which I’m going to write about today.

    Again, welcome and I’m glad you’ve joined us here.

  3. Hi Denise,

    Thank goodness I have found sites like yours that convince me I am not going crazy! I have been going through what I now believe to be ascension symptoms for approx ten years, starting with anxiety/panic attacks and depression, which have thankfully eased after a few years of anti depressants and then through practising meditation and relaxation. I have lower back pain, headaches, neck pain and stiffness (not every day but off and on). I also get the itchy skin thing. I am now getting fibromyalgia symptoms which I’m trying to address with yoga/meditation/healthy eating.I also forget what I’m trying to say and simple words for everyday things occasionally. I see flashes of light in my peripheral vision, mainly in darkness, and hear thumping (like a ‘whoomp’) in my right ear off and on, as well as other high frequency sounds..have you or anyone else experienced these symptoms? A year or two ago I had an overwhelming feeling of wanting to ‘go home’ so much that it made my heart ache and I could not understand why! Through a lot of research and a gut feeling that my symptoms were connected to ascension I found others going through similar if not the same things…thankyou for your site and god bless.

    Love and light,

    Vicki (Australia)

  4. Deb,

    Hi and welcome to TRANSITIONS, glad you’re here. 🙂

    Yes the headaches have been monumental and different lately. I suspect that is due to a lot of great changes (rewiring, brain hemisphere Veil/separation disintegration and subsequent brain hemispheres being integrated etc.) inside our skulls.

    I’ve never been one for wanting or needing naps in the afternoons because I’ve felt like I had tons of high voltage running through me/my body for almost 11 years now. However, over the past couple of months I’ve been falling asleep in the afternoons which is unheard of for me! When I wake up from these crash naps, I feel the inner body “rewiring” buzzing sensations vibrating away inside me. Evidently we’re really evolving more intensely again now and taking naps is helping this and allowing us to get out of our bodies for short periods while these potent transformations are happening.

    It certainly does help knowing (and connecting with) others who are actually living this Process too.


  5. Can relate to the mega headaches…never had headaches in my life until now..nothing showing up..I am also experiencing twitches in my body which are quite neurological problems found..and energy all over the place…watching very closely my diet and pacing myself so as not to burn myself out…it’s all a bit overwhelming at times but I am comforted by the fact others are feeling these new energies too.

    love to all Deb (Australia)

  6. Hi kavvy, it’s great to hear from you, thanks for joining and sharing here. 🙂

    It’s interesting you mentioned the “itchy skin” because my poor cat was going nuts for the past 3 weeks with it. I even bathed him (oh gwad!) hoping that would help his skin. He doesn’t have fleas, but would suddenly run like something bit him and then he’d lick and lick the area that stung him. Our pets are going through this ascension process with us too, and it is frustrating to see them have some of these weird symptoms.

    I’ve had so much trouble with my teeth…I’m not even going to talk about it all! Get to the dentist if you need to OK?

    Thanks again for saying hello and I am so glad you enjoy TRANSITIONS…and you are most certainly NOT alone in this.


  7. hi just wanted to share that i am experiencing the same symptoms as you mentioned Denise. Also adding itchy skin and severe tooth aches. it has been a long journey however i await the wonderful energies that will take over after this cleansing transition. I finally don’t feel like i’m alone in experiencing this transition. Great web site i am glad i found it! Thanks.

    God bless,

  8. Denise,

    I can relate to many of the current symptoms, thankfully I don’t get the mega headaches, hope I wont, no good dealing with them!

    Love & Hugs,


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