Dematerializing In Ancient Egypt

In my recent article Lessons Inside The Sphinx February 10, 2009, I shared a past-life memory about receiving certain lessons and initiations inside the Sphinx in a second and later past life in ancient Egypt as a female. In this post I want to share another past-life memory from the earlier life as a male in Egypt of 12,600 BC with the three Starbeings (8D Orion, 6D Sirius, 5D Pleiades). I know this must sound rather confusing to you and easy to get the two past lives and experiences mixed up, so I try to clearly define which ancient Egyptian past life I’m talking about as they were a good 3,000 years apart.

These past life memories as a male in Egypt during 12,600 BC had to do with very difficult and very serious high level Initiations that many of us experienced way back then.  As you read through this past life memory of mine, it just may induce some deep emotional feelings within you. It will be up to you to discern or sense why you’re having the reactions you are.

This particular Initiation was only attempted by adults who had already been trained in other abilities, and therefore was relatively safe. Another main aspect of this is that the people back then were profoundly different from humanity today so please remember that fact. We’re like retarded toads in comparison to what humanity was back then. So even though this level of Initiation was serious and had the possibility to be dangerous, the people doing it were amazing beings with whole-brained, multidimensional consciousness…unlike today.

I remember reaching the age and learning level where it was time for me to go through a series of the same type Initiation. These took place over a year or two and if I or anyone had difficulties with it, as many did, we could, with no shame, take our time and try again and again until we were fully comfortable and repeatedly successful in doing it. None of this had to do with the high drama that the act was, but for other important reasons.

The first memory I have of doing this was as a young adult with another Elder at my side to guide, oversee, and rescue if necessary. He physically and clairvoyantly watched me go through each moment of each Initiation as all the Elders did for all the trainees. This series of Initiations had to do with first becoming proficient at projecting full consciousness into a small stone room inside the Great Pyramid (GP). There were a few of these smaller rooms inside it with no physical doors or crawl space or any physical entrance/exits at all. They were just small stone block rooms inside it with no physical way to get in or out. They were training rooms for just this purpose. They were physical locations within the Great Pyramid that were only accessible via conscious projection.

After much training in this first level of mentally projecting ones awareness into a closed room inside the GP, the next level of Initiation was to learn to actually dematerialize ones physical body outside the GP, then project into the small closed room inside it and there re-materialize your physical body. This was easier than it sounds for the reasons given earlier; we were vastly different beings back then and these types of abilities  were “normal”. But the part of this stage of this Initiation that many had some difficulty with was re-materializing inside the stone room deep with the GP and NOT FREAK OUT because there was no physical way to get back out! It was a real mind job to be sure, to have projected yourself and then re-materialized your physical body inside a stone room that looked much like the Kings Chamber but minus the sarcophagus and no physical way in or out. To get back out you had to again dematerialize physically and project back outside to where your Elder was physically waiting for you and then re-materialized physically there.

Now I know how hokey sounding the term dematerialize/re-materialized must sound but remember that many people (Monks, Masters, Initiates etc.) thousands of years later knew how to do this too. It has to do with speeding up and slowing down your consciousness and vibratory rate. Speed it up enough and to others you simply disappear physically. Slow it back down again and you reappear physically. The ongoing ascension process is this same thing of speeding up, increased spin, becoming less dense, and housing more Light.

So there I was standing physically inside one of these fairly small closed stone rooms inside the GP and feeling pretty good about myself. But the more time you spent in there, the more strain you put yourself under psychologically, and I started to become claustrophobic feeling and a bit panicky. The Elder was there with me of course but non-physically to oversee and make sure I didn’t make any big mistakes. I realized I needed to increase my spin enough to dematerialize physically and get my self back out of there. I did and all was fine n’ dandy. I went through this particular Initiation many, many times spending more  time inside the enclosed room to learn to not panic, to not think stupid limited thoughts, to not lose my focus, to become so familiar with the process that I could do it without much effort or strain at all. That was the point to this particular lesson. Here comes the real punch line to all of this, the why of it.

A secondary reason for why everyone learned how to dematerialize their physical body was because it was considered rude and lowly to die and leave it behind for others to have to deal with! The complete and total opposite to what much later Egyptians were supposed to have believed with all their amazing mummification techniques and gold encrusted afterlife burial chambers and so on. Most everything gets severely distorted over great periods of time and ancient wisdom’s and abilities become pathetic monstrosities of what they were originally. Higher consciousness beings would never think it permissible to just die and leave your physical body there for others to have to get rid of. This is hard to explain but those ancient peoples—and I’m sure most all other cultures back then—perceived reality very differently than we do today (but we’re rapidly getting there and beyond!). It was dirty, lazy, rude, lowly and disrespectful to die and leave your physical body IF, IF you were capable of dematerializing it when you checked out or “died”. They didn’t even call it “dying”– it was going Home or going elsewhere but it sure as hell wasn’t called or thought of  as dying! It was more like, I’m in this room and now I’m in that room and not much more.

So learning how to dematerialize/re-materialize had to do with numerous things as was always the case with the super ancient people. It was a learning within physicality, a serious way to focus and remain focused, and it taught how to get beyond fears and belief systems and seemingly rock solid physical reality, and it also taught how to quickly and easily be able to clean up after oneself when you were finished with your life on Earth. At the end of this male past life in Egypt, I chose when I wanted to exit that life, and I dematerialized my physical body simultaneously with my leaving.


February 26, 2009

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12 thoughts on “Dematerializing In Ancient Egypt

  1. Dear Denise:

    I hope I am “connecting the dots” here. Okay, in my last comment I quoted Barbara M.’s reference to “…completely in charge of your physical body.” Now I am led by no coincidence to this amazing account of your dematerializing and materializing in ancient Eygptian times. In the last eight months or so I have been waking up at least two mornings a week feeling that my body is not connected to my head. The first time it happened I sincerely thought that somehow during the night I had become paralyzed from the neck down and very tentatively, though I was not frightened, I moved my feet, then my legs, and so on until I felt my body was all one again. This now has happened so often that I enjoy it, thinking that I am still out in the dimensions and I relax completely and let my lower body come back into 3D whenever it wants to. I am now at the stage where I can come back fully into my body by my consciously thinking I must get up and get to work, et cetera. Reluctantly I do so.

    Having now read your 2009 post, and my own conviction that the “Beam me up, Scotty” of Star Trek had something very real to offer us, it seems that Barbara M’s statement “…completely in charge of your physical body” takes on a new, and to me, very wonderful meaning. In order to leave 3D, to return to it, and to travel freely throughout the dimensions, this dematerialzing/materializing experience must become something so natural that we can do it at will.

    Yes, it is ascension, but it is ascension on our terms when we’re ready. I’ve always felt that when it’s time to call it quits here in 3D, it won’t be because I’ve succumbed to some ailment or accident, but because I choose when I’m ready to go, in concert with my Higher Self.

    Am I close or only dreaming?

    Love, B.

  2. “What an incredible account of ancient history, absolutely beautiful!!! I can’t thank you enough for sharing this, I am in complete awe!”

    Rowing Through Life,

    Welcome to TRANSITIONS, glad you’re here. 🙂

    There’s plenty of past articles to read through under different Topics. I hope you’ll take a look through them to see what else you’re supposed to connect with now.


  3. Hi Denise!

    This is the most astonishing account of such an old times I’ve ever been aware of! Thank you for sharing!
    I have a question. Is it true that what you describe was happening in this same reality frame (as we are right now)? I mean all the laws of physics was the same back then. Or you talk about slightly different reality you were living in?

  4. Denise,

    Oh yes, the 2 seater UFO’s, now that would be very useful now. I’m sure a quick trip over the ‘pond’ would be no bother to see a dear friend! 😉
    I wonder are any of these craft buried somewhere waiting to be found………?

    Love & Hugs,


  5. Stu,

    Yes it was a big learning and one that most all the people back then knew how to do. Burial was abnormal in real ancient Egypt from what I’ve remembered. It came much, much later, after the original abilities and knowledge was long gone.

    I’d suspect that many people have this same claustrophobic feel when even thinking about being inside a massive stone block room like this. There were a lot of souls incarnate back then, and many of them went through these learning’s, these Initiations within both the Sphinx and Great Pyramid as I did…not to mention the so-called two-seater UFO’s many of us also trained within during this same time period in Egypt. 🙂

    Hugs n’ Love,
    Denise (Lapis)

  6. Denise,

    I read the header for this entry and thought, I’m going to like this one! 🙂

    I laughed out loud at your ‘retarded toad’ comment! 🙂

    I love this lesson you had in the Great Pyramid, I can see how freaky this must have felt realising there was no physical way out!

    All my life I have had a dislike of small spaces, maybe this is an imprint of this particular lesson and getting stuck for a time inside…..

    This makes perfect sense to me that mastering your vibrational frequency will make you disappear or reappear.

    The key for many people accepting this is to change their belief systems, but this will be challenging!

    Love and Hugs,


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