Negative Beings, Psychic Attacks & Nightmares

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Because I was born a sensitive, psychic, clairvoyant, Ascension ‘Volunteer’ and Forerunner, Starseed, Lightworker, Lightwarrior I’ve always been prone to and aware of what we call negative or Dark or evil beings and energies, what I call Team Dark. To me it’s all lower vibrating consciousness and energies. Do not misunderstand me however because many of those lower vibrating energies and consciousness want to KILL YOU, want to HARM YOU, want to and do feed off you energetically and endlessly want to cause you as much MISERY, PAIN, CHAOS and FEAR as It/They possibly can, especially if you’re carrying Light. So even though it or they can be highly dangerous and even deadly during certain stages of Forerunners/Wanderers/Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wayshowers/Indigos lives within lower 3D, they are still just seriously bad-ass lower vibrating energies and consciousness. It is what it is, no more no less but don’t be stupid, naive or gullible.

In the third dimension (3D), Duality was the name of the game with the negative Team Dark (TD) aliens and other beings and entities being the controllers of humanity and human consciousness and physical reality for a very long time. That’s not the case any longer I am very proud to say, but of course that caused a big, angry, panicky uproar in the remaining unseen and seen TD nonhuman beings and TD physical human puppets.

How many of you have read any of Barbara Marciniak’s channeled Pleiadian books? If you have you’re familiar with their really great term System Busters’. I’ve always loved that term because it says it all; Forerunners/Lightworkers/Starseeds/Pathpavers are those who come in to (intentionally incarnate) energetically closed off dimensions, planets and entire systems for the reason of energetically busting down that old lower energy and consciousness to either energetically bring in and anchor a new astrological Age, and/or to help with the evolution of the planet and human species through the Ascension Process and dimensional shift such as what’s happening now. We’ve been doing all that and much more over the past decade or so. Why? Because those who volunteered to do this are the ones to clean up, literally transmute the energetic mess and imbalances (Duality) created on Earth by both humans and non-humans before the new and higher can replace it. Our time using the old 3D school with its matching systems is ending, which means the horrible distortions, negative residual emotional energies in 3D and 4D astral and general carnage had to be transmuted by those Forerunners that could, can do that level of energetic Work.

alarm Warning: This next material is rather X-Rated and very Dark so be prepared please.

Some Forerunners/Starseeds/Lightworkers (aka Team Light) incarnate into and work in total negative Darkness in the beginning of the System Busting Ascension Process. Sensitives and people carrying more Light Energies naturally glow in the negative Dark and obviously are immediately and easily perceived by negative beings, aliens and entities (TD) more so than people not carrying, not embodying higher frequency Light Energies in themselves and their physical bodies.

I’ve gone through severe and profoundly difficult periods of Lightwork since 1999, where I had to directly feel, experience and live through actual events that physically happened to other people. It was necessary for me—as it was for many other Lightworkers/Transmuters around the planet—to personally, directly live through and feel certain horrific negative events and emotions etc. that have happened to other humans. Why? Because those negative, dark events and actions leave energetic scars and residual imprints (abundant psychic, etheric trash if you will) that doesn’t simply disappear when the event/action is physically finished. Some Lightworkers/Transmuters feel/felt both what the victims felt and what the perpetrators felt during those negative events and actions. Some Lightworkers/Transmuters dealt with Dark events and actions done in this current time period, other Lightworkers/Transmuters dealt more with negative events and actions created hundreds and thousands of years ago on 3D physical Earth. And some of us have worked extensively in the 4D Astral as well transmuting and clearing out much of the abundant negativity created throughout this past Evolutionary Cycle on Earth.

The majority of the time this transformational Ascension related Lightwork was done in the dream state for the simple reason that so much could be dealt with and transmuted in a relatively short period with the least amount of trauma to the Forerunner/Lightworker/Energy Transmuter. They’ve had to personally experience these negative actions and leftover energies through their bodies to experience it, feel it, see it etc. and then transmute and discharge or neutralize it. Through this intimate direct experience of witnessing, feeling physically, emotionally, and psychologically living certain past tortures, rapes, murders, sexual tortures and perversions of both adult females and males, children of both sexes and animals, also animal tortures and murders, the lower negative Dark stuck energies and consciousness created by those humans AND Team Dark beings and the acts and events, the Forerunner/Starseed/Lightworker was able to transmute those energies. In other words, they did the work of busting that energetic system and past residual negative energies, transmute them and take back the planet energetically while pointing out the energetic “Exit Door” to any living and dead who were ready for a higher way of Light. However, there are still many pockets of lower negative energies running loose everywhere and we encounter them repeatedly through the layers, cycles and numerous energy adjustments of the ongoing Ascension Process.

The other important reason why some Ascension Process Forerunners have this unpleasant job related task is because a direct record of these negative actions done by negative nonhuman aliens, beings and entities on other humans, and done by negative humans on other humans across time in the completing past Evolutionary Cycle. Forerunners personally and directly experience and relive what the victims and victimizers both experienced, felt, saw, heard, tasted etc. because it then becomes recorded through each Forerunner who personally and directly experienced all of them in this way and will be used as multidimensional evidence on every Team Dark being and human that perpetrated the events and actions in the physical and astral dimensions. No one and nothing gets away with anything anywhere, and at the end of each lengthy Evolutionary Cycle such as what we’re living through now in these current lifetimes, some Forerunners/Lightworkers/Pathpavers are needed to personally and directly collect evidence of the negative events, actions and deeds done upon others because it will be used later in higher dimensions.

I had two intentional human generated psychic attacks in 2008 from living people. I also had 3 or 4 experiences of what I call free-floating negative energies come wafting through my home during 2008 also and I wrote articles about some of them, including all the negative energies released and transmuted via the California Fire Storms of 2007 and 2008. I know many non-psychic, non-Lightworker people have and still do occasionally encounter these pockets of free-floating, on the move dislodged negative energies and Team Dark. They are free-floating negative energies and consciousness on-the-run due to all the previous transformational energy System Busting work done over the past 10-11 years or more. Their solid hold on the old lower 3D world has been shaken to the core, broken up, and busted apart. So much of it has been transmuted already but there are still and will continue to be for a while, moving, searching pockets of this horrible negative energy and beings frantically looking for anyone to sink its claws back into again. Because of this ongoing transition, I and some of you still do have these encounters with loose, roaming negative crap that’s looking for someone to destroy or harm in any way it/they can at this point.

I and my Mom both had another of these experiences a few nights ago and it returned the next night even stronger and more focused, but that then was the end of it for us. It’s always interesting and validating for us when things like this happen while we’re asleep at night and don’t know anything is happening with the other person. The next morning when one of us tells the other that we were attacked in a dream (which took the form of a strange and abnormal for us nightmare), and the other one shares that they had a very similar nightmare attack dream the same night, then I’m certain it was focused and intentional negative energy pounding on both of us.

The first night the psychic attack was minimal and weak, so much so I wasn’t sure it even was a psychic attack. But the second night was highly focused and hell-bent on kicking the life out of us both. Because it was the middle of the night and we were asleep, this psychic attack took the form of a nightmare for both of us. A huge clue for me with these type issues is that there’s a patriarchal theme to the nightmare; males killing and/or harming other males and females for whatever sick distorted reasons. In other words, there is a very specific theme and feel to these energies, these psychic attacks and these nightmares caused by old lower energies created in and by long-standing patriarchal distortions. I’ll spare everyone the ugly details and just say my nightmare had to do with another culture and race and how certain gangs within it hunt and kill other people within that physical area. It is territorial, but aren’t they all no matter the race or culture? There was running and hiding and people being caught and killed on the spot by this other gang or group of people. It was modern-day and an actual physical event that happened and is still physically happening today in certain locations in North, Central and South America. I woke myself up right before I witnessed another young brown-skinned man in front of me be murdered by another brown-skinned man or woman.

The second I opened my eyes from this nightmare in the darkness of my bedroom, I clearly saw the tell-tale negative energies right there three inches above my face and head, trying its damnedest to etherically pound my head in! I’ve seen this same negative energy phenomenon repeatedly over the years. This type of negative energy is always much physically darker than the surrounding natural darkness of  night, and it usually is moving frantically and violently around your head, face and upper body because it is trying to pound you into oblivion. This is part of the ongoing process and I can tell you from a lifetime of personal experiences, that it does get to a point where you’re vibrating far enough beyond its frequency and abilities that you finally are vibrationally untouchable. A very, very, long time coming to be sure but it does happen eventually.

The great difference between this recent psychic attack of a few nights ago and the last one of 5 months ago is monumental however. This recent attack could not and did not actually make contact with me enough to affect me physically. Yes it did make contact etherically because it’s so much easier to do that, especially if we’re asleep and OOB (out-of-body), but again, not enough to affect me physically which has always been the case my whole life. I am not sick physically from this recent psychic attack from another pocket of free-floating, dis-connected, lower negative energy, and this is a first for me. Blessed, hard-fought progression both internally and externally. Stay strong, stay aware, and keep moving forward vibrationally everyone. Know that these random encounters with the dying dark Negativity are vastly less powerful than before so fear not and keep moving forward because it is so much easier now than ever before.

Denise Le Fay

January 28, 2009

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27 thoughts on “Negative Beings, Psychic Attacks & Nightmares

  1. Hi Denise and any one else reading this. I wonder, Denise, if you have an unidentified entity still with you (going by this article). Or there is something that is making you remain vulnerable to attack. Do you regularly cut your psychic chords? If not… do so and you may find your vulnerability to attack dissipate. (Remember… cutting once does not fix it… you need to keep doing it every time they come into your awareness).

    I am a starseed (indigo/crystal), first incarnation on this planet, and have fortification against lower entities because my vibration is just too high. I can’t see them, hear them. Can barely feel them. The only thing I do get is the “knowing” or “feeling” that there is an entity at play… and only if there is someone else in the picture (present or under attack)… but I have been around loads of them and it amazes me how I seem to have this fortification… though it makes sense because I have unusually high energy. I have never met anyone like me… and most people try and ask if I wish to calm my energy (so it’s easier to be around me)… but it’s normal to me so I see no need… in fact decline the offer because it’s why I’m here (I’m a volunteer to help lift the frequency of this earth and those that ask if I want it calmed usually are the ones that need the elevation). I’ve never come across negative entities while astral travelling/OBE’s. The only time I’ve had anything close is when I get sleep paralysis and succumb to immense fear when I hear sounds and perceive them as an intruder… (hypnagogic hallucination), and know it’s not real and that I just need to roll over and wake up and be free of the fear… but I can’t ‘cos the paralysis hasn’t worn off. Over time I have learnt about sleep paralysis and how to break the paralysis and no longer fear… in fact, now I yearn to have sleep paralysis as it’s a great way exit the body and astral travel, and since the fear is gone the entities/hallucinations (whichever you perceive them as) do not have a vulnerability to play on so leave me alone.

    What makes anyone vulnerable to attacks/entities is fear as it is a low frequency, and also drugs (including medications) and alcohol. That’s not to say you can’t indulge or follow your doctors orders… just be aware, use protection (love and white light) and do a self-clearing if need be. But the other BIG KEY IS NOT TO FEAR/HATE THE ENTITIES. If you do attract one… simply love it. That’s all it needs.

    What spurred me to so much as respond to this article as it gives off the sense that entities are dangerous and want to kill you (that’s another reason why I wonder if Denise has an entity lingering)… reading this article will make people scared of entities… which will make them easier/more vulnerable to attack. FOLKS YOU MUST NOT FEAR ENTITIES! Very few (if any) actually want to kill you… and they are from the lowest of low dimensions and your energy would have to be pretty low to so much as be vulnerable to them (ie: you suffer paranoia, anxiety, depression and fear). Most entites are simply lost and scared, thanks to a hole being ripped open to our lower dimension in Atlantis (which is now the “bermuda triangle”) that has drawn up entities from the lower dimensions. They don’t want to be here as much as you don’t want them. So all they need is some love and light. If you simply ooze love and light (visualise bright white light entering your body through your crown any time until your body fills and starts projecting light)…. the entity will only have 2 options… 1. to leave (because your frequencies will be too incoherent) or 2. to find the light and no longer be harmful and draining as they’ll be able to get their energy from source and stop draining yours… and also eventually leave. Who knows… you may end up with a new friend 😉

    RULE OF THUMB – if you do not fear entities, you will not be attacked. (Okay there are exceptions, when a person doesn’t think they fear but there is an underlying, subconscious anxiety OR they have other issues in life that are bringing their vibrations down – stress, anxiety, illness, drugs, alcohol, etc.) So it’s good to always to fill your body with love/light regularly (which we all should be doing if we want to move up in dimensions with the Earth), and cut psychic cords regularly (even if there is no one in particular that you are doing this for).

    And lastly… it’s not hard to get to the point where your vibration is high enough to not be vulnerable. Okay, so I came here like this… but I don’t see it as being hard for others to get to this stage. You just need to love, and do lots of meditation (with crystals helps) and spiritual development. And anything that expands consciousness will help (which can be in the form of simply learning/acquiring knowledge about whatever tickles your fancy… but the most effective ones are the history of the earth, man, aliens, what came before the big bang, comprehending that we are a soul and not a body, that we are NOT the only ones in this universe… in fact we are a small planet in a small galaxy on the edge of the universe… and we are kind of secluded because we are so full of fear and they don’t want us to contaminate the other species). Finding your local Melchizedek Mystery School helps too ( has a home study series). Earth is one of the hardest schools/lessons there is… but one of the most fulfilling!

    Love and light.

    Affectively Neurotic

  2. “…It was like there was a thick black fog all over the floor that was going to slowly move up and cover everything in sight if I didn’t find a source of light to make it leave…”


    Ah yes…that has been, and for many other people currently is the lesson, the struggle, the Ascension Process.

    From what you’ve described not only you but all three of you experiencing at the same time, it sounds like all three of you came under a “psychic attack”. You obviously experienced the most negativity from this attack and you need to REMEMBER every aspect of this experience, how it felt, how it unfolded, how it made you and your parents feel, how you rationalized all of it and so on. These types of negative psychic attacks are highly unpleasant, obviously, but it will help you (and your parents too if they’re open enough these other levels of reality) if you have another psychic attack. My point being, remember how this worked, how it gave all three of you clues that something was off or wrong or negative and how all three of you didn’t recognize what was happening and to get your attention, the entity or dead human or demon or whatever it was, escalated the attack in an attempt to get your attention.This is tricky because you’ve got to learn to discern for yourself these sorts of negative energies/beings etc., but at the same time you (all of us) cannot become so terrified by them and their attacks on us that we don’t defend or protect ourselves.

    The first clue was the time when this began; 3:30 AM. I experienced repeated psychic attacks from a demonic entity (for far too long many years ago) that typically began around 3:00 AM through 4:00 AM. The 3:00AM to 4:00AM period (or there about) is typically when the Negatives or Team Dark as I have called all negative nonphysical beings/entities/aliens/and negative living humans, go into attack mode it seems and this is based on my own experiences with this sort of thing many, many times in the past. I no longer experience it because I have evolved beyond that range of frequency…finally.

    I’ve written some articles under the Category title Psychic Attacks & Negative Aliens which you might benefit from. This next sentence is NOT meant to frighten you or anyone else reading this but only to inform you of what is a fact.

    When each of us starts to awaken or activate, which is what’s been happening on Earth for many years now, we typically come under psychic attacks from nonphysical, nonhuman, very negative beings/entities/demons/aliens etc. because they do not want any of us to evolve ourselves and our consciousness and energies to the point that we move (evolve, ascend) beyond the frequency range where they exist and are able to attack and affect us. Period. These negative attacks are like encountering horrible, vicious, dangerous Guard Dogs in some dirty Scrap Yard; they attack us when we start to move beyond their invisible energetic frequency fences because they don’t want anyone leaving. But, this is part of the Process of spiritual evolution out of what’s been a totally dark, negative and highly controlled physical Earth world and surrounding dimensions (2D and 4D primarily).

    If interested read through my other articles about these Negative beings and psychic attacks to get more familiar with how and why these things happen etc. The next step is for you to learn how to protect yourself energetically, psychically, so you’re not such an easy target when the next attack happens. The rest is trial and error and very Initiatic as you literally move through these lower Astral levels and encounter these Team Dark beings trying to stop you from evolving, growing, and becoming more aware and self-empowered.

    Hang in there and know that many have been in your shoes and much, much worse.

  3. Hi Denise,

    I had something very strange happen last night and decided to look online to see what it might have been, and I ended up running across your site. I think it was some type of entity, but I’m not completely positive. Anyways, I am an Indigo and I am eighteen years old currently. I’ve had a lot of experiences all my life and I used to have a lot of horrible night terrors, but that hasn’t been happening lately. I’ve actually been sleeping a lot better for the past six months or so.

    However, last night was different. I woke up at 3:30AM and laid in bed for about ten minutes or so before deciding to just get up and go to the bathroom so that I could hopefully go back to sleep. When I got up, though, I saw that both my parents had also woken up at exactly 3:30AM, which was very strange for all of us. So I talked to my dad for a minute (which is how I found out they woke up at the same time) and then I went back into my room to try to sleep. I put my iPod on and listened to music for about twenty minutes before it died and then I just laid there in silence trying to get sleepy. I ended up hearing my mother yelling for me across the house right after, though. It was really loud and panicked, like: “Caitlin! Caitlin! Caitlin!” But I figured she wanted me to go ahead and get up for the day so I just ignored her because I hadn’t been able to fall back asleep yet. About a minute after I heard the yelling, I felt someone shaking my arm like they were trying to wake me up. My bedroom door makes noise when it opens, though, so I knew no one had walked in and the situation suddenly felt really, really wrong. I was getting very scared, so I just kept my eyes shut tight to try to make it go away. Then it changed from my arm shaking to pressure on the side of the bed which shifted to pressure on top of me, like it was pushing me down into the bed. And then I felt something – I’m not sure what – wrap around my neck and it was squeezing very tightly to the point where I couldn’t breathe. I wear a sleep mask at night over my eyes when I sleep and it had moved up over one eye when I had been trying to fall asleep, so I opened that one for a split second and looked to the side instead of in front of me because I didn’t want to see whatever it was – but I could see my closet (and it was extremely blurry since I didn’t have my glasses on or contacts in) so I knew I was completely awake. Another thing that really scared me was that this thing was speaking to me when it was squeezing my throat, but I couldn’t understand what it was saying because its voice was very deep and gravelly, and it may have even been speaking in another language. But it sounded very hateful and negative. After a while, though, it loosened and went away, but I was too scared to go get my parents or yell for them, so I just laid there for a few hours until I managed to fall asleep, and when I did, I had horrible nightmares of being in total darkness and it was almost like I was having a complete breakdown in my dream because everywhere I went for light, there was none. No light switches worked or anything of the sort, and I needed them to get rid of the darkness. It was like there was a thick black fog all over the floor that was going to slowly move up and cover everything in sight if I didn’t find a source of light to make it leave.

    Another interesting thing was when I told my mother about it when I finally talked myself into getting the courage up to turn on my lamp and leave my room, she said something had happened to my dad as well. Apparently after they got into bed and my mom was watching tv, my dad suddenly turned around and asked, “Did you blow cold air on my back?” But she didn’t and the heater was on all night, so there was no cold air that could have touched him, but he said it felt like a very strong, cold breeze that just suddenly ran up his back and then left.

    Do you think what I experienced was an attack by some sort of entity? And if so, do you know anything I could do to make it stop in case it happens again or prevent it from happening? I think I was too in shock the first time to try to make it stop, but I’d like to be prepared just in case I run across this problem again.

    I’d really appreciate your opinion on the situation!

    Thank you so much!

    – Caitlin

  4. Lori,

    Many, many more Starseeds, Lightworkers, and Indigos are being attacked by the negative Dark Ones now. (a catch-all term I use instead of naming all of these beings…like Reptilians, negative assistants to the Reptilian beings, possessed humans, demonic beings etc.) Why is the important question with this and it has to do with the dying of and/or disconnecting of these negative Beings and all of their negative tools, methods, systems etc. from our physical and energetic bodies and brains now and also from this world reality and dimension plus all others. That’s some MAJOR stuff going on now and these Dark Ones are angry beyond belief and panicked because they’re losing their food source (us and humanity) and this world and so, so much more. Because of this many of them are lashing out at those of us who embody Light who are helping bring an end to their rule over humanity/Earth/3D and beyond.

    Too many people don’t realize that the entire world we’ve all lived in all of our lives has been totally controlled, totally distorted away from its original design or blueprint all because these negative Beings believe/believed themselves to be “Gods”. So when a person starts waking up and/or embodying increasing amounts of higher frequency Light within themselves, these negative Dark Ones will lash out and psychically attack them and/or our loved ones, our pets, neighbors, or strangers all in an attempt to stop us from doing what we’re doing via the Light. Psychic attacks by negative Beings and even humans controlled by the Dark Ones just goes with the territory of spiritual evolution within duality.

    I wouldn’t suggest wandering around in the Astral plane (4D, the forth dimension) much at all nowadays. It’s just too dangerous because we’re easy prey for these negative Beings while out-of-body now. I don’t want to scare you or anyone reading this or cause fear because that will only attract the Dark Ones to feed upon. But people need to protect themselves while these profound changes play out in this dimension and all others too.

    The “spirit” you saw at the foot of the stairs could be one of your guides, but until you can discern the “good guys” from the “bad guys” you need to be very careful and protect yourself energetically. State out loud that you will not allow ANY negative Beings, energies, humans, thought-forms, emotional energies, projections, etheric spies, energy feeders, negative tools etc. to ever come into your entire house/yard/bedroom etc. Demand this and expect it. Keep yourself wrapped up in Light constantly morning and night before going to bed, and even all this sometimes doesn’t keep the Dark Ones out. But…things are SO much better now than they’ve ever been, so hang in there and discern Beings, people, situations, events, energies as best as you can.


  5. Hi
    I recently came across your post as I feel that I have felt these vibrationally negative/psychic attacks periodically throughout my life for some time. I feel that I really do have an incredibly bright white light, which is no doubt why people (alive) “especially needing help” gravitate to me. The other thing is that these negative energies do find me and have been “attacking”. The latest happened last night when I was in the Astral plain and my blanket was being lifted and shaken violently. I held onto my blanet with dear life and shouted out for my boyfriend who was sleep talking. I have also seen a spirt in my waking life at the foot of the stairs although he does not seem harmless. Anyway I have no idea what to make of the latest series of events but would appreciate your input.


  6. He Who Smokes Pot, 😉

    The Astral Plane (the lower dimension where we often dream but we do travel to 5D and higher in our dreams too once past these Initiations) is one huge place with lots of archetypal beings, entities, good and bad. The first thing that I found interesting about your childhood home was that there were the mining holes all over that no doubt went rather far down into the ground. What I’m going to say next is only one of many possibilities.

    The layer just below the surface of the Earth (where we reside physically within 3D the third dimension), is 2D, the second dimension, and it is where the frequency range where the Elemental Beings exist. Simply because of the mining stuff all around that house, it would have, if a person was psychically sensitive which you obviously are be much more prone to bleed-throughs between 2D and 3D and even into 4D (the Astral Plane). So, a lot going on in that house I would suspect.

    All in all from what you’ve described and what I’ve experienced too over decades is that it sounds to me like you’ve spent a lot of time in 4D being attacked by astral entities (negative archetypes) that could also follow you back into 3D physicality and continue trying to attack you once here and awake and in-body. This is fairly common with negative psychic or etheric level “attacks”. We are indeed multidimensional beings and therefore we are effected by more than just 3D physicality.

    All you can do at this point is try very hard to not get sucked down into fear when these attacks happen to you. Through trial and error people like us learn, slowly over the years and decades, how to deal with and not deal with these Multi-D attacks.

    There’s another aspect to this that isn’t talked about much, but it’s an old well familiar Occult truth. These types of negative, Dark and horrible attacks are also often times spiritual Initiations for the person experiencing the attacks. In other words, we can’t just waltz effortlessly into the higher dimensions (and or higher levels of knowledge and internal power that goes along with greater wisdom) without first being TESTED AT THE GATE. This is what Initiations are typically for; we’re tested first to see how we handle “the Dark Monsters” preventing us from entering a higher level and gaining more spiritual and multidimensional knowledge or “Light” energy and wisdom. Initiates typically must master these transition points, these energy stair steps where we move from one level of being into a slightly higher and larger level of being and continued learning, evolving. Once we master that TEST or Initiation and are able to pass the dark monster guarding that gate, we then immediately enter a new phase of learning and development within our lives and selves.

    I believe you’ve been experiencing both of these things since childhood. I can relate! Fear not but don’t be stupid either. Learn whatever you can from the monsters AND yourself, your fears and so on, but know that you’re being attacked and tested as well because this is how it’s worked for thousands of years for Initiates. Once an Initiate…always an Initiate. 🙂

    Hope this helps you in some way.

  7. I am seeking advice/knowledge on the subject of aforementioned night attacks. A short synopsis of myself: 28 year old, male, married, law student, moved/relocated living quarters quite a bit. I guess there’s a lot of variables, but I have little time as of right now to exhaust the list (again… law student lol). Now, on to what is the actual applicable issue. First, let me start out by saying that I have been dealing with — whatever this is — for as long as I have had cognitive thought and memory. Earliest that I can remember is a constant repeating dream that I had at very early childhood. I do not know if it occurred every night, but it was very often in occurrence. By my best estimation, I was around the age of 2-3 when the nightmares started. As to be expected, I do not have very many memories from this time in my life. I am able to come to that conclusion based upon defined event in my life. I will try and illustrate the beginning as best as I can.

    The House:
    The house we lived in was an old coal mining operation that was converted into a house. It was well over 100 years old. It even had some original glass in the windows that varied in thickness and had sand particles and small bubbles trapped inside. My sisters and I were not allowed to venture past the defined pine treed parameter of our immediate back yard, as there were still open mine shafts pocked all along the property. It had a basement that leaked terribly due to the old foundation. My father attempted to repair the walls, but his attempts were futile due to the very structure of the basement. As already stated, it was an old coal mining house. It had a lot of avenues for rain to enter via several coal shoots around the perimeter of the foundation. From what I gather, these shoots where to deposit access amounts of coal for both commercial and personal storage.

    The Reoccurring Nightmares:
    The first one was literally burned into my conscience. It plays like a movie in my head to this day. I can’t really say that I remember that it scared me. All of my senses were surrounded by fire and flames. Orange and Red everywhere, I was engulfed completely. It wasn’t hot, but almost warm, comforting, and exciting. I am not walking around, I am just standing there in amazement. The horizon then shows itself as if the sky is a mirror of the ground. The world is still ablaze, yet there is a point of reference. I am not sure if it is intuition or mere redundance of the dream, but this is where I sense a change in the very fabric of time and space. I can’t see past the horizon, the visual only says that all disappears into a flat, ever expanding, never ending abysmal plane. Yet, there is some other sense that says don’t walk forward… it is a pit fall. As if I can sense that everything falls off past that point… as if I am standing on lava.. and the real horizon I should be focusing on runs perpendicular to the pseudo horizon. As if you had walked toward that horizon without seeing this illusionary trick, it would have been too late to turn back… the lava beneath your feet would pull you over the cliff.. and fighting it would be impossible. (I would say it is like imagining yourself in a canoe. You are paddling into the horizon and you feel peace… the water starts to turn white… and you realize that the horizon was really the top of Niagara falls… it’s too late to turn back now… you must accept your fate.) The real horizon that I should be truly aware of is the one where everything promised falls away… and the path you believed to be in control of and thought to be stable, solid, and predictable has turned out to be a lie… and the real path it one of a terrifying unknown fall.

    This vision is almost instant… almost instinctual. It grounds me and I don’t move forward. I could move forward, because I have a point of reference…. As before.. it was as if I was floating in the flames… and they were everywhere… with no point of reference. At the moment I decide not to go forward, it was if “He” climbs up from the horizon. First his left arm… and then his head, followed by his right hand. I only see half of his body. He is made of flames… Red and Orange.. there are no defined characteristics to his face.. just a silhouette. He raises his right arm and his head kind of tilts to the left.. as if he is motioning me to join him.. like… come on friend… lets go. I then realize that he did crawl up from “something” so that “something” I was feeling before becomes vindicated… as in Ha.. I knew this was a trick… Just then, The Red and Orange flames become more vibrant and sharpened. They become solid Red and Orange without a shift in gradient hue. They still twist, turn, and dance like flames… but it is almost a cartoon rendering… almost like the flicking of an unfathomable expanse of snake tongues. He changes as well.
    He becomes more vibrant, yet there is some gradient to him. The best way I can explain this is to analogize it to a drawing done with crayons. Remember when you would use the crayon to scribble a defined stripe into a drawing.. so it looked like this: ////////// \\\\\\\\\. Using pressure variants as shown here Drawing_large.jpg. Well, that’s how he looked. With only Red and Orange, yet he stuck out and was kind of fun and interesting in a way.. almost warm and fuzzy… yet my best sense still said.. don’t trust him.. stand still… maybe he won’t notice you anymore. Then he would get angry and would try to grab me. Sometimes he would grab me… and he was VERY strong. Other times I sensed him coming and he would skip the whole nice guy routine and go straight for grabbing me. These times he would miss and slam his right hand down… making a deafening boom that would shake me and wake me up. I can remember waking up on the floor looking straight under my bed… and still getting a feeling that he hadn’t left. Sometimes I was too scared to move.. and I would fall back asleep lying on the cold wood floor… again… hoping if I didn’t move, he would forget about me.

    The second repeating dream was less of a terrifying experience. Yet, it is even stranger for me to think about. I had a lot of nightmares as a child. In fact, my grandmother gave me a little white ceramic monkey that she said would help ward off evil spirits. Most of them would involve animals trying to eat me. Everything from polar bears, wolves, pterodactyls, you name it. That wasn’t the strange part. The strange part is that I would wake up, yet, my feet would still feel like something was trying to nawl on them. We didn’t have a dog or cat. I remember it as being only a head.. a head of a wolf. It was similar to the Man in the Fire … as to it had become part of the blanket in a way that I would differentiate the teeth, nose, mouth, ears, eyes etc. It was so completely irrational to be able to be able to distinguish such soft tacit articulations such as ears and eyes… but it was possible somehow… so hard to explain. It was as if it was stuck in the blanket. Try and follow me here.. I’m saying that I would lift my feet up to try and get in the fetal position. Yet, the head would keep trying to bite me. It looked like it was under the blanket… then I would lift the blanket, and it would look like it was pressing down on the blanket.. so as if it was on top of the blanket now. This was when I was awake… so… I have chalked this one up to a child’s over active imagination. It would growl as well, really deep.. Unnaturally deep. Then again.. a wolf’s head alone, detached from the body yet still animated and very alive .. well, that unnatural in itself … Lol… this would be so much easier if you could tap my mind.. and record this crazy jabber.

    Anyhow… that a very short beginning leading up to the now. I have grown to be comfortable with “happenings” since a young age. I figure that I should be safe from real threat, well.. since I don’t threaten them. It is weird once you can fall asleep after something crazy happens.. and just ignore it. I get more angry than scared… once even chasing after it.. pissed off because it woke me lol. But anyhow, I kind of ignore it for my own good… its kind of one of those things that can cleave you from society via social norms. It is the whole night time frustration from suffocation of what I have no grasp of concept for. As of recent, “It” has gotten more aggressive. It is as though “It” feels the necessity to enter the room and attack before I can sense “It.”

    I just moved here about 3 months ago. This is around the 10th time I have moved within the last 6 years… mainly for educational purposes. I usually have rest from these occurrences after I move. Well, it started again. It started about 2 weeks ago. A repeat thing in my dreams.. where I always walk up do a door and open it .. then bam.. this new thing hits me and I wake up. I have even made the effort to make a mental log by turning over and looking at the clock. It is always at the same time… about 2:10 am. Yet, last night it was different… I saw the door in my dream.. and chose not to open it. Instead, I brought myself out of sleep… the whole lucid dream thing. I woke up.. yeah.. the whole black smoky thing on top of me. It has happened in the past.. but not since I was living at home with my parents.

    I compare this happening to that of the Man in the Fire because this is the first time in a long time that I actually saw it coming. Like the Man in the Fire, I knew it was coming and so I didn’t open the door. I woke my self up… felt it over me… and I focused something within me I can’t really explain but I seem to be able to focus. It kind of feels like that ache you get in your heart when you hurt.. or the fire you feel when you get angry and want to put all your energy into your fist. I closed my eyes and pushed it off me without much effort.. and I swear it was as if a flash went off in the room. It was weird.. usually I snap myself out of my sleep paralysis by snapping my body hard to one side or the other.. but I wake up tired. This was little effort and then I actually felt rested. I said a prayer for me and my wife.. and fell back asleep.

    So, what the hell happened? Lol. Thanks.

  8. Beas,

    Hello and I’m glad you found TRANSITIONS. 🙂

    First of all are you sure your roommates can be trusted? I doubt this business is being done by them, but I needed to ask anyway.

    I too have had personal objects disappear and sometimes reappear days or weeks later. This is more common than people would guess and at this point, has nothing to do with ghosts or negative non-physicals etc. What you said that does sound like a possible haunting and/or old fashioned psychic attack is the slim stuff inside your bags. This bag was locked in a place where your roommates or anyone else could not have gotten to it to be playing games with you?

    If you’ve tried to discover that these anomalies are NOT being caused by roommates or anyone else, then it does sound like you’ve got something nonphysical possibly messing with you. If this is the case, I would suggest you (and do all of this when no one else is in the room with you – they don’t need to know all this at this point I’d think) talk out loud to the room and tell whatever/whomever it is that’s been doing this, that they/it must leave now and never return. It’s a starting point!

    Do you know how to do any type of visualizations for psychic protections? If not, find a couple good books about psychic protection and visualizing light around your room, possessions, and of course yourself. That too is a good start with this situation. Because you live in the UK, this just may be an old haunting of some sort. At any rate it sounds like you’ve got some extra homework now. 😉 Let me know how it goes and good luck, fear not and take your room back.


  9. hello!I came across your article while browsing the web for “evil energetic attacks”. I think that I`m a victim of such energies. I`m usually sceptic in taking for granted all the irrational things that happened in the past few days. I`m staying in the university campus and I have 3 roommates,all girls,one my age,the others older with 1 or 2 years.Things started disappearing. I`m not talking that I`ve been suddenly struck with negligence and I`ve lost my stuff, eg:my coat. My friend saw me when leaving it in the room with the other girls. we had sports and when we returned,the coat was gone. i`ve started searching for it…but in vain.It`s been 2 days. The girls stayed in the room all the time, and they claim they didn`t leave the room.So…who would steal such an old coat,but a coat i cared for, nonetheless? i`m puzzled. also, today, while searching again for the coat, I`ve discovered on the bags I keep locked in the cupboard, a slimy substance, resembling the one left by the snails in their passing.also…things disappear,only to appear in the same place I left them.believe me, I`m getting nuts,and i`m even afraid to come back in the room.It`s not really fear,it`s more like…a burdening sensation.It`s like I can`t stand the room at all,and also the people I`m staying with,although we never got into a fight.Please,reply to my comment and enlighten me! 🙂

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