“American Dream” Morphing Into A Nightmare

Well the “American Dream” has been revealed enough finally to see that it’s really more of a nightmare. The lower falling is well under way across the country and you can easily see and hear the “American Dream” crashing right n’ left from coast-to-coast, border-to-border. The sheeple are being rudely awakened from their deep trance-like dreams and cons about the American Dream and asking, “Where’s my house? Where’s my job? Where’s my money? Where’s my savings? Where’s my security? Where’s my freedom?” Where has that long-promised, wonderful home owning, decent wage earning American Dream gone to anyway?

The numbers of people who’s “American Dream” was to own their own home is/has/will continue to rapidly become a nightmare I’m afraid. In the great and ongoing failings and falling of the old lower patriarchal world and the great illusion that the current American Dream really is, many more will be forced to give up their homes and create a different way for themselves.

I read something yesterday saying the governor of CA. is trying to get the minimum wage for state workers reduced to $6.55 an hour. That and much more of course. Maybe someone needs to tell his royal Hollywoodness that gasoline in CA. is still around $4.40 a gallon. Not that his multimillionaire heartless lizard ass cares.

Oh well, stand back and let the falling of all that vibrates so much lower continue as needed. Just don’t forget that there’s a higher way, a higher plan being manifest now well above these old lower falling patriarchal layers, leaders and global systems.

Denise Le Fay

July 24, 2008

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