3 Star Glyphs Part 3

The first Star glyph on the left is SIRIUS, in the middle is ORION, and the PLEIADES on the right. As I mentioned before, I was shown these three stellar glyphs by the three Starbeings from each of these systems back in January 1985 during a meditation. [See A Lightworker’s Mission ]

Here are some recent photos and images of these 3 star systems I’ve found today. First is Sirius,


Next Orion,


And the Pleiades from Barbara Hand Clow’s book The Pleiadian Agenda 1995.

Canopy of Ligh        

It took me a few years to finally recognize that B.H. Clow’s Pleiadian drawing is the same as my Pleiadian Star glyph, just turned upside-down.

Denise Le Fay

November 17, 2007



4 thoughts on “3 Star Glyphs Part 3

  1. Symbols are fascinating…I wonder how many other seemingly random doodles and symbols we encounter are actual star glyphs?

    I wish I still possessed some automatic writing ability; sometimes my hand would draw lines and squiggles that sometimes resembled a symbol.

    I’ll have to try an exercise and report back…

  2. Lazuli,

    I’m not aware of any astrologers or scientists using any of these 3 Star Glyphs and I doubt they will. I sense that this information, aka Light, is completely 5D (and 6D and 8D) in nature.


  3. Lapis,

    I know that you received these stellar glyphs psychically and not through research, but do you know if astrologers or scientists use these glyphs to identify specific stars, star clusters, or even galaxies? I have been attempting to find a glyph for Andromeda to see if I resonate with the symbolism, but I am unsure if one even exists…

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