Is Everyone Ascending?

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A few days ago I ventured back to two “spiritual/metaphysical” forums I used to post on but left because it was more of the old square peg in a round hole syndrome. It was not pleasant to say the least, trying to go back rarely ever is. Typically, when Light vacates an area the lower rushes back in and urinates all over everything like an animal hurriedly scent-marking its territory. It’s so pathetic it is almost comical… almost.

Many years ago I discovered a series of 5 channeled books called The RA Material: The Law of One by Don Elkins, Carla L. Rueckert, and James Allen McCarty 1984–1998. The RA group used a term I’d never heard before but it really impacted me. It was Harvest’ and they used that word to describe what we today call Ascension.  Harvest meant that when the time/cycle was right, ALL of humanity would have the opportunity—if they were ready—to be harvested. To vibrationally transform and ascend out of lower frequency dense Duality physical 3D via the higher cosmic energies and inner work the Harvest/Ascension Process naturally activates.

But, does this mean that everyone on Earth is going at this time? Are all six-billion-plus humans incarnate now going to utilize and ride these higher cosmic waves of transformational, evolutionary energies up and out of what’s been lower vibrating 3D Earth for so long? No. Not from what I know and remember about this Process. The potential for ALL to do so exists, however ALL will not do so at this time — they rarely ever do.

Harvest/Ascension, especially this time on Earth is about using what’s available. No “right or wrong” or “better than” with this only individual choice. The entire crop does not get harvested and end up in the same place, only the ones that are in the correct condition do. Same with this evolutionary Process of spiritual, energetic Harvest or Ascension.

For many years I’ve psychically seen different probable realities that may be birthed out of or fractured off from what’s happening on Earth now through 2012. No one and only straight line here but multiple potentials. In other words, the possibility of different realities (worlds) will become available so that everyone will have a matching world or place and like-frequencies to continue learning and evolving within. Free Will and all that.

So no, I do not believe that all of humanity will go skipping into the higher frequency Light together between now and 2012. What I do believe is and will continue to happen is more people being triggered or activated by these higher energies enabling them to make the huge frequency and consciousness jump, transformation and Shift. Others who are polarized vibrationally in another direction still now will continue resisting until they disappear in one way or another from our perspective and vice verse. Remember the big mystery about how the ancient Mayans simply seemed to disappear overnight?

In my opening paragraph I said some things about how many people still existing within the lower frequencies (a different colored layer) function because they’re still a match to it. There’s another aspect to some of these repulsive, cruel, vicious people who attack us for what we say, what we know because we’re living it. I understand not believing what you haven’t yet experienced yourself, but too many of these people go far, far beyond that. They go for blood, they go for the guts and they rip and tear, with joy. The whys of this particular lower behavior is what I’m talking about here.

We’re the ones who have a hard time understanding and relating to “negativity” and/or “evil” because we came here from dimensions (those colored layers) that do not have ANY of those frequencies or consciousness. In many cases we run into people who so perfectly carry those lower “negative” energies and consciousness to teach us about polarity and contrasts while we’re here in it. And they keep teaching and motivating us over and over until we get whatever it is that we individually need to learn and to finish why we’re here in the first place. Time is short.

So even though they’re repulsive, vicious, cruel and I never want to encounter one of them again, I always recognize when I’m being taught something so I use the Gift they have given me. Use what’s in your face to continue your learning and evolution because that’s what it is there for.


November 15, 2007

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3 thoughts on “Is Everyone Ascending?

  1. Lapis, what about the people in the middle of these two extremes, who are going nowhere in a hurry in a futile, endless search for something just beyond their grasp?

  2. Lazuli,

    I feel the majority haven’t been activated as yet. Remember my “escalator” and “stair steps”? The folks in the first groups (all of us) are standing on different steps of the escalator that’s moving upward. However most haven’t as yet even stepped onto the escalator! 😉 Others won’t in this cycle.

    What’s coming with Jan. 1, 2008 = 1-1-1 and later in the month Pluto entering Capricorn….sigh….will cause more and more “regular folks” to be activated or triggered finally (throughout 2008) by these higher energies. From now through to the beginning of 2011, mass humanity needs to get on-board just to cope with what 2011 will bring. I can hardly imagine what that next increase X 20 will cause!

    Don’t worry about them, it’s all perfectly planned and there are no mistakes. YOU stay on-track because that helps all the others in more ways than you realize.


  3. Great blog Lapis, this makes perfect sense. You have a great way of explaining things.

    Hugs Stu

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