My Son’s Pleiadian Heredity


When I was fifteen (1967) I had an interesting conscious clairvoyant telepathic conversation with a  fifth dimensional Pleiadian. At that time I didn’t remember the name “Pleiadians”, only that this handsome blond male was very familiar and dear to me. I’ve talked only briefly about him so far but will share more about all of them in coming posts.

It was early afternoon and I was in my bedroom listening to the radio and just being a 15-year-old. Suddenly this beautiful blond-haired, sky-blue eyed male popped into my mind’s eye and started a telepathic conversation with me. He was so clearly there. This was not a teenage girls fantasy—this was conscious contact—which I’d had with him and some other ETs since age 3 that I have always remembered.

There was no introduction, just the message he needed to deliver to me at that time. He telepathed that in the future I would have a son. I telepathed back that I didn’t want a son or any children at all. He replied saying that didn’t matter and that I was going to have this son.

I was not a girl who wanted to get married and have children when I grew up. That was not my thing. I knew I didn’t want that sort of life, but, certain events are planned and agreed upon long before we reincarnate. This was one of those multidimensional, far-reaching agreements.

While this conversation is going on telepathically, I’m carefully clairvoyantly viewing and psychically sensing or reading this male.  He looked human and I even thought he was at first, but the more he talked I realized he was something other than human. I realized he wasn’t physical or from Earth. At that time I didn’t know he was “Pleiadian”.  He was just that beautiful blond guy I had seen a few times like this since early childhood.

At one point in our conversation he said, This is your son in the future when he is 15 years old.In my mind’s eye I see a photograph of a boy with blond hair and sky-blue eyes who looks very, very, much like this male Pleiadian.

My young 15-year-old mind was trying to understand it all, and because the two of them looked so much alike, I thought that maybe I’d meet this male in my future and we would produce this son who looked just like him. (I have medium brown hair with blue-grey eyes. There are no blonds on either side of my family.)

Needless to say that image of this future boy, this blond 15-year-old boy who was going to be my son some day, was something I never forgot. At the end of this telepathic conversation he said, “I am his real Father.”

Like I said, I wasn’t a little girl who hoped to some day get married and have kids. I wanted to be a Jockey and race horses, I wanted to be creative and free.  But the day came when I married a man even though I didn’t want to and soon became pregnant. I had a beautiful blond-haired, sky-blue eyed son of course. He is the only child I have.

When he was fifteen I took a photo of him, and when I got it back from the developers, there was THE telepathic image the Pleiadian had shown me when I was 15—25.5 years earlier! I just stared at it with my heart pounding. And yes, my son looks very much like his other dimensional Pleiadian stellar father, not his physical biological father.

Do not misunderstand me however because I’m not saying what you may think I am. My son is a human with a lot of Pleiadian DNA in him. That is his Home and that was the message my old male Pleiadian friend was trying to tell me at age fifteen; the complex concept of “Starseeds” or as they’re also called “Wanderers”, and that so many of us come back to Earth and physicality from our higher dimensional Homes in different Star systems. In so many cases, WE are the ETs.

The third image below I found only yesterday (November 2007) while hunting through Google Images. It’s called Ashtar Command. I’m not familiar with “Ashtar” or the “Ashtar Command” and I’m only adding that image for the obvious reasons. I’m also not saying that my male Pleiadian friend is this “Ashtar” because I believe they are two different 5D Pleiadian beings. So with that said, this first photo was taken when my son was fifteen in 1987.

This second photo of my son was taken in 1993 when he was 20. In this second photo my son’s hair is long and pulled back into a ponytail.

The third image below is of ” Ashtar” the Pleiadian that I found online yesterday.


Denise Le Fay

November 2, 2007

Copyright Denise Le Fay & TRANSITIONS 2007. All Rights Reserved. You may share this article so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author and this URL and Copyright Notice are included.

22 thoughts on “My Son’s Pleiadian Heredity

  1. Wow, Lapis, this is amazing. I am speechless. Btw, I just discovered your website, will be exploring it soon.

  2. Radu,

    What a WONDERFUL surprise finding you here! It’s great connecting with you again and thank you so much for coming to check out my site. Yes there’s a variety of information here and I hope you find more things that interest you.

    Again, it made my heart sing seeing your name here old friend. 🙂


  3. Hi Victor and welcome to TRANSITIONS, and I’m glad you enjoyed this post. It sounds like you would find A Lightworker’s Mission very interesting too. 🙂


  4. hi there, i came across this site by chance looking for info on star people, i myself have been in contact with other racers, the blue skinned and also two tall reptians, which i clearly saw, i have also been seeing a man who is my twin soul who is tall slim blonde hair and very long sholder length hair he comes to me mostly on the full moon, iam psychic and have been communicating telepathically with animals and others since i was early teens. at 29 yrs old i had my first contact with alien species, as far as i can remember, i have a question, id like answered if anyone can help, i belive the guy my twin soul with the blonde hair who ive met on the earth plane we communicate telpathically almost every other day very clearly is he a pleidian as he fits the characterisitics very well ive never been so in tune or close to any one before it is truly amazing. thanks for posting very intresting posts trish.

  5. Hallo,
    I have contact with Ashtar now for three years. I see him very often and yes..your son looks very much as Ashtar, when i saw the picture: thats Ashtar??…but then I read about it…its his son. I believe it, how he smiles and the look with his eyes. I see Ashtar not only as on the pictures, no I see Ashtar different …telepatic..but also in dreams.,as a human.. i never saw a picture/drawing of Ashtar that looks so simular as your son’s photo. I am really shocked (positief) Ashtar is so full of love…
    believe it! When He said it is His son, it is…
    Ashtar is a very intelligent and He helps and leads me, to help others. He is very Light and full of love! Your blessed to have his child.
    Love Arthura

  6. Hi Denise
    Last night a being who has that same appearance – pale skin, white hair, very bright blue eyes – appeared in my mind’s eye and began to speak with me. I also heard that name Ashtar ( like you – I do not know anything about him really ) I cannot recall much of what was said. I had been asking for guidance .. confused about Ascension … feeling deep sadness for the world before I had gone to sleep I had been just sending reiki out to the world in general.
    I hope you do not mind me posting your post on my blog. ( I will add links etc)
    Much love to you. So interesting to have found this post today. I had been looking for a picture of Ashtar. What an incredible experience. I am so glad to have stumbled upon reading this today. You seem to always turn up for me whenever I happen upon something which I am unsure about.
    Eileen ( Matariki)

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