On The Other Hand…

After my amazing energetic comatose-like Get Away Vacation I talked about earlier, the next day arrived (Sept. 24, 2007) and it was the polar opposite. It was horrible and extremely painful physically to the point that walking was difficult. I had to go out there to do some shopping and that’s the main reason why I felt this extreme increase in physical pain.

I hurt severely from head to toe with my spine feeling like parts of it were being crushed. The area between my shoulder blades has been killing me for a while now anyway, but yesterday, I reached some new level of mega physical pain. Also my whole left side has hurt like it’s been in a car accident! I haven’t, but it feels like I’m badly out of alignment with the pressure falling on the left side of my physical body.

My first thought was, I was just abnormally sensitive due to my wonderful experience around the Equinox (below entry). I had this agonizing constant between NO sensations at all in that blissful “Nothingness” state…quickly followed by this trip through Hades—Home Depot and Lowe’s—to buy a new shower-head and feeling like I might not make it in one piece! Ultra chemical sensitivities. Unfreakin’believable. 

But I’m sensing that all this is connected, as usual, and that I’ve/we’ve just entered yet another new stage of integration of  polarized energies that I don’t fully understand yet. I sense it has to do with our blossoming new Higher Hearts because of the location of pain high between my shoulder blades. Also with reintegrating more Goddess energies, again because of the location behind the heart and the left side of my body. What a brutal process…


September 25, 2007

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