Old Prophetic Starseed Dream Message

Back in the late 1970’s I had 3 or 4 of the same landscaped dreams all dealing with some complete change on the planet. The dreams affected my deeply and I knew even way back then that they were important messages about being and staying on The Path. The setting of these few dreams was always in some post apocalyptic looking mess where the world had fallen apart and gone wildly mad. I didn’t know what the cause or causes of this was, only that the entire global “system” was gone and we were on our own in the debris and chaos.

The first dream starts out with me silently following behind a trusted older man and his wife on this narrow dirt footpath winding its way through the rubble of destroyed buildings, houses, roads and so on. It was extremely important that we be very quiet and unseen as we traveled this tiny dangerous footpath. If you were seen or heard, it could get you killed by some freaked out gun-toting stranger looking for food or water or whatever. And so on we three quickly traveled down this path with laser like silent focus and determination.

All the sudden I heard a very young child crying off to the side of the path hidden down somewhere in the rubble and filth. I glanced at the two people in front of me and they hadn’t heard the child and were still walking fast. I decided to stop, step off the path, find the crying child off to the side and carry it with me on the path. As I dug around in the broken concrete, fallen trees, old smashed cars and other urban junk I finally located the crying child. He was hiding halfway down a large hole in the ground.

As I grabbed the child and started pulling him up out of the hole in the dirt, he suddenly shape-shifted into a small nasty demonic looking creature and began pulling me down into his hole! Next ensues the frantic struggle to free myself from this demon and get my sorry, gullible, dumb ass out and back up onto The Path.

Eventually I get myself out of its dirty flailing claws and back up into the light of day, scramble back up to the narrow dirt footpath and haul-ass as we used to say!  Important spiritual lesson learned.

Being on The Path is about getting yourself where you’re supposed to, NOT about carrying anyone else. It’s simply not our jobs to do so. Ascension is a do-it-yourself affair’ as I read someone else say recently. And yes, there’s going to be temptations to step off our safe path to help the crying, the weak, the injured, the confused, or the cons and other Dark tricksters etc. that try to derail and/or destroy us. But things aren’t always as they first appear and may instead be TESTS for you, for me, for all of us who needed these particular TESTS in the first place. We’ll know from our Higher Hearts and Higher Knowing if and when it’s correct for us to step off “The Path” or more correctly, out of our current higher vibrational state and go back to assist or whatever. And we’ll know when not to as well.

Usually these sorts of things are or have been spiritual TESTS for us Starseeds. I suspect we’re currently learning the fine art of waiting, allowing and letting the others find the Path and Transition for themselves which is such a necessary and important part of the whole process. There will no doubt be times when we’re tempted by the crying child off on the side of the footpath to run back and help. But if it’s a human then chances are they’re on the Path and we need to stay out of their way and let them live the alchemical transformation process that walking the Path automatically and naturally produces.


September 19, 2007

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