Astrology & the Ascension Process

I’ve been involved with Astrology for about 34 years now. Over the past couple of years I’ve contemplated how the astrological planetary energies and influences will change due to more and more people entering the Ascension Process. I’ve spent many an hour wondering, pondering, speculating over this because it’s a very big evolutionary and consciousness change for humanity.

On September 2–3rd, 2007, Saturn left the sign of Leo and entered the sign of Virgo where it’ll be doing it’s Saturn thing but in a Virgo costume for the next 2.5 to 3 years.

Because of this only hours old sign change of Saturn, I’ve gotten some insights into this business finally. Simple really. The planets don’t change silly, the people are what’s changing! Well that only took me 2 years to figure out. Moving right along.  🙄

“Octaves” my higher awareness revealed. Oh yes, that makes sense; the planets are the planets, period. Depending upon our current level of development, vibratory rates, literally where we are as spiritual beings, that  is what determines which level of the planets energies we’ll be in resonance with.

So using the current sign change of Saturn into Virgo as an example, we can either experience it at that lower vibratory rate like the lower world and old reality out there, or we can respond to it from a higher frequency (ascension/dimensional shift) state where those astrological energies will read rather differently.

I said recently that with Saturn in Virgo I suspected that our foods will have further and increased contamination/restriction problems etc., and that we need to be very intuitive and aware before we eat. I then switched out of the lower world reality and thinking and went back to a higher level and realized that Saturn in Virgo will most likely reduce the need for physical foods. We will/are now able to exist to a good degree, on higher “Light” as a food source and I suspect “Love” as well.

We’ve all experienced this many times already while in the old lower world. Ever get so deeply involved with some creative project that you step out of physical 3D time and have no need or desire to eat or rest? You’re so focused on the work or project that you slide out of the lower, enter some wonderful higher state of expanded creativity, and you’re nourished from that higher energy. To a great degree we’re in that type of place already, and because of that, I suspect we’ll find a higher vibratory food source also. Light, Love/Creativity to a far greater degree with be our food source.

Just one small example of the many possibilities of how the new higher vibrating human may respond to higher octaves of the planetary energies.


September 4, 2007

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